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01.12.22 Metal Gems and Rarities01.21.17 Spag's List of Obscure Albums Worth Jam

Metal Gems and Rarities

I've been working on listening to everything I've once heard before, so I found some gems along the way and even a few albums that actually grew on me with time. Note: Not everything here is "rare" necessarily but there's a few somewhat overlooked stuff, and some of these might already be on my previous list as well. Anything else on here, especially if it's well known, is just a gem in my eyes or a recent dig.
1Eye of Solitude

Funeral Doom - At this point, this is probably my favorite funeral doom album, definitely one of my best discoveries. Everything here hits pretty hard.
2Obtained Enslavement

Symphonic Black Metal - This ones intensely melodic and "kvlt." It might even make you wanna put on corpse paint and sway a torch around in your backyard.
Doomed Dark Years

Black Metal - An all female band that delivered a pretty nice effort here. Recommended for any black metal junkie, especially if you adore the 90's material.
4Beyond Twilight
The Devil's Hall of Fame

Progressive Metal - An awesome album under the belt of Jorn Lande. Probably one of the best progressive metal albums that's actually darker in sound.
5Power of Omens
Eyes of the Oracle

Progressive Metal - One of my all time favorites, a pretty bloated but totally rewarding listen.

Grindcore - Might be a love it or hate it kind of album just because of the experimentation alone. In this case, I'd argue it's the good kind of weird over the bad kind, it's a pretty fun listen.
Ruins of Empires

Melodic Death Metal - This subgenre normally isn't my thing, though I'm a sucker for middle eastern melodies in metal.
8Fall of the Leafe

Gothic Metal - An album that technically doesn't do anything too crazy, but benefits off of plain old good songwriting and production.
9Tyrant (JPN)

Symphonic Black Metal - A very consistent album through and through, there's not really anything I can criticize on this, it's solid.
10Nightly Gale
Illusion of Evil

Experimental Doom - Swirling, bleak, and hell, even a little disturbing at times.

Technical Death Metal - I am well aware this a well known classic but it finally grew on me after years of indifference. Nothing else really captures this kind of magic.
12Virgin Black
Requiem - Mezzo Forte

Symphonic Gothic Doom Metal - Epic and beautiful stuff.

Progressive Darkwave - Truly ahead of its time and severely overlooked.
14Thorns of the Carrion
The Scarlet Tapestry

Gothic Death Doom Metal - Perhaps a little melodramatic at times, yet an awesome listen nonetheless. I'd recommended it especially if you like My Dying Bride.
15Void Of Silence
The Sky Over

Atmospheric Doom Metal - Very atmosphere centric doom, sounds similar to the two previous albums that came before it and it's not a bad thing at all.
Behind the Shadows Lie Madness

Technical Death Metal - In a genre where most bands tend to blend into each a little too much, these guys are one of the major exceptions.

Ambient Black Metal - Not unknown by any means, but much like Demilich, it finally clicked with me. Tastefully melodic, and perfect for the winter season.
18Human Remains
Using Sickness as a Hero

Grindcore / Death Metal - Puzzling, crazy, heavy, and all of the above.

Atmospheric Doom Metal - This one takes time to digest, but it is great if you're in the mood for doom. The atmosphere present mixed with the impressive female vocals is a perfect combo.
20The Gault
Even as All Before Us

Gothic Doom Metal - A side project of Weakling's John Gossard. Doomy goodness, hard to pinpoint but the album cover very much fits the style of music in this case.

Melodic Death Metal - A few members of this band went on to form Atoma, and after seeing how good this album is, it makes total sense.
22Zero Hour
The Towers of Avarice

Progressive Metal - The definitive progressive metal album in my opinion. I would not change a single thing on this release.
1000 Thoughts of Violence

Progressive Black Metal - Experimental as it is fun, sadly after The Habit of Fire I feel this band went pretty downhill.
24Solitude Aeturnus
Beyond the Crimson Horizon

Epic Doom Metal - Classic band, yet I gotta say The Final Sin is one of the best songs ever. My only gripe with this album is the last song - it doesn't really serve any purpose. Other than that, this absolutely rules.
Farthest from the Sun

Symphonic Black Thrash Metal - Epic and filled with riffs. I mean, this thing absolutely riffs and I am genuinely surprised it has less than 50 ratings.
Carriers of Dust

Progressive Symphonic Black Metal - This man's discography I always respected but never fully enjoyed until now. It took me years to really get his work. Out of everything, I feel like this tops all that he has done.
27Colosseum (Fin)
Chapter I: Delirium

Funeral Doom Metal - Gorgeous funeral doom. The entire trilogy of albums for the band are incredible honestly. I'd recommend it to every funeral doom fan, or even if you like the genre in small doses.
A New World?

Avant Garde Metal - I shilled this album many years ago. This is like the brother of In The Woods, so if you dig them as much as I do, get on this at once!
29Desire (POR)
Infinity... A Timeless Journey

Atmospheric Death Doom - Pure misery.
To the Depths... In Degradation

Brutal Death Metal - Again, well known but seriously, what the fuck? This thing is filthy, and arguably the only album I could ever refer to as such. In this case, it's filthy good. And it's a step above others much like Demlich is.
Storm of the Light's Bane

Melodic Black Metal - Hailed as a classic for a reason. Night's Blood is one of the best songs ever.
Immense, Intense, Suspense

Avant Garde Metal - This is a mixed bag of death, doom, and progressive elements, though it pans out very well. My favorite death metal album.
Slaves for Life

Progressive Metal - Middle eastern aesthetic in a colossal sized album. Worth hearing despite its length.
34X Japan
Art of Life

Power Metal - Classic album, thorough listens have made this a personal favorite of mine. Listen to it before you die.

Atmospheric Black Metal - For anyone interested in something similar to Coldworld, this exists.
From These Wounds

Gothic Doom Metal - Norwegian bands always scratch my itch. Check it out if you enjoy anything doomy.
37Rainer Landfermann
Mein Wort in Deiner Dunkelheit

Avant Garde Metal - This is a trippy one. This is the solo output of the famous Bethlehem vocalist, and he's a damn good bassist, too. I'd argue this album is a little hard to digest at times because of the songwriting style and vocals. It's worth jamming, though.
Malleus Maleficarum

Thrash Death Metal - I... actually enjoy this more than Consuming Impulse.
39Obsidian Gate
The Nightspectral Voyage

Symphonic Black Metal - This one's extremely bombastic... but in a very awesome way.
1992-1994 Discography

Progressive Death Metal - Posting Timeghoul just because they rule. One of the most unique bands from the 90's. Boiling in the Hourglass is my all time favorite death metal song.
41Dark Millennium
Ashore the Celestial Burden

Progressive Death Doom Metal - A cult classic for those who know it. Recommended for any death metal fan.
Will of the Gods is Great Power

Epic Doom Metal - Things hardly get better than this. Honestly, it's a relief that this has 100 ratings.
43Hidden In The Fog

Progressive Black Metal - A concrete blend of progressive and black metal.
Slub Lorth in Eternal Rest

Funeral Doom - A pretty damn cool demo filled with some weird, almost comical samples at times. It also sounds similar to the band Worship.
45Lemur Voice

Progressive Metal - These guys, like others, fell under the radar which is a shame because this is great stuff. The Michael Jackson cover on here is... interesting to say the least.
From the Yearning to Burst the Perpetual Circle

Progressive Metal - If you're in the mood for instrumental metal, this will suit you well.
47Edge of Sanity

Progressive Death Metal - Same case with Mirrorthrone for me, always respected Dan Swano's discography but it took me a while to find something I wholeheartedly enjoy from him.
Also Sprach Futura

Experimental Doom Metal - The recent output from these guys has been some of my favorite music in general. Recommended for fans of anything literally esoteric.
Grey Universe

Gothic Doom Metal - If you can tolerate melodrama and love doom, get this.
Mirror of Vibrations

Melodic Black Metal - This is one of my favorite albums nowadays and has been for a while. It's pretty much middle eastern melodies / aesthetic galore.
Seediq Bale

BONUS: Melodic Black Metal - Oddly enough, this is my actual most listened to album. Has sentimental value to me unlike most others, it never gets old for me. Recommended for fans of Cradle of Filth. (So if you like Hawks-core, that is.)
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