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What Your Street Fighter Main Says About You

You play SSFIV. Who doesn't? Ever wondered what your choice of a main character says about you. Well wonder no more!!!
1Tyler The Creator

Ryu: You're the type of person that beat Mortal Kombat 4 using Tanya's
Corkscrew kick over and over. When you play madden, you pick whichever
team has the best offense, yet you're the first one to call someone else
2Earl Sweatshirt

Ken: You would've picked Ryu, but ken had the cooler ultras, right?
3Ol' Dirty Bastard
Return To The 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version

Zangief: L1, L1, L1, L1, L1, L1, L1, L1, L1, L1, L1. Why study when you can
cheat? And if you get caught cheating, make sure to blame it on everyone
other than yourself
4Bruce Haack
The Electric Lucifer

Guile: You masquerade your lack of offense as if it's superb defense, but in
reality, when someone figures you out, you'll go right back to spamming
sonic booms
5Joy Division

Balrog: Hey. Did you know that Balrog was based on Mike Tyson? I'm
guessing you didn't, because Mike actually had offensive skills
6Joy Division
Unknown Pleasures

M. Bison: You most likely have personal space issues. It's fun to talk trash
half a room away from someone, but when they get face to face, your
demeanor changes very quickly
7Main Source
Breaking Atoms

Cammy: You aren't really that good a fighting games, but you figure you
can distract other players with Cammy's glorious ass, this surprisingly
works more than you expected it to
Liquid Swords

Sagat: Combos? You're kidding right? You can't possibly expect for me to
remember more than 4 moves
9Wu-Tang Clan
Wu-Tang Forever

C. Viper: You're either A. Just trying to make up for the fact that you have
no life by showing off the fact that you can pull off tough combos, or B.
you're upset that R. Mika wasn't in SFIV, and just went with the character
with the next biggest tits
10Animal Collective
Merriweather Post Pavilion

Sakura: You would main Ryu or Makoto, but they're too old for you to find
sexually attractive
11Tech N9ne

Fei Long: You love Bruce Lee, you aren't gay, but you might make an
exception for him. Why else would you main this horrible excuse for a
12Wu-Tang Clan
The W

Akuma - Spamming, Zoning, Spacing? You say tomato, I say tomahto

Gen: We get it, dude. Tiers don't exist. Now stop, wipe away your
ragetears and play with someone else
14Don Caballero
American Don

Rose: You are probably fairly young, and obsessed with being
nonconformist. You'll waste days of playing time learning how to main a
terrible fighter simply because you're too hardcore to main a shoto... Which
is for preppies

Dan: You were bullied in high school and had a chip on your shoulder ever
since. When you beat the crap out of a Sagat player, you weep tears or
glory while the end of rudy plays in your head
16Public Image Ltd.
Metal Box

Gouken: Yes.... All the other Shotos are cheap, but your Back throw into
Forbidden Shoryuken is totally legit
Ege Bamyasi

Juri: you A. have a thing for crazy, annoying, slutty girls or B. just like
spamming the pinwheel
The Land of Rape and Honey

Dudley: You quote anchorman. You probably like youtube poop and listen to
Justin Bieber "Ironically". If the king from the Zelda CD-I games were in
Street Fighter, you'd main him in a second, even if he was dan tier. Or
either this, or you genuinely have more dignity than Balrog mains

Cody: You've become bored of normal shotos. Rocks > Fireballs
20The Feelies
Crazy Rhythms

Seth: You were tricked into maining him because you thought you could
take the easy route by maining a boss character. Then when you found out
Controllable Seth is nerfed and You aren't maining Gill 2.0, you decided to
tough it out and learn him anyway, so you don't look stupid
21Tears For Fears
Songs From The Big Chair

Guy: who cares if my moves are boring and you're an average person, you
like ninjas that wear sneakers
22Roy Ayers
Everybody Loves the Sunshine

Chun-Li: You're a perv, and a button masher
23Fela Kuti
Expensive Shit

Dhalsim: Yoga Teleport, Yoga Teleport, Yoga Teleport, Yoga Teleport

Rufus: You probably don't need to buy that much shit to go to comiccon as
25Patton Oswalt
Werewolves and Lollipops

Makoto: You still think SF3: 3rd Strikes tiers are the same in SSFIV
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