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Most Inspiring Musicians

A list of musicians who have inspired me in the way I approach and play music. Be it playing guitar, drums, creating electronic samples or even writing lyrics these musicians have shaped the way I look at music. Some of these musicians need no introduction, some of them you probably won't have heard of.
1B.B King

One of, if not the most important influence on every other rock or blues guitarist including my own playing style.
2Louis Armstrong

Needs no introduction to jazz fans, but his influence reaches wider than just jazz. Anyone can appreciate the man's music.
3Bernard Hermann

Not a direct influence on my music, but more of an inspiration with his musical scores for motion pictures. His score for the Hitchcock movie Vertigo is probably the most memorable.
4Johnny Cash

The man in black is a strong influence on the way I look at lyrics and guitar playing
5Tony Iommi

One of rock and metal's godfathers who has influenced my approach to tuning and guitar playing.
6Jimmy Page

One of rock and metal's godfathers needs no introduction.
7David Gilmour

One of rock and metal's uncles, and progressive rock godfathers has influenced my guitar playing immensely.
8Mark Knopfler

Probably the single most influential figure in my guitar playing and songwriting. A legend.
9Robert Fripp

Another musician who's unique style has left me dumbfounded since first hearing King Crimson. An enigmatic genius
10George Harrison

Not as direct an influence as say Mark Knopfler, his guitar playing and songwriting is a more subtle influence. And the fact that his band rewrote the book on popular music.
11Neil Finn

A legend amongst men in pop rock music, and a national icon in New Zealand. Along with his brother Tim, Crowded House songs have been part of me since childhood.
12John Barry

The man behind James Bond music is one of the great movie songwriters ever. His theme for "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" is my fav movie theme ever.
13Jimmy Barnes

A national icon in Australia, Jimmy Barnes is one Aussie who every Kiwi loves. How can you not love a man who sings with a gravel voice of hard nights on the bourbon and winny blues. A working class musician for the working class man.

A real musical chameleon, Prince has influenced my guitar playing with tracks like The Cross, When Doves Cry and Purple Rain. Not just an influence on R&B music either
15Martin Gore

The mastermind behind Depeche Mode, his influence is more subtle but I appreciate his songwriting skills and guitar playing.
16Robert Smith

More of an influence with his guitar playing and songwriting than his weird make-up and hairstyles.
17Koji Kondo

The greatest video game musician of all time, his work on the Zelda series has had a profound influence on me.
18Mike Patton

Music's greatest chameleon, his lyrical content and delivery has inspired me on many occasions to write music.
19Josh Homme

A huge influence on the way I approach guitar tuning and guitar playing, his work with Kyuss is legendary and has made me re-think how I play the guitar.
20Steven Wilson

Porcupine Tree's main man is a polarising figure, and I sometimes want to hate him but I can't deny his influence on me. The man is a real musician in the truest sense of the word.
21Devin Townsend

Another polarising figure, you cannot deny Devin Townsend's ability to write emotional music even if it's sometimes pretentious. He is also a beast of a guitarist and quite under-rated as a guitarist.
22Rene Rutten

The Gathering's chief songwriter is one of the most under-rated guitarists out there. His unique use of the theremein and his progressive style has inspired me many times.
23James Iha

Former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist has influenced my fingerpicking and guitar solo's. Quite under-rated too.
24J Mascis

Dinosaur Jr guitarist and vocalist who pretty much influenced every post 1990 rock guitarist.
25Liam Howlett

Prodigy's mastermind who was making electronic music long before anyone had heard of Traktor or Ableton and before virtual dj's.
26Josh Davis

AKA DJ Shadow. Same as above, his unique use of samples to create music broke new ground for electronic music.
27Devin Abrams

NB: No this is not the "wrong" Devin. Devin Abrams is the musical brains behind New Zealand's finest band Shapeshifter, Devin Abrams is a true musician, pioneering the use of "live" instruments for an electronic band. He can also play the sax like a boss. Listen to the song "One" for proof.
28Danny Williamson

AKA LTJ Bukem. The pioneer of liquid drum n bass and electronic music who has had a big influence on my approach to electronic music.
29Ben Sharp

AKA Cloudkicker. The one-man musical genius behind Cloudkicker has changed the way I look at music in today's digital age. His blue-collar, self-sufficient attitude to music is quite rare in a world of false musicians
30Tosin Abasi

AKA Animals as Leaders, this man shouldn't need introducing by now. His guitaring has opened my eyes to a new style of guitaring, and a new breed of musician. The self-titled Animals as Leaders has been on repeat for 6 months and in time will become a future classic. Tempting Time indeed.
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