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Disgusting and bummed out tracks (1968-1973)
1The Doors
Waiting for the Sun

Five To One (1968)

"Hey, c'mon, honey
You won't have along wait for me, baby
I'll be there in just a little while
You see, I gotta go out in this car with these people and get fucked up"
2Blue Cheer
Vincebus Eruptum

Doctor Please (1968)

I got this funny feeling
Feeling inside my head
Without your good living, Doc
Well I believe that I'll be dead
Doctor don't you turn me down
And won't you hear what I say
I need your good living, Doc
And I need it right away!"
3Blue Cheer

Babylon (1968)

"I'll give you a shove
Why don't you take a rush
Let me hear you cry
From a deafening hush
Just let it take you away
Far Away
Yeah, yow, come over, big automobile, big automobile
4The Stooges
The Stooges

No Fun (1969)

"No fun to be alone
Walking by myself
No fun to be alone
In love with nobody else
Well maybe go out, maybe stay home
Maybe call Mom on the telephone
Well c'mon"
5The Doors
In Concert

Gloria (1969)

"Getting softer, slow it down
Softer, get it down

Now you show me your thing.
Now why don't wrap your lips around my cock baby
Wrap your legs around my neck,
Wrap your arms around my feet, yeah
Wrap your hair around my skin, yeah.
I'm gonna eat you honey
I'm gonna eat ya baby
I’m gonna huh, right, ok, yeah.

It’s getting harder, (Gettin harder)
It's gettin' faster too (gettin longer)
it’s getting too darn fast
It's gonna whirl you around
It’s getting harder
It's gonna rip you in two honey
All right!
Come on, now, let’s get it on.
Too late, too late, too late,
Too late, too late, too late,
Can’t stop, wow!
Make me feel all right"
6Sir Lord Baltimore
Kingdom Come

Hell Hound (1970)

Can't find any lyrics
7Lucifer's Friend
Lucifer's Friend

Lucifer's Friend (1970)

"I asked Manny, I asked Sue, don't know what to do
Every hour I cry, I don't want to die
Fear is in my brain
Since yesterday night I lived in fear of fright
I still hear his voice shouting through the night"
8Deep Purple
Deep Purple in Rock

Living Wreck (1970)

"You came along for a weekend
But you only stayed for one night
You took off your hair
You pulled out your teeth
Oh I almost died of fright
You'd better do something for your own sake
Yes it's a shame
Ah you know you're a living wreck"
9The Stooges
Fun House

L.A. Blues (1970)

It's an instrumental

Future Shock (1971)

"Hashish dreams - Junkie screams
Crocodile tears - Escape your fears

Apathetic nine to five
Cashing paychecks to survive
Vandals lurking in the streets
Gloat behind their worthless feats

Hashish dreams - Junkie screams
Crocodile tears - Escape your fears
Crying-dying Future Shock"
11Stray (UK)

Suicide (1971)

"Put the gun to my head, but I could not pull the trigger
In a while I'll be dead, who would ever miss a nigger
The whites would all smile and say
Another one gone hip - hip hooray
Fire the gun - aim don't miss
End your life - death is bliss "
12Black Sabbath
Master of Reality

Sweet Leaf (1971)

"My life was empty, forever on a down
Until you took me, showed me around
My life is free now, my life is clear
I love you sweet leaf, though you can't hear

Come on now, try it out!"
If The Winds Would Change

Burning Rays (1972)

"'Cause I'm finally sure
That this is the way
My life was meant to be
I'm stuck in a rut
And baby I can't get out
But I never asked no one
To sympathize with me
So I'll be blunt
I'll get straight to the facts
I thought I'd do well
But I just got stabbed in the back
Listen, the days will go on shedding their light,
but it's much to bright for me
From the burning rays of the sun,
The burning rays of the sun, let's go"
14Wicked Lady
The Axeman Cometh

Run the Night (1972)

"Don't look out your window
Your eyes can only see by electric light

Medicine will help you
Cut out all the pain
Relying on your doctor to keep you sane
It doesn't matter anymore
Emotions stretched so tight
The message in your mirror
Says give up the fight

Don't look out your window
Your eyes can only see by electric light"
15The Stooges
Raw Power

Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell (1973)

"Your pretty face is going to hell
Your pretty face is going to hell
Honey honey I can tell
Your pretty face is going to


Thats right baby!


Dirty face and dirty luck
Knew right away
That I had to get my hooks in you"
Child of Darkness: From the Original Master Tapes

Serpent Venom (1973)

"Serpent venom's got into my blood
And the rush I'm getting through my soul, it floods
Fly me high, so high in the sky
I'll tell you how I feel as I kiss you goodbye

When the serpent's fang bites into my flesh
It's a feeling I want, I get, I relish
And I know that the serpent's ever so so so sly
As he grips and twists and twists at my side

I'm so high up in the sky
But the day's gonna come when I kiss you goodbye

Fang marks show all over my skin
I gotta keep others from where I've been
Don't do as I do: Do as I say
Nothing's so torturous as the serpent you obey"
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