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Robertsona's Decade In Songs

not necessarily my favorite songs of the decade. but ones that "made" it for me, i guess? in no order. edit: actually screw it, these are pretty much my favorite of the decade lol.
1Animal Collective
What Would I Want? Sky

I loved the BBC version since I had caught wind of it. When Fall Be Kind leaked,
I listened to the
thing as soon as I got home and wasn't sure whether or not the album version of
this would live up
to the early demo. Oh my god, it did. It just totally did. Absolutely euphoric,
and my most-played
Animal Collective song. Never, ever gets old.
2J Dilla

Maybe my favorite beat ever. When I hear that intro, I NEVER, ever press skip.
Classic. So smooth,
too! Good luck beating this, other producers.
Balfour Hollis

I think a lot of people think I "pretend" to love this band because they're so
obscure. They have a
good point, but I also have one: this fucking song. I could never "pretend" to
love this song. It's
honestly one of my favorite songs ever. Ethereal, but so simple as well. A
perfect way to end an
amazing album. Really, I mean it. "Perfect" never felt so right.
4Cymbals Eat Guitars
What Dogs See

This song was probably made by magic. "Ooooh, oooh-oooh, oooh-oooh" is one of
the most majestic
refrains ever written. Meant to be taken outside, under the stars. I think. I'll
have to try it some time.
5The Avalanches
Since I Left You

Probably the front-runner for "favorite song ever". End of story.
6Lady Gaga
Poker Face

The best Lady Gaga single. Who could chart the decade (especially the latter
half (especially 2008-
2009)) without this lady? This one just happens to be my favorite.
7Britney Spears

Perfect pop single.
Don't Stop the Music

See above.
9Sufjan Stevens
Come on! Feel the Illinoise!

Because of the second half.
Fire Ant

Dude who posited himself as an ambient/folk artist suddenly does a backflip and
makes the sickest
hip-hop beat since....well....ever? I'm not one for hyperbole, but I think this
is among the best beats
ever made. Up there with "Mash".
11Stars of the Lid
Even if You're Never Awake (Deuxieme)

When I listen to this, I really stop feeling the need for other music. Seriously.
I Never Lose. Never Really

Otherwordly. Fuck, man. Fuck.

Because of the way it just lifts me up and doesn't let me down.

Dope beat. Dope rhymes. Indie cred. Nuff said. You're dead.
15Ghostface Killah
Shakey Dog

Some insane storytelling skills on show here. This dude's got skill.
16Panda Bear

Jam of a lifetime.
17Regina Spektor

Oh god, I fucking LOVE this song. It's so well-written, and funny, and sad, and
everything all at once.
It gives me nostalgia but also makes me think about the future and you know? We
all have songs
like this. Even if Regina Spektor becomes a kind of "generic hip" artists for
college girls everywhere,
well, I won't mind. Nobody can take songs like these away from me.
18Vampire Weekend

Subtly perfect.
19Yo La Tengo

A subtly addicting and gorgeous song by one of the best bands ever.

Has always been my favorite--the "turning" point in a brilliantly narrative album.
21The Antlers

Man, this song is fucking sad.
22Sigur Ros
G??an Daginn

This is easily the best Sigur Ros song. It's all like, sitting around a campfire
and hugging each other a
LOVE, man. You wouldn't get it.
23Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Antennas to Heaven

This was actually made by humans. I KNOW, right?!?!??!
24The Dismemberment Plan
Following Through

This song is me.
25Grizzly Bear
Ready, Able

Can you say gorgeous?
Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love

Let's run away.
All the Pretty Girls

Pop perfection!
28Brand New
The Archers Bows Have Broken

On a "super-personal" album, at the very least this is the type of band that has
the balls to make
their shit super-catchy. This is probably the catchiest song ever written. Okay,
maybe not. But it's
29Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
Timorous Me

When the drums come in. Also, the lyrics. Also, his voice. Also, everything.
Yeah, this song kinda rules.

The best metal song. That first minute is just so subtly gorgeous and calming.
And then the drums,
too! And oh god it BUILDS! Wow that last chord man. Shit man.
31Clare and the Reasons
Under the Water

Gorgeous, and another song I can confidently file under "perfect".
32Arcade Fire
Une Annee Sans Lumiere

Gorgeous. I quite like gorgeous music, don't I? Strangely eerie melody, but it's
just excellently
written and very, very beautiful.
33Sunn O)))

Pretentious bullshit, duh. But god, it's gorgeous.
34St. Vincent

Her best song.
Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping

I don't get the album. But this song makes me want to. Really badly.
36The Walkmen
The Rat

Song kicks ass, no questions asked.
37Daft Punk
Digital Love

Why don't you play the game?
In McDonalds

The space between dreams and real life.

Yes. Guilty pleasure? Nah man, just pleasure.
40Say Anything
Alive with the Glory of Love

41The Notwist

Show it to your friends. This is perfect, accessible (yet kind of experimental!)
pop. Touching stuff, really.
Group Transport Hall

Like Guided By Voices, all these dudes need is 1:15 to make a perfect song.
43Broken Social Scene
Pacific Theme

When the horns and everything else re-enters. Just yes.
The Debutante

Palace of Mirrors was perhaps my first delve into experimental music. Blew my
mind, man. This one is
a gorgeous piece of excellently-arranged jazz.
45Kanye West
Flashing Lights

You can tell what mood Kanye was going for with this. And, by god, did he
achieve it. One of the greatest beats made by man. Or monkey. Haha. Black person
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

My first Radiohead album. Basically changed my course of music. Completely. This
one's my favorite
Radiohead song.
Distance and Meaning

Best Jane Doe song.

This song is perfect. Like, actually perfect.
49Lily Allen
The Fear

More pop perfection. Listening to this song on a plane and watching the lights
of the city below was
one of the better experiences of my life.
I Broke Up

Shit. This song, man.
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