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Eurovision 2021 RANKED

To be honest, I really love eurovision. To see so many countries compete with (mostly) cheesy pop songs and all the stage anthics. I think it's a lot of fun. It's in a couple of weeks and I'm really excited. Here is my ranking (+ prediction i guess) For those that don't know, the format is 2 semi finals in where 10 songs per semi final go through. The 5 countires that contribute the most fiancially to the contest + the host nation go straight to the finals (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain & (host) The Netherlands). And then the final of 26 countries will determine a winner with both a jury and a televote.
Mata Hari

Azerbaijan - This song is just bad. She has this weird way of emphasizing certain words that really gets under my skin. The chorus is just her repeating M-M-Mata Hari. i hate it.

Prediction: NQ (hopefully, it might get the finals )

Australia - Well it is colourful! But I can't stand this. I think it's really annoying and those vocal acrobatics at the end are just too much.

Prediction: NQ

Sweden - Normally you can count on Sweden to send in quality pop songs, but it this feels super weak to me. Extremely generic and the chorus is so limp. It does well in the bookmakers though and lots of people seem to like. I guess it's just me.

Prediction: 9th
Loco Loco

Serbia - Sassy girl group song, which i can respect. But i really don't like this.

Prediction: 21-26
35Vincent Bueno

Austria - yeah just a really boring power ballad to me and the chorus is weak. good voice though.

Prediction: NQ
34Uke Suviste
The Lucky One

Estonia - You know, most songs in eurovision are fairly generic, but this feels extra generic. It doesn't have any identity on its own. Uke is gonna have to give this a hell of a performance to give it any chance.

Prediction: NQ
33Samanta Tina
The Moon Is Rising

Latvia - I really want to like this. Cool electronic feminst anthem, but the song just doesn't work for me. Especially the chorus doesn't do it for me.

Prediction: NQ
32Tornike Kapiani

Georgia - he has a great voice and the track has some soul, but it is pretty boring.

Prediction: NQ

Romania - Fairly typical moderb sad pop song. I feel unmoved by it, but it does have its fan and it will do quite well.

Prediction: 11-15
30Leslie Roy

Ireland - Super anthemic song and while i do get myself get swept up in its euphoria, the song does lack in some aspects. The bridge just doen't work at all for me,

Prediction: NQ
Growing Up Is Getting Old

Bulgaria - A string based piano ballad. Normally i would be all over it, but it doesn't work well for me. I think it's her voice, which feels a bit static to me. This is well loved though and it will do well. Just not for me.

Prediction: 8th
28The Black Mamba
Love Is On My Side

Portugal - Sad song with a sad backstory (it's based on a prostitute the lead singer met in Amsterdam), but it doesn't get that massage across very well and it is a bit boring.

Prediction: NQ
27Blind Channel
Dark Side

Finland - God Finland, I really didn't have to hear a Nu metal song in 2021. I do have to admit though, it is really catchy.

Prediction: 11-15
26Elena Tsagrinou
El Diablo

Cyprus - Cyprus sends in a Lady Gaga song (think The Fame era) with random buzzword spanish lyrics. It's okay.

Prediction: 11-15
25Natalia Gordienko

Moldova - This is a very trashy pop song, but enjoyable in its own right

Prediction: 21-26
Tick Tock

Croatia - pretty good pop. I don't have much more to say

Prediction: NQ
23Ana Soklic

Slovenia - Certainly one of the best vocalists of the competition. The song can't quite match up to it, but she carries it quite well.

Prediction: NQ
I Don't Feel Hate

Germany - This really quirky, unfocused and frankly obnoxious, but it does play that obnoxiousness with a gleeful smile. Is it great as a song? not really. But it should make for a fun performance.

Prediction 16-20
21James Newman

United Kingdom - Suprisingly competent UK entry this year, that is a rarity. This is a very typical early 10' house pop banger. It is fun

Prediction: 11-15
Fallen Angel

Norway - This is super corny ballad, but is quite catchy

Prediction: 21-26
19Bias Canto
Voy a Quedarme

Spain - This is a super cute ballad. I don't think it will do that well, but it did somewhat steal my heart!

Prediction 21-26
Je Me Casse

Malta - The favoutite for the win and it's not hard to see why. Very well done pop song with excellent vocals. Both jury and televote will love it. It's not quite my thing, but I respect it.

Prediction 1st
The Ride

Poland - Rides (haha) super hard on those synthy 80s vibes. Nothing special but enjoyable & catchy. Not sure if it's going to be enough for a final though.

Prediction: NQ
16Eden Alene
Set Me Free

Set Me Free - Such a fun upbeat song, however it does lose a few points for the whistle tone vocals at the end. A bit overdone i think.

Prediction: 21-26
15Benny Cristo

Czech Republic - Ignoring the very cringy lyrics, this is energetic catchy song and Benny is a great performer. The expectations are low for this one, but I think it will do rather well.

Prediction: 16-20
The Wrong Place

Belgium - A name that might mean something to some of you, Hooverphonic are a relatively popular trip hop group. This song is well done and very musically tasteful. I have my doubts about how instantly it can connect to the audience, but it does stand out and i think it will get a very respectable place.

Prediction: 16-20
Last Dance

Greece - this is great and fun dance pop song

Prediction: 11-16
12Fyr Of Flamme
Ove Os Pa Hinanden

Denmark - this is such a 80s song and not the cool 80s vibes that are so popular in current pop. No this is 80s schlager disco music that so corny and outdated. However it is really fun and brings a dumb smile to my face.

Prediction: NQ
11Vasil Garvanliev
Here I Stand

North Macedonia - God this is such a disney ballad, however i do love these melodramatic theaterical songs. And Vasil is a very emotional singer and will pull if off well. It's probably not gonna be enough for a final spot but I will enjoy it!

Prediction NQ
10Senhit (ft Flo Rida)

San Marino - The fact that flo rida is featuring on a san marino eurovision is hilarious and worthy of top 10 spot in itself. This is otherwise a banger as well

Prediction: 7th
9Anxhela Peristeri

Albania - I have a lot of affinity for these traditional balkan ballads and this one is really well done. Love the powerful chorus.

Prediction 21-26
Russian Women

Russia - It's rare for eurovision to have songs with a hip hop flair, but this song does it really well. Manizha gives a hell of a performance too, it will be great to see live.

Prediction 10th
7Jeangu Mccroy
Birth Of A New Age

The Netherlands - This is not going to win, but I'm glad we used our status as a host nation to sent in a very meaningfull song. I think it's a very well made song as well with a lot of soul.

Prediction 16-20
6Dadi & Gagnamagnid
10 Years

Iceland - Dadi was one of the favourites to win last year's cancelled concerts and once again send in a quality synth pop song. It's adorably geeky and really cute (dedicated to his wife!). Very enjoyable and I think it will do really well.

Prediction: 3rd
5Gjon's Tears
Tout l'Univers

Switzerland - Gjon has one of the best voices in the contest and Tout l'Univers is a very well made and producted power ballad. A favourite for a reason.

Prediction: 4th
4The Roop

Lithuania - The Roop are lovable goofballs and Discoteque is wonderfully catchy and silly synth pop song.

Prediction: 6th
3Barbara Pravi

France - this has the same kind of romanticism as Portugal's winning song of 2017. A really classy and beautiful song. Nice build-up too (with of course a key change!)

Prediction 2nd
Zitte E Buoni

Italy - Nice groovy glam rock. This is catchy & has a lot of spirit, like it a lot. The bridge is everything

Prediction - 5th

Ukraine - I just love these kind of songs, mixing folk music with techno with that odd but demanding vocal performance. This song has such a good build up with it's pulsing beats and it's crazy energetic climax. Also it has a flute! i can't deny a song with a flute. This is gonna be a divisive, but it should have enough support for a place in the final

Prediction: 16-20
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