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bmelt 2022

this year was just ok. no albums over a 4/5 ;__;

technical thrash metal
Adumbration of the Veiled Logos

black metal with Ulcerate’s drummer
73Rejoice! The Light Has Come
Untitled EP II

dissonant death metal / colin marston-core
72Rachika Nayar
Heaven Come Crashing

ambient electronic
My devotion to lust, horror and satanic orders

lofi / post-punk / black metal
Cosmic Waves of Despair

dissonant death metal

68Angry Son
4 songs


pop rap
not usually my thing but the passion is undeniable
66Piri Reis

65Cult of Youth
With Open Arms

post punk / folk
Por Nós da Ventania

nature black metal
63Ancient Death
Sacred Vessel

(cosmic) death metal
62Daniel Avery
Ultra Truth

self-proclaimed 'left field techno' this should honestly be in my top 50 ngl
61Spiral Staircase
Visions Shifting Form

black metal
60Congealed Putrescence
Within the Ceaseless Murk

death metal ffo tomb mold
59Astral Tomb

cosmic death metal that's honestly a mess but has some really strong sections
Pt. III: Get In​.​.​. (Enter the Cabinet)

murky death metal that's really fun
Threshold of Nothingness

death metal

nice doom with some pretty and fitting vocals
55Endless Loss
Bloodletting Narcotic Divination

bestial war metal. this scratched the same itch Impetuous Ritual does, sort of. can't wait to hear a full-length from these boyos
54Discordant Meditation
Anticosmic Womb

dissonant first then kind of progressive second. death metal
53Stiletto Sun
Disjecta Membra

experimental black metal with memorable melodies
52Alex G
God Save The Animals

feel good indie folk / indie rock / it's alex g
51Diamanda Galas
Broken Gargoyles

avant-garde / experimental vocals. i FUCKING love that she is still doing this, never change
Prepare Thyself to Deal with Treacle

experimental / this is too fresh for me and I need more time even after two spins.. but it's great
49Jouissance Morbide

progressive black metal

odd death metal / not experimental but different. some of the genre tags on BC are 'looking glass', and 'slow dance' big mood
47Folly (USA-NY)

microtonal black metal ala jute gyte or this years scarcity
46Small Animal Hospital
sloth lung

The Ailing Facade

industrial death metal / not as good as flourishing but nice still
44The Chasm
The Scars of a Lost Reflective Shadow

death metal / kind of feels like a return to form after their last album some years ago was instrumental and a little forgettable
43City of Caterpillar
Mystic Sisters

post hardcore / emo
Dom, w którym mieszkał Wąż

41Triumvir Foul
Onslaught to Seraphim

cavernous death metal / honestly surprised by this one, might be my favorite album by them
Els Nous Cants de la Sibil·la

meaty grind / death metal

deathgrind? the vocals are dope too
The Tragedy Of A Clown

rap that has no right being this fun / it's not game changing but its a jam
Monuments to Impermanence

post-sludge / death metal
not my usual cup of tea but this goes in
36Chat Pile
God's Country

noise sludge etc
Kanawha Black

folk-y black metal
The Knocking, Or The Story of…

progressive black metal .. kind of. ffo of Virus
33Nocturnal Triumph
Nocturnal Triumph

black metal
Llave a las profundidades...

psychedelic black metal from Chile. found myself coming back to this one often
Void of Unending Depths

progressive death metal / and after 10 years between albums they don't disappoint
30Flaming Ouroboros
Ethereal Timbre

triumphant black metal
29Pale Spektre
Bereft of Xerotic Layers

progressive black metal

microtonal black metal
27Unyielding Love
Flesh of the Furnace

dissonant death metal
Glitch Princess

post pop?
25Hate Forest

black metal
24Zoh Amba

avant-garde jazz
23Predatory Light
Death and the Twilight Hours

first wave black metal / aloof-academy
22Whatever The Weather
Whatever The Weather

idm / ambient / techno
Spiders Lust in the Dungeon's Dust

black metal
The Loser

post hardcore / what a comeback
Hostile Architecture

avant-garde black metal
18Artificial Brain
Artificial Brain

cosmic death metal / the weakest of their last 3 but its Art Brain, still fire
17Avantdale Bowling Club

hip hop / with jazz-y instrumentation
16Blut Aus Nord
Lovecraftian Echoes

dissonant death/black metal / my favorite release from this artist in some time. those riffs are otherworldly. iirc this release turned out so good a whole side-project spawned from this
15Pensees Nocturnes
Douce Fange

avant-garde black metal
14Sunrise Patriot Motion
Black Fellflower Stream

gothic / black metal
13Naked Flames
Miracle in Transit

techno / trance
the baseline on pan matsuri is everything
12Faceless Burial
At The Foothills Of Deliration

death metal / this owns
11Negative Plane
The Pact

first wave black metal. I guess this was the year of comebacks eh? over 10 years since their last one and they knocked it out of the park

free-jazz / avant-garde
this is fucking nuts for cowboy butts. definitely a challenging listen, or at least one that demands your attention. very interesting and exciting, you either love it or hate it
9Daeva (USA-PA)
Through Sheer Will And Black Magic…

thrash-y black metal
crazy energy and sick riffs all day, even the drums are exceptional. your one-stop to fun
8Huerco S

Idm / electronic etc
this album reminds me of my favorite works from Shinichi Atobe. and while on the surface it may appear meandering and too aloof for it's own good this album went places with me this year, consistently coming back into rotation every couple of weeks.
7Sunset (USA-MI)

psychedelic black metal
at first glance i thought this was some weak-ass dungeon synth album but this is more like if the bands Darkspace and Blattaria had a baby. It’s like getting sucked into a black hole but as you're getting violently de-atomized you don’t see black, you see the most vibrant colors. definitely a headphones album that has a lot of nuance and surprises under the rough, blistering exterior. an album that rewards the more time you spend with it. those 'HIIIIIIYAAAAAAAAHHHhhhhhhh' vocals never fail to put a smile on my face
6Sam Gendel

guitar jazz
cool as a cucumber. it's very accessible for how minimal it feels at first. this was also an album I took with me everywhere the last quarter of the year. to san Francisco, to new york, and to mexico. peaceful, meditative, and reminds me of my happiest times from this year. anyways, it's a really good album and earns this spot
5Silvana Estrada

latin folk
so this album really snuck up on me at the end of the year and it's most definitely one of the highlights of the year. a debut thats beautiful and delicate, always led forward by a small but bright fire. an example of an album being greater than the sum of it's parts and I look forward to hearing where Silvana goes after this
Trò chơi kết thúc / Game Over

black metal
so this guy has created some of the most emotional and triumphant riffs that I've heard in black metal and this album brings more of that. it really has no right being this catchy while also being as abrasive as it is. though, he's a total goober and has some hateful ideologies. I'm not going to get into it here, but this is apparently his final album after an almost 20 year career. so bye, thank you and fuck you
3Natalia Lafourcade
De Todas las Flores

latin folk
dreamy, romantic, and vibrant. wows i love Natalia, she has really grown and refined her style while also instrumentally paying homage to classic mexican artists like Juan Gabriel and Vicente Fernadez to name a few. she has a strong catalogue and this stands among her best. you can tell through her music that she is an old soul with a young heart
Pools of Green Fire

death metal / experimental / noise
lol so this isn't as off the wall as something like Effluence (there is overlap here) but it's less devastating on the senses and more.. I don't know, streamlined I guess. funnily enough, this is a wonderful palate cleanser too. i'm almost certain this will sound like total bs to you at first, and you'd be right. i'm at a certain threshold for what I choose to listen to and this album is a reflection staring back at me wondering how the hell did we get here? it's strangely hypnotizing and almost not even metal at some points. I can't sell this to you and i'm not going to try to. ffo: Skin Tension, Effluence, and Q'uq'umatz

electronic / idm
this album offers a bunch of different flavors and the album gets weirdly addicting after a while. skee mask's b-sides from this year didn't really do it for me so this was a good substitution after playing 2021's Pool to death. I got desensitzed from having a single release to go to for all types of different electro, this did that for me
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