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Knights of the Old Republic

It's winter break, and I'm poor as fuck, so what else is there to do than sit inside many days playing old video games.
1John Williams
Star Wars OST

Knights of the Old Republic has always been one of my all time favorite games, I remember buying it off of ebay in the 9th grade and falling in love with it. It's been years since I last played the game, and after a visit home I had an intense urge to play it over again.
2Death Grips
The Powers That B - Part II: Jenny Death

Luckily enough I at some point purchased KOTOR off of steam at some point, which made things much easier. Unfortunately though my game was plagued with glitches, mostly graphics. Most of these were resolved when I turned off grass in the game, but there was additional problems with my character not moving at all, and the occasional failure to load the picture which required me to completely restart my laptop to reload.
3Shana Cleveland
Night of the Worm Moon

Other than that, this game was almost as good as I remember it. It's very much an old computer game, but I still found myself immersed in the world and the story, and found myself liking characters that I didn't care much for in the past. I found myself caring a whole lot more for Mission, Jolee, and Zaalbar even if he was kind of a moody bitch. I unfortunately cannot say the same about Juhani, who I may feel some sympathy for, but I still fail to connect to her character as much as Bastilla, Jolee, and Mission. I was unable to complete HK's quest as my repair was not high enough, which is a bummer, and I also somehow failed to finish Canderous' quest as well-- one of two quests uncompleted in any way, the other being Mandalorian Raiders on the Unknown planet. And then there's Carth Onasi. I'm unsure if Carth was written to be almost completely intolerable. I can't remember a character in a game I love that I loathed nearly as much as any time that I had to hear Carth speak.
4Against Me!
Crime as Forgiven By

On a whole the game seemed a lot more simple than I remember. I thought back to it as this massive, complex, quest filled adventure. On my return the game felt a lot more linear than I remember, planets were more bare and could be completed rather quickly. Kashyyyk felt almost unfinished, I remember almost nothing noteworthy or really truly memorable about that questline. Korriban, my favorite planet in the past, also felt surprisingly barebones. I think I may have even finished Korriban the fastest and with the least amount of effort. Tatooine did hold up rather decently though, but Manaan was the planet that proved to be the most memorable. Despite some just... awful navigation issues, Manaan proved to be the most complex, interesting, and immersive section of the entire game. I spent hours exploring and talking to everyone I could--It's largely how I remembered the whole game being.

All in all, I still love this game. I can forgive the issues I had with the game, because the story alone makes it my favorite subject in the entire Star Wars canon. That alone forgives the PC-jank I experienced throughout the game. The game was smaller, easier, and more straight forward than I remember, but I'm happy that I got to re-experience it for the first time since high school.

And then I tried to play KOTOR II. Because I also remember being in love with this game. Unfortunately my horribly out of date laptop seems to be struggling to run this 2004 game. Any time it came to combat the game would freeze and lag to an unplayable pace. This was irritating but I still managed to get to the Ebon Hawk at the end of Peragus... and then the sith troopers storm and the game becomes unplayable. So the only section I got to play of this game was arguable the worst section in either of these two games. Sucks to suck.
7Portrayal of Guilt
Suffering is a Gift

I revisited a handful of other games, including an inexplicable return to Game Dev Tycoon. I spent one night playing this game, and by one night I mean a solid 8 hours of playing this. I do not know why, but there was something addicting about it.
8Bullets And Octane
Bullets And Octane

I also revisited Smackdown vs. Raw 2007, and after promptly getting my ass kicked by the AI because I forgot how to play, I spent an upsetting amount of time playing the absolutely stellar General Manager mode. This mode is so fucking fun and I would 100% purchase a new wrestling game that had and updated version of this.
9Purple Mountains
Purple Mountains

I got playstation plus once again and immediately started to play Civilization Revolution again, before realizing this was a horrible mistake and canceled PS+ shortly after. I get way too addicted to that game. This summer I managed to win on Diety difficulty as every single civilization, yet I still can't help but start new game after new game. It's a terrible waste of time that I can't help but play
10Iron Maiden

And I even came back to a game that I could never really get into,Magic the Gathering. I found my old deck that I had from when I got into the game a few years back. It was only a month or two, but the girl I was talking to did tournaments and I eventually spend well over a hundred dollars in that time span trying to match her deck, that never happened. Anyway, that sparked enough interest in Arena, which I downloaded three days ago. The addiction is strong, as I became obsessed with making my deck more powerful and win as much as I could. But on the border of gold tier the game stopped giving me experience points and new cards, so that interest is fading once again. I think I overplayed it a bit.
11Bomb the Music Industry!
Goodbye Cool World!

Anyway those are the games I've been playing in the past month. I don't play video games very often, so this revisit to some old classics was refreshing, but I cannot help but feel I spent way more time than I ever should have on some of these.

Anyway yeah cool stuff.
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