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Umbrella Contest 2021 Round 2: Umbrella Tab

2 are out and 27 are still in. Only the 27 people from last round who weren't eliminated can submit songs that will count. No new people now!
Tago Mago

The rules are nearly the same as last time:

1.Link a song via YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, DailyMotion, Vimeo... or whatever you like as long as I don't have to download something.

2. The theme this round is psychedelic. Psychedelic rock, psychedelic pop, psychedelic folk, psychedelic electronic, psychedelic soul, acid rock, acid house, hypnogogic pop, space rock. Anything made to elicit the feeling of psychedelics.

3. Aim to impress me with what you pick, since I'm rating these.

4. If I know the song already, I'll tell you to pick something new, otherwise, you're good.

5. I'm going to start each new round every Sunday night (EST,) so if you're late, you're out. My 1-2 least favorite recs will be eliminated each round (1 if we don't get a lot of people and 2 if we do.)

***The winner of the competition can recommend me whatever 2 albums they want and I'll listen to them no matter the album as long as it's not impossible to find and as long as neither exceeds 3 hours.***
Negative Capability... Check it Out

“The Jetson's Main Theme”

Guitar noodling and shouting with brass? Why not!? I could get down to this at a punk concert. I bet they were great live. Brevity made this too short for me to find flaws, nice!

4/5 (Passed to next round)
3Guided by Voices
Bee Thousand


“Gold Star for Robot Boy”

Sounds like it’s starting in the middle of the song, weird. Reminds me of Pavement, but without the annoying vocals. Very 90s indie rock guitar. Not really grabbing me, but still pretty good.

3.3/5 (Passed to next round)
4Lightning Bolt
Hypermagic Mountain

“Dead Cowboy”

Seeing as though I already like Wonderful Rainbow, this was a good strategic choice. This is oddly far less manic than my favorites from Wonderful Rainbow so far (at the 3 min mark.) I like this, but I don’t really have much to say about it beyond “cool bass, cool drums, maybe a bit too long” y’know?

3.7/5 (Passed to next round)
5Evan Geesman
Peach Meat


Weird vocals over some simple piano. Okay the beats are making this better. Oh damn it’s slowly adding more elements to keep things fresh -always a good idea. Backgroundish after a while, but overall cool.

3.7/5 (Passed to next round)
6Daniel Johnston

“Funeral Home”

Yup, this is Daniel Johnston alright. Not nearly as memorable as the 2 songs I know well by him honestly. It’s just acoustic folk this time around. Is this live or are the background vocals planned for a weird affect? Who am I kidding, this is outsider music, of course it’s just live. This wasn’t awful, but I didn’t really enjoy it either.

2.8/5 (Passed to next round)
7Cannibal Corpse
The Best Of Cannibal Corpse: Deadly Tracks

“Every Song Played At Once (Bass Boosted)”

So it’s just white noise with a weird wind effect in the background. I guess that’s what happens when you cram dozens of songs into the same audio file. To be honest, this is FAR better than any individual Cannibal Corpse song I’ve heard. I remember laughing at how over the top the lyrics were to “Fuck with a Knife” when I was in high school thniking “people actively take this band seriously? That’s so violent that it’s borderline cartoonish!” No brutality in this one though just, BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ



Fuzzy guitar. No vocals so far, that’s good because I know what kind of vocals it’d have if it does. Wait there they are. As expected, they sound like Poultra, the giant chicken monster from Jimmy Neutron. The synths are weirdly unfitting and pretty, but it gives the song some color. What were those weak clean vocals? I hate the vocals (both), but they’re few and far between and the rest of the music is okay.

2.4/5 (Passed to next round)
9Future Bible Heroes
Memories of Love

“But You're So Beautiful”

Industrial music? No wait, it's indie pop! Or it’s like light dancy electronics? Very catchy and sonically diverse. This is a Steven Merritt side project? Interesting. Pretty cool.

3.8/5 (Passed to next round)
10Washed Out
Within and Without

“Eyes Be Closed”

Reverb, pleasant vocals, floaty atmosphere. This is pretty boring if I’m being honest. Background music for sure, but I guess it’s not annoying or anything.

2.9/5 (Passed to next round)
Kill From the Heart

“Rich Daddy”

I already know “Hate the Police” and this one seems singular enough. Putting in the blues in punk blues. Surprising classic rock solo. Bass is good, as simple as it is.He’s gay, so one day he could have a rich daddy hahaha. Fine enough song.

3.3/5 (Passed to next round)
Reflections And Reveries


Very fast guitar whoa. This is like dream pop on uppers. A lot of budgie dream pop recs are boring, this song refuses to be considered boring. It’s hooky, fast paced, and in your face. Which is weird because it’s dream pop! I like it!

4.2/5 (Passed to next round)
Blonder Tongue Audio Baton


Noisy and with Kim Deal-like vocals! All of that feedback. Shoegaze, but a bit heavier, so also kinda noise pop. I like that weird car horn sound thing. Kept my attention for sure.

4/5 (Passed to next round)
Three Out Change!!


First thing that catches my ear here is the drums. Shoegaze with light Japanese vocals and whatever guitar work. Man this song really is mainly good drums for me. Kinda boring otherwise.

3/5 (Passed to next round)
15Beat Happening
You Turn Me On


Nice guitar so far and more sweet airy vocals. So it’s a long build-up song? I’m expecting a big payoff to this wind up at least. Here it comes I think? I feel like I’m at the top of a roller coaster right now. Regardless of what score I give this, this song has affected me more than the others have so far. I guess this isn’t really a buildup song after all, but it works amazingly regardless. This put me in a great mood.

4.6/5 (ROUND WINNER! handicap (for others) of +0.5 for the next round)
16The Mountain Goats
The Coroner's Gambit

“Family Happiness”

Good production aesthetic so far. It’s kinda just generic contemporary folk, but the production makes it interesting. Not amazing, in fact, I really wish there was more to this simple folk song, but it’s still good enough.

3.2/5 (Passed to next round)
17Ty Segall


Simple and psychedelic. The pickup has the guitar fill up the entire room. This is chill, but nothing about it really grabs me. I wonder if my taste has really strayed from shreddy guitar solos or if I just don’t care for the one here. Not a bad song or anything though.

3.4/5 (Passed to next round)
18Forest Mysticism
Demo Collection (2006-2011)



19Eric's Trip
Love Tara

“Behind the Garage”

Mellow emotional indie folk, eh? Really not much else to say about this. It’s okay. This outro is too long and too repetitive. Oh my god it’s still going on, it’s been like 20 seconds.

2.9/5 (Passed to next round)
20The Microphones
The Glow Pt. 2


Cool acoustic guitar so far. Weird pickup. It’s crowded, epic, and sounds like it should have high production but instead is lo-fi as hell. Woodwinds? Intense drums, interesting atmosphere. No wonder this band is highly praised, this is very unique and enjoyable. One day I should check this album.

4.5/5 (Passed to next round)
21The Apples in Stereo
Fun Trick Noisemaker

“High Tide”

Since I already love of Montreal and The Olivia Tremor Control, this should be a no-brainer, right? Good guitar, good drums, Beatles guitar, cute female backups. This isn’t anything amazing, maybe even an inferior Olivia Tremor, but not bad!

3.5/5 (Passed to next round)
22For Another
Finding Footing

Storm In A Teacup
“Catch the Wind”

Psychedelic and synthy and noticeably amateur? It’s cool though, and maybe even a little unique. Honestly, this is kind of brown (Ween brown.) Dude, I think you might like The Pod haha. Good vocals, good synth loop, good shitty production.

4.4/5 (Passed to next round)
23Guided by Voices
Vampire on Titus


More Guided by Voices, but this time I like the guitar and production way more. The vocals are okay, definitely my least favorite part.

3.5/5 (Passed to next round)
24The Fugs
The Fugs

“I Want to Know”

Old timey piano? Very poppy and catchy. The vocals are cool, the twinkling is cute. Overall it’s good.

3.6/5 (Passed to next round)
25Jai Paul
Leak 04-13 (Bait Ones)

“Genevieve - Unfinished”

808s, electronic handclaps and now 80s Hi-NRG synths. This is fun as hell haha. The way it peters in and out is weird also is this a censored version because that cut out felt weird. I guess that’s why it’s unfinished. Wait there’s a coda? A fun clusterfuck!

4/5 (Passed to next round)
26Rotating Assembly
Natural Aspirations


Funk bass and some light percussion hmmm. Here comes some vocals. Everything about this is cool and even danceable, but I wouldn’t say that I’m in love with it. Kinda overstayed its welcome, but I appreciate enough about this to say that it's good.

3.2/5 (Passed to next round)
27The Tallest Man on Earth
Shallow Grave

“Where Do My Bluebird Fly”

Some acoustic guitar so far with folksy shaky vocals. Simple, kinda whatever, but not bad or anything.

3/5 (Passed to next round)
28Courtney Barnett
The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas

“Avant Gardiner”

Floaty guitar and nice deep bass. Slacker female vocals are always nice. “I feel like I’m emphyseming” this song has some amusing lyrics to say the least. I liked it!

4/5 (Passed to next round)
29Daddy's Hands
Daddy's Hands

“Succubus Insurrection”

Hardcore and crowded sounding. The saxophone is always welcome in heavy music honestly. The male vocals are meh, but something about those female vocals make up for it.

3.5/5 (Passed to next round)
30The Jesus and Mary Chain
Barbed Wire Kisses

“Surfin' USA”

It’s just like a lo-fi noise pop cover of a famous song. Color me unimpressed, though the weird sex moaning is kinda cool in an “I wasn’t expecting that!” kinda way. Whoa, religious preaching!

3.3/5 (Passed to next round)
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