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Search for the WORST: Nu-Metal Edition

Hey everyone I am Here to Announce a new competition. I noticed a trend of picking best material for competitions that have happened recently, and while that is cool (even took part in some), here we are doing the opposite. I want you to give me the WORST Nu-metal album you can think of. List is in no order but the worst nu metal albums i have heard so far

I will be limiting it to 10 entiress but if i see more people wanna join in i will bump to 15. I will update the list
Here are the rules
1. artist's genre does not matter as long as the album itself is Nu-Metal. a non-nu metal album from a nu metal artist will not be eligible.(fusion albums are eligible, as long as the primary sound is nu-metal)
2. Must be an album i have not heard, check my ratings before making you subission
In terms of how low the bar is set, the current Nu-metal album to beat is "Gift of the Game" by Crazy Town.
3. Had to add a third rule but ONLY ONE ALBUM per a person
2King 810
Suicide King

this album is "The Room" of Nu Metal
3Thousand Foot Krutch
Set It Off (Remastered)

Anyways Your entries will be added to this list, where after i hear it, i will give my thoughts on the album and give a verdict if i feel if it's THE WORST or not.
Snuff the Punk

For your picks, public/site reception does not matter as long as you personally feel it is one of the worst!
kinda did not have a prize, Just thought this would be fun to explore the worst of a genre I like.
5Crazy Town
The Gift of Game
13 Ways to Bleed On Stage

this may be the most unpopular one here from my current picks
7(hed) p.e.


Some of the beats here are good, and the instrumental has some nice moments, but man are these bars just so funny, that second song with all the forced classic rock/metal references had me dying. this might be a "so bad it's good" kind of album

Rating; 2/5
Is this the worst? No (but i had a good laugh, thanks!)
Kult 45


boy can't wait for Ms.Otep to threaten me for this (Small reminder she is the Left-wing version of Mr. trapt) joking aside this album was awful, like really awful. From the constant stealing from RATM and Korn but the fact that points in here sound like a poor Fred Durst impression. I would much rather hear "results may very" then this. Of course from the title you know the album would be "OrAgE mAn BaD" but really does not offer more than that, this is literally saying the same 5 things anytime something political trends on twitter. other then that on 'kult 45' she acts like she is this messiah in Nu Metal because "I was the first nu-metal waman ever" ignoring some key things like kittie predated her, and coal chamber bassist. the 30 minute track where she has fans jack off her ego while inserting some "F*** Trump"circlejerking alone makes this album irredeemable.(political affiliation does not matter here, that awful)

Rating: 0/5
Is this the worst? YES
9Hollywood Undead
Swan Songs


oh yeah this is a hard knockoff of Linkin park, but if was written by edgy kids in 2008 who think the word "F*****" is badass and hardcore. Add on Generic rock choruses and you get this album. the thing that made me uncomfortable is how...lets just say how non consensual it seems when they brag about sex.

Rating: 1.5/5
Is this the worst? No
Anger Denial Acceptance


while the album is heavy, well..actully there is all that is to this album, there is really not any personality to it. I am not familiar with people, but from what i have seen, this is hated because it was a lot of fans were disappointed with it, and that is fine, i have been there. From someone who has never heard a single song from them before this, this album is....okay. I liked the opening track and the closing track (aka the ones with the most emotion)
Rating: 2.5/5
Is this the worst? No
11Methods of Mayhem
Methods of Mayhem


alright disclaimer for everyone. I very strongly dislike motley crue. So of course, digging into this album i had low expectations.Now that is out of the way, with all the guest features preforming at 25%, this feels like the prototype of a DJ khalid album. Last thing I wanted to hear was Lil Kim talking about riding Fred Durst.Only Positive i can say is SOME of the features are decent, but that is with how low these other features get. Safe to say the features failed to reach even he low standards i had for it.
Rating: 1/5.
Is this the worst? kinda, like i am on the fence on what side to put it on.
12Papa Roach


I am not going to lie, i enjoyed this. The riffs here where pretty solid and while the rapping has a slight Whine tone to them, I did not mind it that much. apparently this is their only good album, and it is indeed a good album. Even thought their is a good amount of filler on it.
Is it the worst? No
13(hed) p.e.
Only In Amerika


with the whole point of this being as offensive, it is no wonder the whole "Anti-SJW alt.right" group have gravitated to this album, because of course nothing is as hardcore as sleeping with an underage girl. Truly you can not be badass unless you have drugged a girl and assaulted her. (btw i am being sarcastic, and yes their are songs that boil down to that), they did the whole offend everyone thing decently, and their is like a good guitar part on like 2 songs, but their is nothing else here(so the album fails at getting any other themes across). This a is middle school edge lord's wet dream, or your stereotypical frat boy, you decide.

Rating: Ted Nugent/5 (1.5/5)
Is it the worst? No (but now watch the likes of No Bullshit and The Quartering hold this as a masterpiece that 'stood against SJW propaganda in one of the last great rock albums)
The Path of Totality


This will be a hot take, but I do not mind when metal and electronic music is combined, and I do not think Korn choosing to make a nu-metal dubstep hybrid is a bad idea. The project did turn out a lot better then "Korn III", an attempt to recreate the magic of the 1994 album without Head (went as you would of thought) so on paper i appreciate the band trying something out-of -left-field. key words 'On Paper'. This the the low quality song/lyric writing that was present since "Untitled". It's nearly the same dubstep song every single time making this album rather lazy(regardless of the DJ is), the band were clearly "Yes Men" to Davis on this album and it shows in the conservatively safe instrumentation. A shame because I really like "Narcissistic Cannibal" that's the fusion done right. Other decent tracks would be "Get Up" and "Tension". Head by himself made a better album twice then korn did without him. Check out Crossfaith instead.
Rating: 2/5
Is it the worst? No
Blue-Sky Research


if i can be honest, i did not find this boring in fact, i thought it was rather enjoyable...more so in the second half. One weak spot on this album though is that damn cover song. What is with nu-metal and terrible covers?

Rating: 3.5/5
is it the worst? No


what after school special did this come from, yes it is that cheesy? also the vocals are like if simple plan and the DK rap had a love child. Their is quite a deal of plagiarism on here too. The production here is not doing any favors as the mix is rather undercut. I really do not have anything in the way of positivity to say about it but all, this may seem like a funny or a cringe kind of bad, but it's a boring kind.
Rating: 1.5/5 (close to being a 1)
Is it the worst? No
17Lie Or Liar


This has got to be both one of the worst releases in all of Metalcore. This is album follows every single genre trope that this would be so mind numbingly boring but it failed to execute every single one, resulting in 20 minutes of comedy (How do you mess up the lo-fi transition?). Apparently this dude is no doing discount ghostmane stuff. shame it is not a full album because i cannot dub it "the room" of metalcore (that misplaced turntable scratching and rapping is also really funny too). now folks, which Metalcore release is worse? this or "forever ended yesterday" by These Hearts
Rating: 0/5
Is this the worst? Yes*
* is an asterisk because i asked for worst albums, as in studio albums... NOT EP's


I understand the ambition here of combining Nu-Metal and Dark wave, especially since both genres cross over on lyrical themes, however the combination does not always work, resulting in the dark wave side being so dominant that for a good amount of the album, Nu-Metal is no where to be found(or hardly noticeable), As A Nu-metal album, it is not that great, however as a darksynth album it is a fresh spin on the genre (though i will admit some of the synths here sounded dated before the album even came out)

3.5/5 (this is a light 3.5, i felt a 3 would be a bit too low)
Is it the worst? No
19Of Mice And Men
Cold World


weird confession from someone who likes metalcore (if was not obvious by my genre percentage page) i have never listened to "of Mice and Men" before, not even a single song. The album's biggest issue is it is lazy.2016 must of been one hell of a rough year for metalcore (*Cough* "The Black" *cough* at least we got "Transit Blues"), and the album combines both the bare minimum of metalcore and nu metal for an album so autopilot, it was the blueprint for self driving cars. from the ratings, seems i should check give them another chance since this album is dunked on (but nothing with Carlile for obvious reasons, i know a bit of a grey area since i listened to this, but still)
Rating: 2/5 (tempted to bump this down to 1.5 we shall see)
Is it the worst? no
20Lollipop Lust Kill
My So-Called Knife


I get they are going for the dark deranged serial killer image, and this is something that i am sure "true crime" or whatever that group is called will dig, but the albums biggest crime is after 3 tracks, the shock factor is gone and it gets boring. we also need to talk about how awful and out of time those drums are, from a drumming standpoint this is the worst nu-metal album. At least this album has some bite to match it's theme though. I would say aside from the drums the whole album is decent, but forgettable.
Is it the worst? No


Oh yes Davis's spoiled younger brother, who formed his own nu-metal band that was a shallow copy of his brothers in every way. The boasting or angst on this album is pathetic, pathetic. every song is the same, ether "Don't mess with me bruh i took meth once" or "i drunk alcohol, so that must mean i am sad, feel sad for me dammit". The instrumentation is not bland, that would be a compliment, It is a void of forgetfulness, a tomb of nothingness for passion and aggression to die.
Rating: 0/5
Is it the worst? Yes

Korn III: Remember Who You Are

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