this album went down in my estimation when ticks & leeches popped up on shuffle and i thought i was

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You Can (Not) Read This All

ten thousand shitposts in over ten years now, acknowledged with an arbitrary list of 100 albums that i think more people should check out. various genres, with the hope that there will be something for everyone here. If you make it out with at least one interesting thing to check out, then i consider it a job well down. Some of them are genuine gems in their genre, others are mostly just obscure but fairly good. I want to use this opportunity to tell you hey listen to this, mate. maybe they need more love in general, or maybe it’s just this site that needs to pay more attention. anyway i can’t promise you that you’ll like everything here, all i can say is that they’re all worth a check in my opinion, and they’re worth more looks than they’ve got til now that’s for sure.
Dark & Long

techno, trance (kinda)

> so... dubnobass was on the last list. it still has no review as of this one. what the fuck sputnik. Its the best album ever made ffs smh. anyway. second toughest and beaucoup fish rule. but what about tihs? turns out this rules too. the average is justice, but only 13 ratings? for the love of god, listen to this omg <

previous list (read or die):

Recent reviews:
2 Sweet Trip

idm, chill ass shit, look its fuckin sweet trip alright

> soooooooooooo.... right now, this has an average of 3.4 this is a fucking travesty of the highest order. it also only has 27 ratings. are you actually fucking my ass right now? go listen to this you nerds. stop jerkin it to veloshitty design cumfort and listen to this. fish is actually the best song ever made. smh my head <

Wow… been a long time huh? To tell you the truth i cant actually remember when i joined this site, tho im pretty sure it was 2009 and not 2008. Now what my accounts before this were, doesnt really matter. No one can trace me back to those not even jom or mx so its all good. Im not notable now and i was even less so before. Dont worry about it youre not missing anything.
But yea what did i want to talk about?
3Floating Points

techno, electronic

> soooooo.... this guy is my #3 pp hard find of 2019. apaprently he's a doctor or something irl, wtf?! but he makes this sweet ass electronic music. i dont get it. it rules hard tho <

For some reason this site just keeps people coming back to it (some to an unhealthy degree i would dare say), for some reason it keeps getting new people joining, for some reason it keeps getting old lurkers to become active… it’s fuckin weird dude, it’s a raggedy ass slipshod relic from the early 2000s and everyone who remembers the internet back then knows what i’m talking about lmao. Shit barely works, the band lookup feature was functional when i joined but hasnt been in years, theres still all kinds of stupid bugs and shit.
4Floating Points
Nuits Sonores

techno, electronic

> ditto <

And yet…. And yet we’re still here. And yet it’s still a better community than rym or /mu/ or metal-archives or any other music-focused site i’ve ever known , frankly speaking... Hmm hmmm… really makes you thonk dont it. So yeah with that in mind, i’d like to give a sincere shoutout to everyone running the site, all the staff, mods, meds, contribs, seriously. Even sowing and brostep with their garbage ass taste in music, even xenophanes aka the most annoying person to ever review metal music on this site other than myself.
5Floating Points
Vacuum EP

techno, electronic

> ditto <

Anyway let’s talk about music. Now i dont know about you folks but i had a relatively unusual upbringing when it comes to music at least compared to the other people around me. Thats because my parents were pretty serious enthusiasts since their college days, or at least as much as they could be, having lived in a shitty authoritarian communist backwater at the ass end of europe. So they raised me with classic rock, old ass pop, prog, older electronic (schulze, vangelis, kraftwerk, jarre), the odd blues here and there (b.b. King remains eternal) and that sort of thing.
6I Hate Models
Warehouse Memories


> so... this guy... this guy has proven to be my #2 pp hard music find of 2019. it was love at first sight, and i thank Archelirion for his review of totsuka no tsurugi, even though this release is my favourite. basically this bloke's music is like if burial was techno, harder and darker, bit of an industrial vibe to it honestly. it fucking rules hard so check it hard. <

So i started from there and eventually once i got access to uncapped broadband internet in the early 2000s i started exploring on my own. Living in a country where even to this day piracy is everyone’s default modus operandi, it was really easy to branch out. P2p and torrents and such were huge especially here, and then you could get recs just by talking to people, in irc, or on forums both random and dedicated. It was quite the time. And then of course eventually youtube became a thing as well which expedited the process of discovery.
7I Hate Models
The Lost Tapes


> i was gonna put totsuka no tsurugi here, but mah boi Bedex dug this up and added it to the database. i checked it hard and turns out this is really good. so go listen to this one ya nerds cuz it slaps <

i got into metal, i got into punk, i got into all kinds of 90s and 2000s electronic genres and species. and then eventually after hopping around from site to site, a friend i had made on a gaming forum told me about this place and his reviews here. i think he got here in 2008 but i didnt until 2009. but yea he reviewed shitty moderncore and deathcore and shitty revival thrash ugh. he wasnt very trve :[ thats not the reason we arent friends anymore and no hes not the opeth bloke i mentioned a while ago but we were all mutuals at the time. but yea thats how i first got here, and the rest is history
Art of Doubt

indie rock, indie pop

> this is my #1 pp hard find of 2019. without a doubt. NEVER BEFORE have i enjoyed a modern indie pop / indie rock / pop rock / radio music / whatever the fuck band so much as these folks. i maintain that fantasies is still their best album, but i featured this because it has no review and only ~50 odd ratings. it's really good. in fact pretty much all of them are. pagans in vegas is the most inconsistent but still has a few hard jamz tbh. anyway i fucking love this band dude. ppl know i hate on pop and radio rock and shit. yea. but i really fuckin love this. emily haines' vocals and attitude sell it hard. FUCK. i dont give a shit. i literally dont give a shit whta you think. i love this band hard. harder than my dick when i listen to this. UGH.
His Own Strange Songs


> sad chinese man with guitar. i dont remember how i found this exactly, probably youtube, but ive known it for a long time. im not much of a folk guy just yet, but i honestly like this and maybe you might as well??? <

Yeah music is pretty fuckin awesome. Im not lying or exaggerating when i say that music has saved my life countless times. Ive had to deal with depression and various other issues for most of my life at this point. At first i didnt even realise it was depression, it took years before i kind of understood what was going on, and then years still after that before i legitimately considered pursuing therapy and then treatment. Anyway nevermind that, the point is my life has been pretty shit if im being honest and its not looking the brightest even now. BUT thanks to music im still around, thanks to music (among other things) ive never fully given up even though there were dozens of moments throughout the years when i was on the cusp.
10Medina Azahara
Paseando por la Mezquita

prog rock

> old ass prog rock from spain, with spanish vocals. shoutout to the youtube recommendation system for this one. vocals are a bit loud for my taste but otherwise its surprisingly good <

So music is cool yea. Music to cry to, music to bang ya head, music to bang people, music to, music to relax and unwind to. When i got my first mp3 player in the 2000s (back when phones still had bugger all for storage space) it was a godsent, being able to take a few dozen songs with you while you were out and about. Of course things are way better now, what with smartphones, better mobile internet, wifi, spotify, all that crap and boy am i fucking thankful for all this shit, it keeps me going through my day to day.
11The Devil's Blood
The Time Of No Time Evermore

psych rock, hard rock

> this rocks. presumably, the fact that it rocks is a good thing for a rock album. anyway. it's a bloody good time, honest <

Really its worth taking a step back every once in a while to appreciate the fact that there has never been a better time to be a music enthusiast (or, i might argue, an art enthusiast in general) thanks to the internet and how accessible it is nowadays. I mean fuckin think about it how many obscure ass demo tapes have probably been heard more times by people like us over the last 10 years, than they were back when they were originally released? Its so easy to dig up all kinds of old and unknown shit. Its so easy to stay up to date with whats coming out even in the indie underground scene.
12Bill Evans
Moon Beams


> welcome to the jazz section of the list. once again, i would liek to bring some attention to jazz albums that are overlooked in favour of more prominent ones <

So, right off the blurb on this here Moon Beams by Bill Evans... I want to soapbox a little about some shit. Something that happens all too often, on all sites not just here to be fair, is that for a lot of bands and artists (especially in genres that are less popular or whose popularity has declined over time) one or a few albums get a disproportionate amount of attention. Now granted, I'm not saying this is always unwarranted, or this is always a problem. But what ends up happening is that everything else tends to get passed up by a lot of people because it's not considered "essential" or whatever by other community members.
13Chet Baker
My Funny Valentine


> uhhhh i thought this was a classic but apparently no on else on sput does? check it mates, its moody but chill <

Sometimes it leads to funny situations where there's a discrepancy between which album is the most popular within an insular community such as ours, and which is the most popular or well-known in general. But really for the most part what it means is that a lot of music ends up overlooked as a result. And sure, some of what falls through the cracks as it were is probably not that interesting. But sometimes you do get quality stuff that people don't check, because they see it has way fewer ratings (and likely a lower average as well) and assume it must not be worth their while. And I get why this happens, but I do think it's a bit unfortunate.
14Ornette Coleman
Something Else!!!!


> rules, check it <

And this is all to say nothing of the fact that the more obscure something is, the more likely it is to be checked only by turbonerds. And some of those turbonerds, like GhandhiLion and Cygnatti and especially Cyclotron like to take the piss out of the rating system, so they end up with like a 2.3 average or something out of 2 ratings which makes everyone else think "oh well I guess there's nothing of value to be found here" when even fucking garbage like Slipknot and Trivium have averages over 3. Anyway I digress. But yeah I do wish people would reconsider a bit. Again, I'm a fuckin nolife nerd myself, I know very well how much shit there is out there. And I know how little time we all have and it's only sensible to prioritise things that you think are particularly appealing or interesting to you.
15Eric Dolphy
Outward Bound


> also rules, also check it <

There's a crazy amount of music out there. Even once you get past Sturgeon's Law, there's still a crazy amount of music there. Chances are if you're still a regular on this site after all this time, your passion for music is probably such that even if god or any other kind of supreme power were to show you "hey this is all the music ever made that is guaranteed to appeal to you personally", it would still take multiple lifetimes to get through it all. I get it, and when I was younger thoughts like this used to keep me up at night, strange as that sounds. So what I'm urging is not that you listen to everything ever made. But maybe if you find an artist you really like, go on YouTube or Spotify or whatever and try at least a few minutes of some of their other albums. Don't even have to jam it in full, just to see whether you may be missing out or not.
16Dizzy Gillespie
An Electrifying Evening with the Dizzy


> get the hint yet? doesn't have to be the most popular to rule. so check it <

So for instance when someone recommends you Jane Doe, why not give When Forever Comes Crashing and Petitioning the Empty Sky a bash as well? When someone recommends you Confield, why not give Incunabula and LP5 a shot? When someone recommends you Mental Vortex, why not try Grin and R.I.P. too? Just to see what they're like, maybe they're also up your alley even if they're not as popular. That's all I'm saying. I kind of understand the idea of trying to limit yourself to just the essential stuff, I certainly have thought this myself before. But I think it's not ideal. That's my opinion and I wanted to take this opportunity to share it.
17Charlie Christian
The Genius of the Electric Guitar


> this guy is legitimately one of the founding fathers of jazz guitar. it pains me to see how little attention he has on sput. ONE 3.5 RATING FOR THIS ALBUM?!?! THAT'S IT?! <

It's not coincidental that I talk about this during the jazz section of the list, because jazz is one of the genres that's most affected by this phenomenon from what I can tell. Most artists that aren't Davis or Coltrane will have maybe 2-3 albums at most with more than a few dozen ratings. And then some are nowhere near as lucky as that (see mr Christian here). But yeah honestly even if you just put it on as background noise while you're working out or doing chores around the house or whatever. But I really think it's worth trying more stuff out. If it doesn't click, it doesn't click and that's fine, but at least you tried it for yourself, instead of just assuming the lack of attention / praise is indicative of its quality


> by no means the most inventive release in the genre, but if you're like me and you enjoy a solid well-executed conventional post-rock album, especially one with strings, you'll probably dig this a fair bit <

Anyway the bottom line is, all I'm really advocating for here is just a liiiittle bit more open-mindedness perhaps. That's all. It's especially unfortunate for bands or artists that change their sound or even change genres entirely. Hell I'll give a personal example here: the averages on most Darkthrone albmums are fucking bollocks. Why? Because after Panzerfaust they stopped making trve kvlt bm and incorporated other styles into their music, the most prominent one for a lot of those later albums being of course crust punk. And of course people like the butthurt denizens of metal-archives hated that, because it's not trve anymore. Even though the albums themselves, for what they are, are actually bloody good for fuck's sake.
19Echoes of Eon

post-rock, post-metal

> honestly more interesting and energetic than you'd expect. goes pretty bloody hard if im being honest with you family, so go ahead and check it cuz its got some swee moments for sure <

Darkthrone isn't even among my favourite bands (although I do respect them a lot), I can probably sit here and think of dozens more examples of stuff like this being the case. Now I'm sure you can think of at least one case like this yourselves, of people hating on one or more albums just because it's not the genre they were expecting, and then that in turn leads to fewer people being willing to check it out or keep an open mind about it. It's unfortunate I think. Obviously everyone has their taste and everyone knows what they prefer and how they choose to expand it and explore. But I think it's something to keep in mind if at all possible.
20Saxon Shore
Four Months of Darkness


> i am a whore for post-rock. this is twee and chill as you would expect from budgiecore. i liked it at first blush and hopefully you will like it too :] <

Anyway let's see what else can we talk about... uhhh... man this is a nice place all things considered. It's good to have a community that isn't completely innundated with pillocks, bellends, pseuds and troglodytes. There's still that old school internet feel and shitposting that I'm honestly still fond of and nostalgic for that you could never really get on Reddit or any of the big platforms nowadays. Even though it gets kinda heated and negative sometimes, it's still better overall than any of that bollocks, by far.

shoegaze, dream pop

> i guess it's budgiecore time. Dewinged reviewed this. he's smarter than me so you should read what he has to say. but i do think this album is swee <

What it comes down to is the users I guess. Most of the regulars can take a joke, and a decent number of em are pretty measured decent people, but not to the point of making things boring. Of course we have turbonerds unearthing all kinds of obscure jamz and awaring everyone else, we have great writers, we have people with interesting tastes, we have people with actual knowledge of music history and shit, we have people with life experience, people from all walks of life and many countries around the world.
22Hazel English
Just Give In / Never Going Home

dream pop, shoegaze

> as far as budgiecore goes, i prefer this one to the last but only slightly. quality stuff all the same. once again Dewinged has reviewed this so read it and then jam it hard m/ <

And you know between that and the old school authenticity that remains here to this day, you get all kinds of situations that simply wouldn't be possible on places like Twitter or Reddit nowadays. Like last year I made a list talking and asking folks about depression, and not only did I get a whole bunch of serious, honest (and mostly solid) answers, but it eventually progressed into deez and sach talking about drugs and how to make em. I mean if that isn't the fucking internet then what is, seriously now?
23uchu nekoko
Kimi No Youni Ikiretara

shoegaze, dream pop

> weeb music D: is this budgiecore? perhaps. i dont know if budgie has heard this but he fucking should. its actually dope as hell. if the title track isnt the best song ever made then you can sod right off, tony. ugh <

But yeah we do have some interesting sorts around, although some of them should probably stop coming here, if only for their own good and mental health. That said I do miss a lot of the old guard as well. I won't speak for anyone else but I do have rather fond memories of KILL and Riff's shenanigans. And some of those other blokes, like yeah we had metal elitists and whatnot, but at least they had a ridiculously comprehensive knowledge of good shit and obscurities. Like rasputin's death metal list on RYM is bloody legendary, and I recommend it to everyone interested in the genre.
24The December Sound
The Silver Album


> THIS IS THE BEST ALBUM YOU'VE (N)EVER HEARD. people know this one, so what gives? i'll tell you what gives bitch. this has less than 50 ratings. how is this possible??????? it rules so hard im not even sure what the best song is here, it could be drone refusenik or painkiller or kill me before i kill you or asgffgdsfgdsgfdsfgsdfgdsfgdsfgdsfgadsfasdfdasfasdfasdfasdf FUCK. FUCKING JAM IT HARD AND 5 IT HARD UGH <

So basically what I'm getting at is, potsy and cyg and ghandhi and all the other wankers. Rec people more shit, rep more shit, cuz at the end of the day music rules and makes our lives better so what's the point of parking your ass on it instead of sharing with the rest of the proletariat???
25Wonderland Falling Yesterday
Enchanted Landscape Escape

ambient, post-rock

> this is that world's end girlfriend bloke, maeda katsuhiko. unsurprisingly, this release is really chill and i like it :] <

Anyway I forgot what I was talking about. Music rules. Music lives. m/ hard ugh.

Let's change topics then to uhhh... depression, that should be a fun one right? It sucks dude. Makes you lose the joy you get from most things, feel fuckin empty a lot of the time, feel like there's no bloody reason to get out of bed in the morning or do anything whatsoever really. And then of course no one fuckin gets it, normies have about as good an understanding of depression as someone like TundraL5Z has of Cabaret Voltaire's music.
26Aix Em Klemm
Aix Em Klemm


> so, this is pretty neat. very chill stuff. the soundoff on it makes a bizarre amount of sense somehow. anyway shoutout to robertsona for the recommendation, much appreciated mate <

Anyway. It fuckin sucks enough in and of itself without all the chodes around you blaming it on you and telling you to stop being lazy or to just feel good LOOOOOOOL 4Head and all kinds of absolute rubbish. And it does kind of come hand in hand with other issues as well. Sometimes you get symptoms that would otherwise be associated with anxiety or ADHD (in my case lack of focus, restlessness and stuff like that). Like I have a mate who has ADHD and he sometimes gets bouts of depression for instance. Shit fuckin sucks.

drone metal

> i dig nadja's thicc crushing sound quite a bit. featuring this one over thaumogenesis and radiance of shadows mostly because it has no review. also, stays demons, nuff said. check it hard m/ <

At any rate I'd like to take this opportunity to tell people that if you feel like you might be experiencing any of these on a regular or semi-regular basis, you should probably go to the doctor or at least seek therapy. I know that across the pond in the United States of grab her by the pussy all healthcare stuff is expensive as shit and that blows. But if you can afford it, don't mind the pillocks and simpletons and just go get checked at least. And you can take it from there if need be.
28Guniw Tools
Other Goose

japanese alt rock with jazz elements and shit idk dude

> so this is really cool actually. shoutout to my boi Cal for this one, big find, czech it hard cuz its swee as hecc <

There's a real stigma surrounding mental health that comes from decades and centuries of, well, the belief only loonies need help. Ergo if you need help you must be a loon, there must be something wrong with you. Well fuckin bollocks to it is what I say. What's more important, your well-being which can be improved by trained professionals (and possibly medication) or how a bunch of dimwits perceive you? I think it's pretty obvious... Now of course there's also an egotistical component. I'll be honest I myself thought I could manage somehow without therapy or meds. And the truth is that I did, for years... until I couldn't anymore.

post-punk, coldwave, whatever

> this one i found via a friend of mine who doesnt use sput. youll prob never read this Jakob but bless you lad. anyway its fuckin good, check it nerds <

Now if you choose to believe you're stronger than me, I'm not gonna tell you how to live your life. But I do think it's my duty to some extent to warn you of the dangers of such a choice.

Anyway that's enough preaching for now, we'll see if I get riled up about anything later on. I'm not manic at the moment, and I'm not out in the street, so I'm not gonna preach. Shoutout to TVC15 if he's still around. Sorry mate I haven't listened to em yet.
30Test Dept.
Beating the Retreat

industrial, tribal, experimental shit idk ask GhandhiLion alright

> its weird, its old, but i have to be honest with you (i'm legally obligated to do so) this is genuinely dope and you should check it <

So let's see, what else can we talk about to fill up some space. I'm going to pretend to be a mediocre-at-best, overrated-as-fuck, groove metal band that young and inexperienced metalheads tend to like, okay? Now people love this band just cuz their overrated guitarist isn't alive anymore. Anyway, the point is. All their albums after 1990 are like 2 good songs and then 40+ minutes of utter wank filler. And I thought you know, since they're so popular and successful, why don't I try to do the same?

industrial metal

> old ass project of klayton's (of circle of dust and celldweller fame). goes pretty hard, quite possibly the best thing he's ever done, although i dig those two projects as well. anyway yea check a look <

So let's see how we can take up some space. "What shall we use to fill these empty spaces?" asked the singer and lyricist of a certain nameless rock band that's ironically still somewhat underrated because on /mu/ everyone fucking listens to Dark Side of the Moon while high instead of checking literally any of their albums for fucks' sake. Ah, but let's not talk about /mu/ here, as I've already had my fill of idiocy for the day.
32Red Harvest
Cold Dark Matter

industrial metal, extreme metal

> do you wish bands like front line assembly and ministry went harder and rougher on the metal? do you like thorns and godflesh? do you want a band that makes fear factory look like a bunch of pussies without going full anaal nathrakh on your ass? do you masturbate with sandpaper? if you answered "yes" to any of these then check this band. they have other good albums as well <

Oh, I know, how about some Q&A of some description? AMA? FAQ? JOI? One of those. Let's go then.

> Who are you?
some dumb nerd

> How old are you?

> Where are you from?
Earth 2 (Low Frequency Version)

> Are you single?
mate have you seen my fuckin posts on this website, now or ever? Use your fucking brain for a minute, I know there's probably not much left of it after listening to so much Brand New but come, I believe in you.
City Baby's Revenge


> this band is classic and legendary and yet no one ever talks about them on sput, i dont get it. check em hard, and check their debut even harder cuz both rule hard tbh <

> Post an image of yourself

> Are you really a boomer?
I'm not from the United States of America nor a currently whose socio-economic situation has ever been remotely similar or comparable to that of the United States, nor have I particularly enjoyed any kind of privilege. So I don't think it makes any sense to call me a boomer. But hey, don't let that ruin your fun :]

> What's your favourite sput meme?
Hmmm... emslash perhaps? m/
Equalizing Distort

hardcore punk

> classic 80s hardcore from japan. check em <

> Why do you think anyone gives a shit about any of this?
I don't. :]

> Why do you hate Periphery so much?
I don't really "hate" any band. I think hate is a strong word for a powerful emotion and while I may be weird, I'm not weird or stupid enough to feel that way over some wankers making garbage music. I don't like Periphery (or other djent for that matter) because it's like a fake, commercial, uninspired version of Meshuggah. The sugar are actually a good band with interesting ideas and if you read/watch their interviews they always point out they don't give a shit about being mathy or whatever, they just come up with grooves they think are cool and that's that. There's no pretense there, no image they're trying to sell.

hardcore punk

> yet more classic 80s hardcore from japan. check this too <

> Why do you hate
Uhh are you gonna ask the same for everything I've ever expressed a negative opinion about?

> What?
Answer me.

> But I'm the one asking the question.
Wrong. Bitch. You think you're metal huh? You think you're the real deal? Have you even heard Demilich? Have you heard Brutality? Sadus? Grotesque? Electrocution? Aspid? Morbid Saint? No? You haven't heard them? PISS OFF THEN. Oh are you gonna cry? Are you gonna pee your pants? Maybe? Maybe shit and cum? Well then you fucking normie, maybe you should click on my username and on my profile you should see three dots to the right of my username. Click those three dots to open a dropdown menu reads "Block". Click that option and confirm that you want to block me to avoid seeing my future posts
Divine Intoxication

crust punk with death growls

> i promised it so here you go. crusty dicks ov trvth m/ goes hard

hardcore punk

> not so classic not so 80s but very much hardcore from japan. vicious bitch shit. shoutout to JohnnyoftheWell for the recommendation <

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Radiohead. The Music is extremely Hard to get into, and without a solid grasp of theoretical music most of the song will go over a typical listener's head. There’s also Thom’s nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from The talking heads, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these songs, to realise that they’re not just music- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Radiohead truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the dept of Thom's most famous lyric "I'm a creep" which itself is a cryptic reference to knowing who you are.
Divide and Conquer

punk with a metallic edge

> read chamberbelain's review. it's good shit, goes hard, what else can i say? check it <

Yes I did... I don't like the judicial system, I don't like the government system, I don't like the police, I don't like anything to do with this country's government. I just don't like it, because... they're sneaky, like I said - they're deceitful, they're lying, they're cheats, they rip the people off. That's the American government for you. America is a third world country, and people don't recognise it... and I think that that's pretty god damn sad, that they don't recognise their own country as a third world, third rate, third class slum.
40Sea of Shit
Sea Of Shit

sea of shit
Prison of Hope


> i dont remember how i found this band but their 90s stuff rules. check the other album too. mort doesnt like em apparently idk <

Anyway how about some shoutouts, everyone loves those right?

O B J E C T I V E list of the best sputters ever made, past and present:

AnimalsAsSummit , BlushfulHippocrene , CalculatingInfinity , CaptainDooRight , DarkNoctus , demigod! , Deviant. , Hyperion1001 , IpodMastery / Nocte [Dominium] / Robert Garland , Jacquibim , jesterhead92 / Space Jester , JohnnyoftheWell / Johnnydeking29 , KILL , L4titudes / yourgodisinferior , mynameischan / Channing Freeman , mindleviticus , Observer , Relinquished / Wolfe , Trifolium
Remain Sedate

metallic hardcore

> this is where it all began. is protestant a better album? perhaps. but this is real savage shit and if you dont like it youre a poser and i hate you <

Cool sputters past and present (“why the fuck arent i here?” you ask. First off, fuck you bitch. Second off, im sorry okay, my memory is about as solid as a house made of piss sodden bog roll in a hurricane. Dont worry about it, youre prob okay too) :

Acanthus , AngelofDeath , Archelirion , BallsToTheWall , BaselineOOO , Bedex , bloc , Bloon , budgie , Casavir , clercqie , combustion07 , ComeToDaddy , Confessed2005 , cryptologous / ramon. , Crysis / Kyle Ward , Cygnatti , danielcardoso / Daniel Dias , DeadBitchAlexis , DeafMetal , dedex , DePlazz , Dewinged , Dryden , Egarran , eternium , evilford , ffs , fireaboveicebelow , Frippertronics / Aaron W. , GhandhiLion , hal1ax , Hellscythe, heyadam

(to be continued)

metallic hardcore

> this is old shit. 1992. do you know earth crisis? if so then check this. its good <

Cool sputters past and present (continued):

illmitch , insomniac15 / Raul Stanciu , Ire , JustJoe. , Keyblade , manosg , MarsKid , MO / MetallicOpeth , MiloRuggles , Mongi123 / Nick Mongiardo , Mort. , MotokoKusanagi , necropig , pissbore , pizzamachine , rasputin , RiffOClock , robertsona / Alex Robertson , Sevengill , silentpotato / PotsyTater / Lord(e)Po)))ts , Sinternet , sixdegrees , Shadows , SnakeDelilah / Snake. , sonictheplumber , TalonsOfFire , tempest-- / lloyd / el_newg , TheNotrap , TheSpirit , TwigTW / TWIGtheWONDERKID , twlichty , Uzumaki , Voivod , WeepinWillow , Willie / Trey , Wizard , zakalwe
...To Reduce the Choir to One Soloist


> its hard, its fast, its spastic, its trve as fvck. check it hard its onyl like 20 mins of high tier old shcool metalcore <

Even more shoutouts because why not:

50iL , AdolfChrist / Deathconscious , Asdfp277 , Atari , Avagantamos , BenThatsMyJammin , BigHans , bnelso55 / Brandon Nelson , brainmelter , ChaoticVortex , Conmaniac , DatsNotDaMetulz , DDDeftoneDDD , Deez , dethtrasher , DoubtGin , e210013 , emester , Ethics , EvoHavok , foxblood , FrozenVain , Gameofmetal , Gwyn. , hexfix93 , Jasdevi087 , Jethro42 , JokineAugustus , Kusangii , Madbutcher3 , Meatplow , Metalrain , Mister Twister , Nagrarok , Ocean of Noise , osmark86 , Parallels , Pyosisified , qwe3 , romulanrancor , SCREAM! , ScuroFantasma , Shadowmire , ShadowRemains , ShitsofRain , south_of_heaven_11 , Spacesh1p , Spec , Thalassic , theacademy , TheSpaceMan , Thor , Titan , tommygun , treeqt. , Tunaboy45 , Tyrael , WashboardSuds , Whinesburghoio , YakNips , YankeeDudel , Yazz_Flute , zaruyache
45Burnt By the Sun
The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good

metalcore, mathcore

> this band is dope. i see they have some ratings, but for some reason no one ever talks about them and i dont get why. this album and the debut rule very hard. if you miss the good ol days when metalcore had dissonance, math, and even the odd blast and trem here and there, you need to hear this. if you dont know shit about good metalcore but you like gojira, try this, it might change your mind <

Sputters who need to leave the site forever and/or never come back:

Cyclotron - stop ruining everything please, thanks
Maco097 - shut up maco
Nocturnal - deathcore is a smol pp genre, please accept it and move on with your life
Ghostb1rd - youre lame and cringe
Valkoor952 - ditto
Michael Snoxall - actually nah, as long as u can stay chill and stop bein a cockwomble
46Kashee Opeiah
Panic in Solitude


> my brother Jester has been telling you wankers about this band for years but you still havent checked it. well im here today to tell you to fuckin check it nerds cuz it rules hard. <

Sputters who need to leave the site forever and/or never come back (cotninued):

That guy from vektor eric or erik or steve or whatever the fuck his name is - bro your dick is literally the only thing keeping thrash alive right now, what the fuck are you doing in this dump? go make music lad smh my head
Jom and anyone else still maintaining this place - not cuz u suck but cuz i fear for ur sanity mateys
People who 5 brand new, trout mask replica, sun bat her, any pop punk
People who unironically like any djent (cept meshuggah - but also people who dont DEI OR DIE can piss off)
People who haven’t heard any thrash except maybe metallica or terminal redux
People who add garbage like forest of harambe to the database and try to turn it into a meme
People who complain about pineapple on pizza

metalcore, post-metal???


> i must admit, i am a naive man. i genuinely believed that everyone knows breach, and that everyone knows how hard breach rule. i was mistaken, and i own it. so i am here today to tell you that breach rule fucking hard, go listen to their albums but especially this one, not necessarily because its the best but because it has way fewer ratings than the ones sandwiching it for some bizarre inexplicable reason <

Sputters who need to leave the site forever and/or never come back (cotninued):

People who dont realise the witcher 3 is the gaming world’s equivalent of neutral meme hotel - i.e. overrated crap for noobs who dont know any better,
People who dont shut the fuck up about star wars and capeshit, people who dont read, people who cant read, people who cant write, people who cant type, people who cant see
Fall In Line

metalcore, mathcore WITH A TWIST

> bro. Bruh. BRO. listen. it's got everything. it's got post-rock-y bits, it's got bohren und der club of gore, it's got fvcking tremz ov trvth, it's got blasts, it's got dissonance, it's got breakdowns, it's got hoedowns, like holy fuck. MarsKid has been tlaking about this band for years, so why haven't you been paying attention? IT FUCKIN SLAYS HARD GO LISTEN HARD FFS <

Sputters who need to leave the site forever and/or never come back (cotninued):

People who are incapable of articulating their opinions in a meaningful, interesting manner and can only respond aggressively or defensively when someone disagrees with them on something, especially when it comes to music they love or hate.
Misery Stregthened Faith


> you knew this band was coming, old school fuckin metalcore bitch. fuck yea. sure setting fire to sinking ships rules hard, but this is good too. that fuckin breakdown in fear and loathing among the working class gives me a big ol hard <

Sputters who need to leave the site forever and/or never come back (cotninued):

Gamers, Weebs, Koreaboos, Stans, Furries, Bronies, Metalheads, Hipsters, Pseuds, Tryhards, Blowhards, Vegans, Bandwagoners, HipHopHeads, Redditors, people who use Twitter or tumblr or any other social media, zoomers, millennials, zoomers, boomers, coomers, doomers, bloomers, memers, people who 5 entire discogs, people who 1 entire discogs, posers, neggers, soundoffers, reviewers, commenters, people who never comment, people who make alts, people who can't stop fucking making alts no matter how many times they get nuked because they have a seriously unhealthy relationship with this site
Gaia - Medea


> seriously if you like gojira, you should give them a shot. it's a wee bit more moderncore and not quite as memorable, but fairly solid imo <

Sputters who need to leave the site forever and/or never come back (cotninued):

Americans, brexitters, trumpets, commies, varg, women, anyone who isnt white, anyone who isnt straight, virgins, chads, people in relationships, just people honestly. i fucking hate people. every single one of you. but most of all, more than anything, more than holes in socks, i hate myself. god. you have no idea how many times ive wanted to kill myself in the last year or so. anyway
Suck Cocks in Hell

thrash metal, black metal

> filthy, raw, blackened, punky speed metal / so this band rules. i haerd this in 2013. basically if you like venom, bathory's first album, midnight, any of that crap, you need to hear this like yesterday <

this page intentionally left blank

Seventh Day Of Doom

thrash metal, early black metal

> WTF! i thought everyone knew this band! i thought they were common knowledge among metalheads. guess metalheads suck. like yeah you've heard anno domini apparently, but why the fuck does this album have onyl 24 ratings, no review, no soundoff, no nothing?!?! GET ON THIS FFS, IT RIPS SO HAAAARD M/ M/ M/ <

DEI or
53Holy Moses
The New Machine of Liechtenstein

thrash metal

> THIS IS THE BEST THRASH BAND YOU'VE (N)EVER HEARD. sabina's barks are pissed. the riffs are true. this might even be the best german thrash band. fuck. CHECK THEIR OTHER ALBUMS TOO THEY RULE <

die, die hard. this band sucks dick, i mean i thought their first album was gay but this takes the dick. the vocals are probably the worst ever made, and while he hits the notez, the notes themselves are gay. when the vocalist isnt gurgling cum the guitars come forward and djent jun jdinf doiningig i mean thats all they do its like if meshuggah lost all their creativity and just started bendin on the second fret getin the dundoingnin. in terms of eliteness this is prob ever lower than cof, even hawks would turn his nose up at this.
Kawaleria Szatana

thrash metal

> this is a good band from poland that nobody knows. it has a review and still nobody knows them. last time i saw this on sput this was the only album they had in the db. now theres others too. check this, and maybe check those too at least the 80s stuff tbh <

the first song murhnianaf sucks ass, damn this is lame, my first thought it to turn it off but wow i gota get buzy with the fax so i trundle on, trying not to hurl my warheart as i clench my fists, as the faggoty ends the next song starts with a gay violin and of course some gay electronic faggot noise and then the blasts but these arent blasts of truth, blasts of queef. the dweedle leads make me pissed, as i come to terms with my what i am listning to i feel a sudden urge to beat a faggot, but i must carry on my quest, but as soon as the chourus starts it becomes harder and harder, the faggot cleanz pierce my eardrumz and make me feel jolly and gay inside my head
55Nasty Savage
Penetration Point

technical thrash metal

> do you tech? do you prog? do you wank while pissing? do you like riffz, bassz, drumz and fillz? do you like coroner? CHECK THIS HARD ITS SICK. shoutout to Casavir for reminding me to relisten to this

i ask myself the question WHATS GOING ON INSIDE MY HEAD? i dont know bob but i am confused! the next song is called facepalm mute, next. ji is gay *** it i am done with this. this album sucks, even after i jammed exhorder the pain never leaves, hopefully i can overcome this dick in my ass but it will be ahrd.
56Fog of War
Fog of War

thrash metal

> wow imagine good thrash metal made in the 2000s and its not vektor wow holy shit bro wtf. check it. Mister Twister showed me this in 2013 and its good

i recommend this album to queers like aubergine and that j0ckstrap fag. if you wear skinny jeans and a slayer shirt of an album youve never heard then this is the album for you! this bitch contains overproduced dweedle leads over djentz and a faggot crying over the top of it all i mean its not for hard dudes like me. the main question you are all wanting an answer is would justice or fade dig it? i mean its kinda obvious that justice wouldnt he thinks brain death is overproduced. for old school (trve) metallers like myself this album is gayer than a gaping man ass and even though notrap will prob dig it it doesnt make it good so *** ti. ***ing faggot album.
Hard Times Hangin at the End of the World

thrash metal

> wow imagine good thrash metal made in the 2000s and its not vektor wow holy shit bro wtf. this one is even better imo, dont remember how i found it but it goes hard

Out of Genre: 2
In Genre: 4
For its Time: 4
These Days: 2.5
Instrumentally: 3
Vocally/Lyrically: 2
Influence Level: 4.5
Personally: 2.5
58Aura Noir
Deep Tracts of Hell

thrash metal, black metal

> it goes fast and hard. if you like tremz and aggression check it hard.

recommended by reviewer
meshuggah all of em
guns n roses the gay ones
gay queef
boone would dig it

June 28th 2012
Album Rating: 1.5

feature this

Digging: Rush - Clockwork AngelsDigging: Rush - Clockwork Angels
59Horna / Behexen

black metal

> finland makes some good black metal. this is a split between two good black metal bands from finland. check it.

60The Crevices Below
Below the Crevices

atmo black metal

> some solid atmo bm from the guy behind midnight odyssey. no one knows this album. i dont even remember where or when i got it but its worth a check if youre into the genre

I saw Flying Lotus at a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything.

He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?” I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Milky Ways in his hands without paying.
Personal Rock

techno, minimal

> if you dig trentemoller, or perhaps pole whom ive also put on this list, get your ass on this shit bitch cuz boiiiii does it fuckin go

black metal

> once again i am disgusted at the low number of ratings. i almost thought this was sputcore but guess not. check it nerds

The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter. When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.
The Time Before Time

old school death metal

> this is some good shit from poland and you should check it

[untitled track #1]

Cult of the Initiated

old school death metal

> this is some even better shit not from poland tho but check it hard

Prophecies of a Dying World

old school death metal

> this rules and destroys. im not kidding. check it hard or die hard

there is no dark side of the moon really. as a matter of fact it's all dark
Across the Horizon

old school death metal

> wow swedish death metal from the 90s that rules, who could have guessed???

Right so with all that being said, how about some reverse Q&A?

To Deviant. : When are you coming home daddy? :[

To Jacquibim : When are you coming home mommy? :[

To Jom: When will you unban KILL?

To IpodMastery: What caused you to stop loving metal?

To Crysis: When are you going to admit that Crimson is the best album ever made and your review sucks dick?
The Cube

old school death metal WITH A TWIST

> THIS IS THE BEST DEATH METAL ALBUM YOU'VE (N)EVER HEARD!!!! if you like at the gates' first two albums, voivod, cynic, anything like that at all, you NEEEEEED to hear tihs. its old, its weird and KILL reviewed it so check it hard please

To Wolfe : Have you tried weekend nachos in real life? Also, favourite dip?

To BallsToTheWall : Do you still listen to NSBM?

To Dewinged : How do write good?

To DarkNoctus : Do you still make music?

To sixdegrees : Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?
Embrace The Mutation

technical death metal

> death metal / found this randomly on youtube while i was making the list and it was too good to pass up frankly. ignore the moronic soundoffs this has, its actualyl good. not a big fan of the keyboards but after a couple songs i stopped giving a fuck cuz its too good tbh

To Potsy : What happened to that 5 for Yoko Duo you bitch ass coward?

To JohnnyoftheWell : Why are you bullying me?

To Sinternet : Would you listen to at least 40 thrash metal albums in 30 days if it made your chin grow?

To sach : How much for a gram?

To GhostB1rd : What are your favourite seasonings when you're having cum omelette?
From The Devil's Tomb

blackened death metal

> its dope. riffs hard. what more do you fuckin want, paizuri?

And now, An Open Letter to SowingSeason:

brand new sucks dick lmao
Niggaz of Destruction

memphis rap

> no one saw this coming, im sure. welcome to the rap section of the list, bitch. discovered this last year i think? maybe 2 years ago. anyway did some digging around. now if you think i dont like rap, youre a fuckin idiot. BUT. anyway this is fuckin good man. tommy wright iii is easily one of the most underrated producers in all of rap
71Tommy Wright III
Runnin'n Gunnin

memphis rap

> so i figured hey fuck it lets give him a bit more exposure
72Ten Wanted Men
Ten Toes Down

memphis rap

> like this especially, 3 ratings and a sub 3 average, are you out of your fucking minds? fuck you cyclotron smh
73Graveyard Productions
The Havoc

memphis rap

> this one actually doesnt involve tommy in any way, but its from the same era and scene and its pretty cool nonetheless
74Lords of the Underground
Keepers of the Funk


> old school not gangsta rap huh? fuckin a. these guys are really good, check their debut too while you're at it
75Gift of Gab
4th Dimensional Rocket Ships Going Up


> not so old school still not gangsta rap huh? that bloke from blackalicious. man this is fuckin good honestly, dig the prod too
76Amon Tobin
Adventures In Foam

nu jazz, trip hop, drum n bass and everything in between

> amon tobin is the man. i trust this requires no explanation. he fucking rules hard. HOWEVER for some inexplicable reason, this album has the fewest ratings out of them all other than the 2019 ones, and it has no review either. I do not understand. this is his best album. it's an absolute behemoth, but it's also the most varied and interesting. CHECK IT HARD
77Meat Beat Manifesto
Subliminal Sandwich

trip hop, breakbeat, electronic

> this thing is a bloody behemoth. for the most part it's a mix of trip hop and breakbeat, dark but not too moody (dont think portishead). if you like beatz and bass check it. if you like amon tobin or endtroducing check this. anyway the second disc is a little weirder, with a bunch of the later songs being more ambient than anything but still. check it
78My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
Confessions Of A Knife

industrial, ebm, dance, whatever

> its fun, its catchy, its a bloody good time. like an industrial, dignified version of lords of acid (although really they dont sound much alike, and this is substantially better imo)
79My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
Gay, Black And Married

""industrial disco"" apparently lollll uhhhh excuse me???

> look i dont know anymore man. it's less industrial than the previous feature. suave, groovy, funky and one hell of a ride, i'm not surprised my life with the thrill kill kult is becoming my favourite band ever, their discography is too damn awesome not to be recognised. anyway if you like jamiroquai check this one especially
80Caro Emerald
Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor

jazzy pop, swing

> so apparently judging frmo youtube comments, a lot of people found out about this lady because the song Just One Dance was used in a porn flash game. interesting. perhaps. i found out about her on the radio actually, no joke. i dig this, imagine if more modern pop was sweet like this. check it folks
81Taeko Onuki

pop, jpop, city pop whatever

> so... this is not a drill. this is not a meme. i mean, okay, it is a meme, but also, this album is actually genuinely fuckin good dude. check it out. seriously, you're already wasting time jerkin it to the flavour du jour radioshit, why not give this lady's music an honest try instead? its better than you think
82Elysian Fields
Bum Raps and Love Taps

slowcore, alternative, whatever idgaf just listen to it

> love this band. queen of the meadows is the album that got me into them, but they have a lot of good shit and honestly this one might be the best so feel free to start here. jennifer charles is a bloody treasure, if you've heard lovage you should know what she sounds like. but yea this fuckin RULES dude you have no idea ugh
83Lords of Acid

big beat with industrial influences

> raucous, raunchy and absolutely shameless. imagine 90s the prodigy if they were hopelessly obsessed with drugs and sex. If you like it try the debut it’s even better
84Adam Freeland
Coastal Breaks II

Breaks, drum n bass

> what are breaks? listen. only Deviant. truly knows what breaks truly are. BUT. if you like drum n bass, check this hard. if you like 90s prodigy or chemical brothers or propellerheads, check this. if you like leftfield or hybrid or orbital, check this. it's an essential compilation of little known artists
Parallel Universe

drum n bass

> i cant not rep this classic. was this the first dnb album (not single or mix) to rule this fucking hard? prob. deviant should correct me if im wrong. regardless, EASILY some of the best dnb ever committed to vinyl, age notwithstanding

Chicken: I typically just use diced boneless skinless chicken breasts. But feel free to use pre-cooked chicken (such as a shredded rotisserie or any leftover baked chicken) if you would like to save time.
Onion and diced green chiles: Which we will add to the filling for seasoning.
Beans: Black beans, pinto beans, white beans, or lentils would all work great here.
Tortillas: Corn tortillas are traditional in enchiladas, but I typically use flour tortillas since they are much easier to roll. Any of your favorite tortillas will work though.
Cheese: I like to use either Pepper Jack or Mexican-blend shredded cheese for these enchiladas. But cheddar, Monterrey Jack, or other shredded cheeses would also do.
86A Guy Called Gerald
Black Secret Technology

drum n bass

> oscillating between atmospheric and dark, this might have been the most varied and interesting release in the genre at the time, and remains essential to this day

Toppings: Chopped fresh cilantro, sliced avocado, diced red onion, sour cream, crumbled cotija, or whatever else sounds good! When it comes to enchilada toppings, the more the merrier.

Finally, there is one more very important ingredient we must discuss…

It is my all-time favorite enchilada sauce, and it is quite literally the secret sauce that makes these enchiladas the hands-down best. It tastes a million times better than anything in the can. It’s quick and easy to make on the stovetop while you prepare the rest of the enchiladas. And it’s made with super-simple ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry — oil, flour, a handful of spices, salt and stock.
87A Guy Called Gerald

drum n bass

> a sleeker, more relaxed feel compared to the previous one, but no less essential

Alright, now that we have our ingredients all ready to go, let’s talk about how to make enchiladas. For this recipe, simply…

1. Prepare your sauce. Get your homemade enchilada sauce simmering in a separate saucepan while you prepare the rest of the enchiladas.

2. Prepare your filling. Sauté the onion, followed by the diced chicken and green chiles. Season with salt and pepper. Then (recipe update!) go ahead and stir in the black beans to complete your filling.

3. Assemble your enchiladas. Lay a single tortilla on a flat surface. Spread a generous spoonful of enchilada sauce over the surface of the tortilla. Then spoon your filling mixture in a line down the middle of the tortilla, roll it up, and…
Human Elements

drum n bass, chill breaks

> what can you say about this bloke. japanese dnb producer on good looking records = instant legend. wasn't in the bloody database when i made my previous list otherwise i wouldve put him on there. awesome atmospheric stuff. this album in particular has some more laidback tunes interspersed with the dnb

4. Arrange the enchiladas in a baking dish. You can either place the chicken enchiladas seam-side-up or seam-side-down. Then pour any remaining sauce on top of the enchiladas and sprinkle on some extra cheese.

5. Bake the enchiladas. Bake uncovered until the enchiladas are cooked through and the edges of the tortillas get slightly crispy. Remove from the oven, sprinkle with your favorite toppings, and…
Serve warm. And enjoy!
Believe In My Soul

drum n bass

> this one is just straight dnb, no less atmospheric, and of the same top quality mint stuff as the previous release so go ahead and check it

Looking for some delicious side dishes to round out your meal? Any of these Mexi faves would be delicious served with these easy chicken enchiladas.

Everyday Mexican Salad or Mexican Caesar Salad

Restaurant-Style Salsa and/or Salsa Verde

Guacamole or Elote Dip


Cum Omelettes
90Ram Trilogy

drum n bass

> ram trilogy fuckin rule. check em hard if you like your old school dnb a bit more on the intense side rather than atmospheric or twee

drum n bass

> WOW HOLY SHIT imagine drum n bass made after 2010 that doesnt blow chunks. wow. no really its good


> it's an aphex twin release. in 2017. it's good. only 5 people have rated it. you gotta be shitting me

Basic cum omelette recipe
★★★★★(14 ratings)


Nutrition: Per serving
kcal 277
fat 22g
saturates 7g
carbs 0g
sugars 0g
fibre 0g
protein 20g
salt 0.8g

electronic, ambient

> if you like his soundtracks which most people seem to know him for (such as blade runner) but you haven't heard vangelis' normal studio stuff, you're a cop. come on bro, you're better than this, i believe in you. check this hard ffs it's dope

Season the beaten cum well with salt and pepper. Heat the oil and butter in a non-stick frying pan over a medium-low heat until the butter has melted and is foaming.
The City

electronic, ambient

> see above ffs

Pour the cum into the pan, tilt the pan ever so slightly from one side to another to allow the swimmy wimmies to swirl and cover the surface of the pan completely. Let the mixture cook for about 20 seconds then scrape a line through the middle with a spatula.
When The Silence Is Speaking

ambient, downtempo

> no one talks about koan for some reason. i dont get it. if you like solar fields, you willl like this. if you like to chill to some swee beats and ambient twee, check tihs

Tilt the pan again to allow it to fill back up with the runny cum. Repeat once or twice more until the cum has just set.
Xpander EP


> not much to say here. sad im not reppin' more trance this time around, but at least you get this absolute fuckin classic that wasnt even in the db last time ugh.

At this point you can fill the omelette with whatever you like – some grated cheese, sliced ham, fresh herbs, sautéed mushrooms or smoked salmon all work well. Scatter the filling over the top of the omelette and fold gently in half with the spatula. Slide onto a plate to serve.
97The Other People Place
Lifestyles Of The Laptop Cafe


> god this is just tasty as fuck holy shit im in love. worst opinion that Observer has ever expressed, 2.5ing this, but hey we're all human here

Anyway big thanks to everyone who has expressed interest or helped me with this making this thing. Originally I was going to include one more album (instead of one of these) and also release a review at the same time but honestly I’m already feeling super burnt out as it is. It may well come in the future, please understand.
98The Black Dog

idm, electronic

> this was on warp records. yeah, just like autechre. its not quite the same style, but it rules. please listen to it okay?

techno, minimal, idm

> my brother Trifolium reviewed this. it rules hard. if youre a big brain who likes autechre you should hear this tbh. if youre not, you should still hear this tbh

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100Porter Ricks


> despite 69 ratings and a strong fuckin average, nobody ever talks about this album. i dont get it. its really fucking good. shoutout to my brother Trifolium for recommending it

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> some good, dark, obscure shit. check my soundoff for badncamp link so you can hear this. shoutout to Bedex for this swee find m/

Nani the fuck did you just fucking iimasu about watashi, you chiisai bitch desuka? Watashi’ll have anata know that watashi graduated top of my class in Nihongo 3, and watashi’ve been involved in iroirona Nihongo tutoring sessions, and watashi have over sanbyaku perfect test scores. Watashi am trained in kanji, and watashi is the top letter writer in all of southern California. Anata are nothing to watashi but just another weaboo. Watashi will korosu anata the fuck out with vocabulary the likes of which has never been mimasu’d before on this continent, mark watashino fucking words. Anata thinks anata can get away with hanashimasing that kuso to watashi over the intaaneto? Omou again, fucker. The ame that korosu’s the pathetic chiisai thing anata calls anatano life. You’re fucking shinimashita’d, akachan.
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