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Top 10 Metallica Songs

While askingalexandriasuck prepares his formal apology letter for his last list, I'm going to make a better Top Metallica list. Thrash hard
1 Metallica
Disposable Heroes

In my opinion, this is the band's biggest masterpiece in terms of songwriting.
You've got a great 6/8-time part to kick things off, intense war lyrics, the most
progressive songwriting to be featured on Master of Puppets, etc. The tempo
changes are quite frequent, almost as if depicting the jarring feeling of warfare
itself. The solo is pretty great too, and never feels like it overstayed its welcome.
All in all, this is my personal favorite.
2 Metallica
The Frayed Ends of Sanity

What an underrated metal song. Whenever ...And Justice For All is mentioned, most
people reference songs like "One," "Blackened," etc. but they never talk about this
one. Beginning with a metal variation on the Soldiers' March from The Wizard of
Oz, the tune transforms into one of the most dissonant and varied of the band's
career. The solo/bridge section constantly switches drum patterns, and most of the
song does variations on its E-diminished riff. This is easily one of my favorites from
a songwriting standpoint and remains quite underrated.
3 Metallica

It might seem cliche to put this so high on the list, but what can I say? I absolutely
love this song. The ballad half still gives me goosebumps, particularly at the end of
the chorus when James sings, "Oh please God wake me!" The speed metal section
is a great climax to offset the softer first half of the song, featuring lots of
harmonized guitar lines and soloing from Kirk. Awesome song.
4 Metallica
Fight Fire with Fire

An amazing opener to a fantastic album. Beginning with a beautiful acoustic guitar
segment, the song quickly erupts into one of the band's fastest thrashers. Being
somewhat of a precursor to "Battery," this song is most a straightforward assault;
lyrically, the song is a cautionary tale of Armageddon, following the musical
intensity perfectly. Lars' double bass is just relentless throughout, and James sings
with such a ferocity that it's hard not to admire his passion on this song. Good stuff.
5 Metallica
Phantom Lord

This is a bit of a sleeper pick. I've always considered this to be more of an
overlooked Metallica gem. Similar to most of the other Kill 'Em All tracks, this song
sets a high pace after the ominous intro sets the tone. However, the chorus keeps
the dark atmosphere going full-force with a brooding riff behind it. Plus, the clean
guitar section in the middle of the bridge is a great time to take in that same
atmosphere as well. Kirk's solos are just rabid and the band maintain their speed
and energy all the way to the end. Definitely one to check out.
Through the Never

In terms of post-thrash Metallica, this is definitely my favorite track. An infectious
riff leads to a slow groove, and you can hear more refined vocals from James
during the verses. The chorus repeats the main motif as the most climactic moment
in the music occurs. The solo, riff, and overall song are probably the closest the
band got to their old thrash days on the Black Album. The two other songs that
display some of this as well are "Holier Than Thou" and "The Struggle Within."
7 Metallica
Damage Inc.

This song is just fucking crazy. After an extended wah-drenched Kirk segment, the
band dive into pure thrash insanity. The double bass drumming runs rampant,
James sounds pissed off on the mic, the guitars and bass are smashing through the
speakers like a tornado, and the band rarely let up. This song just makes you want
to kill somebody, and it's fun as hell to listen to when you're really angry about
8 Metallica
Fade to Black

My other favorite ballad by them. No Metallica list of mine would ever go without
this song; there's just no way I'd leave it out. Kirk's solo at the beginning is my
favorite solo in the band's discography, and the ballad that follows is extraordinary.
The lyrics are extremely touching for a thrash band and depict the tragedy of
suicide in a very realistic manner. This is one of the first instances of acoustic
guitar work in Metallica's music, and they utilize it exceptionally well. The galloping
thrash riff that follows it also great and James' more aggressive singing at this
section leads to the climactic suicide that actually ends up happening in the lyrics.
The harmonized guitar work at the end feels like the aftermath to those lyrics and
the song fades out during the solo. Great song.
9 Metallica
Seek and Destroy

Metallica's first huge anthem, this song still has so many crowds chanting the
chorus today. While the song is mostly mid-tempo, the speed metal part in the
bridge is a great way to pick up the pace. The song modulates from E to A multiple
times depending on the section, and it's great how well those changes flow within
the track. It just shows how great the band's compositions were back then, even all
the way back to their first record.
10 Metallica
That Was Just Your Life

This is sort of the oddity on the list, but I do believe it deserves a mention. In my
opinion, this song is easily the best of Metallica's later years, revisiting their thrash
roots and adding a coat of modern paint to it. The beginning riff is ominous, similar
to Phantom Lord's atmosphere. When it evolves into the main riff/motif, you're in
for quite a ride. Tempo changes are frequent, James' vocal power is back, and the
musicianship is such an upgrade after albums like St. Anger and the Load/Reload
cycle. I just wish the rest of the Death Magnetic album was as good... it's very
solid, but it doesn't quite reach the heights of their old stuff.
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