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Song of the Day for April

THEME: Songs you HATE (songs you'd rate LOWER than a 2.5/5) that you think everyone else will LOVE. Where does your taste strongly differ from the majority?
1Animal Collective
Strawberry Jam

April 1st: ArsMoriendi

"For Reverend Green"

Everyone seems to adore this shit and I can't understand why. The vocals suck, the music is boring. It has the stereotypical indie-pop whoos that are way overdone. You'll all eat it up except Diva maybe.
In the Absence of Truth

April 2nd: JohnnyoftheWell

"Garden of Light"

i rly love this band and almost everything they did was great especially their closers *but* this one is bland and overlong and boring and has no intrigue and is somehow a fan favourite huh fuck that noise.
3All The Luck In The World
How The Ash Felt

April 3rd: someone


i'll put in some effort maybe when second recs come around, but for now it's this. boring sowing-core is boring.
4Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band
Trout Mask Replica

April 4th: Koris


I absolutely hate the fuck out of Trout Mask Replica, but I'm sure somebody will enjoy it regardless. lol
5My Bloody Valentine
m b v

April 5th: Pangea

"She Found Now"

Debut + loveless are great but m b v never appealed to me. I just find it super boring to be honest. And idk normally love dreamy ethereal stuff, but i find none of the melodies to be engaging
6Better Oblivion Community Center
Better Oblivion Community Center

April 6th: anat

"Didn’t Know What I Was in For"

a megatron of boredom
7Coheed and Cambria
In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3

April 7th: Ryus

"In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3"

god i fucking hate that song
8Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here

April 8th: fogza

"Welcome to the Machine"

Sounds like a guy dressed in foil with long blonde hair singing in a cloud of dry ice smoke, but not ironically. More boring whining from the most insipid major rock and roll "frontman", and the song goes nowhere except into a pool of awful synth, do people actually like that sound?

April 9th: YoYoMancuso

"Image of the Invisible"

The rest of this album is good but this is one of the cheesiest songs I've ever heard.
10Kayo Dot
Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue


"Amaranth the Peddler"

Seems to be a fan favorite among most KD lovers but I have never once been able to avoid zoning out during this 14 minute snoozefest.

April 11th: SlothcoreSam

"Don't Stop Believing"

I fucking hate this song!
12The Knife
Shaking the Habitual

April 12th: dedex

"Wrap Your Arms Around Me"

i tried to like this ya'know but i failed :[
Purple Rain

April 13th: Divaman

"Let's Go Crazy"

OK, I guess I'm in. How about this. I hate this goofy bastard, but lots of people love him. Maybe you guys do too.
14Cult of Luna
The Long Road North

April 14th: Egarran

"Cold Burn"

Cult of Luna is band that will always annoy me by being sput darlings but I basically can't stand 'em.
A Night at the Opera

April 15th: budgie

"Bohemian Rhapsody"
The Mollusk

April 16th: Pheromone

"Ocean Man"

I don't "hate" much music but something about ween's style of goofiness really fucking irks me and this song is maybe the best example of that.
Jane Doe

April 17th: Storm in a Teacup

"Fault and Fracture"

I hate Jane Doe but everyone loves that album. I can barely tolerate and appreciate few of their other albums, this one is unbearable though.
18Ed Schrader's Music Beat
Nightclub Daydreaming

April 18th: someone (2nd rec)

"European Moons"

One of this year's disappointments:
19Stevie Wonder
Music of My Mind

April 19th: ArsMoriendi (2nd rec)

"Sweet Little Girl"

I say this as a huge Stevie fan: this song needs to be burned with fire. Worst, creepiest lyrics he ever wrote. Some people have told me I'm overreacting though, so let's see.

April 20th: IsisScript80

"Hearts Alive"

Love Mastodon, never dug ‘Hearts Alive’.
21Amon Amarth
Twilight of the Thunder God

April 21st: Ryus (2nd rec)

"Twilight of the Thunder God"

the lamest genre/band imaginable
22The Tallest Man on Earth
The Wild Hunt

April 22nd: fogza (2nd rec)

"King of Spain"

I don't believe this guy's songs make any sense, like literally a bunch of nonsense strung together. I also don't really buy his singing voice, sounds affected in the worst way.
23Manchester Orchestra
A Black Mile to the Surface

April 23rd: Pangea (2nd rec)

"The Gold"

I just cannot with Andy Hulls vocals, his nasalness hurts my ears. The music is mostly lame and overblown
24Beach House
Teen Dream

April 24th: JohnnyoftheWell (2nd rec)


Dreadful opener for an egregious album. off goes my brain.
25Lisa Lopes

April 25th: SlothcoreSam (2nd rec)

"The Block Party"

This is my second most hated song, that I know some of you love.
26Slick Rick
The Great Adventures of Slick Rick

April 26th: Pheromone (2nd rec)

"Indian Girl (An Adult Story) "

So admittedly I don't think many people here will love this BUT this is considered a bit of a hip-hop classic comedy song on a hip-hop classic album so I think it fits the theme? The song is reprehensible and fucking grim. Let me know what u think : 3

April 27th: IsisScript80 (2nd rec)

"Like Rats"

Okay fair enough, in that case then, might as well then go for the opener, 'Like Rats' because it pretty much set the tone for my "Hmm... not feeling this too much" sentiment that subsequently spanned the album's entirety.
28The Cranberries
No Need to Argue

April 28th: DoofDoof


hated this instantly and it was played in the form room every day at school for what felt like a year. Sounds like some random hyperventilating over a generic grunge instrumental you'd expect from someone like Stiltskin. Naff and shit. The pointless version of 'Creep' maybe. Y'all love it no doubt :D
29This Heat
Health and Efficiency

April 29th: Conmaniac

"Health and Efficiency"
30Vampire Weekend
Father Of The Bride

April 30th: dedex (2nd rec)

"Harmony Hall"

Is this Ed Sheeran lmao
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