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A Spiritual Restrospective:One Year On Sputnik

My official one year on Sputnik (as TheIndomitableSpirit/TheSpirit) passed a few days ago, here are some bands/users that have made my time worthwhile.
1Dernier Martyr

A really awesome Russian blackgaze/post-black metal and that so far has only contributed 3 tracks to a split album entitled The Plague Of Our Lands. Surprisingly upbeat stuff, imagine the overall structure of black metal with jangly clean guitar riffs.

My musical soulmate

Crazy good French black metal band. Started out more or less as traditional BM but with subsequent albums began to incorporate more of a technical edge to their music. For a small, yet amazing dose of their music check out the 'Black Drop Journey' EP.
4Dir Yassin

An Israeli hardcore/thrashcore band. Although it's EXTREMELY difficult to find any of their separate releases, they have a compilation called 'Discography' that contains all their material.

Drastus is the one man solo project of the CYT/Cythrawl guitarist (who is also named Drastus. Their earlier albums contained some pretty aggressive black metal but their latest EP 'Serpent's Chalice - Materia Prima' saw the band adopt more of a blackened death metal sound.

A man with a great wealth of knowledge; a consistently excellent writer, Crysis's reviews are not only informative, concise and reader friendly, but also really great for anyone is trying to learn how to write class A reviews. Always a man of impeccable taste, Crysis is easily one of the sites best users.
7Final + Fears Fall Burning

Ambient with a metal edge; no vocals, no drumming just guitar based ambient with emphasis on guitar and DISTORTION.
8Black Swan

Amazing, amazing, AMAZING ambient and their 2010 album Black Swan (in 8 Movements) is not only in my top ambient albums of the year, but in my top albums overall. "Part.1" is easily one of the best ambient songs I've ever heard, containing soothing symphonics, bits of clean plucked guitar and droning melodies.

Russian blackened doom/atmospheric doom/whatever doom containing buzzing guitars, heavily distorted vox and melodies for days.
10The Killigans

Really fun folk punk, nothing new but catchy and always great for those days when your in the mood for a good time.

Idk, some sort of Viking trapped in Florida.

Although musically we share very little in common, bloc is still a great guy and when we do actually share something common always have pretty great discussions. If you don't like this guy then u dum.

Although now he pretends to not be my friend Ire is pretty cool and has great tastes in music as well as a pretty awesome blog.
14Kyprian's Circle

A Finnish 'one man" atmospheric black metal band that features the vocalist from Satanic Warmaster.
15Midnight Odyssey

Amazing ambient/atmospheric black metal from Australia, this band has released two quality albums 'The Forest Mourners' and 'Firmament'.

To be honest I don't really interact with qwe very much, but his tastes are great no matter what the genre and the guy is a true lover of all music, something that I can very much appreciate.
17Misery Signals

A band that seems to simultaneously impress the new and old school of metalcore fans, an amazing feat these days. Btw Mirrors>Controller.

Although he started off as a seemingly metalcore loving fag, ShadowsRemain is one of the most metal guys on the site. Always good for a laugh, he's become a really nice guy and a good friend.
19Mork Gryning

Pretty awesome Swedish melodic/pseudo symphonic black metal band.
20Nic Koray & Band

Amazing female fronted indie. 'Travellers' is one of my favorite albums ever.

Although a constant detractor of black metal and the fags who listen to it, Hans is a skilled writer, a nice guy and also shares my love for G.L.A.M. ( gay la metal).

The post-metal authority as well as a really funny guy and a great yet rare contributor on PtC.
23Pearl Jam

I have no idea what Eddie Vedder is saying but I think I like it.

Much more coherent than his idol, Evedder is one of the sites best writers. Once again our interactions our quite rare and our taste in music vary differently but his quality reviews are something I admire.
25Sickening Gore

Underrated OSDM with vicious riffing and excellent vocals. "Ancestral Hate" could be one of my favorite DM tracks of all time.
26Terzij de Horde

Although they started out as the less than impressive post black metal band Liar Liar Cross on Fire, when this Netherlands based band changed names to Terzij de Horde the quality of their work went up considerably.

Although there is literally nothing known on this band, their only self titled demo release is a breathtaking exursion in melancholic neofolk.

Sputnik's resident drunk but a good guy and has some cool taste.


A really good guy with great taste in all sorts of music.

One of Sputnik's most deservedly prolific users who has contributed more to this site than probably everyone. I for one hope that one day this guy will become a mod because he deserves it.
32William Fitzsimmons

Amazing PA based folk artist.
33Bastard Priest

Really great and punky, OSDM.

Moar Opeth/Flag Plz is one of the most entertaining things ever. Also a huge Offspring fanboy which is always a good thing.

Although he rarely shows his face anymore, Wizard is the quintessential metal user.

Great atmospheric black metal from the United States. Check out 'Algedonic Awakening" for one of this years best albums

Many people seem to underestimate this guy because he loves COF however recently Hawks has been showing some great taste in elite metal as well as really growing as a reviewer. Always a great guy.

Be mine?
39Cryptic Wintermoon

Cheesy melodic/symphonic black metal that I really enjoy.
40Cradle of Filth

Yes, Cradle of Filth is a band I enjoy; I care very little about what genre they actually are or their popularity all I know is that their earlier albums are pretty awesome.

A great writer and a guy who is always willing to check out my recs. Overall a gentleman.

Although many see Rasputin as nothing more than an asshole, in reality he is one of the best writers on this site (or any other site he contributes too) and a person who really knows his music.
43Breaking Benjamin

One of my childhood favorite bands who I still listen to nowadays.

A great user with great taste in black metal

An all around good guy who also has some great tastes.

A terrific writer and Sputnik's resident sweetheart. Also up for dishing out constructive criticism and makes some cool lists.

whip out your dick and tell her shes not going anywhere

A Massachusetts based band who has released on of my favorite black metal demos of this year.

Another project of Panopticon mainman Austin Lundr, Plainswords combines black metal with elements of grind, crust and post-rock.

One of black metal's most consistently mind-blowing bands.

A blackgaze band that so far has released only one demo called 'Quiescence & Imprint' but it's amazing. DEfinitely a band to look out for.

Great blackgaze band who will be releasing a new album next year....WOOOOO.

A cool guy who makes metalcore a little less gay.
54Palace of Wisdoom

Oh fuck it sucks again

A user who simoultaneously has the best and worst tastes ever. What probably impresses me most about mappy is that he could like Emmure, a band who is obviously well hated but then somehow make you feel retarded for not liking them.

Recently this guy has been on a streak of writing great reviews. Also a nice guy.

Fuck the Blood of the Lamb
58The Push Kings

A great indie rock band who bring some amazing sugary melodies that'll get stuck in your head for ever. "Sunday On West Side" off their amazing album 'Far Places' is my fav indie song EVUR

Symphonic black metal that manages to not be gay.
60Paragon Impure

Although I've only ever heard 'To Gaius (For The Delivery Of Agrippina)' it is one of the best raw black metal albums in a while that features a pretty good production.

A side project of the Fell Voices drummer, Sleepwalker is a great example of a black metal and post-rock done right.

A blackgaze band I am a fanboy of.

An excellent writer, who can pull of dazzling short reviews. He has great taste in just about everything and hey he gave the new Enslaved album a 5 so that's cool in my book.

Although mostly known seemingly never ending knowledge of metal, this guys has a pretty wide variety in taste. Kind enough to let my start posting on The Celestial Manifest and the creator of the Internets best death metal blog Death Metal Vault he is man that holds my undying respect. Currently he is off serving in the military, another thing that solidifies his place on this list. Good luck my friend and I hope all is well.

Really great, spacey, ambient.
66Heinali & Matt Finney

A collaboration that has released two of this years finest ambient/post-rock records. Recently I've been in correspondence with Matt and has found out that he is a stand up guy who is warm humble and appreciative of all the bands recent success.
67Motley Crue

My all time favorite band.
68Teeth Gnashers

Raw black metal with a sense humor.

Another great metal user who recently got a well deserved spot on Slays For Days. Congrats bro.

A rare poster and a peer on TCM that clearly knows his shit.

Although I can't share his love for AFI, he is a great writer and a cool guy.

A great straight up black metal band. No frills this band just relies on the qualities that black metal was formed in the first place.

One of the greatest death metal bands ever!

One of the greatest death metal bands ever! [2]
75Automobile, Swift

Great ambient. Not much to say except it's classy stuff.

Raw black metal from France

Classy black metal from France. They released a great album this year called 'The Sixth Extinction' which is a more technical excursion into black metal. Also contains some great atmosphere and melodies.
78Damien Valles

A really great guitar based ambient artist who's 2010 album 'A Bow Echo' is one of my top for this year.
79Peaking Lights

A lo-fi ambient noise duo with pop and reggae influences.

One of the greatest NSBM bands ever.

Another great NSBM group who is very melodic yet extremely raw at the same time.
82Jonas Hellborg

Amazing jazz bassist
83Viggo Mortensen

Besides RULING as an actor he is an amazing spoken word artist.

A good writer and a funny guy.

A man who shares my love of Mortal Kombat and Buckethead.

Although he fags up almost every thread talking about his awful ambient/noise whatever drone releases, he's a great reviewer and has some cool tastes sometimes. Surprising for a kid who is 13 (or 31, whatever)
87Absurd Existence

Excellent melodic death/doom with gothic influences but isn't gay.

Epic as fuck black metal band with a true frontman.

CondierPhlebas and I hardly interact but he is a great great GREAT reviewer and has cool taste. Also he is highly intellectual which is very cool

This guy is on just about everyone's list but c'mon it's fukkin WILLIE. An exceptionally good writer, he is not only always up for musical discussion but also displays his vast knowledge of the matter in ways that are not condescending. A gentleman's gentleman.

A very cool metal user and a good guy.
92Vlad Tepes

Classic French BM from the Black Legions.

Seriously though, Belus is great.

Although he can be a huge dick, he has great taste and is skilled writer

A really cool hybrid band that contains elements of crust and stoner rock.

A really eclectic Japanese black metal band that has release a multitude of different albums in different styles.

My favorite guitarist EVER

An excellent USBM band who released one of this years top albums with 'Quietly, Undramatically'.

Kinda gay but I got to meet them/see them live this year and they were AMAZING

cool site bro
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