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The 10 WORST Rock Songs of 2020

So a while ago I made a worst hit songs of 2020 list. Well I am a rock guy, so in the interest of fairness I am now going to list 10 of the worst rock songs of this year. Here are the rules: 1) No order this time, this is just a list 2) The songs have to within one of the many subgenres or be from a band known for rock 3) This is just my opinion, take it with a grain of salt Hope you enjoy! Leave your picks down below! Also I promise the next list won’t be negative
10Machine Gun Kelly
my ex's best friend

In this awful year, I think people were desperate to escape our current time. I guess some 2000’s kids (including MGK) decided that MGK is rock and roll’s saviour, and is gonna bring punk rock back! I’m sorry if you feel that way, but punk or rock has never been dead, rather just not in the mainstream. His album is just a Blink-182 ripoff, with shitty vocals and shitty guitars. Now this song is different. The very clinical, clean guitars and shitty trap beats make this sound like the theme to some shitty Disney channel show. The lyrics are serviceable until you get to Blackbear’s part. He starts his verse by saying he’s not sorry, which should give you an idea of how childish it’s gonna be. I just feel like MGK’s very childish attitude, in both his music and in real life (“these motherfuckers would wear COMFORTABLE SHOES!!!!) will probably get him kicked out of the rock scene, just like it got him kicked out of the rap scene. Please give your attention to punk bands who deserve it
9Van Morrison
No More Lockdown

Just like our Monster chugging friends above, Van Morrison came out as an anti-lockdown supporter. Once again, you can have this opinion, but the way Morrison articulates his opinion is not great. Basically comparing a lockdown for an unknown disease, to slavery. Not joking, he really went there. The rest of the lyrics are also really cliche and dumb. “No more Imperial College Scientists making up crooked facts” among others make it in this song. He says the words ‘No More’ to the point of madness (I counted 43 times) over a very slow and stereotypical piano, that sounds like the piano ringtone on my iPhone. Besides some basic percussion, that’s it, nothing else. Also, this is the longest song on this entire list, clocking in at 5 minutes. Ladies and gentlemen, I rest my case
8Five Finger Death Punch
Living The Dream

Speaking of FFDP. Yeah this is a piece of shit. I’ll get this out of the way: the terrible music video. Look, you can believe whatever you want, but when you have a platform as big as these guys, making a video basically convincing your fans to not take COVID safety measures, seems very immoral to me. Besides that, this song is corny as FUCK. The first verse alone is the very pinnacle of cringe, just asking a bunch of superheroes where they’re at. It doesn’t get much better than that. If you want the full experience, look them up so you can have a headache from facepalming as well. The music might as well be sampled from a gear review for a Mesa Boogie amp or something, it’s that generic. Also, there are so little dynamics because of the overblown compression and overall lackluster mixing, so the clean parts come out really weird sounding. Luckily the guys have had some really good side projects this year (see psychosexual placement)
7Three Days Grace
Somebody That I Used To Know

Yeah I’m not done with bashing covers. What is this? Who asked for this? A Three Days Grace cover of a hit song from like 2012. Just like the dickheads I talked about before, they didn’t add or improve anything, so I ask again: who asked for this? There is just nothing going on here. I don’t like the original, but I get it’s charm at least. This is just whatever. One of the most perplexing covers I’ve heard this year
6Tom Morello & Co
Stand Up

I’m certain no one wants to hear some stupid kid rant about politics in a song that no one has ever heard. So I won’t. Instead I’ll talk about what I know better: music. And the music here SUCKS. Tom Morello is a legend but sometimes you gotta dish out the tough love. This whole song is based around one riff, not even a very good riff at that. This is what I would write 2 years ago after listening to a bunch of RATM. But it just keeps going, for the whole song. Not that you would notice with the earbleeding mix. It’s like a jumpscare, they don’t even wait a whole bar like most drops. Dan Reynolds just starts screaming and shouting, not even trying to hit any notes. He also just starts rapping for some reason. The very cheesy and distorted synth stabs and overly reverbing anvil-like drums just make this hard to listen to. To finish this one off they have a choir part, because that’s necessary (??). It’s just a mess
5Fame On Fire

Yeah, I put Yummy on both lists. But this time not by Justin Bieber. Nonono. These guys have made a career by covering everything and anything on the charts, and it’s exactly how you imagine it. Shitty vocals, lazy instrumentation, resulting in a boring cover that does nothing to enhance or change the song. Kidz Bop has more dignity than this. I could have picked their cover of Blinding Lights with it’s very out of tune vocals, or the seasick arrangement and dynamics on their version of Mood but this is easily the worst one. No matter how many Dual Rectifier Amp Sims they put on this track, it’s still Yummy
Let The Sin Begin

I’m not even gonna say anything about this one. I’m just gonna give you the link and let you know that former Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer (48 years old remember that) is the frontman
3Green Day
Oh Yeah!

Like Report of the Week said: My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. Everyone knew Father Of All was gonna be shit when they released the title track as a teaser. But this is definitely the worst song on the album. First off, this is the first and only Green Day to use sampling. The song they chose to sample is the Joan Jett version of Gary Glitter’s ‘Do You Wanna Touch Me’. Now why in 2020 you would want your name associated with Gary Glitter, I will never know, but I digress. The sample just feels so out of place. Also, Billie’s vocals sound like a first take. Say what you want about the title track, the vocals are actually pretty good. This just sounds like an unfinished demo, down to the nondescript, empty instrumentation. Rumour goes they just released the album to get out of a contract, and I believe those 100% after hearing the record
2Corey Taylor
CMFT Must Be Stopped

Yeah this is real. The guy who sang in Slipknot and was one of the few nu-metal singers to not do really terrible white-boy raps, does exactly that in 2020. My god it is terrible. Of course our pal Corey doesn’t do this alone, he invited Tech9 and Kid Bookie. To be honest he could have gotten goddamn Kendrick and it would still suck. This comes off as so tryhard and like Corey really thinks he’s blowing everyone away with the idea of doing a rap song. The really awful gang vocals make this even more laughable, and wow the backing track sounds like it was composed by dragging the Apple loops onto a grid you get for free when you download Garageband. Like Corey said, “Money’s great and everything but it’s nothing to a huge disappointment” and this was one of the biggest disappointments of the year
High On My Own Supply

Imagine a world where a predecessor to Greta Van Fleet goes from making decent, well performed retro rock to terrible, poorly produced, horribly sung electronic music. Then listen to this track and realize your living in that world baby. I have no idea how this made it on streaming services, but did. What do you even want me to say about this? The music sounds like random samples, they found by googling electronic music. I also don’t know what is up with the vocals. My god are they off key. Just like, what happened? Who would want to listen to this? Not me at least
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