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12.15.20 DGD ranked and some other shit12.13.20 Touché Amoré ranked
11.21.20 A Lot Like Birds, my top 10 tracks

DGD ranked and some other shit

Dance Gavin Dance is a weird band with almost no lyrical substance, but they make up for it with how innovative and talented they are. this list is based on personal liking
1Dance Gavin Dance
Downtown Battle Mountain

This album has the most cathartic and mellow and isolated (not in a bad way) sound in their whole, diverse catalogue. Jonny Craig's R&B inspired vocals over chaotic, math-rock inspired instrumentals combined with Jon Mess' afflicting streams make this album. They still didn't top this, but they come close each fucking time they release an album.

I think this is the best style they've accomodated so far. Also, it's their closest style to Post-Hardcore.

Favorite Tracks: 1. Lemon Meringue Tie, 2. Times New Roman

2Dance Gavin Dance
Downtown Battle Mountain II

This is the release where they got Jonny Craig back after 3 years, and Jon Mess just came back after fixing up his health. I think every song's a banger here but Jonny's vocals don't hit as hard as they did on DBM and I very much prefer the style of DBM over this one. I played this album much more than its prequel though. In this album, Mess is in a terribly bad shape because he just came back after taking a leave, and his screams are very manic, and emotional. While the screams sound bad, I think that even adds up to the quality of this album. Riff work in this one is more creative and diverse compared to DBM but less engaging.

Favorite Tracks: 1. Heat Seeking Ghost of Sex, 2. Thug City, 3. Spooks

3Dance Gavin Dance

This is the album DGD finally implemented pop into their Post-Hardcore style perfectly in my opinion in their second attempt after Instant Gratification. All band members are at their prime in this one but I don't like the style too much to be honest. Tilian solidified his place in DGD with this album by putting out an album as good as the best of the other vocalists.

Again, I don't like this style too much, but this album is consistent as fuck. If ArSe or AB was as consistent as MS, I'd be happily placing them higher than Mothership.


Favorite Tracks: 1. Man Of The Year, 2. Inspire The Liars, 3. Deception

Inspire the Liars is great but I think it gets somehow weak in the 2nd half compared to the first, so my favorite here would be MOTY.
4Dance Gavin Dance

Funky and most accessible DGD release with minimal screams and the screams by Will Swan in this one aren't harsh at all, would be accessible for a normal rock listener. Also, only release where there are lyrics that actually make sense.


"Who chooses to keep all these bohemian thoughts alive?"

"I guess I still miss you
But talking's for functioning people"

Favorite Tracks: 1. Carl Barker, 2. Tree Village, 3. Powder to the People
5Dance Gavin Dance
Artificial Selection

I think ArSe era DGD is my favorite stylistically, not as poppy as the follow-up album, desolate and epic, Tilian's voice is not overproduced (eh, maybe a little),

Mess' screams are not too melodic compared to Afterburner, they're chaotic and he actually sounds like he's angry here.


Favorite Tracks: 1. Bloodsucker, 2. Son of Robot, 3. Evaporate

Bloodsucker is my favorite song by them in terms of song structure.
6Dance Gavin Dance

I think good tracks are hit or miss on here, and that's actually why it was received so poorly by the fanbase. There are some bad tracks on there, but the good ones are really good. If the album was consistent in quality (and no, very good tracks don't make up for bad tracks), this would be probably higher than Mothership.

Favorite Tracks: 1. Nothing Shameful, 2. Parody Catharsis, 3. Say Hi

It's too poppy for most people, but I liked it. Top 3 tracks of this is much better than top 3 tracks of Mothership.

7Dance Gavin Dance
Acceptance Speech 2.0

Good intro to Tilian, but Tilian sings like he's still in Tides Of Man here, and I think Will Swan knows it, because this album focuses on Mess.

Favorite Tracks: 1. The Robot with Human Hair, Pt. 4, 2. Strawberry Swisher, Pt. 3, 3. Carve

8Dance Gavin Dance
Dance Gavin Dance

This is funky, rough, and messy. It's still good but I don't like the style and funkiness combined with Mess' screams.


Favorite Tracks: 1. Caviar, 2. Alex English, 3. Rock Solid, 4. Me and Zoloft

Caviar and Alex English are undoubtedly the best here, that ending in Caviar is fire.
9Dance Gavin Dance
Instant Gratification

First Tilian central album, but they went too far on making Tilian the center. This has too much Tilian and it's safe to say Tilian found his singing style in DGD with this album. This sounds good, but style is in my opinion uninspired and bland. Their most accessible Tilian album. I like to think of this as DGD trying to find their sound with Tilian before Mothership.

Don't get me wrong, this is good, but compared to other albums by DGD, this lacks innovation.

Favorite Tracks: Lost, Variation, Something New

10Dance Gavin Dance
Whatever I Say Is Royal Ocean

The album is underwhelming at best but has a really nice one track, which has a really good ending that makes me shiver. Bad production, screams are bad, instrumentals are kind of good but production screws them up, just sounds like not much effort was put into this.

Favorite Track: The Robot With Human Hair, Pt. 2

11Utopian Babies
Nothing In Moderation

top 25 tracks:

1. Lemon Meringue Tie
2. Heat Seeking Ghost of Sex
3. Carl Barker
4. And I Told Them I Invented Times New Roman
5. Man Of The Year
6. Nothing Shameful
7. Bloodsucker
8. Parody Catharsis
9. Thug City
10. Inspire the Liars
11. Spooks
12. Son of Robot
13. Evaporate
14. The Backwards Pumpkin Song
15. Say Hi
16. Deception
17. Here Comes The Winner
18. Alex English
19. Tree Village
20. Open Your Eyes and Look North
21. Rock Solid
22. Hair Song
23. Strawberry Swisher Pt. 3
24. Me And Zoloft
25. The Robot With Human Hair Pt. 4
12Utopian Babies
Nothing In Moderation

Recommended album listening order: DBM -> DBM II -> Deathstar -> Happiness -> Instant Gratification -> Acceptance Speech (2.0) -> Mothership -> Artificial Selection -> Afterburner.

Pretty much the chronological order but DBM II comes after DBM, and Instant Gratification is swapped with AS.
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