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Dream pop binge

Looking for the 'pop' end of the dream pop spectrum here, so not quite classic shoegaze bands like MBV etc. Give me those budgiecore recs folks I'll add them to the list! Volume 2:


LP was nothing incredible, but the early record lines up tune after tune man

Keepsake 3.3
Sugar and Spice EP 3.1


Fantastic catchy dream pop, exactly the kind of stuff I'm looking for here.

Morningside 4.0
Fazerdaze EP 3.4
The Years


Also really nice, although I mostly dug the first EP and not so much the rest, don't kill me budg

Soft Hate 3.1
The Slideshow effect 2.8
Choir of Empty Rooms 3.4
The Years EP 3.75
4The Boo Radleys
Everything's Alright Forever
Peripheral Vision

Gotta rejam this I'm not sure I'm happy with my own soundoff
6Sea Oleena


Love this, like Grouper in dream pop version. I want to rejam it all anyway. Edit: well I rejammed it all and this is so lovely. Had an even better listen of the LP this second time round. Edit: new LP is just as good aye

Weaving a Basket 4.1
Shallow 3.9 > 4.1
Sleeplessness EP 4.2 > 4.1
Sea Oleena EP 3.8
Flyingpool Demo

Nice and from Belgium, will have to keep an eye on those guys
Flyingpool Demo 3.6
8Two People
First Body

Also have to rejam this, unsure about my soundoff
The Original Faces

Liz Harris going dream pop, nice but not as great as her dronier things.
The Original Faces 3.0
11Trespassers William
Noble House

Surprised I really didn't click at all with this band given their super high ratings. I might come back to their discog in a couple years because, you know, tastes change, but right now this really isn't my cuppa. Perhaps I should try Having again since I liked it a lot more than the rest.
The Natural Order of Things EP 3.05
Noble House EP 2.95
Having 3.6
Different Stars 2.7
Anchor 1.5
12The Sundays
13Frankie Cosmos
why am i underwater?
Last Place
15The Blue Nile
A Walk Across the Rooftops
16Night Flowers
Night Flowers EP

I don't feel like they ever really found their potential, except maybe on the first LP and the s/t EP. This is all nice, but it just has a hard time creating emotion for me? Last album really didn't hit at all for me, quite a disappoint.
Fortune Teller 2.55
Wild Notion 3.7
Hey Love EP 3.05
Glow in the Dark EP 3.15
Night Flowers EP 3.65
17Mellow Gang

Short but really sweet discog. The EP is more on the psychedelic side and is quite rough over the edge albeit still great fun, but the LP displayed fantastic improvement that I am really happy about. This is exactly the type of music I was looking for here and I'll be jamming Adjourn a lot while waiting for their next output.
Adjourn 4.0
Play EP 3.4
18Best Coast
California Nights
19Why Bonnie

Small discog so far, but I'll listen to what comes next. First EP didn't convince me a whole lot although it sure was nice, but the breadth of genres displayed on Nightgown with good execution makes me think this is definitely a band to wach.
Voice Box EP 3.8
Night Gown EP 3.65
In Water EP 3.1
20Dum Dum Girls
I Will Be
21Pi Ja Ma
Nice To Meet U

A little, sweet ball of cute fun with a rich sound that doesn't feel grandiose or perhaps history-worthy just yet but that I'll still happily jam again.
Nice to Meet U 3.9
Radio Girl EP 3.75

Reminder to also check Lulls in Traffic while I'm at it (side project)
23Beach House
Thank Your Lucky Stars


A band that makes good songs, but that really tires me quickly on album format, especially on their earlier records. 7 and Bloom do show signs of improvement, with the band's composition occasionally getting fuller and more interesting, but it's not quite there yet. Looking back at it I feel like I am overrating the whole thing, but this is not a band that made me want to really dig again into their discog to revisit my ratings (bar the occasional track), despite never being truly bad. Just, idk, dull? Not my cuppa

7 3.86
Thank You Lucky Stars 3.0
Depression Cherry 3.65
Bloom 3.75
Zebra EP 3.5
Teen Dream 3.5
Devotion 3.45
Beach House 3.3
25Washed Out
Within and Without
26Dots (.........)
So Long, Scarecrow
28Mercury Rev
Yerself Is Steam
29Sleep Party People
Sleep Party People
30Phoebe Bridgers
Stranger In The Alps
31Low Roar


Yet another band where I think the connection to dream pop is tenuous, if at all existent. But then again who believes sput tags. For the most part it is essentially folk/folktronica with some timid ventures into more ambient territory. Unsurprisingly I liked those ambient phases best as the singer has a tendency to sing too much and to not leave room for the instruments to breathe, and also to sing too much of the same melodies, which makes more vocally adventurous tracks like Slow Down stand out. A band that to me is yet to make a bad album, but also is yet to make a stunning one. I did also really like the atmosphere on the first album, sort of relaxing mountain spring vibes.

Inure EP 3.5
Ross 3.35
Once in a Long Long While 3.6
0 3.4
Low Roar 3.6
32boa (UK)


Definitely more of a songs band than an album band as they have really excellent songs (that track from lain yes but others too) but don't really make strong albums overall. This is less true of their last album which despite lacking some truly standout tracks is still imo much more consistent overall. I fail to see much dream pop here as this is mostly alt-rock, but hey who believes sput tags anyway.
Get There 3.4
Twilight 3.3
Tall Snake EP 2.0
The Race of a Thousand Camels 3.25
33Kinoko Teikoku
Long Goodbye
34Wild Beasts
Boy King
35Helena Deland
Drawing Room

36Lillet Blanc
Lillet Blanc

budgie rec
I really loved the first EP with its super dreamy flavour of dream pop, but Casco Bay whilst displaying some good ideas rarely succeeds in execution I think.
Casco Bay 3.2
Lillet Blanc 3.9
37Hazel English
Wake Up

Her EPs are both gorgeous and some of my favourite finds in this binge, but like many people it seems I was a bit underwhelmed by the safer, less dreamy and less catchy direction she took on her LP. I'll still follow her future output, but I hope she does bring back a bit more dream pop DNA next time.
Wake Up 3.3
Just Give In EP 3.9
Never Going Home EP 3.8
38The Radio Dept.
Clinging to a Scheme

39Too Young To Go Steady

Please release more guys? The best way I'd describe this is indie pop/rock that gives me the exact same feels I get from post rock a la God is an Astronaut and the likes without being post-rock itself (or when it is, it has vocals). Just plain awesome and might grow on me.
Dropout 3.95

weepey bananey's rec

Honestly I wasn't all too convinced by this band. I'm not even sure how much I'd tag them dream pop, it's mostly alt rock really I guess? They consistently have good ideas that they turn into ok but completely generic songs. There were a couple highlights here and there but this isn't a band I'm really planning on coming back to.

Dove 2.8
King 3.1
Star 3.0
Slow Dust EP 3.15
41The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa

weepey bananey
42Technicolor Teeth
Can You Keep Me Out of Hell

weepey bananey
43Blonde Redhead

Serotonin II


johnny's rec
She certainly has some dream pop influences but I don't know if I would call her music dream pop per se. She makes a lot of glitchy or ambient electronica stuff, and frankly it is quite lovely. I like her style and will be following her future output.

Serotonin II 3.85
Coma EP 3.05
Lost Memories do Not Net EP 3.5
pathos EP 3.65
Yeule EP 3.3
45Spangle call Lilli line

Long Season

johnny + rellik
47the day
Midnight Parade

dewi + budgie
Very sweet band that'll stay on my radar. I owe both their records a second listen. They both felt like they lost a bit of their flavour mid course and fell a bit flat towards the end, but some tracks are splendid. Edit: the last EP felt really convincing instrumentally and really dull vocally, what happened? Idk but I still think they have very strong albums in them.
Soon I Will Forget EP 3.3
Midnight Parade 3.7
Strangers With Familiar Faces EP 3.6

dewi's rec
This has some nice songs, but it's quite bland most of the time. On the pop rock side of things I would say but with a dream pop tone, with sounds cool and gets cool in a few tracks, but doesn't always work really.
Tallies 3.1
Heads Up

50Candy Claws
Ceres And Calypso In The Deep Time

dedex rec
While this sure is quality stuff, I simply didn't click with the band's hazey, blurry, distorted aesthetic. It evoked A Sunny Day in Glasgow to me, but with less compositional backbone to justify it. I can't help but feel like they conceal rehashed idea behind a wall of effects from time to time, instead of the aesthetic complementing the tracks. I mean the last album reuses a lot of melodies repeatedly (cf the closing track). So yeah this was a fine listen but I don't feel the urge to check them out again any time soon
Ceres And Calypso In The Deep Time 3.5
Hidden Lands 3.65
Dreams of the Sea Life 3.6
Two Airships / Exploder Falls EP 3.05
51Cocteau Twins
Heaven or Las Vegas

dedex + literally this whole website
52A Sunny Day in Glasgow
Sea When Absent

An interesting band which I'll be watching and whose gigs I'll be looking out for, although I did prefer their more exploratory earlier works. I feel like they struggled to redefine their sound after LP2, but Sea When Absent was a good sign of this new poppier direction. I need to re-listen their first LP because I had a weird first listen experience.
Sea When Absent 3.6
Planning Weed Like It’s Acid / Life is Loss EP 2.75
New Christmas Classics EP 2.5
Autumn, Again 3.1
Ashes Grammar 3.9
Scribble Mural Comic Journal 3.5 (temp)
53Julia Brown
to be close to you

Not really dream pop but I'll lump it in here. Really enjoyed the crass prod on their debut, and their latest LP was quite nice. Not so much of a fan of their EP though.
An Abundance of Strawberries 3.65
Library B/W I wanna be a witch EP 2.9
to be close to you 3.8

55Wild Nothing

Of course
56Melody's Echo Chamber
Melody's Echo Chamber

57School of Seven Bells

58Baby Formula
Baby Formula

Rec from Abe
Oh man that's a lovely band I'll be watching. Very tasty and lush blend of dream pop, shoegaze and the occasional post-rock guitar with Chinese vocals. Just a precious debut that shows a lot of promise.
Baby Formula 3.75
59indigo la End
Shiawase ga Afuretara

Rec from Abe
I have a hard time seeing these guys as a dream pop band whatsoever (but maybe that is because I am illiterate in the genre), but I still had a fun time with this nice, lighthearted, mathy/indiey J-rock discog. The band's output is generally good but felt rarely truly memorable and not samey except on this album here and their second EP, but then again I am not used to J-rock in general so maybe it was just me. My ratings in the 3.5 range are a bit unfair to compare/rank, because I took ages to go through their discog and the conditions varied a lot. I think I'll still follow their output.
Nureyuku Shishosetsu 3.55
Pulsate 3.55
Crying End Roll 2.9
Aiiro Music 3.4
Shiawase ga Afuretara 3.95
Ano Machi Rekodo EP 3.3
Yoru Ni Mahou Wo Kakerarete 3.6
Nagisanite EP 3.8
Sayonara, subarashi sekai EP 3.3
60Cigarettes After Sex

Pretty sure I've heard this before I started rating stuff but alright
61A Beacon School

Abe + neek
swimming classroom

not sure this qualifies as dream pop? aye
63Panda Riot
Infinity Maps

I really, really like this band. They are full of ideas and surprises, their records throw fun riff after riff at you, and their overall shoegazy/dreamgazey aesthetic is really neat. And all of this is all true even of their debut. On Infinity Maps, unlike on said debut, they found great prod to support their sound, but I still feel like they struggle with album construction and could do with a bit more banger-type vocals to truly attain success. It's a band that takes their time to release each record, and I think they may well have great things ahead of them because they certainly aren't running out of ideas. Will follow of course.
Infinity Maps 3.9
Northern Automatic Music
Far And Near EP 3.75
She Dares All Things 3.8
64Life on Venus


Abe (dreamgaze)
66Tokyo Shoegazer

Abe (dreamgaze)
Everything Else Matters

Abe (dreamgaze)
68Blood Cultures
Happy Birthday

dedex's rec
A fun band with a few nice jams, but while their first LP felt imperfect but promising, I didn't quite enjoy the direction they took on its follow up. Will still check their future output, but this feels like a band I will retain some songs from but not really full records, apart for background listening or something (on a surf trip say).
Antisocialities 3.4
Alvvays 3.5

I wasn't sure I'd like this band because the first record felt a bit underwhelming and bland, mostly nice and instrumental dream pop without very many high points, but the second one improved nicely - although it went on for way too long - and the third one, shifting to a more distorted, shoegazy, Nothing sort of style managed the turn in approach with success, becoming my fav LP by the band. Let's see what they bring next.
Deceiver 3.7
Is the Is Are 3.5
Oshin 3.6
Foreign Tapes

not dream pop but self-reminder to jam this
Well it's indeed not dream pop, more like indie rock with a bunch of different flavours and influences. It is super cool, yet I wasn't too in awe really, feels like I need to give this another chance.
Foreign Tapes 3.6
Foreign Breath

o whoad yo (shoegaze?)
Angel Youth

74Lunar Vacation
The Lunar Vacation EPs

I dug both of their EPs and this is definitely a band I'll watch. Their vibes are so happy and summery it is fantastic. All they need is a bit more maturity in terms of album construction and sequencing and it'll be a dope LP whenever they come up with one.
Artificial Flavors EP 3.8
Swell EP 3.6
75Northern Picture Library

from sturgis' list
76Twin Shadow
77Lanterns on the Lake
Gracious Tide, Take Me Home

from parkinsun's list
79Another Sunny Day
You Should All Be Murdered (Three Songs)
80uchu nekoko
Kimi No Youni Ikiretara

from park's second list

Soft dreamy cuddly stuff for weebs and nonweebs alike. I have to say the second EP stands out by moving away from the dreamy stuff into more of a funk pop/city pop vibe and yall should check it out. Some really sweet tracks that I'll come back to and a band I'll certainly watch, but that is yet to come out with a strong dreamy record imo.

Kimi No Youni Ikiretara 3.3
Summer Sunny Blue EP 3.6
Hibi No Awa EP 3.2
81The December Sound
The Silver Album

from park's second list (shoegaze)
Different Shade of Beauty
83Endling (UK)
Proper Nouns

by sput user anatelier
84Requin chagrin


Well this wasn't really dream pop at all. At best you could describe it as surf rock with some dream pop prod and aesthetics I guess, but the tag is a bit of a stretch. This is nonetheless an ok listen, never terribly bad, but also struggling to ever stick in memory with surf tunes that all blend into one another. The fact that it's in French unfortunately makes it all sound cheesy to me which is a bit unfair on the band. Not a band I really plan on following closely, but I suppose if you are in search of surf rock to populate a playlist it won't hurt to give them a listen.
Semaphore 2.9
Requin Chagrin 2.8
85Pastel Ghost

budgie's rec (or his friend's I guess)

First EP was super catchy, second EP shifted style towards something more ambient and atmospheric and I don't think they made it work as well. Still nice though

Waiting EP 3.6
87Beach Fossils
What a Pleasure
Slow Dance

stolen from abe

Stolen from abe

Single record discog so far so see my soundoff.

Echo 3.65
Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghosts


atari's rec

Very nice, it is just one album so see my soundoff. A band I'll be watching!

Burst 3.8
92Desert Medicine
Desert Medicine

budgie's rec

I need more from these guys, this was really pretty and I didn't want it to end after three short tracks. Will be watching those guys for sure.

Desert Medicine EP 3.9
93Gia Margaret
There's Always Glimmer

budgie's rec

Her first album shows great potential, but I feel like it is somewhat immature in that it feels like she is looking for a direction and not quite settled yet. The second album moves almost entirely away from the dream pop/indie pop aesthetic and on its own wouldn't make Gia relevant to this list since it is pretty much ambient music, but I find it very pretty and relaxing. I'll be watching what she releases next.

Mia Gargaret 3.8
Theres Always Glimmer 3.6
94Laura Gibson
Empire Builder



neek's rec
Not super convinced overall. Her bandcamp discog has some really nice sadfolk songs that's true, but for the most part it's not really music I'd consider even publishable given how badly recorded it is and how little thought was put in record construction. Feels a bit like lazily uploading drafts and presenting them as fully worked music. In her defence idk if that's really what she intended it to be. Her sadfolk could have been really nice on a fully worked LP though bcs there was potential, but for Diary and Immunity she went a much more electronic/pop direction, and while that's fine it feels like she's still looking for her direction. I'll watch her in the future because there is potential, but as it stands her catalogue isn't hugely marking.
Immunity 3.25
Diary 001 EP 3.3
Brains A Bus Station EP 2.0
Creased Laundry EP 2.8
Growing EP 2.5
Metal Heart 2.7
Moth Girl EP 2.75
Aquarius Boy EP 2.9
Late Show EP 2.7
Have A Nice Day EP 2.7
Do U Wanna Fall In Love? EP 2.5

98Craft Spells
Idle Labor

gherkin + budgie
99Julee Cruise
Floating into the Night

100Polygon Woods
Post Space

budgie's rec

Really cool Aussie psych/indie rock band, with rather remote dream pop leanings. The s/t is a bit of a draft but quite a promising one, and Post Space is an excellent realisation of that draft's potential. Better prod, better ideas, heavy use of synths, heavy psych haze - love it. The single (I don't think it's an actual EP at least?) is cool but it makes me more excited about the LP it prefaces rather than in and of itself.

Window Seat/ Rabbit Holes EP 3.1
Post Space 3.9
Polygon Woods 3.6
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