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10k + Beautiful Users

yeah so i've been on this site for like a year and a half now and i've found a lot of amazing shit tbh like idk i hate the guys that are like 'thanks sputnik for these overrated bullshit albums' lol but like idk i've found a lot of my favourite shit from this website and for the most part had a good time and idk i've done some really dumb shit obviously and i'm 16 and dumb but i mean whatever man it's all good tbh i've had a great time here and i want to thank everyone who has yknow just been cool and shit and here is my list ok yea ok
1Teen Suicide
I Will Be My Own Hell Because There...

GmemberKills - my bb no one can take his place he is the only person i can trust to see if my
music sucks or not and he is beaut and perf and he is forever in my heart
2D. Tiffany

itchybutthole - the inventor of 'eams' and 'jahgreed' itchy is my main source of entertainment
here and he is obvs beaut and perf and i hope he never leaves bcuz he knows what's up tbh
best user tbh
3Neutral Milk Hotel
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Judio - tbh dude is amazing and one of my fave writers and he makes music that's good too it
goes from like brzzzbrzzzbruhhh to like BZZZ BZZZ BZZ its good
4Talking Heads
Remain In Light

laughingman22 - yeah ok THIS DUDEEE my project thing i have now wouldn't even still exist
without his swag ass viola tbh and yea he's a cool chill bruh easy to talk to and jams Coil so
5The Enid
In the Region of the Summer Stars

Frippertronics - bruh bruh BRUH i can't even this nig is too big (ilyyy)
6Fear Before
The Always Open Mouth

MortimusPrime/Mort. (fuckin name change) - wtf i'm mad at u while writing this 2.5ING
ORCHID WTF DUDE but nah dude was my nigggg for a long time and still is i love him tbh
hope he never leaves my life " say nice things" ok ur amazing
Those Who Fear Tomorrow

demigod!/FearTomorrow - ok yea ok yea this man is special ok?? yesss.... i want to hug him
and jam BTMI...... yes ok everyone loves demi cause he's super sput but idc he's my special
man and i want to jam with him and hang and smoke dank tbh (LOVE LOVE LOVEEE)so much
8Tim Hecker
Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again

Phlegm - :-)))))) beauty beauty i want to kiss his cheeks for days and hold hands (don't tell
him he's my mancrush ok low-key)
Jane Doe

Artuma - Hey guys welcome to my top 3000 albums (ngiga rocks) he jams good shit tbh even
when he doesn't and yea he's blonde and from finland i think what else u wnat nigag is sweet
All the Footprints You've Ever Left...

SourAK/Gestapo/Diamondize - Diamondize wheres hong tam
(kiss me) oh edit:: (Diamondize u dont know how often i get called a nigger on xbox)
11Brand New
Deja Entendu

Futures - LazyEye @Decayingismaj what do you think of marijuana smoking (smoke weed
tbh) yea oh btw dude is beaut fuck da haters
12Lil Ugly Mane

oltnabrick - :]]]] dude jams good shit and hates bad shit what can i say (oh also most
postitive user which is very important)
The Moon Is a Dead World

treeqt - he should NOT be banned tbh guy rules showed me some great shit and is neurotic in
a good way and also "We are the people that disagree with you, without us you will never

Havey - omg fuck da haters i love this guy tbh i don't think he really knows my existence i
shoutboxed him once about kleistwahr or something lol but he has really unique taste
compared to most sput users which is important and like idk i had some really intelligent shit
in my head about why i think havey is a great user but i cant remember fuck this dude is
important don't take him for granted he has better taste than u (for real)
15Ling Tosite Sigure

sixdegrees - i miss him so much ;_; its ok tho like our FB page
GYBE/261950590668018 edit:: he's back lol
16Bomb the Music Industry!
Goodbye Cool World!

dimsim3478 - dude jams good shit tbh and calvin and hobbes rule and asians rule i mean wtf
this guy rules
17Light Bearer

North0House2 - wowww guy makes actually good music that's like unheard of (jam it)
Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest

JokineAugustus - i think this guy likes zao and is cool
19Poison The Well
The Opposite of December

JustinKing - ok this guy is beaut i love him idk about buttsex tho that would be a bit much
20 Tyr

ScuroFantasma - yes yes yes YeA no one else likes my music but him so thats cool as shit
tbhhhhhh i love him

SeaAnemone - dudeeeee is a dudeeeee tbh i think i used to not like hiM??? idk that was dumb
dude is beaut jams a bunch of good shit even tho i dont like it ALlllL he knows what he's talkin
bout and is not a dumbass so i mean thats good and he's cool yea gives me good recs (oh also
Lync and Hoover are good)
Red Medicine

BMDrummer - check fugazi and refused trust me (pinch my nips)

wacknizzle - maaaaaaaAAAAaaaaaAAAAaaaaaAAAAAAnnnn this dude is great :]]] has GOAT
taste tbh and i want him to cheer up bcuz he's amazing and i want him to find happiness one
day pls

SadAndHolyGlow - dude hasnt been on for a while but hes like the only person here who
knows shit like Anne Hero and The Truth About Dreaming lmao so that's sweet i used to
actually talk about skramz with someone

PitchforkArms - :]]] he's real nice and likes post-rock skramz so he's pretty much the ideal
person imo
26Neil Perry
Lineage Situation

Adabelle - [2] tbh (he also jams cool shit that most ppl don't know go through his ratings and
jam everything he likes ok???)
Ashes Against the Grain

zaruyache - uhhhhhh man is cool and he likes dat atmo BM (trust me) and i thought he was
zak and shoutboxxed him about bobbins once lmao cool man
28Hot Cross

XingKing - dude makes sweet skramz ok check it??? also he is me SENSEI like i wouldnt be
good at music without him or something he taught me what octaves are lmao yea dude is
great and has an amazing beard i love him tbhhh
29Sicko Mobb
Super Saiyan Vol. 1

ShitsofRain - idk if he likes me anymore :(( but he showed me studying for which i am
eternally greatful!! or grateful??? idk i don't feel like googling it fuck im dumb anyway he
showed me ojne too so fuck yea and uhhh he jams house now or something idk
30Animal Collective

31More Than Life
Love Let Me Go

TomTomato - :]]]] super qt tbh i would hang with this guy and maybe talk about defeater a lil
bit yea that sounds real nice hmu tom
This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In)

fromtheinside - dueeeeddeeee i love fti don't even act like i don't (don't hit me) nah brah nah
srs tho i take back every mean thing i ever said bout this dude he's beaut ok ok/?/yea
33David Bowie

Cygnatti/Xar - PRETTY_BOI_LAKESXOXO cyg said he was asian but hes totally black
(smae jam saves the day)
34Modest Mouse
The Lonesome Crowded West

mryrtmrnfoxxxy (FOXXY) - BUT BILL JR, HE WAS A DAREDEVILL!!! (best user btw incase u
were wondering)
35Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)
What It Takes to Move Forward

Trebor - dude ee e e ee FUUCKKK i lovveee trebor tbh like wowwww one of the first users i
kinda knew on the site and had that grumps avi ah i thought he was da coolest and i still do
except now i know he's an emotional wreck :]] but also really beaut
Everything Is Fire

Jacquibim - omg i gotta do all 100 of these fucking hell i ahte my life oh damn i shouldve write
this on someone else JACCCCC is beaut tbh and i love him uhhhh what else??? idk hes real
cool would cuddle but appaerntly im too yung for him (wsag) but idc ill make him mine and
then rail his ass

witchxrapist - uh yeah rail his ass [2] hmmmm he got some wack shit tbh sometimes but i
would be lyin if i said i didn't love him hard (that was my decription for Malenchanted but i
saw he wiped his ratings hold up and i forgot about mappy) mappy is beaut ok mappy is
wonderful and he likes the good skramz so yea
38For All Those Sleeping

Betray - eams with the others butt uhhhhhh this guy is cool and spesh cause hes 23 and jams
dxc and tssf soooo yea i feel obliged to help him through these tough times ily beautay
(Betray oh god converge) (fuck yea dudes!)
The Mantle

beefshoes - dude got a beard and got a fiddle and makes black metal and takes bitches out to
coffee and shit like goddamn swag swag swag
My Arms, Your Hearse

CRUSH OMGGGGGG MARRY ME (no opeth pls tho u can jam gorguts or something lol)

climactic - yea will bb like wow can u be more anymore beautiful like??? like????
LIKEEEEE???? yea omg great man and did drums for dry satire shitty demo (p.s. i love him)
42Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here

Rowan5215 - pink floyd are good gorillaz are ok yea but rowan here is the one he's the one i
want to talk about bcuz he's BEUATIFUL OKKKKKK no one can ever tell me he's not bcuz he's
amazing tbh jam deftoens
43Sufjan Stevens
The Age of Adz

lakes/cinaedus - PRETTY_BOI_LAKESXOXO wait you unironically dig emmure (kiss me again)
yea i love him fuck u cum in my butt daaddy
44Elliot Smith

tommygun - toms is aussie so that pretty much makes him cool automatically but he's like a
father figure in that i've only talked to my real dad like 5/6 times but he's cool :]
Worship and Tribute

Gwyn. - one of my first buddies on the site and he's very steamy and exotic (sesx appeal) jam
glassjaw tbh
46Bomb The Music Industry!

Kman418 - dude is beaut tbh like wow tbh would help him find a huge hairy man to fuck him
or some shit yea kman/kyle is wonderful user yes hihihihi
47Funeral Diner
The Underdark

djunior - dude jams so much shit like he has very much knowledge of hard jams tbh i mean he
likes EITD a lil bit much and ehhhh but OWOWWWOW for most part reallll good taste sweet
dude hosted a swag ass plug room tbh it dont bump too much after that whole shit but
real cool bruh that knows a lot of cool shit check his lists
None So Vile

Ryus - hail boognish?? no no wait this is like a young man that jams death metal like wtf how
beautiful can u be ily
49American Football
American Football

StallionMang - another youngin boy but this man has the best taste in skramz tbh like da best
tbh and other than that uhhhh he's fuckin beaut???? yea like tbh would smoke cigarettes and
play pop punk with this dude haaaaard bruhhh
Blue Breath

JohnnyOnTheSpot - my rec buddy 4ever!!! gives me the best shit that no one has ever heard
tbh and i love him for dat hard and oh yea he write goat reviews tbh
Departure Songs

JS19 - you'll cowards don't even smoke crack
what up wit dat
(beaut man i love him)
52David Bowie
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust...

SugarCubeEmpire - she don't come much anymore :[[[ buttt i would be lying if i said she
wasn't the most beaut person ever tbh i spent all of last summer plugging with her and bach
and it was great tbh still friends and shit and she has sweet taste tbh very cool lady
53Black Sabbath

KILL - dude hasn't called me a fag in like a month wtf

tempest-- - uhhhh idk him that well but it would be mean to leave him out!! lloyd ur beaut ok
m/ hard ok?? for me

MeatSalad - smae omg i got a pic of him in the twilight shirt its my fave literally my fave ahhh
meat come back or somethin ur beaut ok

Green Baron - high school more like HIGH school get it?? cause bong tam lmao
57Mr. Bungle

ArsMoriendi - *ahem*... *AHEM*....how uh... how..uh..how mad are u..tho?? for real....
58The Stooges
Fun House

someguest - i fucked this dude's fiance lol did u hear i fucked this dude's fiance?? yea but i'm
pretty cool tbh you're too young to understand the cure and depeche mode wtf yea but i
fucked this dude's fiance omg i'm so drunk fuck (god I wish there was a way to block users
based on ethnicity)
59Joyce Manor
Joyce Manor

MalleusMaleficarum - death grips sports and a long name i'm sure there are more things but u
have to learn for urself sometimes yknow
60Modest Mouse
Good News for People Who Love Bad News

Kris. - but he got dat jeff wink doe :]] but also oh good taste yea good taste for sure
61Training for Utopia
Plastic Soul Impalement

Scoot - i miss u and ur trip hop and shit come back ok
62Antonio Vivaldi
The Four Seasons

ChoccyPhilly - i'm so fucking tired omg but yea this guy did that sophie review recently whihc
is sweet af goes hardddd man and yea he likes good shit and is just a level-headed guy who
knows how to say words correctly and i think that's pretty important
63The Orb
Orbus Terrarum

mindleviticus - MINDIE BABBYYYYY wowww this man is beautiful tbh i hope he finds love like
the most tender of love cause he jams real good shit and is relaly nice ah he warms my heart

greyvy - more beauty found in unlikeeee (idk where im going with this i'm gonna die(( but yes
greyvy is a wonderful user and we had a blackgaze project for 2 days lol but yea he digs good
shit and turned me onto the wonderful world of kesha and darkspace for which i am eternally
grateful or greatful lmao i still dont know it hink its greatful tho that makes more sense i think
idk im dumb but yesssss and phlegm once said "ur not afraid to 2 shit" and yes he is a good
The White Birch

SpookyNewGhostFriend - :]]] SO FUCKIGN FRIENDLY I love him omg he's so wonderful very
good user tbh he brings joy to my life and the few times ive had a legitimate conversation with
him like a serious one has been surprsingly engaging yes yes he is beautiful of course and
woob is actually really good lol
Chaos Is Me

FourthReich - uhhh i guess just 'smae' i mean is there anything more fitting i mean cmon dude
is great dude is good smae me in the neighborhood (thx i do parties) yes 5/5 user tho jam
orchid or somthn
Hvis Lyset Tar Oss

SCREAM! - my babyyyyyy y jams metal and metal and other metal with a bit more of a
metallic sound yes and says things like 'room needs a good kick in the nuts' or 'where are the
riffs' or 'i hate niggers' but doesn't change the fact that's he beautiful and i love him and looks
like teh guy that shot up that theatre in colorado :]
68The Tallest Man on Earth
The Wild Hunt

RosaParks - he 5d suffocate for fuck sake and he's a homosexual yes he is a beaut user
69The Smiths
The Queen Is Dead

bach - LITBULL @Decayingismaj hey man maybe you didn't get my first question lol but do
you smoke skone? I FUCKING LOVE THIS MAN P.S. (LITBULL @Decayingismaj lol dude keep it
on the downlow do you smoke essential vitamins and minerals?) FUCK
70The Beatles

Muisc4Life26 - most based user on the site tbh save for maybe oltna idk it's hard to compete
with that but w/e very based
71Tera Melos
Drugs to the Dear Youth

Omaha - yes this man helped me be less of an idiot on the site and i reviewed his band's thing
yes he is a talented man who jams ALLB so that's a downside but it's ok he's still beaut
In the Nightside Eclipse

MoosechriS - brujh bruhhhhh... tbhhh would drink beer with this dude even though i don't
even like beer like that's how cool he is tbh jams a shitload of sweet ass raw ass black metal
ass jams and they rule tbh i should go through his lists again and jam shit
73Born of Osiris
The Discovery

TheMoriera - back when i was first hangin around here this guy defended me liking AA and i
will always love him for that even if he jams gay shit like the hotelier now who are actually
good lol
74Counting Crows
August And Everything After

hogan900 - this dude is 2cool4school cause he doesn't jam acid techno so that's a plus but
nah he jams a bunch of good shit and finally convinced me to jam that moving mountains
album after thirtysixchambers told me to lol but yea and he's a fantastic writer so it's sweet
that he's a contrib bcuz he should be

Amphoteric - bruhhh same with mooseycrisman tbh except less raw bm and more spacey bm i
think he's into that atmo shit if he aint than damn but yea hes sexy nonetheless

TheSpirit - another dude that writes GOAT reviews for shit that NEEDS IT which is v important
and oh he has beautiful taste and yes yes he is a beautiful man who i would shake hands with
and maybe tango
77Off Minor
The Heat Death of the Universe

Slut/chesse - bruhhh bruhhh this dude got an arabic off minor tattoo i mean how skramz is
that for realllll and he also gets all the ladies cause he's beaut and he has sweet taste tbh
would start a straight edge punk band with him

ffs - swaggy ass funny ass bro i don't see around too much anymore :[[ but his CoC review is
brilliant and brainbombs rule and yea he's pretty much just a beautiful soul
Public Strain

sniper - smae tbh dont see this dude around too much and i miss him bcuz he has some sweet
ass taste tbh like wow yea cool dude be more active again pls ily
80King Crimson

DrMaximus - the doc is innnnn broo my fave thing this dude said (that i can remember) was in
plug and someone played some weird noise track i think it was off fetor or something and
futures or someoen was like 'who would walk down the street listening to this on their ipod
wtf' and doc was like 'i do' and it was like lmaoooo what a beautiful man srsly
81Alex G

Spare - brooooo jams coma cinema and alex g which like no one else here does except for like
G and uhhhh dimsim and maybe more ppl idk but the point is he is beautiful and i love him
and he makes swag ass music tbh
82Talk Talk
Spirit of Eden

ethos - how could i not put this man on here omgggggg what a legend tbh like wow tbh my
biggest inspiration in life i love him so (edit::: ILYYYY UR A BLACK BEAUTY)
The Illusion of Safety

danielito19 - niii no like i gotta finish this gyro lmao but nah danielito is a cuh cuh or smthn he
likes good shit tbh and jacks off to futa so yea would play footsie with
84The Dillinger Escape Plan
Calculating Infinity

FearThyEvil - bro bro broooooo riffs hard tbh like m/// :]]] ily fear stay with me ok
85Kayo Dot

Balls/RoyalImperialGuard - goth and post-punk shit aside i wanna make love to this man he is
SUCH a fucIKNG HUNK OMGGGGGG like wow he lifts tbh beaut user so beaut
The Satellite Years

SnakeDelilah - yea i forgot i couldn't finish that gyro god it was so big i couldn't even like i was
just eating the meat out of it i couldn't even fold the bread and eat it properly plus one side of
the bread was covered in the sauce so i literally couldn't like try to fold it without getting a
bunch of sauce on my fingers i mean good god do i need gloves to eat a gyro what the fuck
the garlic knots were really good though (ily) edit:: i finished the gyro it took me all day but i
did it
87Streetlight Manifesto
Everything Goes Numb

deathschool - dude jams punk and ska and shit like tbh those are the best people to chill with
like if i could find a girl that jammed operation ivy and shit like that id put a ring on that shit
so death if u were a girl yes i would marry you incase you were wondering
88Self Defense Family
Try Me

Hep Kat - R.I.P. tbh
Unquestionable Presence

adr - bruh tbh got some wack ass deals but w/e he still beaut on the outside or inside im not
The Shape of Punk to Come

Athom - que pasa?? un adam thomas guitar sooloo?? or something lol what dude rips hard
jams great shit would start a post-hardcore band with him and gain a relatively small but still
substantial amount of success over a period of three years and then break up tbh eams
Leaves Turn Inside You

zakalwe - i remember G once said somethin like "i wonder how many posts i would have if i
pulled a zak and just commented on every album i didn't like" LMAO yessss my man 'bobbins'
and 'twaddle' are the shite tbh and wow man is great
92Fall of Efrafa

oresttt - restyyyyyyyyyyyy bbbbbbb my german boyyyyyyyy is beaaatuttttttt yes he m/s
harder than you and yes you should love him bcuz he is perf
93Keaton Henson

SwallowShotguns/iwasnvrurbf - he has better taste than most ppl here like 95% of ppl tbh like
wow you wanna start an emo band dude you play trumpet??? nah we can just jam teen
suicide and cuddle a lil bit ;]

theacademy - theacademy
John Lennon beat his wife.
yea swag, swag swag, dude writes amazing reviews and moaropeth is wonderful yes i love

headphones - hihihihihihihih chroooOOOOottt you'reeeee hottt mommm addddd meeee
consider smoke the dank vvveeeeeddd maaang, better yet inject it with soap agreeeedD

Jom - who is this guy lmao i think he wants to ban me tbh but he hasn't yet!!! love you jom
keep the site alive ok because you are a moderator and that is important okkkk

deviant - pls don't ban meeeeee ok? nah bruh pls unban all my friends tho that would mean a
lot to me but ur ok u jam uhhh john talabot that guy is cool yea and uhhhhhhhh shit i think i
had something to funny say (when has that ever happened) lmao idk cat with sunglasses and
boobs pressed together with headphones yea
98Black Veil Brides
We Stitch These Wounds

skele - my bbbbb got locked up but its ok tho he'll always be my bb :]]] tbh
99Slightly Stoopid

cashnugz421 - http://www.sputnikmusic.com/review/49827/Slightly-Stoopid-Chronchitis/
100The Brave Little Abacus
Just Got Back From The Discomfort

Every single one of you!!! - yea cause i know there are some ppl i didn't put like Mongi (ily)
and peeps like Torontian and uhh Pots although he's not here that much and yknow
Pestiferous and Mookid the shittwins of beauty and explosiveoranges and fallenbird and
supercoolguy cause i don't even think he was around when i wrote out these 100 users lol and
same with uhhhh sevengill my bb and skylark aka larky my bro i love you and shit and a
buuunch of ppl i forget but ur all beautiful tbh!!! ur all important to the site and i hope u all
have a wonderful day/week/month/year/life bcuz happiness is important oh and btw aircycle is
a beaut user too and uhhhh i dont think i put beefshoes or jefflebowski on here but theyre
beaut too and LMAO i forgot snide fuck and others
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