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10 Years on Sput: SputnikMemories of 2013

Let's take a trip down memory lane. I joined Sput exactly 10 years ago. A decade after joining this site, I find myself rarely posting here, but I still think about Sput all the time. Sometimes I think about how much has changed on this site since 2013, and how much has stayed the same. One thing is for sure: 2013 was a year. Here are some SputnikMemories from that year.
Unnatural Selection

The first album I ever reviewed on Sput. I was 16 when I joined this site and posted this review. After lurking on Sput for months before joining, I decided to join the site because I admired the writing of Sput's metal reviewers, particularly users/staff who reviewed thrash metal albums, and I wanted to join their ranks. I decided to review Unnatural Selection by Havok because it was just released and no one else had reviewed it yet on Sput. There was nothing special about this album, the music was super generic overall, but I was so hyped to post a review on Sput that I ended up overrating the hell out of Unnatural Selection in my review and was overly-positive in my writing. In hindsight, I wish my first review on Sput was more genuine.
Master of Puppets

First album I ever rated on Sput. Also the first album I ever 5'd. I no longer think Master of Puppets is a perfect album by any means, but I can't bring myself to un-5 this album due to sentimental reasons...y'know, this being my first 5 and first rating on Sput, and therefore the first piece of music that I ever rated on the internet.
South of Heaven

First post in my shoutbox: "Are you Skele?" I can't remember the user who posted this, but I have a vivid memory of receiving this message in my shoutbox a few days after I posted my first reviews on Sput. I had no idea what this meant, or who "Skele" was. Eventually, someone explained to me that this shoutbox message was asking me if I was an alt of a user named Skeletor, whose main account was banned on the site shortly before I joined, which is why I had never heard of him before. Apparently, Skele had been creating new alts on a weekly basis since being banned, and was using his accounts to write subpar reviews of metal albums. So when I suddenly joined the site in April 2013 and immediately posted subpar reviews of Havok and Children of Bodom, people assumed that I was a Skele alt. I doubt whoever shoutboxed me "Are you skele?" ever saw my response, as I responded to him in my own shoutbox (typical Skele alt behavior).
4Faith No More
Angel Dust

Shoutout to the friends I made on Sput in 2013! Atari, Manosg, Frippertronics, Johnnyofthewell, Mongi, Bmdrummer, Muisc4Life26 (lol that username), Graveyard, Pitchforkarms, Rowan, Inbredjed, Lloyd (aka tempest--), Demigod!, Necrotica (probably not his current username)...I recall that you guys were the very first friends I made on Sput.
5Dave Porter
Breaking Bad

First lists on Sput: the Breaking Baddathon lists. This was a 5-part series of lists that I posted in August 2013 in the week leading up to the premiere of the final episodes of Breaking Bad Season 5. These lists were probably the first time I talked about something on Sput that was not music related. These lists were a lot of fun to make and led to some fun discussions
6Stormtroopers of Death
Bigger Than the Devil

This was the first review I ever posted that was neg'd by anyone. It's embarrassing how personally I took negs when I first joined the site.
7Mercyful Fate
Mercyful Fate

Biggest accomplish of 2013: Reviewing the entire Mercyful Fate discography. One of my first goals when I joined Sput was to review every Mercyful Fate album by the end of 2013, and somehow I was able to achieve this. Never reviewed a band's entire discography ever again.
8Metal Church
The Human Factor

My best review of 2013: My review for The Human Factor by Metal Church. This review is kinda my magnum opus and is likely one of the longest reviews on Sput. Probably my favorite review I've ever posted on this site. HUGE props to anyone who actually read this thing.
9Godspeed You! Black Emperor
F♯ A♯ ∞

I reached 1,000 comments on Nov. 4, 2013. It was such a big deal to me that I made a list about it: https://www.sputnikmusic.com/list.php?memberid=1027648&listid=133965
10Demi Lovato

Weirdest SputnikMemory of 2013: I recall that there was a user named Decayingmajesty who was obsessed with Demi Lovato and joined Sput just a couple months after I did. I remember that this guy was the center of attention a lot of the time when I first joined Sput, but I can't remember why. I recall that Decay and his brother (forgot his username) added me on Facebook at one point. I accepted his brother's friend request but blocked Decay for some reason.
11Aphex Twin
Selected Ambient Works 85-92

In late-2013, I joined Plug.dj and became a lot closer with my friends on Sput. I also discovered a ton of new music through Plug.dj, including Aphex Twin, who is now one of my favorite artists. Hard Jammers 4 life
12Born of Osiris
Tomorrow We Die Alive

My worst review: My now-deleted review of Tomorrow We Die Alive by Born of Osiris. I listened to this album the very minute it was released, listened to it all the way through two or three times, and then wrote a review of the album as quickly as possible so that I would be the first person on Sput to review the album. It was a hilariously surface-level review that was riddled with typos, and was neg'd over 20 times within hours of being posted. In shame, I asked for the mods to delete this review the day after I posted it. This is still my only deleted review.
13Lou Reed and Metallica

First album I ever 1'd on Sput. This rating will likely never change, although I do enjoy listening to this album occasionally due to its so-bad-it's-good quality.
Live at Rome Olympic Stadium

This is the first review I ever wrote that was featured on Sput's homepage, back in December 2013.

Favorite album of 2013. Runner up: Ulver - Messe I.X-VI.X
16Balloon Journey
Balloon Journey

Least favorite album of 2013
17Neutral Milk Hotel
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Favorite album I discovered through Sput. I first listened to this album in September 2013. This is still probably my favorite album of all time.
18Mr. Bungle

Shoutout to the friends I made on Sput in late-2013: Laughingman22, Deathschool, Mynameispencil, SowingSeason, Gmemberkills, CaptainDooRight, Mort., Brostep, Futures, Climatic, AnimalsAsSummit, GreenLinkinMuse (I think this was his username if I remember correctly lol), Jacquibim, Ryus, 36chambers, BigPleb, Insurrection, and anyone else who I might be forgetting right now. I recall that I made a lot of friends on Sput in late-2013, probably November-December, after joining Plug.dj (aka "Hard Jams") and becoming more comfortable with commenting on lists and reviews of albums that I had never listened to before. If you don't see your name here and remember talking to me back in the day, we probably started talking in 2014-2015.
19The Phonies
Dreams of the Divine Machine

My favorite user-created album of 2013. An industrial ambient record created by Laughingman22
20Molecular Corporation
Ambient Sputnik and The Dancing Government

2014 is when I really came out of my shell on Sput. I became a contributor, started rating and reviewing a lot more music, started posting about my own musical endeavors on the site, became social media friends with some of my best friends on Sput, and expanded my musical taste so much. It's crazy to think that I only listened to metal when I first joined this site. Thank you to all of you 2013 friends who have helped expand my taste in music with your recommendations, gave me constructive criticism on my reviews, and were just been good friends to me overall. Long live ambient Sputnik and the dancing government!
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