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most vanilla taste

My top 90 albums of all time. I honestly could not add another 10 without feeling like I was pulling at straws. The criteria for this list was simple, these albums not only have to be seminal works that influenced my taste, they also have to be albums I still listen to semi frequently today and actually remember more than the first 3 songs or whatever. None of that "this album is conceptually very cool and well respected so I'm gonna pretend to love it" bullshit. Pure honesty baby. Some of these are newer releases but they have already seen enough plays to cement themselves on the podium. There are lots more I could have added here that had an big influence on me, but I'd be lying if I said I still enjoy listening to them in the year 2022.
1Capsule (US)
No Ghost

incredibly technical yet heartfelt post-hardcore. bordering on mathy territory at times but with enough melody to keep you grounded.

one of the most underrated/overlooked emo/posthc albums ever imo. beautiful stuff.
3Charli XCX
How I'm Feeling Now

is this hyper pop? I don't know but it's pure ear candy and I love it
4Circa Survive
Blue Sky Noise

one of my first "favourite bands" that really made me fall in love with post hardcore and bands with more melody and clean singing. Once upon a time I wanted to get the artwork of "On Letting Go" tattooed on me and all I can say about that is... thank god I was under the age of consent.

My AOTY of 2021. Just a beautiful album through and through, not a single song on here that I do not adore. This album is a slow burner that will creep up on you until you find yourself at work, singing random lyrics to yourself and going "fuck... which song was that from, that part was so good". The attention to detail here is insane. So many tasteful little moments that continue to reward you the more times you listen.

Danzig fucks.
Fixation on a Coworker

These guys also fuck. When I was getting into metalcore and listening to tons of Botch, Converge, Knut etc, these guys always stood out to me above the rest. The songs are just so catchy and impactful. It was also released during the year of my birth, so I can't help but feel a personal connection there.
8Dweller On The Threshold
Dweller On The Threshold

This band is hard to pin down genre-wise, but the fact that they had members of Daniel Striped Tiger and Ampere should be enough to encourage the screamo heads to check them out. Fans of Pygmy Lush should also find this particularly satisfying. The song "That Drone" stands out here because at the very end of the song it suddenly cuts out at the height of this amazing guitar solo. I always scratched my head at that, wondering if maybe I downloaded a shitty rip, but no, they really just decided to cut the song off like that and I fucking love them for that.
9Earl Sweatshirt
I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside

One of those artists that holds a lot of nostalgia for me, and his evolution over the past few years has been a sight to behold.
10Earl Sweatshirt
Some Rap Songs
Between the Richness

another very new release but goddamn, this is almost an instant classic for me. I could easily place this among my favourite indie/post hardcore records of the 90s, somewhere between Fugazi, Smart Went Crazy and Lungfish.
12Frances Quinlan

Maybe my favourite lyricist/vocalist of all time? Fans of Hop Along know how amazing Frances is and her solo debut doesn't disappoint one bit.
13The Gun Club
Fire of Love
14Happy Diving
Big World
Mic City Sons

I know a ton of Elliot Smith fans but not a lot of them know of his band Heatmiser.. this album used to keep me company when I was 16 years old, staying up until 7 am on /mu/ downloading albums from sharethreads. It's still one of my favourite albums to throw on when I feel like my heart strings need some tugging. This one goes in my top 10 for sure.
The Lurid Traversal of Route 7
17Hop Along
Painted Shut

I KNOW YOU HAD TO SHOOT MY DOG I LOVED SO MUCCHHH I KNOW YOU HAD TO DOOOO IT. Every song on this album is a 10/10 I don't care what anyone else things.
18Hot Snakes
Suicide Invoice
The Inevitable And I

Circa Survive fans who have not listened to this yet probably should....
You'd Prefer an Astronaut

This is another one that easily goes in my top 10.
Those Who Fear Tomorrow

on of the first straight up "hardcore" albums that I got into. To this day I don't think ANY band comes close to the pure, unbridled, almost primitive anger on display here.
22Iron Age
Constant Struggle
23Iron Age
The Sleeping Eye

This album inspired my style of guitar playing more than anything else. Palm mutes for days.
24Julie Doiron
I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day

this band is way too underrated for how good they are. The musicianship and songwriting here is just insane, they were miles and miles ahead of most of their peers yet none of my skramz friends seemed interested in checking them out?? Idk that always made me mad lol

their last EP before their indefinite hiatus, some of their best material and certainly better than Snacks.. although I still love Snacks so that is saying something about how good this EP is.
27Kind of Like Spitting
Nothing Makes Sense Without It

this is not only the only good KOLS album, but one of the best emo albums to ever grace this planet. Idk what happened during his career to make every album after this suck ass, but the songs here will make even the strongest of men clutch their hearts and fall to their knees.
Born to Expire

Crossover GODS. This albums is a classic and another one that has greatly inspired my guitar playing.
30Loathe (UK)
I Let It In And It Took Everything

this is the album that reignited my love for melodic metalcore. Was my AOTY of 2020 and an instant classic in my heart.
Return To Love
These Are Not Fall Colors
33Mammoth Grinder

beautiful, chaotic, raw... one of the best screamo albums ever.
36Milk Music
Cruise Your Illusion
37Mind Eraser
Glacial Reign
bury me at makeout creek
Puberty 2
40Mobb Deep
The Infamous
41Moss Icon
Hate in Me

like most people, when I first got into punk music it was stuff like The Clash, Sex Pistols, Misfits, ya know, your run of the mill classic punk. Moss Icon was the first band that steered me into a darker, more experimental direction. Out of every band on this list, this one probably had the most influence on me. Without them I might still be listening to Sex and Violence by The Exploited.
42Moss Icon
Lyburnum Wits End Liberation Fly
43Mount Eerie
Lost Wisdom
44Mura Masa
Mura Masa

this might seem like an odd addition, and trust me, it is. This album doesn't seem to be very well favoured here, but I'd be lying if I said it doesn't put a big fat smile on my face any time I put it on. It also introduced me to Charli XCX, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. Just pure fun tunes guaranteed to lift my spirits.
Garden Window

The only Risecore record I will still spin. This band was always way better than anything else on that label at the time and it really shows. This album is heavy and moody as hell, and Brennan Taulbee's voice is just amazing whether screaming or singing. The only shame is that it's an anti-abortion concept album LOL, but hey, I liked the music before I knew what the lyrics were, so there is no going back.
Clean Head

And that leads us to here... Oceana's last EP before they broke up, and arguably their best material. They completely shed their metalcore leanings and created 4 of the most impassioned indie rock/post hardcore songs I've heard in my life. Every day I wake up and shake my fist at God, asking why they had to break up when they were onto something truly incredible and original here. Everyone I've ever shown this EP to has been blown away and caught off guard by how good it is.
48Phoebe Bridgers
49Pianos Become the Teeth
Old Pride
50Poison the Well
You Come Before You

One of those albums you can leave on repeat for 5 hours and never stop enjoying.
Today's Active Lifestyles

This band really put me on to some of the more interesting and experimental guitar driven music out there.
Slow Dance in the Cosmos
54Power Trip
Nightmare Logic

RIP Riley Gale.
Bones In The Soil, Rust In The Oil
56Purple Mountains
Purple Mountains

RIP Berman... I love you :'(
57Pygmy Lush
Bitter River

The back and forth between chaotic screamo and heavy, depressive folk on this record makes it a truly unique experience. During one of the worst nightmares I've ever had in my life, I woke up to that 25 minute drone track playing on my computer, ever since then this band has a deep effect on my subconscious.
58Pygmy Lush
Mount Hope

Pygmy Lush shed their screamo roots and went on to release one of the most hauntingly beautiful folk records of all time.
59Relient K
Forget and Not Slow Down

I grew up on "Mmhmm" and didn't actually listen to this album until MUCH later in life, but god damn, this album is ALMOST just as good.
60Relient K

A classic, one of the first CDs my dad bought me and only because they were a christian band (yeah, my folks were born again yadayada). Honestly my musical ventures all started with this CD.

some of the best guitar playing in the world on this album, solos like a wild stallion.
62Silver Jews
American Water

David Berman's classic american odyssey
Hell Awaits

My fav Slayer album. Raw as hell.
64Smart Went Crazy
Con Art

one of the best bands I ever discovered by clicking random links on Dischord Records website
65Spook Houses

Loud, heartfelt indie rock. This album means the world to me.

Hold on to these quiet moments / Savor them soft, don't let them pass / But right now, I don't feel like it / I'm drunk and I feel like shit
66The Stooges
Fun House

Later in life after my parents chilled out on the whole religion thing, my dad revealed some of his true musical loves to me, including this album by The Stooges. This album changed my ideas of what Rock music could be.
67Sunny Day Real Estate
Surfing Strange
Blonder Tongue Audio Baton
Like What

Very underrated canadian electronic duo. I discovered these guys seeing them live during a date with my now GF of 6 years?! I was blown away by their live performance and even more blown away by the world of beautiful ADHD inducing electronica they managed to put on record. Kinda like hyper-pop before hyper-pop became a thing. Their 2 song single "With You" is also amazing, it only has 5 ratings on this website but all of them are over 4 so... take that how you will.
71Title Fight
Floral Green
72Title Fight
73Touche Amore
Is Survived By
74Touche Amore
Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me

Coming back to this band in my mid 20s honestly made me fall in love with music again. It's part of the reason I'm here right now writing this list. For so long I was part of this hardcore scene where any band that wore their hearts on their sleeve was "whack" and it was only cool to like "dark mysterious tough guy" music. Bro I'm so FUCKING OVER THAT SHIT. Touche Amore reminded me that music is supposed to be FELT WITH THE HEART. And Boy do I feel this record.
Nonstop Feeling

This bands evolution over the past few years has been amazing to watch, but this albums is unbeatable for me.
New Plastic Ideas

Man what can I even say about this band. I got their fucking name tattooed on me after I ran away from home. Drunk on Kraken in a camper van parked beside a dog park in godfuck nowhere Northern California. This album started my obsession with playing guitar. before them I had never heard anyone blend dissonance and melody so gracefully. Top 10.
78The Van Pelt
Stealing From Our Favorite Thieves
Light Upon the Lake

This album never fails to bring back good memories. I still find myself singing songs from this record as if it was just released last week.
No Mountains In Manhattan

I was obsessed with this album for so long. One of the first rap records I memorized literally every single lyric of every song. This shit is printed on the inside of my skull.
81Wild Moth
Over, Again

Mmm this album is a classic to me. Post punk for kids that grew up on emo records. It's a shame that their second LP never came close to capturing the magic that they created with this one.
Over the Edge
Believe In Ourselves

hometown heroes and heavy alt rock GODS
Deserve To Die
85Young Widows
Settle Down City
86Aesop Rock
Labor Days

my teenage 2deep4u brain thought Aesop Rock was a literal GOD. Turns out this albums is just great and has stood the test of time.
87Alex G
House Of Sugar
88Alex G
89Algernon Cadwallader
Parrot Flies

90Ash Borer
Ash Borer

My fav atmospheric black metal release ever, which isn't saying much because I don't listen to that shit. But the melodies that float around through the noise of this album are like a cool breeze rustling the branches of the darkest wood.
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