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Sputnik Copypasta II: The Great Pasta War

If you have any complaints about the list, please let me know, i will take them under very serious consideration.
White Noise and Black Metal

Every artist has the choice to remain independent. These guys didn't and now they're facing the consequences.

- Get Low's take on Dragged Into Sunlight being ripped off by their label
2Danny Brown

interstellar is definitely ridiculous and you have to suspend disbelief to really enjoy it, but i do appreciate what it gets scientifically right. a wormhole (based on what we currently know how they'd work) would have you enter on an angle in order to be able to exit, and would be very mind-bending.

- gyromania
3Torture Chain
The Ascent of Deimos

i mean at least just title this shit, 'sput quotes i think are funny'

there's nothin pasta bout this shit

ruinin the name at this point

- sach
4Bad Bad Hats
It Hurts

I'm not really into pop (I'm an Opeth fan, actually), but sometimes I hear a pop song that I just love, but in secret. You know, like things you like but you don't even know why and you're ashamed of it.

- onirium
5Kimi Karki
Eye for An Eye

you called me a ***** in 2010

- damus (was inactive since 2010)
6Handmade Moments
Eye In the Sky

"users from this website are harassing me. my username is tied to my facebook and other social networks. furthermore they searched mine and my girlfriend's names from our facebooks, found us in the whitepages, and are leaving death threats to our voicemails."

"i'm not michael snoxall. it's not important who i am. that's not the point."

"i didn't make a formal request in the moderator section because i've seen you close threads asking for account deletion, so what's the point? i didn't make this new account to be a dick or for attention (besides wanting attention from a moderator obviously); i didn't want to post with my main account. i can understand why you'd think i was being a dick and i know i was whiny, and i apologize for that - i was having nicotine withdrawals and getting constantly attacked for no reason by you and everyone else set me off. furthermore, i realize that i'm mostly an unlikable person, but i don't care, i'm still not going to sugarcoat it or suck up to you or
7Smokin' Joe
It's About Time

anyone else; i hate this community and i no longer want to be associated with it. so yes, maybe i went and still am going about it the wrong way, but my purpose was not to troll and what i'm asking is a legitimate concern for people on this website (judging from requests from the moderator section).

and, genius coder? i never claimed to be. it's simple php scripting and database management people, plus the functionality is already implemented for moderators so it's not like it would take the 'one guy who does it for a hobby' much time at all to implement for everyone."

"i'll even do the deletion page free for him if he'll delete my account. dead serious."

"i'm not snox. i've already told you no one knows me. i wasn't a popular user. it's amazing that no one believes me, because that's the truth."

- deletemeplz leaving over 50 comments in a thread bitching incessantly about not being able to get his account deleted
Of Serpent and Shadow

It's annoying because I doubt the majority of their fanbase would have cared if they kept him. The deathcore community in general never struck me as snowflakey.

- get low commenting on Lorna Shore's vocalist getting booted for being a sexual predator
9Shabazz Palaces
Black Up

Dear Sonic.

Lets chat sometime. I'm done acting like a little bitch. And to all of sputnik this is my formal apology. I was reading way too deep in my own art and I went on this weird punk rock bender. I really miss this place. I feel so bad about my last list. I decided to not delete it and just let the mean comments stay. You guys are right about me. And it seems like Sonic the Plumber, you are the one who is kinda the leader of this place in some possible way. Thanks guys. Um I'll just add a few albums I have been listening to lately. Just silly classics I like.

I went on a rodeo ride with this pretty girl back in 2011. I literally fckin lost my manhood on the night of...Well the night of the Rev's death. Beautifully tragic right? I guess? But anyways, Sonic, and the rest of you guys. . .I was acting like kind of a pussy ass bitch when I wrote that last list...
The Story of You

I was stuck in the Matrix. So anyways let's chat. You reviewed my very first EP back in 2012 and I thought your review was short and sweet but it was well written and you sorta helped me gain a bit of a following on here.. So anyways shout my inbox Sonic. Thanks man. And to the rest of you guys. What's been up? Sorry I had to get off the grid for a bit. As a musician I did a foolish thing and read waaaaay too deep into the rating of that last album lol. Soo any like stoney kinda synister gates anyone besides the badass sonic can rec on here? I'd appreciate it. Thanks guys. Again...

- deadcrown
11Jon Wayne and The Pain

ghost reveries and watershed are very "alternative" to me.

For the few songs I heard in both albums. Mikael was switching towards screaming, more than death growls. So in a way....if you combine screams and clean singing, that's the ABC of the Alternative metal foundation.

- rodrigo
The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds

"@JohnnyoftheWell Sure, however if one limits the juxtapositions one can make, to be between whatever the dominant culture considers 'high' or 'low art' seems artistically inhibiting. Wouldn't it be far more aesthetically liberating to just do away with limited categories and biased binaries? Besides, wouldn't one's adherence to that binary within their artistic process not also create the risk of reproducing the very limitations that distinction could place upon the art itself, something I reckon isn't necessarily subversive to begin with, certainly not from a postmodern perspective."

Thanks for clarifying your position. I will formulate my reply on the Immoto thread as requested."

- MementoMori
13Blood Incantation
Hidden History of the Human Race

"culturally huge" is relative, but anyways, I don't think Radiohead was the last. I don't remember their name, but I believe there was one last band who had an actual massive cultural impact. And I don't mean Tool, they have almost zero influence whatsoever.

Did you ever listen to another band that sounded like they were influenced by Tool, unless you explored far underground? I don't think so.

- rellik009
Copulation of Cloven Hooves

how do you tell friends that their music tastes suck? Im just used to calling people fags for listening to crappy music. But how can i convince people that avenge sevenfold arent the most heavy band ever or that new music doesnt suck or that im not gay for listening to indie? idk. rec me stuff based on these digs.

- handoman
Reverie of the Revolving Diamond

Dads were off their neck on LSD, involved in threesomes and jamming Pink Floyd in their teens all the while grafting at exams that were harder, entering jobs that were more back breaking and forever being told to 'man up' and settling down at 21 to raise brats who will forever ponce off of him, tell him he doesn't understand and that his music is shite.


- zak
16Mortal Incarnation
Lunar Radiant Dawn

Does this riff and what have you?

- zak
17Reuben and the Dark
Funeral Sky

Element: I had a full fucking review for this album but no shitty sputnik decided to fuck up and not publish it, therefore I lost my review I spent an hour writing, fuck you sputnik and your outdated piece of shit website that can go fuck itself.

Johnnyonthespot: it wasn't a mistake - we screened it because it wasn't v good, sry m8

element: yes I am so retarded to have faith in a website to not fucking time me out for no reason, seriously people are acting like they are better than me because they know how to avoid a simple mistake that everyone has made, I don't get it, most of this thread is either insulting me for a simple mistake, making fun of my let's face it an awful review and my music tastes
Disgorged From Psychotic Depths

Anyone complaining about Heretic's production doesn't understand it, sorry, it's just too complex for you

- snox
19Signs Of The Swarm
Vital Deprivation

"Victims coming out on 'social media' LOL. If it was such a big deal these people would have gone to local authorities in the first place. Plenty of people make mistakes on social media, shit happens. Get over it."

"The fuck you trying to do Darius? You can't just post a blank comment on this site because it goes to an error page. Your post was clearly posted to garner attention since you added God knows how many ::spacebars:: to your comment."

- BigP
20Charnel Altar

Politely asking for a ratings wipe. The simple reason being I no longer want to have ratings below 3 due to a newfound moral code

- evok
Millions of Dead Cops

how many times has this been called the Kid A of the 2010's, and am I the first? because it's true...

- sowingseason on Flying Lotus' Cosmogramma
Pornographic Seizures

I mean deathcore isnt a genre. All metalcore has death metal influences. When people say deathcore they just mean metalcore with more deathmetal than hardcore than some other metalcore bands

- alias
23Mortal Wound
Forms of Unreasoning Fear

I was coming back from the stage, blood on my face, grinning like a maniac, wearing a Slayer shirt and halfway the festival site I bump into this scrawny twink. He starts looking at my shirt and in this godawful Antwerp accent and unbearably nasal voice he starts to go off "that Slayer show sucked" and shite like that. I was like a foot taller than him, and about 40 pounds bigger and he didn't look like he ever practiced some boxing, which suddenly seemed to dawn upon him because he took a run for it once I started staring at him with one aggressively raised eyebrow.

- thalassic
24The Sundays
Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

The reviews for this album are clearly written by 12 year old children, metalcore mostly sucks thanks to screamo garbage vocals but winston has finally evolved his impressive vocals to a better metal vocal style. Calling it "tough guy metal" and hating it for that is comical because metal is supposed to be tough, not whiny, ever listened to Metallica? If it wasn't for guys like winston & jesse leach and bands like Bury your dead & hatebreed I would never listen to metalcore at all, the genre is for whiny little emos

- thedangerman

you know what? Fuck it im done. the majority of this site is the reason why we will lose freedom of speech, because they cant handle reading words or agree with someones beliefs. It's people like that who ruin it for us all. Sure I dislike some shit I read but Jesus Christ, it's not a reason to mute them. I get it, but I, on the otherhand, could care less what people say or talk about, it's all a learning experience. I legit got my comments wiped for apologizing to a kid I enjoyed talking to. I make alt accounts as a joke, it was funny to me. This is why 4chan is the best website to post on, I am myself and have never been banned. And never will. I just miss my friends on here and for someone to take something I typed out of context to try and make me look like a piece of shit is low. Sometimes people say things they don't mean in the spur of the moment, especially with alcohol. So, fuck you, fuck me, fuck God and fuck BLM. It's not even about empowering the Black Man anymore,
26Maya Elena

it's about putting the White man down. Oh yeah, Darius, neck yourself faggot.


Notrap, Park, Art, Tri, Butcherboy, Sowing(two-faced faggot but love still), Drifter, Jay, Lucca, teamster, kalkweise, dbizz, Avagantamos

all in all fuck off and listen to Pantera

- aiwaz
27Have a Nice Life
Sea of Worry

Chug73: Flug you really are a clown and should just hang yourself (take pics so I can see).

Flugmorph: woooooow dude i thought we cool
28Lord Mantis
Universal Death Church

Can someone remove the "rock" label from sex pistols page, they are 100% pure punk. Gives the website bad rep having something like this

- thedangerman
29Rhian Sheehan
A Quiet Divide

ReefaJones 3. If I were in your shoes I'd off myself. What's the point of living such a sad life after all. This will be the last time you'll get a response from me. I'm sure you'll continue to obsess over me. Maybe I even haunt you in your dreams. Anyway, have a sad day.
August 18 12:07 AM • Remove
ReefaJones 2. The sad thing is that you'll never ever find a partner and die the lonely abomination that you are. Not having any friends on top of that must make the crippling loneliness almost unbearable. I can't even imagine
August 18 12:07 AM • Remove
ReefaJones 1. Imagine continuously posting on my lists and stalking me on reviews even when you are getting ignored. You are such a pathetic loser with no life lmao. I know that I destroyed you in a battle of wits weeks ago. If I had known that you are some hyperfocused ahdh-ridden aspergers kid I would have spared you back then.

- reefajones
Stabs of Holistic Mental Assault

So this is the place where the losers hang out and giggle at each other's pathetic attempts at humor lmao?
Pots will spend the next months, maybe more to continuously write comments on my lists or wherever i choose to post while I'll just delete his comments with 1 click and ignore him. If he'd just be half as tenacious in finding a job or living a life worthwhile that'd be something right?. Him wasting all this time on a person that he doesn't even know irl gives me a lot of satisfaction though, not gonna lie. Anyway, didn't mean to interrupt. Please continue your school gossiping.

- reefajones
31Big K.R.I.T.
4eva Is a Mighty Long Time

Again Alex, challenge me. Guaranteed I make you look like an imbecile - I'll even give you a full night to prepare as I have to be up early in the morning. You think I just play devil's advocate, go on then, back that shit up. We can do a fb call debate even, if you think you can stay on task and not resort to pointing out what a sad pathetic man I am. I know how you love your insulting tangents.

- gyromania

"listen to your parents kiddo, objectively speaking you're mentally just a toddler compared to them, they have the experience of life, you have the experience of what others tell you to think. not to mention your generation knows shit about politics overall - so sorry to open up your eyes lul. trust your family, not media, not your low iq friends, nobody wants your well-being more than your family. jesus christ what a generation of gullible boys."

"Ryus: Nah man, why believe your dad who loves you when you can open up your TV/social media like a sheep and think as the elite tells you to think? Fuck our families right? They're OLD, therefore gonna listen to some partisan journalists instead."

- baseline
33Little Big League
These Are Good People

There’ll come a time where people will be walking around openly masturbating and people will be all for it because it’s a sign of ‘individual release’
Someone might moan about it on an inconsequential music site and say how rubbish things have become and 94% of the user base will tell you ‘to get fucked grandad’ and such like

- zakalwe
34Mannequin Pussy

Disagree. You can create standards of quality which turn something subjective into objective.

For example:

What makes a band good at playing live shows?

1. They put on a fucking show, lots of energy, etc
2. They play their instruments very well, the singers voice is in top shape, their not falling over drunk and forgeting the lyrics or playing sloppy
3. The quality of the sound is good, you can hear what's being played and the sound guys did a tip top job
4. They surprise you with cool live stuff, interact with the audience, sing or play songs differently
5. There is a good conection with the crowd who sing and mosh etc

Now, if a band has all 5 of these points, i don't care about your opinion, they are objectively a good live band. And any and all of these points i submitted aren't subjecvtive, they can be objectively verified.

I can make a list like this for "How to make a good album" or whatever other areas involved in music.

- veks

Well if Science can't prove it then i must be wrong.
Because everything science says is right, is objectively right, right?
Define what objective is. Is it a material reality? Define what a material reality is. Is it a fact? What is a fact? Something that is proven to be true. What is proven to be true? What science says is true. So if science says a hypothesis is the most likely, then it suddenly becomes the objective truth? Until it gets debunked and something else becomes the truth? So science uses facts to ascertain truth, and yet they still constantly have to change what is true according to the changing times.

We come full circle, if science can't prove something then it is not the objective truth you say. Except social convetions exist and the term good or bad is a social convention. It does not require scientific study to be ascertained. What is good is what a community deems through the creation of standards of quality that one must achieve to be good. Science has nothing to
36Grand Demise of Civilization
Below the Feet of Kings

do with this and even mentioning science in this discussion is what is ridiculous, as if science is completly objective and the only way to ascertain a truth.

It's funny that people on that side of the argument are so condescending. A difference of opinion doesn't make someone smarter and thinking you already know the answer to something without even debating it shows the opposite and is the antithesis of a suposedly scientific mind. You should always question, not just assume you're right or blindly follow scientism.

You can put this one on the list too buddy.

- veks
The Hollow Gaze of Death

He hasn’t been racist.

He has called Chinese people sub-human as a result of them eating dog.

- zak
38The Motion Mosaic

BTBAM s always been a band that attracts dilusional crybabies and godawful edgelord purists. yall can pathetically 1, 2 or 3 this but the monolithic avrg withstands any pitiful trolling attempt out of sheer ignorance. no ones gonna remember u anyway.

- in7hox
Cold Dark Place

who gives a shit what they do in their free time bro.

- WretchedCacophony's reaction to people bringing up the Inquisition guy's child porn conviction
Fluid Existential Inversions

*Ars makes list about how the garage tag is for electronic music and not garage rock*

Me: I'm going to keep using it incorrectly just so you know.

Ars: aDoLfChRiSt Is So EdGy AnD cOoL! But we already knew that since he named his main account AdolfChrist, like a badass 13 year old

But you do you, I'm just getting the word out.
Breathe and Let Go

what gives her the right to go on stage and subject everybody to having to watch her take pictures of herself, f'ing disgrace

she is lucky is was not a real band, with real adult fans or they would of actually continued the beating in the crowd

- wham49's take on the lead singer of The Story So Far dropkicking a fan off the stage
Miss Anthropocene

I'm such an unabashed ass person. Like big titties are awesome and amazing and I'd never scoff at them, but they don't feel as base level essential. But I'm also open to most body types. Faces are obviously a huge draw; very rarely have I ever found myself ignoring a face. But personalities are super hot too; if I can laugh a lot and goof/joke with a chick or debate with them then it's a huge deal for me. But on the subject of smut, lets talk about Jada Stevens' ass, I feel like the geometry of it reveals higher truths of the universe. And the first several years of Proxy Paige was basically the perfect porn star imo. Plus, we can't sleep on Sasha Grey or even Jinx Maze. Alexis Texas is the hottest possible Karen. Also, I apologize if I seem zealous, I am pretty buzzed in this moment.

- Milliondead
43Shell of a Shell
Away Team

Congratulations, you're 1 out of the millions of other people who like the same albums you do, how unique and different is that. well, it doesnt say "personal" favorite albums, even so, there is already dozens of lists on here with the same albums, this is redundant

- Tundra
Silent Flower Observers

Mutt langes production is elder god tier on this

You can feel the fuck energy of him cheating on shania twain in the pounding beats and juicy hooks

Not an album for chastity caged antifa members with negative testosterone levels and midwit IQs hence the low rating on this resetera colony

- goodsitebaduserbase on a Nickelback album
45The Devil and the Almighty Blues

you internet kids have never been to a show or been around these people in your life stop typing like you know people and would say shit to their faces. also go listen to fiona apple if you’re scared of getting hit by something at a show, if a show environment sounds like it’s not for you, it’s probably not for you.

I exist on this planet for a plethora of reasons but to care if you tolerate me or not is certainly not one of them internet boy. If you have problems with what I type in this regard you gotta severely reevaluate your life. reevaluate why you think you can call yourself a man.

all you guys outside of botb have literally no depth to discuss this issue either btw, y’all do not be outside like that I promise you. these are online words coming from y’all who would get pummeled saying shit like that to people within core communities. not tryna play tough guy I’m just keeping it a buck wit y’all.

- torts
Four Dimensional Flesh

go to philly and give that dancing superiority spheal to joe hardcore and see what happens, all I’m sayin

calling out very real outside consumer entitlement, especially from someone who’s never been in a band or obviously has never been active in their local scenes that come across these things, is not condescending. it is a justified response to an immature mindset.

I wish I could say one day you’ll look at this and realize this repetition bit doesn’t carry half the weight you think it does, but you seem way too indignant to even consider second guessing yourself. self righteousness will be the death of man.

the abundance of individuals that still have a 16 year old perception of what self awareness is is astounding.

- torts
47Four Tet

Nah, i think the hilarious part is if it was a dude he kicked, this thread would be a third of its size. parker is a verifiable douche, but not for this. homegirl was clout chasing and knew she was in the wrong. When people disrespect your craft to be obnoxious, they don't even remotely deserve respect. If only we could all legally dropkick self-important fools off of a stage

- radiosuicide on The Story So Far's singer dropkicking a fan off of the stage
48Sutrah (CAN)

Guys seriously, this isn't cool at all. Even if I bash a genre I won't rate an album unless I've heard the album. All of you idiots just brought it's average down from a 4 to a 3.9 when you haven't even given it a chance. You guys don't see me rating a bunch of death metal albums 1s. I don't even rate them at all. But whatever...

Dude seriously, why are you guys being such dicks? The fact that a ton of death metal heads who rated this all 1 are commenting at the same time makes it look like nothing other than trolling. Please just stop.

"Ars, it is a joke, be calm."

Yeah, but you're damaging Ween's average in the process.

- ars
Kaos Kommand 696

Look, all I'm really saying here is that, in my experience, people who may have been born crack-addicted, and who do not put limitations on their own habits and behaviors, have a VERY hard time listening to Danny Brown, and it's not specifically because of his style.

People can dislike him all they want. Honestly, it's logical. I'm just a sucker for conceptual cohesion and accurate portrayals of human psyche, and I think the way he's received by the public perfectly reflects on the public itself.

- XSebbyMcMuffinX
Nothing Hides Under the Sun

Alright I'll entertain this whatever, what makes Meshuggah so dynamic then mate. And I do get Meshuggah, listen to the riff so much it starts to get better and you get hypnotized by it, yeah that's a load of bullcrap right there, Meshuggah fans are one of the most pretentious fanbases in metal. I dont get why Meshuggah fans feel the need to constantly pan bands who are influenced by them. Definitely some white supremacy parallels going on, "we are superior to you in every way", that's exactly how Meshuggah fans sound. Your opinion is surely not needed on X band Meshuggah fan I assure you, go back to listening to the same riff for 30 minutes straight

- tundra
51Pepper Proud
52Blind Guardian
Imaginations from the Other Side
Resurrection Denied
54Warp Chamber
Implements of Excruciation
55Temple of Void
The World That Was
56Caustic Wound
Death Posture
57Black Curse
Endless Wound
Stare Into Death and Be Still
59The Smith Street Band
Don't Waste Your Anger
60Elder (USA-MA)
61Fiona Apple
Fetch The Bolt Cutters
62Jeff Buckley
Space Is the Key
Stay Lost
65A Lot Like Birds
Conversation Piece
66Hail the Sun
67Nord (FRA)
The Only Way To Reach The Surface
68Defeated Sanity
The Sanguinary Impetus
The Record
70Bad Brains
Bad Brains
72200 Stab Wounds
Piles of Festering Decomposition
73Miles Kurosky
The Desert of Shallow Effects
74Retirement Party
Runaway Dog
77Cryptic Shift
Visitations from Enceladus
Endless Computer
79Phoebe Bridgers
Shrines to Absurdity
Entropic Reflections Continuum: Dimensional...
Abscess Time
Tales of Necrophilia
Lesions of a Different Kind
85Laura Stevenson
A Record
86Candy Claws
In the Dream of the Sea Life
87He Basks In the Sun
Pleasant Wreck
Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress
91Candy (USA)
Good To Feel
92 Mass of the Fermenting Dregs
World Is Yours
93Imperial Triumphant
94Primitive Man
95Bastard Priest
Vengeance​.​.​.​of the Damned
Under the Witching Cross
97Nick Hakim
Will This Make Me Good
98Blood and Sun
Love & Ashes
99Cerebral Rot
Spewing Purulence
100Fleet Foxes
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