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Noctus' Favourite Albums Of All Time!! :]

hi guys!! :] this is my in-no-order favorite albums of all time, and why!! feel free to comment! [:
Marrow of the Spirit

coming as no surprise to just about anyone, this has to be here, as well as every other agalloch album.
there are a lot of
things about this album i adore, the way it takes every aspect of what they've done previously into a multi-
dimensional and
cohesive whole for one. there are a few things about this album i don't like, the recording quality perhaps
and the way
some things are out of time (i don't buy the 'different sense of time' shit they stated in an interview) but
overall it's just a
monumental album for me. besides, i'm noctus!! :]
Ashes Against The Grain

this album is a monument in my musical growth. as soon as this came out i found it and it eventually
turned me onto
everything i love today. before this album black metal was my be-all and end-all and this just changed
what i listen to and
most importantly, how i listen to it. as it stands it's no better than any other agalloch album, but the
impact it has had on
me will always outweigh anything else i find in music. there are a few things i don't like about this album
again, the
production perhaps being the biggest gripe, but honestly, both of these agalloch albums say a lot in just
how i have grown.
nothing can ruin that. :]
The Mantle

tired of agalloch? not me. every agalloch album stands for a different part of just how i've evolved in terms
of music and how i
have as a person and in many ways i think agalloch are evolving at the exact same rate as i am. there's
so much about this
album that will never ever be replaced or reproduced to any similar level, and even agalloch know that,
and it just goes to
show just how much of an impact it had on the musical scene surrounding it. [:
Pale Folklore

last agalloch album i swear (considering there isn't another one after this) but there's so many things
about this album that
just defy belief for me. for one, how did they go from releasing a fairly good demo to releasing an
absolute masterpiece in just
2 years? this is the quintessential album of its kind for me, nothing will ever match it in terms of
atmosphere, aesthetic and
tone. the warm, oaken tone that this album resonates with is just impossible to recreate by anyone, it
almost stands as a
testament to the time it was recorded. :]

you can go ahead and read my review for this, it explains everything. :]
The Maniacal Vale

yes, perhaps their first two albums are more crushing and bleak and perhaps monumental (and i adore
them for that, just
about as much as this album) but there's something about this album that is so encompassing to me. i
have always adored
warm yet bleak atmospheres and this just nails it, and at the same time conjoin it with cosmic, spacey
tones. a warm, cosmic
journey through everything instrumentally that esoteric are brilliant for, never stepping out of line, every
moment being perfect,
for me it's a truly amazing album. it's the perfect balance of everything i look for in music. :]
7Estatic Fear
Somnium Obmutum

as far as folk/doom goes, this is all you will ever need. not only that but the mix of neoclassical just
sweetens everything, the
melodies here are amazing and the diversity of this album is incredible. the atmosphere is just timeless
and all-encompassing,
totally washing you over and making you forget everything around you. it taught me a lot musically too.
their next album was
superb too, but nothing will ever truly take over the scope and execution of this album that can only be
described as a true
anomaly. [:
8God Is An Astronaut
All Is Violent, All Is Bright

this is another example of the impact of the album meaning more to me than the actual quality of the
album. this is their best
album, no doubt, but there's a LOT better post-rock out there. but over the years i cannot help but revisit
this and just be so
grateful for what it opened me up to, how much it inspired me. say what you like about it, but it truly is
one of a kind, no post-
rock band has created a similar atmosphere as effectively, and they truly are doing their own thing. over
the past 5 years or so
it's been an album that has been played over and over again and where i've moved onto better things, i
can only thank this
album for how it helped me evolve. :]
9Godspeed You! Black Emperor

to this day this remains to be the quintessential post-rock album in my opinion. it might be one of the
most profound albums
i've ever heard, if not the most profound. the melodies are simple, the guitarwork is basic, but this is
exactly why it's such a
striking album - it only relies on the atmosphere to drive the album forward, and this is all godspeed
needs to send an entire
room into shivers. there is intricacy to this album, but it's in the execution and structuring, the sounds as
opposed to the
instrumentation, it's a journey as opposed to an album and that's been an absolutely irreplaceable
influence on everything i
stand for in music today. [:
Oath Bound

this was the first cd i ever bought myself, and it was a choice between that and a nightwish cd. believe it or
not, at the
enlightened age of 12/13, i was tempted to get the nightwish cd. it's a good thing i took a leap of faith or
who knows where i
would have ended up today, because this is perhaps the most life-changing album i've had in terms of my
musical growth. i still
like it today, but it had to be included just due to its influence and how it taught me a lot of things about
my composing style. :]

many might ask why i prefer this over the debut, or hell, even over their latest album. the answer being, i
don't know. it was
pretty recently that this album just clicked in a way that overshadows the other albums, and i thought it
was damn superb
before - now it stands as my quintessential post-metal record. this album just executes it perfectly and it's
perhaps one of the
most reflective and self-empowering experiences i've ever had the pleasure of having. [:
12Shape of Despair
Angels of Distress

perhaps my favourite album that dabbles in symphonics apart from summoning, this was my first doom
metal record and
remains to be one of the most played cds in my collection. the way these songs flow and absorb you far
outdo their other
records and it's like just for one fleeting moment they just struck gold. :]
13Black Wreath
A Pyre of Lost Dreams

i know that i've got a lot of shit for this, but hear me out. i in no way claim this to be 'the best funeral
doom album'. my favourite
=/= the best. but i just hear something in this atmosphere that i cannot forget, nor replace, and i totally
understand if you don't
feel it, no arguments here. but for me, i see it as something truly special, and i'm sure you adore albums
other find mediocre,
right? :]
Sub Templum

more doom, but of a totally different branch. as far as crushing drone/doom goes, this is the best i've
heard. just about
everything here is aesthetically perfect - the vocals, the production, the tone, the drums (something about
the drums just
totally blows me away and i've no idea what), the everything. i'm really hoping that moss can do another
album as good as this
one, their last ep was really impressive so here's hoping. [:
You Are There

yeah yeah, mono are gay, but then so am i! here however is the perfect marriage of classic post-rock and
the soul-stirring
orchestral arrangements for when the overwhelming orchestra of the next album isn't quite the par. the
absolutely striking and
infectious melodies are damn powerful and mono know just what makes this album shine, and accentuate
it time and time again
here. yes, every song is very similar, moreso in their next album - but this band knows what makes them
so good and exercises
it to their own merits. can't blame them for that, especially when the results are this spectacular. :]
16Kayo Dot
Choirs of the Eye

sometimes i thought that avant-garde was a genre of music to be appreciated as opposed to absorbed
and loved. yes, this was
stupid, but this album was the testament to just how stupid a statement that was. this album is as
evocative as it is
adventurous and takes everything that toby driver has done and packages it into one immersive and
quintessential experience
that is essential to any music fan. [:
17Wolves in the Throne Room
Two Hunters

there's a lot i have to say about this album but i'll try and keep it short. for one i'm surprised that it
spawned so many copies
that are just annoyingly repetitive because this album is the absolute opposite of repetitive, every song is
startlingly different
which makes me wonder where the 'repetitive' comparisons come from. this album has such an earthy tone
and where this
band is at times arrogant and stuck-up, i can't deny that this time they really did something that lived up
to their own words.
this album is powerful, unique (if you don't include the hundreds of shitty copies it spawned) and evocative
in a way that no
super deep person insisting on having a deep connection with nature will ever be able to match. that's not
to say it's the best
nature-inspired album, it's not - but it's among them. :]
V: Havitetty

this isn't often hailed as the best moonsorrow album, but this is the album where they threw out absolutely
everything that
their peers did, the bands they constantly got compared to and just totally focused on the stuff that made
them stand apart
which was the sheer scope and power of their music. two half-hour tracks, no party-pagan-folk nonsense,
just pure emotional
expression brilliantly put together into the best album that's considered 'viking metal'. calling this album
viking metal or folk
metal is a disservice, it's a perfectly written opus that occasionally dabbles in folk here and there but
mainly focuses on the
oppressive and apocalyptic tones and atmospheres that takes their party-pagan past and burns it to
ashes. [:
Dark Space III

i love space, i love black metal. but no one has made quite an absorbing album as this one. to me it totally
blows anything
paysage d'hiver has done, and ever since finding it at the humble age of 14/15 or so, it has never left me -
and never will.
perhaps one of my favourite black metal records, it's a hypnotic masterwork. :]
Hvis Lyset Tar Oss

the best burzum album and the best second-wave black metal album, and perhaps one of the most
influential albums i've ever
listened to. i first heard a song from this when i was 12 and i knew immediately that it encompassed
something far better and
more immersive than the quite frankly mallcore stuff i was listening to at the time and even today i listen
and realize just why
this album is as brilliant as it is. a truly timeless work, it's a shame varg is such a uhh... character. [:
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