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Ben's playlist for hiking
1Nat King Cole
After Midnight

Song: It's Only a Paper Moon
Year: 1957
2Billie Holiday
Lady In Satin

Song: You Don't Know What Love is
Year: 1958
3Sarah Vaughan
Sarah Vaughan Sings George Gershwin

Song: I'll Build a Stairway to Heaven
Year: 1959
4Muddy Waters
Sings "Big Bill"

Song: Lonesome Road Blues
Year: 1960
5Aretha Franklin
Aretha: With The Ray Bryant Combo

Song: All Night Long
Year: 1961
6Dick Dale
Surfer's Choice

Song: Misirlou Twist
Year: 1962
7Link Wray
Jack the Ripper

Song: Rumble
Year: 1963
8The Kinks

Song: You Really Got Me
Year: 1964
9The Rolling Stones
Out of Our Heads

Song: Satisfaction
Year: 1965
10The 13th Floor Elevators
The Psychedelic Sounds Of...

Song: Roller Coaster
Year: 1966
11The Doors
The Doors

Song: The End
Year: 1967
12Blue Cheer

Song: Feathers From Your Tree

Year: 1968
13King Crimson
In the Court of the Crimson King

Song: Epitaph
Year: 1969

Song: Medusa
Year: 1970
15Flower Travellin Band

Song: Satori I
Year: 1971
16Captain Beyond
Captain Beyond

Song: I Can't Feel Nothin' Medley
Year: 1972
17Betty Davis
Betty Davis

Song: Anti Love Song
Year: 1973
18Three Man Army
ThreeMan Army Two

Song: Polecat Woman

Year: 1974

Song: Who do You Want for Your Love?
Year: 1975
U.S. Rock

Song: Pullin' Me Down
Year: 1976
Sweet Evil

Song: Drivin' Sideways

Year: 1977
22Judas Priest
Stained Class

Song: Beyond the Realms of Death
Year: 1978
23Nina Hagen

Song: Hermann Hiess Er
Year: 1979
24Angel Witch
Angel Witch

Song: Angel of Death
Year: 1980
25Mother's Finest
Iron Age

Song: Luv Drug
Year: 1981
26Witchfinder General
Death Penalty

Song: R.I.P.
Year: 1982
27Mercyful Fate

Song: Evil
Year: 1983
Apocalyptic Raids

Song: Triumph of Death
Year: 1984
29Saint Vitus
The Walking Dead

Song: The Walking Dead
Year: 1985
Epicus Doomicus Metallicus

Song: Demon's Gate
Year: 1986
31Dream Death
Journey Into Mystery

Song: Back From the Dead
Year: 1987
32Christian Death
Sex and Drugs and Jesus Christ

Song: Erection
Year: 1988
33Paul Chain
Life and Death

Song: Cemetery
Year: 1989
34Count Raven
Storm Warning

Song: True Revelation
Year: 1990
35The Obsessed
Lunar Womb

Song: Hiding Mask
Year: 1991
36Glenn Hughes
L.A. Blues Authority Volume II - Blues

Song: The Boy Can Sing the Blues
Year: 1992
37The Black (ITA)
Abbatia Scl. Clementis

Song: Voraginis
Year: 1993
38Doctor Butcher
Doctor Butcher

Song: The Altar
Year: 1994
39Blood Farmers
Blood Farmers

Song: Orgy of the Rats
Year: 1995
Dictius Te Necare

Song: Aphel - Die Schwarzw Schlange

Year: 1996
41Electric Wizard
Come My Fanatics...

Song: Doom-Mantia
Year: 1997
42Terra Firma (SWE)
Terra Firma

Song: Seperate Graves
Year: 1998
43Gitane Demone
Love for Sale

Song: I Feel Mean
Year: 1999
44The Black (ITA)

Song: Golgotha
Year: 2000
45Place of Skulls

Song: Feeling of Dread
Year: 2001
46Reverend Bizarre
In The Rectory Of The Bizarre Reverend

Song: In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend
Year: 2002
47Reverend Bizarre
Harbinger of Metal

Song: Strange Horizon
Year: 2003
Show 'Em How

Song: Last Exit Before the Dead End
Year: 2004
The Garden Of Unearthly Delights

Song: North Berwick Witch Tales
Year: 2005
50Glenn Hughes
Music for the Divine

Song: Valiant Denial
Year: 2006
51Blue Cheer
What Doesn't Kill You...

Song: Born Under a Bad Sign
Year: 2007
52Lord Vicar
Fear No Pain

Song: Funeral Pyre
Year: 2008
Punctuated Equilibrium

Song: Smilin' Road
Year: 2009
54Black Country Communion
Black Country

Song: The Great Divide
Year: 2010
55The Hounds of Hasselvander
The Ninth Hour

Song: Salem
Year: 2011
56Saint Vitus
Lillie: F-65

Song: The Bleeding Ground
Year: 2012

Song: Bird of Prey
Year: 2013
58Epitaph (ITA)
Crawling Out of the Crypt

Song: Beyond the Mirror
Year: 2014
59With the Dead
With the Dead

Song: Screams From My Own Grave
Year: 2015
Masters of Evil

Song: The Wolf Feeds at Night
Year: 2016

Song: Ain Soph
Year: 2017
62Tony Tears
Demons Crawl at Your Side

Song: The Beast Inside the Beast
Year: 2018
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