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The leftovers were playing...

... with my memories of love.
1Sea of Shit
Sea Of Shit

A modest, more manageable number of jamz for you. As the title implies, this is mostly stuff that was left over from the making of the previous list. Stuff that I either deemed not obscure enough or not interesting enough. That said, I've added some other cool things to flesh this thing out a bit, so enjoy! Hope you find something worth your while in here!
2Omega Massif


I wouldn't call this obscure by any stretch, at least not anymore, but I still think this band doesn't get enough attention around these parts. What's impressive to me is how much mileage they get out of a simpler sound than most bands in the genre. It's slow, crushing, and nowhere near as intricate as ISIS or Rosetta but it still works so well somehow. Check it.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you prefer a techier approach with fancy bells and whistles and with the occasional bit of vocals, try this. Once again not obscure by any means but definitely not talked about as much as I would expect.
And the Forests Dream Eternally

Black Metal

Genuinely and unironically one of their best and most interesting releases. Pure 90s black metal, save for "Pure Evil and Hate" which is debut era Bathory-worship at its finest. If you like black metal you need to give this a shot, regardless of what you think of these blokes' 2000s onward music.
Force Fed

Thrash Metal

Before incorporating groove and industrial elements into their style, Prong were a fairly conventional 80s thrash band. This record offers just that, an unsurprisingly rock solid package of speed and fury. It's a bit of a head scratcher how little attention it's got on this site.
6Uncle Slam
Will Work for Food

Thrash Metal

A rock solid offering of 90s crossover thrash. Hardly essential, but surprisingly good for having come out during the twilight of the genre. If you like thrash you can't go wrong with this I reckon.
7Laaz Rockit
Nothing's Sacred

Thrash Metal

Honestly coming back to this band was fairly disappointing, they're not quite as good as I remembered them being. Nonetheless if you're after more obscure thrash, check em out. I enjoyed this one the best out of all their albums.

Thrash Metal

Similarly, these obscure Russian blokes are nowhere near as good as Aspid or your Wolf Spiders and Turbos of the world or what have you. But if you want a solid obscure Thrash record this is pretty good.
Auf Wiedersehen

Thrash Metal

I'll be honest this is probably the weakest album on this whole list, it's not that amazing at all. But if you really, REALLY want people to knwo that you listen to obscure thrash, give this a check I guess cuz it ain't bad either.
Divus de Mortuus

Death Metal

Old school shit that goes hard and takes no prisoners.
Descend Into the Absurd

Death / Doom

Slow, plodding death / doom. If you like Asphyx, or perhaps even something like Suffocation you will dig this hard I hope.
Reflections of the Solstice

Death / Doom

Slow and filthy cult classic this one. Check it hard.
13Cenotaph (MX)
The Gloomy Reflection of Our Hidden Sorrows

Death Metal

This rules very hard and you need to hear it like yesterday.
14Jumpin' Jesus
The Art of Crucifying

Death Metal

This rules very hard and you need to hear it like yesterday.
15Human Remains
Using Sickness as a Hero

fuck dude idk... if you've never heard of this, well, basically, if you enjoy Grindcore, Tech Death or even Mathcore you should probably check this utterly fucking mental 17 minute release. How they came up with this shit in 1996 is beyond me...
16Nuclear Death
Bride of Insect

Death Metal, Grindcore

Is this the best deathgrind album ever made? Perhaps. I can't believe how fucking hard it rules dude. The lady screaming on this is mental as well. Listen to this or go fuck yourself ugh
17Abhorrence (FIN)
Vulgar Necrolatry

Death Metal

Oops almost forgot about this one. It's not as doomy as Demigod or Rippikoulu, it's not as nutty as Demilich or Adramelech. Just pure, savage filth through and through. A cult classic in its own right

Technical Death Metal, Progressive Metal

Basically, this is a 36 minute album from the year 2000 that sounds like a cross between 90s Meshuggah and the Cynic/Atheist brand of fancy proggy tech death with noodly fretless bass, clean interludes and all. Honestly I can't make it sound any more appealing than this so if it's up your alley give it a harrrd bash.
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Black Metal

I have to be honest I didn't love this one as much as some user reviews out there on the internet did, but it's a solid slab of atmospheric black metal that doesn't bother with interludes, clean sections, folky bits, synths, strings or anything of the sort. If that sounds like something you're into, check it.
20Cult of Luna
Cult of Luna (EP)


Cult of Luna... more like, Cult of Rules. Agreed. And yet this little release with its two original songs and 12 minute duration only has 35 ratings and a 3.2 average. Gotta fix that. There's not much more to be said here, go check it out, it's good just like everything else they've ever done. According to Bedex the Spotify version is a bad remaster so don't listen to that I guess.
21Okazaki Fragments

What happens if you take Gorguts and a Grindcore band and throw them into a blender? Well for one thing your house will probably catch fire, but also you might get something that sounds like this. Shoutout to ramon. for the recommendation
22Training for Utopia/Zao
Split EP

Metalcore, Mathcore

Hey look it's Training for Utopia... as promised. And Zao?! Wow! Check it, it unsurprisingly rules.
23The Varukers

Hardcore Punk, D-Beat

Years ago when I started getting really into punk, I heard these blokes described as "Discharge's more accessible younger brother" and I'll be damned if it isn't accurate. Now do they rule as hard as Discharge? I'd say probably not BUT it's a fucking disgrace how low the average for this is. Check it hard
24Otoboke Beaver

Hardcore Punk from Japan

Listen here you little shit. When I jammed this hard, it only had 8 or 9 ratings on this shit site. Now it has over a hundred. I don't know and I don't care. I don't watch Fantano and I don't read any publications, I'm my own man. But this rules so I'm gonna tell you that if you haven't heard it by now you need to rectify before i REKT your fy.
25Spangle call Lilli line

Indie Pop, Indie Rock, ??? idk

Do you like music that's chill and a bit twee? Do you dig such genres as Dream Pop and Post-Rock? If so, then you rule. Incidentally, this rules too, so give it a try
26World's End Girlfriend


Not much to say is there? It's World's End Girlfriend, if you like that bloke's style you will most likely enjoy this. I certainly did. And it's only 20 minutes or so.
27Soutaisei Riron
Hi-Fi Anatomia

Indie Pop, J-Pop

Rules and destroys listen hard or die hard ugh. I'm not even kidding this is really good and you know I hate pop usually so check it you wankers.
28Grace Cathedral Park
In The Evenings Of Regret

Post-Rock, Slowcore

IF, like me, you are depressed as fuck and want to die, listen to this. If not, listen to this. It's good
29Mariya Takeuchi

Pop, J-Pop, City Pop, whatever dude

Once again this is not just a meme but actually a good album. Give it a bash.
30Glen Porter
Falling Down

Trip-Hop, Downtempo

Do you like Trip-Hop? Trick question, of course it's scientifically proven that it's impossible not to like Trip-Hop. If you know anyone who doesn't like Trip-Hop, please notify your local X-COM precinct immediately. Anyway this is good. Has cool guitars in it and stuff. Rest in peace mate. :[
31Smoke City
Flying Away

Trip Hop, Bossa Nova

I thought everyone knew this around here butttttttt I guess I was wrong lol. If the idea of chill, bossa nova influenced trip-hop appeals to you, and for some inexplicable reason you haven't heard this, then get on it cuz it slaps.
32Thievery Corporation

Bossa Nova, Downtempo

So this band used to be trip hop but on this album there's no beats it's all chill bossa nova shit and man does it ever rule. There's swee female vox by a bunch of different ladies, in a number of different languages such as English, French and Portuguese. Check it hard

IDM, Ambient

If you like your IDM just a liiiittle bit on the glitchy side, this should be right up your alley. Another way to look at it might be, what if Sweet Trip but less melodic and without the shoegaze vibes. Maybe that's a bit of a stretch. Anyway, this isn't quite that obscure, but I do hope more people decide to check it out, especially fans of Autechre.
34Hybrid (UK)
Wide Angle

Breakbeat, House, Trance

This is the best album ever made. Listen to it hard or die hard.
35Adam F

Drum and Bass

Old school drum and bass more on the atmospheric side that rules hard. I thought people knew this one but I guess not?
36Rufige Kru

Breakbeat Hardcore, Drum and Bass

Old school in every sense of the phrase, on the blurred line between two relatively similar genres. Four banging tracks from 1992 that will show you the roots of Drum and Bass. Check this if you're curious what Goldie's output sounded like 3 years before Timeless.
37J Majik
Lush Life

Drum and Bass

Atmospheric. What's that word we all love? Ah yes, lush. Lush indeed.If you've listened to LTJ Bukem's Logical Progression Level 1 mix from 1996, which I still maintain might be the single greatest release in the genre, and enjoy that style of DnB, you should absolutely try this here single.
38Alex Reece
Fresh Jive / Basic Principles / I Need Your Love

Drum and Bass

So I reviewed this bloke's most famous release, Pulp Fiction / Chill Pill. Read here:

Truthfully though, if you're interested in the atmospheric side of DnB then you will probably find this one to be even more palatable and interesting. Give it a bash.

Drum and Bass

That said if you want something more substantial to sink your teeth into, or if the atmospheric stuff isn't so much up your alley and you'd prefer something maybe a tad darker and edgier, here's a sweet album that doesn't get much attention.
Now More Than Ever

Drum and Bass

One of the best DnB albums of the mid to late 2000s for sure
Call To Mind

Drum and Bass

One of the best DnB albums of the mid to late 2000s for sure
42London Elektricity
Syncopated City

Drum and Bass

One of the best DnB albums of the mid to late 2000s for sure. Also the bonus track on this with Japanese vocals rules fuckin hard, infinitely better than the normal version m/
43Paul Oakenfold


Some absolute classic 90s trance belters as well as some solid deeper cuts mixed by one of the best DJs in the business.
44System F
Out Of The Blue


Back when Ferry Corsten actually ruled and trance was true as heck. This shit is classic and if you haven't heard it then do so.
45The Shamen

Acid House, Techno

Do you like to dance? Would you like something that's a little more chill than the hardcore rave shit of the 90s? Does the idea of a more club oriented version of Leftfield or The Orb appeal to you? Check this siht.
Drexciya 2: Bubble Metropolis

Old school Techno more on the acid side that rules hard.
47Benjamin Damage

Even more Techno that rules hard
It Never Ends

Techno, more on the minimal side, that also rules hard. I seem to have enjoyed this one more than other folks, whatever.
Born Slippy


Underworld rule hard. For some reason this wasn't even in the database previously, I had to add it myself. Bro this is literally their most popular and successful choon, and with good reason cuz it's fucking dope. Listen to it right the fuck now.
50A.A.L. (Against All Logic)

House, IDM, Techno, weird shit idk

Look it's no secret that AAL's previous album 2012-2017 was my favourite release of 2018. This one though? It's weird. A lot more experimental, a lot less confined to the constraints of older house and techno. And you know what? It fucking rules. It keeps growing on me with every listen. Check it hard or die hard
51Mega Drive
Seas of Infinity


Haven't repped this genre in a while eh? It's a really good album honestly, at least on par with 198X AD but more varied and interesting.
52McCoy Tyner

Speaking of infinity... Rest in peace, you utter legend of Jazz piano. :[
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