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come on over to the forums and discuss what youre reading on sputbooks, i assure it will be a tippity top time. the old thread got deleted when the site shat itself a while ago, so at the moment the thread is largely just me and i look a bit crazy!!. anyway heres all the books i read in 2017.
Pain Is A Mere Sensation

Currently reading - We by Yevgeny Zamyatin. This is a Russian dystopian novel, written by a Soviet Dissident who fell out of love with the Communist Party due to the authoritian policies that creeped in rather early, resulting in him sending Stalin a letter asking if he could leave and go into exile like a baller. Influences of Hg Wells can be seen here, and 1984 contains influences of this.
2The Saddest Landscape
You Will Not Survive

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. Im sure you all know of this book, really harrowing read. Much better than i expected tho (i thought it was gonna be trash for housewives cos im a snob)
Chaos is Me

Samuel Beckett - Waiting for Godot. Had to read this for my Lit and Phil module. I enjoyed it although found it a bit baffling. Gonna have to reread it.
4The Dillinger Escape Plan
Calculating Infinity

Max Weber - the protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism. outlines what it says on the tin really.
The Space Between Home and Today

Wittgenstein - tractatus-logico-philosophicus. Analytic philosophy that wil make you want to cry due to its fucking layout.
6The Contortionist
Exoplanet (Redux)

Brian Aldiss - Non-stop. Aldiss died a few months ago, which spurred me to check his stuff out. Solid sci-fi with a philosophical tone (i could of been reading too much into tbh)
7Altar of Plagues
Teethed Glory and Injury

albert camus - the plague. its like, err dude, the plague, its like, a metaphor, for the occupation, or some shit.
8Nigel Pepper Cock
Fresh White Reeboks Kickin' Your Ass

Plato - symposium. hahaha dude what is love tho and im not talking about man/woman love im talking about that "lets yank eachother off dude cos i love you" shit.
9Ryuichi Sakamoto

kazuo ishiguro - a pale view of hills. my boy kazuo won the nobel prize in lit this year, which was very cool as before he even won he was coming to my uni (where he did his masters) so i got to sit in on an interview with a nobel prze winner. came off as a really thoughful guy who had a lot of respect for singer songwriters as writers and therefore thought the dylan prize was justified.
Human = Garbage

hg wells - the food of the gods. In true wellsian fashion this book revolves around one idea that is then explored in loads of diff ways. the idea is "what if there was like food that made us big".
11The Doors
The Doors

aldous huxley - the doors of perception and heaven and hell. made me wanna do drugs but i wont co sim a pussy
12Algernon Cadwallader
Some Kind Of Cadwallader

albert camus - summer in algiers. this is just camus rambling a bit about algiers and Oran. not really worth your time.
13The Cure

mervyn peake - the gormenghast trilogy. the greatest series of books ever written, a dark, gothic, sprawling, meandering mindfuck of a masterpiece. The last one diminishes in quality slightly as peake had dementia but its still a worthy read.
14Boring Bathtimes
The Bardo of Becoming

thomas moore - utopia. a utopian thinkpiece written as travel writing. v boring.

huxley - island. here my boy huxley mixes eastern mysticism and philosophy with western science to create the best of both worlds.
Purple Rain

machiavelli - the prince. boring, so very boring. atleast its short.

hg wells - the sleeper awakes. basically a dude awakes to find hes the richest man in the world due to being in a v v long coma and accumulating wealth the whole time he was down there. another one of wells socialist novels (like all of them tbh, that ive read at least).
18Death Grips
Bottomless Pit

sartre - nausea. ooohhh isnt life pointless and strange?? get a grip you french pansy.

tom sharpe - porterhouse blues. a very funny little novel about a stuffy cambridge (/oxford? cant remember which) college, with all of Sharpe's usual sense of irony. his books are hilarious and i highly reccomend them.
Challenge For a Civilized Society

steinbeck - the grapes of wrath. i dont see how you could read this and not come out a raging socialist.
21Palais Schaumburg
Palais Schaumburg

simone weil - oppression and liberty. a collection of weils essays, more socialist propaganda (can you tell that i lie to the left of the political spectrum yet)
22The Beatles
The Beatles

kafka - america. here our boy kafka cheers up slightly and manages to write something that isnt suffocatingly depressing. hooray!!!
Hell Songs

stephen king - the shining. errrrm its like the house and his alcoholism are connected but hes still a scumbag and this whole thing is very ugly and sad.
Watch Out!

vonnegut - godbless you dr kevorkian. im getting bored of writing descriptions look it up yourself you lazy bastards

margaret atwood - the handmaids tale. what an absolute banger of a novel. my first atwood novel so shes now on a long list of authors that i need to read more. a feminist dystopian novel.
26The Body
No One Deserves Happiness

denis diderot - the nun. a very sad tale about the sort of shit that goes on in convents from one of frances many enlightenment philosopher/writers
27Have a Nice Life

anatole france - the gods will have blood. another french writer who i adore. this a novel about the french revolution, focusing on a revolutionary who is obsessed with rousseau and believes everything he does to be moral, resulting in some fanaticism that is both hilarious and harrowing. (this Have a nice life artwork (the death of marat) is actually the same one used for this novel on the old penguin publications. Marat was a figure of the revolution who was assasinated).
Cor-Crane Secret

rowling - tales of beedle the bard. i needed a harry potter kick man its been too long and i want to be a child again.
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