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2014 A Year In Review

So. 2014. Another pretty solid year for music is just about done. I listened to a lot of stuff this year, rbecause I like to do my studying with some music, and I was extremely busy with studying this year. A rtrend that will no doubt continue and intensify in the upcoming year, as my final exam as a lawyer is rwaiting at the end of 2015. At least I will check a lot of stuff next year as well... without further ado, my rfavorite 50 albums of the last year. Let's hope sputniks coversystem does not fuck me over to bad, and rlisten to me ramble about 2014...
Ghost Stories

This is my biggest disappointment of the year. Their worst album yet, and the first album,
where I find myself firmly in the camp of those, who are just annoyed and stupified by
Coldplays continuing success. From the bland and forgettable "Sky full of scars" to the cringe
worthy "True love", this album just fails to impress on any level. The only exception is the
first single "Midnight".
50There will be Fireworks
The Dark, Dark Bright

My honorable mention of this year. Not technically a 2014 release, so it can't be in the top 50,
but it sure would be top 3 material. Everybody overlooked this album when it came out in late
November of 2013, so it didn't really get the love it deserved in 2013, hence the honorable
mention. It's just a very emotional, excellently crafted album which takes some ideas of the
down trending post-rock genre and mixes them with more traditional indie-rock elements.
Best Song: River
49Wolves in the throne Room

A very interesting, although deeply flawed released. I really dig the dense atmosphere and it
has moments of greatness that said it also has a lot of moments of painful boredom.
Best Song: Celestite Mirror
48Tv on the Radio

My feelings on this album are... conflicted. It went from being a 2.5 to being a 3.5, to being a
4, to being a 3... and I'm still not sure if I like that rating. I definitely appreciate the immense
attention to detail and the layered sound, I also think the more streamlined style can suit
them well. Then again there are some really awkward almost cringy songs, some really
tedious ones too. Overall it has a bit more positives than negatives going for it in my opinion
and I like it better than "Nine types of light". At least I think so right now...
Best Song: Ride
Ritual in Repeat

#klapcore Part 1. 2014 was generally a good year if you're into female fronted indie-
rock/indie pop. Tennis third album "Ritual in Repeat" was no exception to that rule. Full of
vibrant melodies, retro stylings, and catchy melodies, the husband-wife duo from Denver
crafted their best album yet and provided some excellent summer jams.
Best Song: Never Work For Free
46Bear's Den

British folk upstarts Bear's Den have been slowly gathering steam within the two years leading
up to their first full length release, "Islands". Touring with the likes of Ben Howard and
dropping several EP's foreshadowing the record, they definitely picked up some songwriting
chops. Arguably their biggest asset is their vocalist Andrew Davies, who really has a nice
fairly deep voice and really knows how to tuck on some heartstrings. In many ways they
sound like a way more sincere and believable version of the much despised Mumford and
Best Song: The Love That We Stole
The Inevitable End

Oh the dreaded double LP. Many bands have tried and, many many bands failed it. Norwegian
electro duo Royksopp definitely bring some very good cuts on their take on the Double LP, but
although they barely slipped into the top 50 in the end, the double LP has to be considered
somewhat of a failed experiment. A sizeable chunk of the songs cut have been cut, and a
much more cohesive album would have been the result. That said it's still one of the better
LP's of the year. Swedish popstar and special friend of the band Robyn features on 3 songs,
which are all great and they are a lot of nice rhythms and melodies to be found here, just
make sure you some of the filler from your playlist.
Best Song: Monument (feat. Robyn)
44 Robert Plant
Lullaby And? The Ceaseless Roar

Robert Plant is just a class act. Over 40 years into his career and he is still trying to explore
new territory and overall he succeeds in doing so. His latest release dabbles a lot in world
music, with most of the songs feature pretty exotic instruments and off-kilter rhythms. Lullaby
And... The ceaseless roar is not the most balanced of albums and a few songs fail to impress,
but it's worth checking out regardless. Just don't expect to be getting some Led-Zeppelin
throwback, because aside from the opener "Rainbow" (which is admittedly pretty great) you
won't find it on this record.
Best Song: Pocket full of Golden
Dark Arc

US Folk-Rock band Saintseneca's biggest strength are the masterfully crafted lyrics by
frontman Zac little, but you'd be sadly mistaken if you would reduce the band to just that.
Saintseneca have improved noticeably as musicians and song-writers when compared to their
debut. Song's like "uppercutter" and "Only the good die young" are masterpieces of restraint,
yet very effective folk-rock and the band seems to be set on being a force to be reckoned with
in the next few years. My only major gripe with this album is (again) that some songs could
have been cut or at least reworked.
Best Song: Only the good die young

I was surprised to find out that the (decent but overplayed) surprise hit: "Take me to church",
was not accompanied by 8-9 boring filler songs like most pop albums these day. What I got
instead was a surprisingly good pop/rock album. Everyone who heard "Take me to church"
knows, that hozier has a pretty good voice. He's also a great songwriter and decent guitar
player, who successfully mashes elements of blues, rock and pop into a thoroughly enjoyable
debut album. I'm pretty excited to see if he can keep up some of the momentum he's got
going on right now.
Best Song: To be alone
Silent Treatment

The second Norwegian act on this list, Highasakite dropped a mostly melancholic album this
year. Their main draw are Ingrid Haviks vocals, her frosty falsetto really struck a chord with
me on a lot of the songs. The band is at their best when they give her a lot of room to breathe
and provide some atmospheric backdroppings that she can work on. Sadly Highasakite try to
stray into different territory on a few songs, and don't really manage to impress on their more
forceful songs. Definitely check out their cover of "Heavenly Father" by Bon Iver, which is way
better than the original in my opinion link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DX0ItgAbRpU
Best Song: Lover, where do you live?
40Foo Fighters
Sonic Highways

Can't stop loving you, Dave Grohl. Sonic Highways is definitely not one of their stronger
albums, the second half especially feels rushed and forced. I don't know if the whole
geography concept really worked, maybe it does when you watch the HBO-Miniseries. Alas,
this still has two of my favorite Rock Songs of the year and although it was kinda
disappointing to see the band go back to being a "singles Band", the singles are still strong
enough to pull it through, at least for me.
Best Song: Congregation
39Future Islands

The synthpop vessel of one of the best singers in the business, Samuel Herring, returned this
year with their first album for their new (and bigger) label. I'm happy to report that they did
not water down their sound at all. Singles brims with catchy melodies, sharp instrumentation
and above all another outstanding vocal performance by Samuel Herring. The only reason for
this not being higher is the fact, that it's basically the same type of song 10 times, if they
manage to diversify their sound a bit more, maybe try some more organic songs, they could
easily aim for a top 10 spot on my list. (and as we all know that is the ultimate goal of any
Best Song: Like the Moon
38Sylvan Esso
Sylvan Esso

#klapcore part 2. Another female-fronted release, Sylvan Esso's debut album is a very
modern sounding, electronic indie pop album that just effortlessly breezes on this list. The
standout tracks on this carry this album, when Nick Sanborn on the cleverly creates a hook by
looping Amelia Math's voice on "Could I be", its insanely catchy and fun. When he utilizes a
very sparse yet thumbing beat (that is reminiscent of Jamie XXs stuff) on "Dress" or ?Coffee?,
it allows Amelia Math to shine on the chorus. But like many debut albums, Sylvan Esso suffers
from imbalance, the pretty understated approach by Sanford is effective and sharp at times,
but bland and boring on other songs, and while Amelia Maths performance is consistently
good, she's not enough of a force to make songs like "Come Down" work.
Best Song: Dress
37Angels and Airwaves
The Dream Walker

Another surprise for me, "The dream Walker" is a focused, more streamlined by a band that
has been held back by notions (and gestures) of grandeur and finally dropped that pretense.
Instead we get a straightforward (albeit still slightly proggy) rock album which features a lot
of great songs.
Best Song: Paralyzed
36King Creosote
From Scotland with Love

Scottish Bar-music done on a big scale. That's how I would describe "From Scotland with
Love". Kenny Anderson who is King Creosote on this album, comes through with 11 folk songs
which are the companion piece for scottish documentary I have sadly not seen. There is no
doubt in my mind, that they'll be a great fit though, because the whole album has a scenic feel
to it.
Best Song: Something to Believe in
35St. Vincent
St. Vincent

St. Vincent's fourth album proved to be her strongest yet, and confirmed her as one of the
most creative and out there personalities in pop music. On this self-titled album we get to
experience her most confident and shrill moments, but also some of the most vulnerable stuff
she's ever put out. Most of you have already checked it, if you didn't I do highly recommend
it, although it kinda grew off me over the year, it's definitely one of more interesting and fun
records of this year.
Best Song: Prince Johnny
34Todd Terje
It's Album Time

So apparently, Norwegian music is pretty good. Norwegian DJ finally dropped his first LP in
early 2014 and it's a very enjoyable, danceable affair. While Terje still has some room to
grow and some of the antics in the first half of the album ("Preben goes to acapulco") are a
tad silly, the album is still very much a fun record. When Terje is one point, really is on
fucking point, an "Delorean Dynamite" is hands down one of the best electronic tracks if heard
all year.
Best Song: Delorean Dynamite
33The Menzingers
Rented World

This album was kinda screwed from the beginning, because it had to follow up on "On the
impossible Past", but to me, the Menzingers proved that they are still very much able to
combine insanely catchy rock songs with heartfelt, serious, foul-mouth lyrics. While it may not
be as good "On The Impossible Past", I believe the band has progressed in a very healthy,
more modern sounding direction and I believe this album will be seen as transitional one in a
few years.
Best Song: Hearts Unknown
32The Preatures
Blue Planet Eyes

Hailing from Australia, the Preatures slowly build up some momentum over the past 4(!!)
years, adopting a similar strategy like fellow aussie indie rockers The Jezabels, and dropping
a few EPs before actually tackling a full LP. It paid off in spades, they refined their sound a lot
since they started out and deliver a great debut album. Especially noteworthy are thumbing
base-guitar lines on this album, which really push many songs over the edge. The slower
songs are kind of a drag, but the more upbeat stuff is really good.
Best Song: Ordinary
31Freddie Gibbs and Madlib

When I heard that Madlib, one of the most creative (but also at times scatterbrained)
producers in the hiphop world, teamed up with Freddie Gibbs of all people, I had some serious
doubts about the quality of the project. Freddie Gibbs just never struck me as a particularly
good MC, sure he has a decent flow, but he was mostly a average bling and bitches rapper,
from what I heard from him. After listening to their project, I came to the conclusion that I'm
not entirely off base with that assessment, but Pinata is pretty great anyways. Madlip delivers
100% with some of the most engaging beats and instrumentals he ever brought to the table,
and while Freddie Gibbs does stay true to his gangster attitude he shows that he's capable of
crafting very detailed and at times even reflective narratives. He's the weaker part of the
collaboration, but still holds his own better than I would have thought.
Best Song: Harold?s
30Delta Spirit
Into the Wide

Mostly abandoning their americana roots and moving more into full-fledged rock territory
worked out decently for Delta Spirit. Jon Jameson brings some of his most passionate and
emotive vocals in his career and the songwriting is varied. While Delta spirit made a pretty
big adjustment in their own sound, they do not push any boundaries in terms of alternative
rock, so one could accuse them of being a bit generic, but this criticism rings hollow to me,
when the songs are just written and executed with so much care and attention for detail.
Best Song: Hold my End up
29Owl John
Owl John

Scott Hutchinson?s solo project sounds just like a stripped down Frightened Rabbit would
sound. Hutchinson brings his trademark self defeating lyrics and depressing stories, as well as
his impassioned scottish howl, and most of the time it works just as good as on Frightened
Rabbit. That said, i really liked the way their sound developed from their pretty bare bones
debut into a more full blown indierock approach. So I didn't enjoy this as much as "Pedestrian
Verse", but it's still really good.
Hollow Ponds

A dark, very atmospheric approach to the folk recipe, "Hollow Ponds" is a very good, albeit
a bit samey album. It all sounds like Jesse Lacey from Brand New took the sound of "Jesus"
and converted it into a full album.
Best Song: Skydive
27Kishi Bashi

Oh Kishi Bashi, you... Japanese weirdo. Lightght is a really strange album, but it's strange in a
very good and refreshing way. It's insanely happy, catchy, weird, fresh... it's mostly insane
though. Kishi Bashi successfully (and seemingly effortless) fuses elements of classic, electro,
pop, folk, traditional japanese music, held together with a bit of spit and his falsetto voice,
somehow it works. I don't know what to tell you. Check it if you haven't.
Best Song: Philosophize in it! Chemichalize with it!
26The Jezabels
The Brink

The Jezables sophomores Album got a bit of a mixed reception when it got released, but I
really appreciate that the band tried to go into a new, more electronic direction. While the
songs are a bit more streamlined, they are hardly dumbed down. Frontwoman Hayley Mary is
still one of the most powerful voices on the market and she's easily the highlight on most of
the songs. Even more than on Prisoner, she is the MVP of the band and she brings enough to
table to keep me coming back to this album time and time again.
Best Song: Time to Dance
25Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer has always been under close scrutiny by music lovers. On the one hand is
probably the most successful composer since John Williams and features in a lot of big
blockbusters every year. On the other hand he often get's accused of using the same themes
to often and stretching the out to far, I also heard a lot of people criticize him for dumbing
down classical music for the general audience. While that may be true for some of his works,
the OST for Interestellar, is stellar(pun intended). Maybe his most electronic work yet, the
Interstellar soundtrack is a incredible companion piece to the movie and also works very well
as a standalone album. Zimmer really gave it his all on this one, and it pays off in spades.
Best Song: The Wormhole
Strange Desire

Another fun indie-pop record. One of the members of the band fun. decided to release his
first solo effort. "Strange Desire" is arguably better than their much lauded "Some Nights".
Bleachers is a way better singer, than the frontman of fun. It has some quirky filler songs
but also some really good ones.
Best song: Like a River runs.
Distant Satellites

Anathema does as Anathema does. They don't really change up anything noteworthy from
their last two albums, maybe one could say, that the electronic influences are a bit stronger
on this record(are you noticing a trend yet?) but the formular for Anathema has not changed
within the last 5-6 years. I'm not tired of it though, so I'm not complaining to much.
Best Song: Anathema
22Sharon van Etten
Are we There

#klapcore Part 4. Sharon van Etten's fourth album is her most fleshed out effort and overall
her strongest album to this date. I really think working with dessner form the National pushed
this album in the right direction, and Sharon has never been a better vocalist than on this
album. "Your love is killing me" is a statement of greatness. With all that said, i don't think
she's quiet there yet. Here songwriting to me, is a tad one dimensional, it really all comes
back to bad relationships 9 times out of 10 and while I find most of the songs on this album
excellent (hence the high placement) I sometimes really grow tired of it. (Pls don't kill me
Best song: Your love is killing me
Black Messiah

I'm not at all into soul music and I gotta admit that I didn't particularly like Voodoo or brown
sugar, not becaus I think that those albums are mediocre, it's just not my cup of tea. That
said... this is really worth the hype it's receiving. If it's that good for me, I can't imagine how
fans of the genre are feeling right now. D'Angelo proves that he's still at the top of his game.
Best Song: Ain't that easy
20Submotion Orchestra

This flew a bit under the radar for some reason. But it's really good folks. Submotion
Orchestra are still one of the finest trip hop (if this is even a fitting description) acts around
and Alium may not be quiet as as good as "Finest Hour" but it's easily one of the stronger
records of the year. While the songs are a bit more streamlined, they are varied and
interesting enough.
Best Song: Rust
19Be Forest

Shoutout to Potsy for pushing this. On "Earthbeat" Be Forest fuse elements of indie rock,
dream pop, and sometimes even a bit of shoegaze, into an excellent sophomore album. The
album is held together by superb drumming and hazy guitars and just effortlessly slides from
song into song, picking up ideas on the way just to gently dwell a few seconds on them and
then move on. From all the records I checked this year, this is maybe the one that's the most
impressive in how effortless it sounds, the whole band just seems to grove from great melody
to great melody without even breaking a sweat. My only gripe with it is the fact, that this
really has no standout song (but that's also a plus) and at times it's a bit repetitive.
Best Song: Lost Boy

I think if this would have come out in October, it would be on a bit more lists. Chino Moreno
proves once again, that he's more or less incapable of failing as a musician.This time he does
so on Crosses, fronting a pretty dark electro fused rock project. Moreno is not the greatest
singer, but he has such confidence in his vocals, that I ended up enjoying his singing
throughout the album. The songs are nicely varied as well, some ("The epilouge") are so
streamlined, that they are basically pop songs, others ("This is a Trick") are pretty abrasive
and definitely closer to Morenos main body of work. (although still a far cry from it) This is
just another one of these records I just came back to time and time again.
Best Song: This is a Trick
17Jenny Lewis
The Voyager

#klapcore part 4. Jenny Lewis received some criticism for abandoning heir more rocky sound
on heir sophomore release "The Voyager" (watch theneedledrop review). Compared to her
debut "Acid Tongue", her second album definitely is a lot more of a pop record. I don't think
that this a bad think though, since it avoids all the pitfalls of this genre. Instead The Voyager
is chock full of simple, yet sincere and personal narratives, which are accompanied by some
of the slickest melodies of this year.
Best Song: She's not me
16 Flying Lotus
You're Dead

Progressive Hip Hop Jazz or something? Just read what Jacob Royal had to say about it, i can't
do this justice.
Best Song: Never Catch Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
Guiding Lights

Indian guitarist Keshav Dahr's and Dan Tompkin's brainchild skyharbor is still very much alive
and kicking as well. While it has not been a particularly great year(or decade for that matter)
for progressive rock/metal, Skyharbor provided me with a much needed fix. They don't
exactly invent the wheel on this record, but they are both superb musicians and crafted some
of the most memorable songs of the year.
Best Song: Miracle
14A winged Victory for the Sullen

I'm a sucker for ambient music, especially if it has some influences of classical music as well
and since the new Stars of the Lid album is not yet announced, I need to get my fix elswhere.
Atomos provided me with just that. Compared to Stars of the Lid, the band is definitley
leaning a bit more on the classical side of things. And while I thought that their debut was
even stronger, Atomos is a beautifully crafted, marvellous album that is best enjoyed with
your eyes closed and your heart wide open.
Best Song: Atomos VII
To be Kind

What can be said about the new swans that has not been said? It's the next logical step after
The Seer and feels like a natural evolution. In many ways, it's even better than the seer. It's
also a very challenging listen and I definitely don't bump it that often, if I do listen to it, im
usually in awe though. I'm in awe because there is no other band that even remotely sounds
like swans, more than any other band that I know of, they do their own thing. And their own
thing is pretty fucking massive.
Best Song: A Little God in my Hands
12Robert Rich
Perpetual - A Somnium Continuum

First of all. Shame on you. Because I had to add this to the sputlibrary. You should really care
more about Robert Rich, one of the most influential and important ambiance artists out there
You should also know about perpetual. Perpetual is an unbelievably well crafted ambient
album that takes up the whopping running time of 8:00 hours. It would probably bee even
higher on this list, if I had listened to it in one sitting entirely, but that's pretty fucking
difficult. It's hard enough to take in the entirety of the record at all, even in multiple sessions.
It's worth your time if you?re a fan of quiet, ambient music though.
Best Song: - It's pretty much all one giant song.
11The Antlers

Just read sowing's review of this, it's basically 100% what i thought.
Best Song: Palace
10Perfume Genius
Too Bright

Up to this point, Perfume Genius crafted those stripped down, almost minimalistic lo-fi folk
songs. On "Too Bright" he said to himself: "Fuck that". "Too Bright" is a more adventurous,
bolder, grander album than it's predecessor and Mike Hadreas (aka Perfume Genius) pulls off
rock songs like "Queen" just as well downtempo elecetronic songs like "Fool". He's arguably
never been as good as on the albums highpoint "Queen", which features buzzing guitars
overwhich Hadreas gives it his all. That's not to say that the rest of the album is not
It's especially noteworthy that Hadreas manages to hop between a lot of different ideas (even
within songs) without derailing the album into an incoherent mess.
Best Songs: Queen, Fool
They want my Soul

#klapcore part 5. Tbh I didn't think Spoon would be able to turn it around this far into their
(marvelous) career. It's not like their last album was bad, I just felt like they had reached
their creative high point on "Kill the Moonlight", then perfectly refined those ideas on
"Gagagagagaga"(worst album title ever) and seemed to trend downward from there on. Alas
I'm a moron, because one shouldn't doubt the ability of brett daniels and co. to turn simple
ideas into great songs time and time again.
Best Songs: New York Kiss, Inside Out
Our Love

I was never too sure about Caribou, but this album finally convinced me. While it's certainly a
bit of a step into the direction of the dancefloor, it still unmistakably sounds like a caribou
record. But for the first time, i was fully convinced by a Carbiou album. I can't really put my
finger on it, all I can say that 8/10 songs on this album really blew me away and the two
missteps ("Second Chance" and "Mars) are not too bad songs either. In fact "Second Chance"
would be great if it just featured Caribou on the vocals. All in all, a surprise entry into my top
10 that deserves all the hype it's getting.
Best Songs: Silver, Back Home
7Run the Jewels
Run the Jewels 2

While many people seem to think RTJ2 is about as good or maybe even slightly worse than
RTJ1, I tend to think that RTJ2 is remarkable improvement over their debut. On their first LP
Mike and El-P proved that they had a lot of creative ideas and especially Killer Mike provided
some standout performances. But overall the whole collaboration felt a bit disjointed to me.
On RTJ2 the dynamic duo made a noticeable effort to blend their different approaches and the
result is a very impressive sophomore record. Aside from a cringeworthy feature on "Love
again" the album is free of any bigger missteps and to me the best hiphop album of the year.
Best Songs: All my life, Oh my Darling don't cry
6Casualties of Cool
Casualties of Cool

The kickstarter founded collaboration of Devin Townsend and Che Aimee proved to be a
worthwhile investment for it's backers. It's the first space folk album I've ever heard and if
this album is anything to go by, this may be a genre with some future. Townsend shows, that
he is a very creative songwriter and delivers his most interesting work from a conceptual
standpoint. Che Aimee is just wonderful as the main vocalist and she and Townsend work
really well off each other.
Best Songs: Moon, The Bridge

I have the outmost respect for this band. When their debut album "Sans Souci"came out, I
really disliked it, to me its a showcase of placing technical prowess over actually writing good
songs. It hat tons of great ideas and obviously talented musicians behind it, but it drowned
them in 83 looped guitars. Although most people didn't feel that way about their debut, the
band seems to agree with my standpoint in retrospect. On "Artery" the band trims all the
unnecessary fat of their previous effort and instead delivers 9 incredibly focused and driven
post rock songs, that I cannot praise highly enough.
Best Songs: Tonitro, Bare my bones
In Return

ODESZA is a not that well known electronic duo from the US. "In Return" is already their
second LP though and it really is one of the strongest albums of the year. I suck at writing in
general and in at writing about electronic music in particular. Just do yourself a favor and
check this out. These guys are way under appreciated on this site and deserve more attention.
Best Songs: Always this Late, It's only Blood (feat. Zyra)
3Trophy Scars
Holy Vacants

I was not really sold on Trophy Scars until i got around to this album, but this really sold me
on them. The mixture of blues, rock and hardcore elements really works, their vocalist
(finally) gets the balance between his screaming and his clean vocals exactly right and the
musicianship is excellent all around. You all know this album and I've been working on this
way to long, so I leave it at that.
Best Songs: Extant, Trophy Scars
2The War on Drugs
Lost in the Dream

"Lost in the Dream" was met with almost universal acclaim across the board, and rightfully so
The War on Drugs have been flirting with greatness from the day the started out and arguably
even achieved a pretty great record in their second album "Slave Ambient". But on this album
the whole team stepped up their game even more and Adam Granduciel finally seems to be
really comfortable as the front man of the band. The best indie-rock record of the year,hands
down. (technically this is #klapcore part 6)
Best Song: Under the Pressure, in Reverse

Finally. Guys. This whole thing took way to long. Bow down to your New-Zealand post rock
gods. After a (forced) 8 year hiatus from recording, Jakob finally dropped their latest LP and
it's been worth the wait. The Band keeps their trademark heavy, slow moving sound but
injects new life into it, especially with the addition of strings and generally some more
atmospheric parts. I'm a huge fan of their sound, and I have little doubt that just like
"Solace", "Sines" will be the soundtrack to my life for years to come.
Best Songs: Emergent, Sines
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