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GoM's Q1 2016

generic quarter 1 list, hit 2000 ratings woot
Into The Wild

I used to really love this band, but they tossed all their potential out the window here. Virtually every second of this is spent on trend hopping within the confines of contemporary metalcore/post hardcore. It gets painfully abysmal once they start aping Issues and Attila.
2Tonight Alive

Sure, they were never a particularly impressive pop punk band but they were catchy if nothing else. Here, they tackle full on pop meets alt rock minus the catchiness. "Drive" is fun I guess, but only in a sugary guilty pleasure kind of way.

Random bandcamp find. Extremely generic death metal with flat production and abysmal clean singing. Couple of catchy riffs here and there but that's about it.
Destroying Chapels

Entry in the recent black metal tourney. Solid black/death with an alright bathory cover at the end.
5Shadow Of Intent

Halo themed modern tech death I think. Ok stuff, not too impressive though.

It's better than Super Collider, I'll give it that. I just don't buy into bands trying to get back to their roots after stylistic breaks, it feels more like faux thrash than anything authentic but it's not bad. Dave's vocals kinda grate, but the new lead guitarist is good.
7Bury Tomorrow

This band has always been kinda stale in their stubborn persistence of playing early 2000s styled melodic metalcore, but a strong vocal performance and general energy kept them afloat. This is no different, and at least the album doesn't come close to an hour long runtime.
8Fleshgod Apocalypse

I never hated these guys like some did, but this one pushed me to my limits. The mix is maybe marginally better, but it's so over the top that it's exhausting to get through.
Honour, Blood, Spirit and Love

Another random bandcamp find, but a much more enjoyable one this time. Well done epic/pagan black metal, if a bit generic. When I originally found it there were only two tracks up, but the band eventually uploaded the rest until it became a pretty lengthy lp.
Eradication of Nescience

Black metal, remember it being good but not making much impression elsewise.
Running Out Of Skin

I appreciate the improv concept in place here, it just doesn't come across as compelling as the band wanted it to on record. The Death cover to close out the ep is really cool though.
12Venereal Baptism
Progenitor of all Abberations

Black metal tourney entry. This one was memorable for the tongue in cheek song titles and lyrics, with solid music to match.
13KGB Nights
Kill Me With Your Beautiful Noise

This was a Snox and Bandnewbac collab that I thought was pretty interesting. Like a lot of noise and drone influences and there was a track here that straight up sounded like a noise/doom hybrid.

The comeback project of Abbath after his departure from Immortal. Impressed me more than I expected. It's not mindblowing and the production isn't to my liking precisely, but it's an album chock full of what Abbath does well.

First experience with Future, thought it was a pretty good album and the length is preferable to that of his previous record.
Pahuuden merkki

Dark ambient find from Archelirion. Really cool stuff.
17The Wakedead Gathering
Fuscus: Strings of the Black Lyre

Well executed OSDM, but I swear there were some production discrepancies between earlier tracks.
18Rotting Christ

It's kind of a pedestrian take on ritualized black metal, but pretty fun all the same. Production is a little too modern but doesn't hurt the experience too much.
19Hands Like Houses

They traded a keyboard player, and a lot of creativity off after Unimagine and it shows here. All the same, Dissonants is a catchy and concise alt rock record even if it's lacking more than a few things.
20Ritual Chamber
Obscurations (To Feast On The Seraphim)

Murky OSDM
21Anup Sastry

I don't really djent anymore, but every once in a while I need a quick fix of some polyrhythmic junz and Sastry usually hits the spot.

Somewhere in the middle of occult rock and stoner doom and maybe some sludge. The opening track is a bit monotonous but the remaining three are all interesting slabs of occult metal.
23Lost Salt Blood Purges / Volcanic Queen
Movements Viewed Through a Variety of Lenses

Graveyard and Snox split.
24Lost Salt Blood Purges
Only the Youngest Grave

The double album thing was a little bit of a hurdle, but Snox came up with a really substantial follow up to Voids. I think I still like Voids better, but only by a tad.

I enjoyed the more gorguts styled death metal of Ygg Huur, but it's good to hear Krallice back to the YPM sound.
26Single Soul
cold drone blues expanded

Yaknips' album. I thought that the growls and blasting on "New Wave Girl" (I think that was it) was cheesy and misplaced as all hell but the rest was great.

Funeral doom tends to hit the spot with me these days and Lycus are captivating by any standard.
Allir vegir til glötunar

Doesn't really match up next to certain region mates like Svartidaudi or Misthyrming, but this is a really sweet bit of Icelandic black metal.
29Entropia (PL)

A sludgier and wholly alien followup to Vesper, but almost as captivating.
30Tarot (AUS)

Psychedelic rock.
Le Dernier Crépuscule

Some seriously heavy hitting Demilich style death metal.

Andy Marshall follows up Aura with a new project more or less meant to ape his influences (Burzum, paysage, Vemod chiefly) but it turns out to have quite a bit of his own signature flavor to it surprisingly.

Unless the band in question is named Fallujah, I don't really flip for tech death anymore but this was surprisingly ripping. Probably Obscura's best record to date.

Production is a little iffy, but the dissonant DSO style black metal is much improved over the debut.
Distance | Collapsed

I believe this is from some legends behind dISEMBOWLMENT and it fucking shows. Absolutely crushing.
36Kendrick Lamar
untitled unmastered.

Way better than TPAB ;)
37Killswitch Engage

It's not a departure or anything, but the vaguely more European melodeath approach here takes me back to the As Daylight Dies days and that really toots my horn.
38Panopticon / Waldgefluster
Panopticon & Waldgeflüster

Sick split between Panopticon (the legend) and a band I hadn't really listened to before. Two folky black metal tracks and two just folky tracks, all awesome.
Slow Forever

I'm still not totally sure what to think of this, but I'm pretty sure I like it a lot.
40Amon Amarth

I just felt like the more mid tempo melodic approach and cinematic narrative theme really invigorated these viking legends even though it's not a radical change for them.
41Howls of Ebb
Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows

Sits snuggly between Vigils and The Marrow Veil in quality. The definitive go-to when you want some hellish mind twisting and just strange death metal.
42Yndi Halda
Under Summer

Post Rock. It feels like it's been a while since I had some really good affecting post rock and this hit the spot so goddamn hard. Helena is heavenly.
43Hyperion (SWE)
Seraphical Euphony

I don't always bite with symphonic black metal but this strikes the same chord early Emperor and Dissection did, just in 2016.
44Kanye West
The Life of Pablo

Tbh, this is still one of my more listened to albums from this year. The only Kanye record that ever really came close to MBDTF for me. Sure Kanye is crazy as absolute hell, but this album is so much fun.
45Destroyer 666

Destroyer 666 comes back with a black thrashing vengeance. Their best since Unchain the Wolves.
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