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uhhhhh... yes, I'd like uhhhhh one borgor and 30 sides of SMALL FRIES. That's right, this month's Song of the Day is for the underdogs. If you write music, this is a perfect opportunity to put it through the wringer (if you do, I commend your bravery). If not, perhaps you know someone who writes music who could use a little exposure? Or maybe just your favorite local band? If all else fails, just find a song from a criminally overlooked artist, someone really hurting right now. I'm sure they would appreciate the recognition!
1Crime Desire
Crime Desire

"Shake the Temple" (budgie)

san diego hardcore
2The Sere
Always the Cold Moon EP

"Always the Cold Moon" (Divaman)

This is an up-and-coming gothpop artist from Long Island, NY.
How to Start a Business

"How to Start a Business" (ArsMoriendi)

I feel like less than 100 people know this exists. It's over 10 mins, but not metal, so enjoy.
4Nightmare Puppy
Mirrored Headbutt//Romantic Porn

"Comedian​?​/​/​Violet's Theme" (written by JohnnyoftheWell)

dropped a thing last year that I don't hate, but here's an older cut that people might enjoy despite one hell of a false start and a lot of production shakiness. was a character concept piece for a long short film i was making, character was a vaguely bridget jones neurotic melt who ran an unsuccessful standup show. her friend talked to demons and didn't like it and she was a bad listener
5Domestic Terminal
The Second Chicago Fire

"The Second Chicago Fire" (drums and vox by YoYoMancuso)

6>>radiant devices<<

"Drink" (porcupinetheater)

Chicago locals. Great music, great people. Play with a lot of found percussion at their shows, catch 'em every time I can.
7 Higher Fiction
Pleasure Pier

"Pleasure Pier" (written by nolerthebowler)

A song written, sung, and recorded by me! This song is set to be released June 4th, but I'm giving it a little elbow room to address any delays on getting it on streaming services. Do not hesitate to be honest, I'm submitting this because I want people's real opinions, whatever they may be.
Florida Room

"Lucy" (robertsona)

“Goodfight is a Brooklyn-based indie pop band led by a guy from Florida named Andrew. They have played with three of my friends on three separate occasions which tells me that they’ll play with whomever, because while my friends are great musicians they are not famous. ‘Lucy’ is Goodfight’s masterwork and possesses seemingly bottomless reserves of energy. As do Goodfight themselves, it seems: John said they played for a whole hour as an opener on a Tuesday night. Keep an ear out for the alternating harmony-‘n’-unison between Andrew and tambourinist Annique. My brother Dylan said the combo of Andrew’s solid baritone and Annique’s striking meow reminds him of the music from Katamari Damacy—always a good thing. Lyrics slyly about either a girl or a loose cigarette. Rock on.” —robertsona
9One Inch Punch/Mid Youth Crisis
Ignorant Bliss

"Stupid Me" (SlothcoreSam)

Got a great local band that needs more love.
Here is your rating for the song, that you can cut and paste. 5.
The band were originally called One Inch Punch, but had to change their name to Mid Youth Crisis.
10Endling (UK)
The Heavy Frigate

"Three-Dog Nights" (written by anat)

I wrote and produced, with a gracious and talented friend of mine providing some guitar also, and it seems to have become a favourite on the album for most listeners!!
11Karel Plíhal
Karel Plíhal

"Akordy" (someone)

Karel Plíhal, this man does not really need the exposure, but the entirety of Czech music does. I take it you might not have heard of him, but he's one of the best guitarists and lyricists out of this little old central European spot.
In this song he at the same town clowns at the clichés of love songs, but also in the process writes a perfect love song. He describes his favourite guitar chord (Amaj) and how a specific combination of chords can lead to that sweet perfect sound of romance or how changing certain chords for others makes the atmosphere of the track turn happier or dimmer.
12o'summer vacation
Wicked Heart

"HOMMAGE" (drums by Dewinged)

To rekindle the story, I play drums on this Japanese noise punk pop whatevs trio from kobe that is really cool, and we have just signed with Damnably in the UK and they are re-releasing the 2019 debut on vinyl and this is the first single, which also got the music video treatment courtesy of our friendo Ben Willis from the Detroit band Throwaway.
Tales From Beleriand

"Nobel Hearts & Calamity" (written by garas)

I make music using various VST instruments. This one is from a dungeon synth album, feel free to 2.0 it. (noler says: no)
14Empty Head
Empty Head

"Hunted From Below" (dedex)

mmmmmmh imma go with a *super* new Belgian alt rock band. They bang.
15Soundtrack (Video Game)
Final Fantasy VII REMAKE (Original Soundtrack)

"Remission" (written by DivergentThinking)

Here’s my composition called Remission, which I made on the Flat software :] I know you already heard it Noler, but I’d still like to share it with the rest of the site.
OK Computer

Liance - “Too Beautiful to Destroy” (Pheromone)

As I said before, I met this dude randomly in a pub smokers and we spent the night talking tunes and such. Was great. Never spoke to him again! I've probably got a review for this coming out at one point as it's definitely too good to be receiving the limited hype this has. Hope you enjoy!
17Bathe Alone
Last Looks

"In Deep" (JesperL)

one of my fav songs of the year so far, wonderful dream pop project that deserves all the exposure + the person behind it is super lovely as well

"285" (cygnaughty)

combines retro-styled synths with postmodern drainer-like vibes. dreamy, nostalgic, and cloyingly warm, yet also distant and detached, maybe even bittersweet.
19Maria BC
Devil's Rain

"The Deal" (Trifolium)

I don't know this person in real life but they definitely could do with more ratings!
20Wasted Space
like summer, but colder

"The Sickest Jumpshot This Side of New Hampshire" (normaloctagon) (song by madrigal30)

Music from Pittsburgh, PA that took me by surprise last year, as this sort of stuff isn't usually my bag. Re-listening to it now and my 4.0 absolutely holds up--the music is good and there's a raw energy present on the album that I find engaging and sincere. Here be "the sickest jumpshot this side of new hampshire" by Wasted Space, a band fronted by user madrigal30 aka mikey aka one of the coolest nonbinary babes around.
Chocolate and Cheese

"Ars Is Mean On The Internet And Has Shit Taste In Cheese" (written by Cold Tons)

might as well throw up a little instrumental I made. it's probably not that good.
22Love Sloth
Love Sloth

"Boy Who Loved Winter" (Pangea)

Unknown Portland based Blues rock band that I found through the animal thingy i did a couple months ago.
2 songs

“Liberosis” (brainmelter)

Acoustic improvisation with gypsy jazz influences. A friend and I from some years ago that eventually became something else
24Rota Fortunae

"Wayfarer" (written by DungeonBoy)
25Someone and the Somebodies
Bops on the Head

Someone Who Isn't Me - "Gomenaki" (Mythodea)
26For Another
Finding Footing

"Tunnels" (written by Storm in a Teacup)

Here’s a song by me, uh it was the first metal song I tried making about 10 months ago. Been working on the production twice as long as writing and recording it.
27Marta Kubisova
Songy A Balady

"Hey Jude" (Elektra)

"The World is beautiful, the World is mean"

Although this stunning, talented and charismatic woman was banned from singing and performing by the atrocious communist regime in Czechia, she never stepped down and continued with her activism against it. She did what was right even though it meant giving up her career and fame. Not like some other artists who decided to collaborate.

The Czech translation of this song and her personality depth embellish the legendary tune and combined together make an even more moving version than the original.

(Definitely listen to her other songs which are Czech originals, not covers)

Mimi Barks - “Poison” (rifkadm)

I'm usually not a huge fan of trap by itself but I'm here for it when it adds metal screms and sadboi lyrics lol. Mimi Barks is just one of the upcoming artists in this genre. Granted it a lot of this trap metal is straight up cringe but I like cringe stuff sometimes.
29Gaspar Poet
Beratna Sovaj

“Underfelt” (osmark86)
Only for the Driven

“Insomniac Emblem” (written by mindleviticus)

Instrumental prog metal by our own mindleviticus
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