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I Want A Music List Too!

WARNING!: Unpopular opinions may be inside, enter at your own risk.
Engineering the Dead

One of the few brutal death albums I know of where the introductery movie samples actually ADD to the album. Easily the band's best effort
2Carcass Grinder / Agathocles

A good taste of both band's grinding superiority
3Fear of God (CHE)
Pneumatic Slaughter

Noisecore that leaves behind a nasty mark
King of the Distant Forest

Essential viking metal, the band's best, with In the Sign of the Raven following close behind.
5The County Medical Examiners
Olidous Operettas

Modern day goregrind that kicks major ass. A rare sight beyond 1998
6Aether Realm
One Chosen by the Gods

2013 vikings live
O Agios Pethane

good deathgrind. again, a rare sight
8Ulcerous Phlegm
Ulcerous Phlegm

deathgrind EP that packs a punch
Albino Slug

Some of the man's best riffs are right here. A cross between his masterful shredding, and calming ballads
Sailing the Seas of Cheese

funny, entertaining, "quirky", and catchy as fuck
11Cacofonia / Putrid Scum
Courage for Peace

Another grind split, and for those who are discouraged by the name "grind", please know that most stuff I post related to grind are usually compatible for anyone in the death metal or hardcore group
12Death Vomit (RUS)
Death Vomit

deep deep deep DEEPLY downtuned brutal death
13Catacomb (FRA)
In the Maze of Kadath

demo of death
Forever to Be Vanished There In

swedish death metal from a sadly discontinued band, woulda looooooved to hear more
15Disharmonic Orchestra
Not to be Undimensional Conscious

it's like death metal but theres grind in it too!
Death Shall Rise

wayyyyy better than to the gory end and probably the only real hoorah the band has
17Agnostic Front
Victim in Pain

classic old school hardcore sound
18Faith No More
Angel Dust

mike patton and Roddy bottum nuff said

BM demo for the books
20 Ereshkigal
Shadow's Land

21Gama Bomb
Half Cut

band's EP is way better than most of their LP's
22General Surgery

goregrind that makes ya shiver
Swarming of the Maggots

heavyyyyyyyyyyyy deathgrind
Reign of Lunacy

death metal that i dont even remember finding hmmm
Between Two Worlds

bm that requires your attention
Uit Oude Grond

folk metal that doesnt dissapoint
27Lunar Aurora

ambient bm that's even better than negura bunget
28Hideous Mangleus
We Live... You Sleep

I think this one may actually be available for free on their site (grindcore)
Face Up To It!

take your hardcore like a man
On the Seventh Day God Created.... Master

dm that's on par with the band's s/t, but without the duuuuuumb pledge of allegiance intro
Chaopula - Citadel of Mirrors

don't worry i dont know either
32Paradise Lost
Shades of God

the band's first hoorah (doom)
33The Sword

spacey prog power metal? idk but sweet guitar nonetheless
Osaka Mon Amour

probably the best representation of the band, even more so that dont be swindle let alone their later to modern work.

iron maiden-core that (unlike privilege of power) doesn't contain 2 minute samples at the beginning of each track
Not of This World

Neo-prog that's kinda out of place on this list, but the instrumentation (mainly the synths, and atmospheric touches) rule face. Too bad the vocalist is a little eeehhhmmm
Lust for Power

hardcore EP that's over almost as quickly as it begins
38Nuclear Death
Carrion for Worm

much heavier than their popular bride of insect
Pitch Black Brigade

the remnants of the great windir, unfortunately nowhere near as good, but still worth your time

extremely good dm from 2013 that features goregrind-esque vocals that are not only superb in their own right, but actually go well with the album's sound.
41 324
Demo '97

this one kinda creeps up on yo left, but tokyo can grind well enough
42 Nailbomb
Point Black

heavy industrial powerhouse formed by....the guy from sepultura. pretty bland guitar work, but it's pissed
Drop Dead

hardcore that starts off well, but uhhhh something happens towards the end idk but anyway get this
44 Wace Jesus
Sex Drugs & Death Metal

im scared too
Tanz, Grosny, Tanz...

a strange grind album that up front seems bland, yet gives off a sound that grabs your attention
467 Horns 7 Eyes
Throes of Absolution

dm with kickass guitar work
Effortless Regurgitation of Bright Red Blood

ok so im morbidly addicted to goregrind but i mean come on just listen to this (if you can find it)
48Holy Grail
Ride the Void

Can we get a shoutout for the iron maiden/judas priest reincarnate?
The Age of Dumb

probably the band's only worthwhile attempt at grind but hey that's what you get for looking at grind that was made past 2000
The Sham Mirrors

classic symphonic bm, boy oh boy those keyboards lemme tell you
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