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Epics are the best kind of song in rock. In my opinion there are two kinds of "epics". First those long, classic songs full of great and complex instrumentation, but also those songs that are not necessarily long or complex, but that are full of feelings and a great atmosphere... those songs that takes you to "places". Both kinds of epics are awesome (and a song can fit in both categories). Here are some of my favorites and why I consider them as such.
1Aphrodite's Child

The Four Horsemen -

666 is a journey through the Book of Revelations and The Four Horsemen is easily the best moment on this journey, Demis Roussos haunting voice and one of the best psychedelic guitar solos create a unique experience.

Other awesome epics by the band: All the Seats Were Occupied
2The Beatles
Abbey Road

I Want You (She's So Heavy) -

Starting as a normal (but heavier) Beatles song, I Want You is something unique in their catalogue, the riff starts getting heavier, the atmospheres becomes more dense and dark and when you are already immersed in the distorded world that the riff creates, the song abruptly e.

Other awesome epics by the band: Revolution 9, Hey Jude
3Black Sabbath
Vol. 4

Wheels of Confusion/The Straightener -

An excellent bluesy intro then turns into a classic riff-paced Sabbath song, but what makes it such an special song is its solo: "The Straightener", a great bassline, a shredding guitar in one of Iommi's best solos and the most epic rythm ever made in a mellotron create a psychedelic atmosphere that you can't believe came out from the mind of the parents of metal.
4Black Sabbath

Megalomania -

By far one of the band's best songs, arguably their best lyrical work during the Ozzy-era and one of Ozzy's best vocal works. All together, every member of the band plays in a way that they really manage to transmit how it is to be in the mind of a mad, megalomaniac man.
5Black Sabbath
Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell -

A journey through everything that's good and bad, that's right and wrong, through the light and the dark, Heaven and Hell's t/t is as good as any song from the Ozzy-era and one of the finest works by the band. The best lyrics that Dio ever wrote, the best bassline Geezer played in years and Iommi's style going from calm, relaxing solos to some of his heaviest. A truly epic song.

Other awesome epics by the band: War Pigs, Hand of Doom, Fairies Wear Boots, Into the Void, Under the Sun/Every Day Comes and Goes, Dirty Women, The Sign of the Southern Cross, Over and Over, Born Again, God is Dead?, Dear Father
6Black Widow

Old Man -

An excellent ballad, some sweet vocals and instrumentation, as the song progresses the instruments start to appear, then, slowly, without any advice the song turns into one of the most blatant plagiarisms ever... and hell it sounds cool.

Other awesome epics by the band: Sacrifice
7Blue Oyster Cult
Secret Treaties

Astronomy -

In around 6 minutes, Astronomy goes from Hard Rock to Pop, to Prog, to Psychedelic. Bloom does an incredible work in the vocals and so does Buck Dharma on the guitar. In the end, at the climax of the song both do an excellent combination.

Other awesome epics by the band: Astronomy (Imaginos), Blue Öyster Cult
Never Turn Your Back on a Friend

Parents -

An awesome riff creates the intro for a beatiful ballad; Budgie are used to riff like gods but in this one is only about the feelings. Great drums and bass, a beautiful guitar and some heart-breaking vocals and lyrics. A masterpiece.
In for the Kill!

Zoom Club -

This is all about Tony Bourge's terrific guitar work, seriously.

Other awesome epics by the band: Breadfan, You're the Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk, Napoleon Bona-Part One/Napoleon Bona-Part Two, Hammer and Tongs

Never Let Go -

What a song!, it deserves being recognized as one of the band's best songs. A catchy bass and an awesome acoustic guitar. Bardens does a great work in the keys and provides the sweetest vocals in any song by Camel. Never Let Go closes with one of the best solos Latimer has ever done.

Lunar Sea -

One of the best instrumentals ever, in Lunar Sea both, Bardens and Latimer show that they are among the best musicians in prog, it may see as if they were in some kind of competition during this song, both giving their best, but at the same time it seems like the keys and the guitar blend together in one beautiful harmony.

Other awesome epics by the band: Arubaluba, Nimrodel/The Procession/The White Rider, Lady Fantasy
In the Land of Grey and Pink

Nine Feet Underground -

For some, Nine Feet Underground drags for too long, for me, it is a band that manages to keep a great rythm for more than 20 minutes and specially a guitar that manages to change its style a lot of time, being awesome everytime.

Other awesome epics by the band: Winter Wine, Can't Be Long Now/Françoise/For Richard/Warlock
13Casualties of Cool
Casualties of Cool

Moon -

It is incredible how a song can transport you, Moon (and the whole album) takes you to the a beautiful journey through the darkest parts of space. Great vocals and a haunting sax... just, perfect.

Other awesome epics by the band: Forgive Me, The Bridge

Reflections -

Changes creates one of the most impressive psychedelic trips I've seen, and Reflections is the best part of it. Anna Meeks has a beautiful voice, and the instrumentaion is great, specially the sax. One of the most immersive psychedelic experiences I've heard.

Other awesome epics by the band: Pretty much all of the 8 songs the band did while they existed
First Utterance

The Herald -

Comus is a weird band and First Utterance is a weird album, it sounds like the most beautiful and well-performed medieval satanic ritual you could imagine and it is a classic album. The Herald is different from the rest of the album, a ballad that creates again, a medieval atmosphere, but a peaceful one. Every instrument, plus the female vocals flow in a great harmony.

Other awesome epics by the band: Drip Drip
16Creedence Clearwater Revival
Cosmo's Factory

I Heard it Through the Grapevine -

It is difficult for a Roots Band to create an epic, however what Fogerty does with his voice and specially with his guitar in this cover is astonishing.

Other awesome epics by the band: Effigy
17Culpeper's Orchard
Culpeper's Orchard

Mountain Music Part 2 -

The best mix of 60's psychedelia and 70's hard rock, Culpeper's Orchard debut and specially the two parts of "Mountain Music" have some of the sweetest guitar solos you'll heard.

Other awesome epics by the band: Mountain Music Part 1, Gideon's Trap
18David Bowie

"Heroes" -

With the help of Fripp and Eno, Bowie creates one of hist best songs. The progression of the music, the passion in Bowie's voice and the excellent distortion of the guitar create a great atmosphere.

Other awesome epics by the artist: Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed/(Don't Sit Down), Station to Station
19Deep Purple
In Rock

Child in Time -

What's to say about Child in time?, probably it is the best example of an "epic" song and it is arguably one of the best songs in the history of popular music. The lyrics, how the song goes from a psychedelic ballad to the heaviest heavy metal, the solo and those f*cking screams by Gillan.
20Deep Purple

Fools -

Fools is probably the opposite of Child in Time, the first part of the song and its closing moments are heavy, and catchy but it is the mid section, with that peaceful atmosphere created by Lord what makes it such a special song, something totally different from the sound of one of the heaviest bands of the 70's.

Other awesome epics by the band: Anthem, April, Mistreated
21Derek and the Dominos
Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs

Layla -

Clapton's masterpiece, Layla has one of the best, most frenetic bluesy rythms ever made that without any advice turns into a sweet piano ballad on the second half of the song.

Other awesome epics by the band: Key to the Highway
22Diamond Head
Lightning to the Nations

Am I Evil? -

Awesome riff, awesome vocals by Harris (I don't know why some people think his vocals are annoying). Who wants some tapping?

Other awesome epics by the band: Helpless
The Last in Line

Egypt (The Chains are On) -

Just like he did in the past with Gates of Babylon, in "Egypt" we can find a great vocal performance in this middle-east themed song, plus a delicious guitar work by Vivian Campbell, one of the best guitarists of the 80's and some great atmospheric synthetizers.

Other awesome epics by the band: All the Fools Sailed Away
24Dire Straits
Love Over Gold

Telegraph Road -

Knopfler's classic fingerstyle playing is why some songs by Dire Straits have the sweetest rythms ever, the first half of Telegraph Road sounds like the "calm before the storm" with some sweet vocals and lyrics, then the storm comes in form of one of the best solos I've heard, seriously, Telegraph Road has one of the best guitar works I've ever seen.

Other awesome epics by the band: Tunnel of Love, It Never Rains
25The Doors
Strange Days

When the Music's Over -

Probably their best song, there are many climaxes in this one. One of the best performances by Morrison, at some points with epic screams and at other with a beautiful, subtle voice; Krieger also does an incredible, heavy work with his guitar and Manzarek does the same on the synths.
26The Doors
L.A. Woman

Riders on the Storm -

The effect of the rain and lightnings, Manzarek doing his best work emulating the rain too on the keys, and some of the sweetest subtle works both Morrison and Krieger did. Riders on the Storm is one of the best psychedelic ballads ever.

Other awesome epics by the band: The End
Hotel California

Hotel California -

Hotel California is an extremly inconcistent album that at some points is pretty boring but the opener, its t/t is one of the best songs to ever came out of the USA and deserve all the praise it gets. All of the members of the band create a beautiful harmony with the acoustic guitars and some sweet vocals that in the end converge in one of the most classic solos in rock.

Other awesome epics by the band: The Last Resort (is not THAT awesome, but I couldn't think of any other epic by them)
Hamburger Concerto

Birth -

One of my favorite instrumental songs ever, Birth features a great, almost perfect guitar and organ work, but what makes it so cool is by far the flute. If you don't think the flute is a cool instrument then you haven't seen how van Leer plays it

Other awesome epics by the band: Hamburger Concerto, Eruption, Answers? Questions! Questions? Answers!, Anonymus II
Selling England by the Pound

Firth of Fifth -

Banks does a superb work with that piano and as always, Gabriel's voice is sweet as hell and he creates a short but extremly beautiful flute solo, but what makes of Firth of Fifth the best song Genesis ever did is Hackett's solo... I love how u can hear how the guitar "sings" and "cries", one of the most emotional, epic solos I've heard.

Other awesome epics by the band: Dancing with the Moonlight Knight, The Cinema Show, The Lamia, The Colony of Slippermen, In the Cage, Supper's Ready
30Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven

Sleep -

Pretty much every song in GY!BE first albums and in their Slow Riot EP can be considered a classic epic and their albums can be considered as "one single, big as hell" epic song, however, if I had to pick one song by them that summarizes everything that good about them that would be Sleep. The progression of the guitars and the violins, how the drumming gets faster, the guitar turns into a distorded sound... at first it may sound like a chaos that drags for too long but when you listen to it on the right mood, you'll notice that Sleep, and GY!BE are as epic as music can be

Other awesome epics by the band: Everything on their first two albums and in Slow Riot
31Grand Funk Railroad
E Pluribus Funk

Loneliness -

Most songs by Grand Funk are just normal (but extremly well performed) hard rock from the 70's, however, they proved in their longer songs that they were among the best epic makers ever; Loneliness is the best example of that. Farner's voice is almost perfect, but with that "live" touch that adds even more emotion to his voices, the guitar is also perfect, the fast-paced drumming and bass lines are outstanding and the orchestra helps to give the song an even more "epic" sound. One of the best epics of the 70's on the same league as Child in Time.

Other awesome epics by the band: Creepin', The Railroad, I'm Your Captain (Closer to Home)
32Guns N' Roses
Use Your Illusion I

November Rain -

Axl is a douche and his live voice has always been terrible but in the studio his voice sounds great, and even though saying that Slash is the best guitarist ever is pretty stupid, it is also true that he is extremly talented. November Rain is one of the most "mainstream" songs in here and as a GnR song it may get a lot of hate in Sputnik, however for me, it is undeniable that Axl voice sounds beautiful, that all the band play in great harmony to create a beautiful ballad and that Slash's guitar work is full of feelings.

Other awesome epics by the band: Coma, Estranded, Locomotive

Harmonium -

A weird pick for a "favorite Harmonium epic" (since 90% of their songs are 5/5 epics), their eponymous song is a beautiful ballad, with a sweet acoustic guitar and a great bassline, as in any song by these guys the vocals are great too. What makes of this such a cool song and a great epic is the second half of the song... the choral harmonies, the sax it is one of the most beautiful moments in prog history for me.

Other awesome epics by the band: Depuis l'Automne, Histoire Sans Paroles, Comme un Fou, Chanson Noire, Le Premier Ciel, l'Exil, Le corridor/Les Premières Lumières, Lumières de Vie, Comme un Sage, Aujourd'hui, Je Dis Bonjour À La Vie, Vieilles Courroies, Un Musicien Parmi Tant d'Autres
Warrior on the Edge of Time

Assault and Battery (Part 1)/The Golden Void (Part 2) -

Catchy vocals, a great instrumentation, specially the bass by Lemmy (yes, THAT Lemmy), a great synth work and specially the flute in Assault and Battery and the sax in The Golden Void. Hawkwind created one of the best space rock songs ever.

Other awesome epics by the band: Magnu, You'd Better Believe it
35Iron Maiden
The Number of the Beast

Hallowed be thy Name -

One of the most classic epics in heavy metal, Hallowed be thy Name has everything that a Maiden song needs, a galloping bass, some excellent solos and probably Dickinson's best work, there's not a lot to say about this song, you all know that it rules.

Other awesome epics by the band: Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Alexander the Great, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, Fear of the Dark, Dance of Death, Paschendale, Satellite 15... The Final Frontier
36Los Jaivas
Alturas de Machu Picchu

La Poderosa Muerte -

The piano, the flutes, the powerful drumming... everything in La Poderosa Muerte (The Mighty Death) is beautiful, one of the best epics in prog, the song takes to you to the Andes with some haunting vocals in a beautiful folk/psychedelic trip, the last 2:30 minutes are what I like to call an "ecstasy".

Other awesome epics by the band: Mira Niñita, Tarka y Ocarina: Diablada - Trote - Kotaiki, Corre que te Pillo, Arauco Tiene una Pena, El Gavilan
37Jane's Addiction
Ritual De Lo Habitual

Three Days -

An alt rock 90's epic, now that's something difficult to find, however, Three Days is an excellent example of one that's well done. Avery does an awesome work on the bass and goes from heavy riffing to psychedelic rythms with his guitar. The highest point in the song are Farrell's vocals, by far his best work.

Other awesome epics by the band: Then She Did..., Of Course, Ted Just Admit it...
38Jethro Tull

My God -

Some of the band's best lyrics and one of Anderson's best vocal performances (and probably his best flute solo), also a great piano from Evan and an excellent riffing guitar from Barre. One of the band's best songs.

Other awesome epics by the band: Aqualung, Thick as a Brick Part 1, Thick as a Brick Part 2, A Passion Play Part 1, A Passion Play Part 2
39Judas Priest
Sad Wings of Destiny

Victim of Changes -

While the bass and the drums are relative simple, the guitar work by Tipton and Downing is awesome but the highest point of the song are Halford's vocals, his best work (and the best song by the band) he reached some INSANE notes, low and high-pitched ones.

Other awesome epics by the band: Dreamer Deceiver, Beyond the Realms of Death
40King Crimson

Starless -

No description needed, one of the best songs ever, you've all heard it before and you all know it is a classic.

Other awesome epics by the band: 21st Century Schizoid Man, Epitaph, In the Court of the Crimson King, Red, Fallen Angel, One More Red Nightmare, Larks' Tongues in Aspic pt 1, Larks' Tongues in Aspic pt 2
41Led Zeppelin

Achilles Last Stand -

Their best song, more than 10 minutes of an epic fast-paced drumming, a galloping bass and one of Page's best solos create a complex, impressive instrumentation, the lyrics and the vocals by Plant are also incredible and among their best. One hell of a song.

Other awesome epics by the band: Stairway to Haven, No Quarter, Kashmir, In My Time of Dying, Since I've Been Loving You, Dazed and Confused, Tea For One
42Lucifer's Friend

Spanish Galleon -

Everything in Spanish Galleon is perfect, an epic mix of prog, funk, jazz and hard rock. The guitars are awesome, the vocals are great and catchy, the sax is insane and the closing keys are superb. The song goes from catchy atmospheres to a calm jazz-fusion solo and then goes back to a party style without losing cohesiveness. Perfect song.

Other awesome epics by the band: Sorrow
43Lynyrd Skynyrd
Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd

Free Bird -

Another classic song that may be victim of its own popularity. Even though Lynyrd Skynyrd represents everything I hate from the USA the song is beautiful and the solo is perfect... more than perfect. Period.

Other awesome epics by the band: Tuesday's Gone, Simple Man
Ride the Lightning

Fade to Black -

One of Hetfield's best vocals works (it is not like he has many "good" vocal works, but still) and one of the band's best solos, it is incredible that Metallica managed to create such a popular and way more softer song and still managing to be the kings of thrash (until Load happened)

Other awesome epics by the band: One, ...And Justice for All
45Mike Oldfield
Tubular Bells

Tubular Bells, Part One -

That Excorcist intro that you can't get out of your head flows into a song that varies between heavy and softer moments and that finds its climax in the final minutes with every instrument bein announced individually; one of the best climaxes in a song, ever.

Other awesome epics by the artist: Tubular Bells Part Two, Ommadawn Part One, Ommadawn Part Two, Hergest Ridge Part One, Hergest Ridge Part Two, Crises
46The Moody Blues
Days of Future Passed

THE NIGHT: Nights in White Satin -

Hayward's vocals are extremly beautiful in here, heart-breaking, the instrumentation is beautiful, the orchestra is gorgeous and the poem add even more emotion to the song. The first prog ballad ever is also one of the best.

Other awesome epics by the band: Om, Legend of a Mind, THE AFTERNOON: Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?)
Hair of the Dog

Please Don't Judas Me -

One of the best psychedelic songs ever comes from a heavy metal band. Please Don't Judas Me is like a 10 minutes version of Planet Caravan with some great, haunting vocals, an excellent acoustic guitar, an awesome distorded electric guitar and one of the best percussions in a psychedelic song.

Other awesome epics by the band: No Mean City (Parts 1& 2)
48Nina Simone
Pastel Blues

Sinnerman -

Nina took some epic lyrics about sin and forgiveness and created a 10 minute version that is now a classic. A soft but fast-paced instrumentation and cool backing vocals are a great background for an epic vocal performance. Nina wasn't an excellent singer but she sure did know how to transmit feelings, Sinnerman is the biggest example of that.

Other awesome epics by the artist: Wild is the Wind
49Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here

Shine on you Crazy Diamond Parts I-V -

How to describe what seems to be the best song by Pink Floyd? Everything in here is about the feelings, beautiful lyrics and every member trying (and achieving) to transmit their feelings towards Syd. There isn't a lot to be described in here, you just need to feel it by listening to it
50Pink Floyd

Echoes -

A complex, psychedelic journey right here, Echoes is one of the band's darkest and most epic songs. The great vocals and the perfect way in which every member of the band play their instruments is impressive will take you to a beautiful world. Close your eyes and start listening to it and without noticing it you'll be in a different place, a dark but beautiful place.
51Pink Floyd
The Division Bell

High Hopes -

Even now that The Endless River exists, I still like to think of High Hopes as PF's last song, a perfect one, on the same level as any song from their classic era. Beautiful lyrics that makes us remember the better years of the band, when every member collaborated into the music. An acoustic guitar and a beautiful piano, along with one of Gilmour's best vocal work will lead us to one of the band's best and most meaningul solos. The perfect way to end a legacy.

Other awesome epics by the band: Time, Money, Us and Them, Sheep, Pigs (Three Different Ones), Dogs, Shine on you Crazy Diamond Parts VI-X, Comfortably Numb, The Gunner's Dream, Sorrow, Keep Talking, Louder Than Words, A Saucerful of Secrets
52Porcupine Tree
The Sky Moves Sideways

The Sky Moves Sideways (Part One) -

In here we can find an excellent blend of 70's prog and 90's electronic elements, both styles flow extremly well together, creating a song that has many climaxes on it, specially the flute part around 12:50. Porcupine's Tree best song and an excellent epic.

Other awesome epics by the band: Anesthetize, Russia on Ice, Arriving Somewhere But Not Here, Moonloop, The Sky Moves Sideways (Part Two)
53Premiata Forneria Marconi
Per un amico

Appena Un Pò -

As I said before, many epics will take you to different places, in this case, Appena un Po takes us to the mediterrean. How well the italian band manages to play acoustic instruments in a way that they transmit that "warm" mediterrean atmosphere is astonishing but the heavy electric guitar or the beautiful synths manage to be part of the song without destroying its atmosphere is even more impressive.

Other awesome epics by the band: Grazzie Davvero, Il Banchetto, La Terra Dell'Acqua, Il Sogno di Leonardo, Visioni di Archimede
A Night at the Opera

The Prophet's Song -

A truly epic song, Queen were known for their choral harmonies but the way they do it in here, plus the way the instruments sound like if they were playing orchestral arrangements is just out of this world. One of their most underrated songs, deserves as much love as Bohemian Rhapsody.

Innuendo -

Lyrically and musically speaking, this has to be their best work. You can feel the emotion in Mercury's voice demanding for answers to God, the flamenco solo by Steve Howe is insane and May and Dalton play as heavy as in the old days of the band. Queen's pinnacle.

Other awesome epics by the band: Who Wants to Live Forever, Bohemian Rhapsody, The Show Must Go On, The March of the Black Queen, Father to Son

Tarot Woman -

Blackmore and Dio knew how to create an epic and that exactly that they did during the second half of the 70's. Tarot Woman has arguably the best synth work I've heard, an extremly atmospheric one, epic drumming by powell, a great solo and one of Dio's finest (and catchiest) vocal works.

Stargazer -

The archetype of an epic. The lyrics, the riff, the drumming, the bassline, the solo, the vocals, everything in here will take you to a world of magic (duh, it's Dio we are talking, remember?) Just like Child in Time, one of the best songs ever. The orchestral arrangements are the most epics I've heard in a song.

Other awesome epics by the band: Gates of Babylon, A Light in the Black, Catch the Rainbow, Rainbow Eyes, Eyes of the World
Ashes Are Burning

Ashes are Burning -

Annie Haslam is the best female vocalist ever, her voice is just perfect and she proves it in Ashes are Burning's t/t. We can also listen to a powerful bassline and piano in here that flow extremly well with Haslam's voice. The solo by Wishbone Ash's mastermind, Andy Powell is also one of the best ever.
Turn of the Cards

Mother Russia -

"Red blood, white snow, he knows frozen rivers won't flow, so cold, so true, Mother Russia he cries for you". Mother Russia is a beautiful tribute to Solzhenitsyn with some gorgeous lyrics and orchestral arrangements that will take you straight to the cold of the communist USSR. P.S: Haslam's voice is also perfect in this one.

Other awesome epics by the band: A Trip to the Fair, Can you Understand?, Song of Scheherazade

La Villa Strangiato (An Excercise in Self-Indulgence) -

Probably the popular example of an instrumental epic. La Villa Strangiato is extremly well performed, the bass, the guitar and the drums, all of them play together in a complex yet very harmonious way.

Other awesome epics by the band: 2112, Xanadu, Cygnus X-1 Book I: The Voyage, Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres, Natural Science, The Camera Eye
Fly to the Rainbow

Fly to the Rainbow -

The acoustic guitar solo, the awesome fast-paced drumming, the epic guitar riff in the closing minutes, the beautiful poem... Scorpions was a totally different band back when Uli Jon Roth was with them. One of the best psychedelic epics ever, and one of the best songs in rock.
Love At First Sting

Still Loving You -

At first, Still Loving You is just another cheesy, but classic, 80's ballad but that's not how I feel about it, Every time I listen to the lyrics instead of a man and a woman I see East and West Germany back in the cold war, like one of the greatest analogies ever, it sounds like a beautiful peace anthem begging for a reunification. The way that every member plays, the vocals, etc... you can feel what they're feeling.

Other awesome epics by the band: Lonesome Crow, Holiday, Drifting Sun, We'll Burn the Sky, Born to Touch your Feelings
63Sigur Ros
Agaetis Byrjun

Svefn-g-Englar -

You don't need a complex instrumentation to create an epic. The calm, the vocals, the instruments, everything plays in a wonderful way in here, a relaxing song that takes you to a warmer, better place.

Other awesome epics by the band: Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása, Olsen Olsen, Álafoss, Dauðalagið
64Steve Hackett
Voyage of the Acolyte

Shadow of the Hierophant -

Along with Firth of Fift this has to be Hackett's best work, the gorgeous vocals by Sally Oldfield, the beautiful chords of the guitar and that epic climax with the synthetizer. Shadow of the Hierophant is another excellent example of how epics should be.

Other awesome epics by the artist: Star of Sirius, Tigermoth
65Steven Wilson
The Raven That Refused to Sing

Luminol -

Some people see him as just a copycat of 70's prog but for me Luminol is an excellent tribute of a classic 70's prog epic. Everything is well-polished, every instrument is well executed. An awesome song.

Other awesome epics by the artist: Drive Home, The Holy Drinker
Hero and Heroine

Autumn -

Starting with a dark atmosphere, with a great bass and a cool synthetizer, Autumn then becomes and excellent acoustic ballad and ends up being a gorgeous pop-rock song. It is incredible to see how the style of the song varies and how it manages to keep its quality in every moment.

Other awesome epics by the band: Tears and Pavan
Crime of the Century

Crime of the Century -

Crime of the Century's t/t is the prove that Supertramp can be as serious as the most typical prog band, full of feelings and extremly well executed instruments; Crime of the Century only lasts for 5:30 minutes but it is a better example of an epic than 90% of the songs out there. The best climax for one of the best albums in prog.
Crisis? What Crisis?

Another Man's Woman -

Another Man's Woman starts as a normal Supertramp song, catchy and pretty good, but nothing that "epic" on it, however in the mid section appears an excellent jazzy piano solo that converges in a great climax in the last part of the song and that's better than many other songs that are "full" epics.
Even In the Quietest Moments

Fool's Overture -

Fool's Overture is divided in many sections: Pianos, speeches, etc, there isn that much of a "connection" between ever part of the song but still flows extremly well. Hodgson's high-pitched voice transmit some beautiful notes in here and that short (very short) but so beautiful sax solo is an excellent climax. Another great epic by the fools of prog.

Other awesome epics by the band: Child of Vision, Hide in Your Shell, Rudy, Asylum
It'll All Work Out in Boomland

Morning -

Morning lasts for more than 20 minutes, but it doesn't drags, it manages to change its style many time, from vocal parts to others that are more instrumental oriented. That climax around 13:25 is just soooo good.

Other awesome epics by the band: In Circles, No More White Horses
El Patio

Abre la Puerta -

A beautiful mix of flamengo and progressive rock. The acoustic guitar is insane, those spanish touches here and there create an excellent vibe and that incredible guitar solo at the end is just AWESOME

Other awesome epics by the band: Sé de un Lugar
Lights Out

Love to Love -

A great power ballad, awesome vocals and great, heavy instrumentation. The solo at the end is short but so powerful, specially with the orchestra in the background.

Other awesome epics by the band: Rock Bottom
73Uriah Heep

Salisbury -

The orchestra, Box's guitar, the bass, the organ, and of course, Byron's vocals. Salisbury is another song that should be in the olympus of "epics" the song is full of incredible moments that can't be described, you must listen to them.
74Uriah Heep
Demons and Wizards

Why -


Other awesome epics by the band: July Morning, Gypsy, Pilgrim, The Magician's Birthday, Paradise/The Spell, Circle of Hands.
75Van der Graaf Generator

Arrow -

That twisted instrumentation, the weird but awesome sound of the sax and Peter Hamill's vocals. This is what madness sounds like.

Other awesome epics by the band: The Undercover Man, The Sleepwalkers, A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers
1492: Conquest of Paradise

Conquest of Paradise -

Probably one of the most epic film songs ever, Vangelis manages to create one of the most epic anthems in film history with those choral and orchestral arrangements.

Other awesome epics by the artist: Titles (From Chariots of Fire), Rêve, Flamant Roses
77The Web
i spider

I Spider -

Just like Van der Graaf Generator, The Web manages to create a world of madness and dellusion with their songs. i spider's t/t is the perfect example: How those detuned vocals play along with the simple guitar chords is just amazing

Other awesome epics by the band: Concerto for Bedsprings
78The Who

Love Reign O'er Me -

The beautiful piano intro, those synthetizers, the excellent drumming and guitar work and Daltrey's best vocal work ever make of this an excellent song. Roger's voice in here is tear-jerking, sometimes detuned, but that only adds more passion to the vibe.

Other awesome epics by the band: Won't Get Fooled Again, Who Are You, Doctor Jimmy
Close to the Edge

Close to the Edge -

The intro, Anderson's screams everything is awesome in here. One of the classic songs in the history of prog, Close to the Edge is a very polished, very well performed prog epic and one of the greatest instrumentally speaking.

Machine Messiah -

Probably my favorite song by Yes even if it wasn't realeased with their classic line-up. I love the heavy riff and how the synth gets in the middle of it (one of my favorite moments in music). Horn and Downes aren't Anderson and Wakeman but, at least in this song, they sound just as good as them.

Other awesome epics by the band: Starship Trooper, Roundabout, Siberian Khatru, Into the Lens, Turn of the Century, The Gates of Delirium, Sound Chaser, To Be Over
81Yezda Urfa

Boris and His 3 Verses Including Flow Guides Aren't My Bag -

In the 70's there were many, many, MANY, Yes wannabes but Yezda Urfa were probably the only ones that managed to keep the same quality of Yes, at least on Boris. The album opener has some great vocals, like Jon Anderson but with a female voice (even though Rick Rodenbaugh is a man) and some of the best synth work I've seen during the whole song.

Other awesome epics by the band: 3 Almost 4 6 Yea, Tuta In The Moya & Tyreczimmage
82Yonin Bayashi

Ishoku-Sokuhatsu -

This band is a mix of Pink Floyd, The Doors, and Deep Purple, which means they're awesome. The t/t of Ishoku-Sokuhatsu is their best song, a mix of heavy psychedelia and a prog atmosphere with some excellent moments and of course: IN JAPANESE.

Other awesome epics by the band: Omatsuri
Maggot Brain

Maggot Brain -

Maggot Brain is just a solo, an 11 minutes solo, full of emotion and extremly well performed. Eddie Hazel and his guitar, creating a beautiful composition. This one isn't a funk song, but it isn't prog or psychedelic either. Maggot Brain deserves a category on its own.

Other awesome epics by the band: Wars of Armageddon
84The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Electric Ladyland

*Voodoo Chile -

Not a single second was boring when Jimi was in the guitar, that means that this songs that lasts for more than 14 minutes is perfect, every note played on that guitar is just top-notch psychedelic rock.

Other awesome epics by the band: Moon Turn The Tides... Gently Gently Away, 3rd Stone From the Sun

*Couldn't find a video of the 14 min studio version, so the link is for Slight Return
85Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Trilogy -

I'm not a big fan of ELP, too much wankery, however in Trilogy's t/t they just sound perfect, some sweet vocals and one of the best works by Emerson.

Other awesome epics by the band: Tarkus
The Mantle

In the Shadow of Our Great Companion -

I really don't like death growls, but Agalloch does it in an excellent way. The Mantle is an album that takes to to a colder place with its beautiful acoustic harmonies and vocals. In the Shadow of Our Pale Companion is probably (among all of the great epics in the album) the one that represents the most the sound of the band.

Other awesome epics by the band: Odal, You were But a Ghost in My Arms, The Hawthorne Passage
87Jean Michel Jarre

Oxygène Part II -

As one of the founders of electronic music, Jarre's magnus opus creates a beautiful and relaxing, spacey atmosphere. A true visionary and one of the masters of the synthetizers, the second part of Oxygene is the one that better represents his work

Other awesome epics by the artist: Oxygène Part I, Oxygène Part V, Équinoxe Part 7
Dream, After Dream

Destiny -

For those who don't remember, Journey used to be a prog band before Perry joined to them but they were just "decent" however, when Perry was already among them, they went back to their roots just for one time, and they did a great work. In Destiny we can see Perry at his best, with some great ambiental synthetizers a nice rythmic guitar and an awesome bassline in the second half of the song

Other awesome epics by the band: Sandcastles

Magnus Opus -

Kansas is a pretty good pop-prog band and Leftoverture was an awesome album. In Mangnus Opus we can see a more mature Kansas, with some heavy synthetizers and heavy riffing, the song takes influences from Yes and ELP and the result is great.

Other awesome epics by the band: Hopelessly Human
90Jose Cid
10,000 Anos Depois Entre Venus E Marte

Fuga Para o Espaço -

A beautiful piano, some great synthetizers and beautiful vocals in portuguese, what Jose Cid does in this song is at the same level as any big prog band.

Other awesome epics by the artist: Mellotron o Planeta Fantástico
91Mahavishnu Orchestra
The Inner Mounting Flame

Meeting of the Spirits -

A heavy guitar and a heavy violin dominate the first half of the song, some impressive guitar playing right there, on the second half an organ joins to the party in a more calmed way but still maintaining the heavy atmosphere of this distorded jazz-fusion masterpiece.

Other awesome epics by the band: The Dance of Maya, One Word
92Frank Zappa
Hot Rats

The Gumbo Variations -

The first half of the song features an insane sax solo while the second one sound like a battle between the guitar and the violin, Zappa is an excellent composer he makes the instruments sound like if they were fightining and dancing.

Other awesome epics by the artist: Willie the Pimp, Stink Foot, Packard Goose
93Talk Talk
Laughing Stock

New Grass -

Hollis voice sounds so sweet on this one, and the rythm of the guitar is so beautiful and calmed, there's also that subtle piano that helps to create an even more immersive atmosphere. The best song of the album.

Other awesome epics by the band: After the Flood, Eden
94Gentle Giant
In a Glass House

In a Glass House -

I'm not a big fan of Gentle Giant but In a Glass House's t/t is great, a great guitar, some awesome detuned vocals and the awesome acoustic rythm that leads on the first half of the song. P.S: That weird, sorpresive ending rules.

Other awesome epics by the band: Plain Truth
95Diablo Swing Orchestra
Pandora's Pinata

Justice for Saint Mary -

It is difficult to describe DSO's sound, it is a mix of medieval music, metal, swing and jazz, they sound extremly funny but in Justice for Saint Mary they create a beautiful acoustic ballad that in the end becomes an extremly heavy song. A weird, but great and fresh listen.

Other awesome epics by the band: I've only listened to this album, so I don't know to be honest
96Boards of Canada
Hi Scores

Everything You Do is a Balloon -

Seven minutes of an ambiental song, there isn't much to say about its sound since it is pretty simple, but it creates an awesome atmosphere, pretty relaxing.

Other awesome epics by the band: An Eagle in Your Mind
Marquee Moon

Torn Curtain -

Here we have a beautiful piece, the piano, the chorus and Verlaine's terrible vocals are filled with emotions. The solo is one of the best I've heard. Television went for something beyond Post-Punk.

Other awesome epics by the band: Marquee Moon
98The Residents

The Festival of Death -

The Residents are among the most weird bands ever, you just can describe their sound. Fesitavl of Death takes you to some kind of weird ritual in the middle of the artctic and it will realy scare you while you are there.

Other awesome epics by the band: Part One Edweena, N-ER-GEE (Crisis Blues)
...Nothing Like the Sun

They Dance Alone (Cueca Solo) -

Still does a beautiful work in this tribute to the victims of the dictatorships in Chile and Argentina, he tries to transmit the feelings of those who lost their families, and with some great lyrics and a gorgeous harmony, he did it.

Other awesome epics by the artist: When the Angels Fall
100Gary Moore
Still Got The Blues

Still Got the Blues -

A beautiful song, you can feel Moore's guitar "crying" in here. One of my favorites blues ballads even if it is a very popular one.

Other awesome epics by the artist: As the Years Go Passing By
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