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09.08.13 My New Free Ep05.05.13 A Peculiar Thing
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A Peculiar Thing

Sitting in a comfy chair. My hands feel like octapi compared to my normal state

Burzum help me I'm so fucked up right now

Free fall down the turbine of glaze
Eeid Syrojh Suhn

Your making me go wild there is no grips catch something dude
4Death Grips

It is all a chain of thought isn't it one thing leads to another doesn't it
5The Angelic Process
Coma Waering

Everyone so beautiful yet threatening, are you a flower or a hornet?
6Joy Division

This list goes on forever I'm not even started fuck me
7Public Image ltd
Flowers of Romance

So hard to remember good things to show you dweebles
Subliminal Genocide

Look beneath my withering, can you see the nineteen ahead of me? So much effort why is it worth
it why is life worth it

Is it worth it is it worth it no lol I ain't that stupid duwbl

Everything repeats everything repeats I only see doubles I only see pairs shit mirage that is what I
should have put up there
11King Crimson

Out of the pattern. Are you having fun? Do you feel like a featured idol? I don't so stop it

Sleep walking or not what is that noise yo it is my music go back to sleep faggot
13Have a Nice Life

I am brand new now my ego was always mush (lol) so it wasn't mush to handle (lol) I have so mush
to say (lol)
14Black Sabbath
Master of Reality

You are so gorgeous tree why must you intimidate me you blossom through the nether night yet
15Nick Cabe and the Bad Seeds
Murder Ballads

Are you gonna come outside or just stay in bed you abandoner
16I am so bored of thinking albums

I am so bored so I need to finish this. To make myself think I'm going faster ill work my way
backwards from 27 from here on out as soon as I am done with this never ending paragraph I
cannot seem to find a suitable conclusion for since I am already so far along I might as well just
keep writing while I think of the perfect icing for it, it is just so hard. Or there that was perfect right
there. Meet you at 27
Soundtracks for the Blind

Alright I'm already exploding in anticipation. This right here gents is a piece of art like no other this
list it has a lot of gems of knowledge and the moderators would be doing you great harm if they did
not feature this list for all to see. You must all see this list or the motors will grind your soul into
bacon salad. This is all a mush (lol) of information but I took this experience so if you don't
understand what the fuck I'm talking about I don't give a shit. The overlord doesn't give a shit
either. Bathe in this mush of knowledge, study it. Life from now on is life after reading this and so
life will mean that mush more. Peace and love lol see ya

Screw 18 don't you wish you could skip 18 so you could get to the real good stuff? You will bathe in
useless novelty but who gives a shit when you turned 18, this shitty world dumped more shit on
your shitty ass, more than you can handle. Just sayin. Ok my original intention for 18 was to skip it
entirely to get to 17 but I guess not
19So close!

I hear the birds chirping and stuff but what if I didn't do anything today I'm just doing nothing like
always. We set goals so that we feel like we are doing something worthy even though we are not.
And right now my goal is to get back to 16.

I feel like sleeping but cannot ill keep backtracking meaninglessly
21Spacemen 3
Sound of Confusion

If you are confused because your lazy ass decided to skip, we are working backwards from 27 to 16
and explode in bliss when we meet ourself

Am I a sell out for whoring my album so much? I hope not but it obviously isn't working since only 2
or 3 of you check it out every time I posted it. Should I just let my art rot in obscurity? Yes I should,
along with my ego. Let my ego and my music rot in obscurity. Check out my music though seriously
I rule

Lol I'll take the oppurtunity to advertise my music ok guys?

How trippy would it be if we switched time again and went towards 27 right now but kept coming
back because of the rules we would be stuck forever wouldn't we we mustn't be paralyzed in
thought now should we no no nah

You are a real faggot mr. SlaveState do you think you know anything about this dark world? Do you
think you ever even had a chance of comprehending anything at all? You should just go on being a
speck you piece of nothing
26Tame Impala

It feels like we only go backwards hahaha get it lol ok shut up let us keep going backwards through
meaningless time.
27Siouxsie and the Banshees

Hey you must have followed me all the way from 16 let us work our way back through time and
explode as we clash with a prior incarnation of ourself that will be just as surprised to see us
considering how meaningless this is since there is no time to travel backwards in it was a joke all
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