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Albums That Flew Under The Rrrrrradar

A list of albums that flew under the radar of the music community, be it the wider community rrrrrhere on sputnik. Some of these albums are from now defunct bands who never got the love rrrrrthey deserved. Others are already well-known in their native land, but never made it rrrrrworldwide. some of these bands are household names but this respective album is like the rrrrrforgotten child in the bands' catalogue...
1Cobra Khan

Without peer in NZ punk, Cobra Khan disbanded in 2011 but not without releasing
the colossal "Adversities" album. If you like your punk heavy but are looking for
something a little different try this album. It is a shame they never got any
recognition in NZ, let alone worldwide. RIP
2Skunk Anansie
Post Orgasmic Chill

Unfairly labelled a one hit wonder for the song "Hedonism" off the Stoosh album. In
reality, this band was much more than that. Songs like "Charlie Big Potato" reveal
a dark electro undercurrent to the band and songs like "We Don't Need" showcase
the unbelievable vocal range of frontwoman Skin. Truly an overlooked album and under-rated band.
3Five Pointe O

Released in 2002, shortly after the embers of the Nu-metal scene were flickering
out, Five Pointe O released this untitled album which never got the recognition it
deserved. This album pretty much took the best parts of nu-metal and mixed it with
progressive song structures in songs like "Aspire, Inspire" and "Freedom" to create a unique and dynamic sound.

Along with the album Violence, Nothingface were a diamond amongst a sea of shit
in the nu-metal scene. While Korn, Limp Bizkit etc were wowing the brainwashed
masses, bands like Nothingface went about their business with minimum fanfare and just flew under the radar.
Prey on Life

Released back in 2003, this album was a prelude to the brilliance of 2005's
masterpiece Origo. This album stands on it's own as a piece of art, yet for some
reason was overlooked by most metal-heads which is a shame considering it started a three-peat of truly amazing
albums from Burst. RIP.
Say Hello to Sunshine

After the release of What it is to Burn, Finch could've gone down the same road
and released What it is to Burn v2.0. Instead, they chose to record Say Hello to
Sunshine, an amazing album that was never fully appreciated until you properly
digested the album. For some, it was just too much of a 180 degree turn from previous album. Oh well, their
The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion

Like the forgotten child in dredg's career, this album was released with a large amount of pessimism surrounding the early
of songs like Irelund. After the so-so Catch Without Arms, the band was largely written off as a one album wonder (El Cielo)
for those who took their time with this album, it grew on the listener slowly and had some downright amazing songs. They
should've given up after this album though, that new one was shamefully bad.

Hailing from Denmark, Mew are an alternative rock band not too dissimilar from dredg themselves. Yet while dredg were banished
from planet earth and have rode off into the sunset on a pile of steaming shit, Mew have been steadily consistent since the late
90's. This album Frengers released in 2003 is my favourite of theirs and is largely unknown.
9Smashing Pumpkins

The dark horse in the Pumpkins discography, Adore was the follow up to the commercial success of the Mellon Collie album. As a
result, this album flew under the radar of many fans who were expecting a Mellon Collie Pt 2. Time has since been kind to this
album and many fans consider it their best work, certainly their most mature and personal.
10The Gathering

The dark horse in the Gathering's discography, if_then_else was released after How To Measure A Planet which saw the band
ditch their metal roots and experiment with various other genres. Despite boasting the fan fav song Saturnine, this album is
largely forgotten when it comes to The Gathering. Even the band seem to leave it out of their set list. Songs like Rollercoaster,
Shot To Pieces and Amity are some of the band's best.
11Temple of the Dog
Temple of the Dog

Despite boasting both Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell on vocals plus the sleeper hit "Hunger Strike", this album barely registered
a blip on the grunge movement radar when compared to the likes of Nevermind, Ten and Dirt. Maybe being a one album project
was one reason this album is often forgotten by the music public.

In the middle of my melodic death metal phase I came across this album and couldn't believe I hadn't heard it sooner. When
discussing melodic metal bands, the usual suspects come to mind (DT, In Flames, At the Gates etc), however Eucharist released
Mirrorworlds and then snuck away without any fuss.
The Crash of `47

Another band I picked up during the latter nu-metal phase, I listened to this album today searching through an old playlist.
Songs like Mothra and Pencil Fight are solid slabs of heavy rock and show serious promise from a band who dissapeared into
0:12 Revolution in Just Listening
16 Ashes Divide
Keep Telling Myself It's Alright

A side project of Billy Howerdel from APC, Ashes Divide released one album in 2008 and then dissapeared. Most of the songs
retain a dark and gothic sound similar to Mer De Noms, minus the distinguishable voice of Maynard Keenan. Not half bad.
17Gordian Knot
Gordian Knot

This self titled debut from this progression jazz/metal fusion band was hardly a massive hit when you consider the insane
amount of talent on display; Ron Jarzombeck (watchtower), Sean Reinert (cynic) John Myung (dream theater) Sean Malone
(Cynic). After Cynic reformed this album became more recognised, and led to the follow up album Emergent. The songs River's
Dancing and Reflections are two of my fav instrumental tracks ever.
Everyone Into Position

Despite gaining a cult following in New Zealand, Supergroove never got much further than the international terminal of Auckland
Airport. Which is a real shame because this album was well ahead of it's time. Released in 1995, Supergroove mixed elements
of funk, ska and rock and songs like Cant Get Enough, Sitting Inside My Head are catchy as hell. I love the horns and trumpets
they use. So unique.
20LTJ Bukem
Logical Progression, Level 1

Placeholder for the album Earth
Rhythm And Stealth
Secret Samadhi

Channeling Faith No More, after the commercial success of Throwing Copper the band decided to throw a curveball and release
this dark and brooding album. Much like FNM did with Angel Dust, Live put their balls on the line and made an album for
themselves. Lakini's Juice, Freaks and Heropsychodreamer are ripping tracks.
23Pearl Jam
24Maylene and the Sons of Disaster

Saw these guys open for Dillinger a few years ago and they blew me away.
25The Apex Theory
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