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Top 55 Gothic metal albums
55Lake of Tears
Forever Autumn
Lost in Reverie

An experimental mash up of electronics, industrial black metal and gothic
53Trees of Eternity
Hour Of The Nightingale

Ethereal wave goth
Crucify My Heart

Not the smartest songwriting ever but damn, it's fucking caychy
51Mortal love
I Have Lost

A nice use of fragile female vocals over heavy sound
50On Thorns I Lay
Crystal Tears

The orchestral elements are the highlight of the albums

Long heavy doom tracks with a desolate atmosphere and fragile female vocals that makes a great contrast
48The Foreshadowing
Days of Nothing

Catchy and sombre at the same time
47To Cast a Shadow
In Memory Of

Camilla's vocals are awesome
46The wounded

Have you ever wandered how smells like teen spirit would spund as a goth metal song? Here's the answer
At Sixes And Sevens

Symphonic element combined to epic vibes and great duets
Godless Beauty

Angry swedes that combined a melodic guitar style to a rawer sound

Ok, BMTL is so overplayed that if i hear it again i will pour boiling oil in my ear, some lyrics are pretty edgy and it's not pure goth, more like alternative with goth influences. Amy Lee is truly talented though, she's an awesome pianist, singer and a good songwriter
42Cradle of Filth
Dusk and Her Embrace

While i'm not a huge fan of COF, but their first works contains some great vampiresque atmospheres and quality storitelling.

Underrated portugese Death/goth

A better version of Him, even catchier
39The 3rd and the Mortal
Tears Laid in Earth

It's like listening to a dark fable

Death metal elements nicely combined to a melodic Gothic style
37Dark Sanctuary
Les Mèmoires Blessèes

Ok, this is not properly metal, guitars and drums are barely there, but this orchestral majestic work contains some of the most cinematic vibes ever and influences from the gothic metal atmospheres
Dark Clouds In A Perfect Sky

Sabine died too soon. Black angel is one pf the best songs in the subgenre

Progressive goth with melodic and yet gritty sound
34After Forever

I think i could describe this as opera metal
33Dawn of Solace
The Darkness

Post/goth metal with dark atmosphere
32The Birthday Massacre
Walking With Strangers

Synth pop combined to the first 2000s goth trend. Edgy but still awesome, they created their own style.

Experimental and never trivial unknown work
30Green Carnation
Light of Day, Day of Darkness

A 1 hour prog song that sounds like an elegant sombre fairytale
29Lacuna Coil

While i'm not a huge fan of their recent stuff, the older ones are undoubtedly iconic and well structured

Melodeath with a claustrophobic atmosphere
The Delores Lesion

One of the rare cases where fast melodeath combines very well with goth cues. There's a short wonderful acoustic piece too
Eparistera Daimones

I bet these guys loves Celtic frost. A nice blending of thrash, death, goth, doom and even some industrial. Maybe one of the heaviest albums on this lisy
25Eternal Tears of Sorrow
A Virgin and A Whore

Basically Cradle of filth if they were melodeath (and imo better) the keyboards sounds fantastic

A german Symphonic opera with romantic features
Widow's Weeds

The archetype of goth with black influences, beautifully sad
22Theatre Of Tragedy
Velvet Darkness They Fear

The most appropriate band name ever, it describes perfectly what you will find here.
21The Gathering
Nighttime Birds

Proggy and ethereal, Anneke's lyrics are wonderful too
20Saviour Machine
Saviour Machine I

I'm not too much into, well, Jesus lyrics. But damn, this works! A goth/prog masterwork with apocalyptic vibes, technical musicianship and surprisingly good lyrics
Arcane Rain Fell

Death, come near me is monumental.

This short melodeath goth lp will make you feel isolated and melancholic
17Before The Dawn

Another melodeath epic work, the vocals fits perfectly with the combination of the genres
16The Old Dead Tree
The Nameless Disease

Why is this so unknown? One of the most original works in these years
15Estatic Fear
A Sombre Dance

Melancholic, nostalgic, beautiful solitude
14Rotting Christ
Triarchy of The Lost Lovers

These Greeks created their own sound blending melodic black metal with gothic creating an apocalyptical triumphant masterpiece
13My Dying Bride
Turn Loose the Swans

I don't think many other bands could depicts sorrow and loneliness better than these doom death masters
12Celtic Frost

This album is not easy to classify, i'll go with avant-garde doom death with gothic elements. One of the most evil and demonic sounding albums ever, obscured is like a soundtrack to the apocalypse
11Lacrimas Profundere
Burning: A Wish

Another underrated work with everything that makes gothic metal great. A nice vocalist, catchy riffs, a perfect use of keyboards and that sadness vibes all around
10Within Temptation
The Unforgiving

Maybe some people could think this is too high due to it's change of style and commercial approach but damn, i remembered every single track after listening to this just once. There are no fillers an Sharon's vocals are beyond awesome, the symphonic elements makes this even more epic

Mystic and esoteric, irreligious features some of the most original gothic stuff ever, The female vocals in Raven claws are perfect and the magical aura that every song gives will make you listen to this over and over

The pinnacle of unknown Gothic stuff! Opeth influences and melodic approach contrasting an heavy yet elegant sound makes this one of the most underrated metal. That waltz is insane too

No one ever created a sound similar to this, a perfect combination of dark romantic themes, dreamlike atmospheres and an overall sensation that will make you comfortable
The Cold White Light

Every single song is gold. The lyrics switch from dark humour to deep and meaningful, every member shines and the bass production is perfect.
Brave Murder Day

Death doom pioneers that influenced dark Gothic metal with its gloomy, sombre and hopeless style. Brave is one of the best tracks in doom/goth, Akerfeldt vocals are darkest dan ever and the unexpected change of style in the dreamy "day" is delightful
Alternative 4

One of the most depressing and hopeless albums ever, the anxious lyrics is contrasting to the ethereal atmosphere, but the touching piano and lyrics makes this wonderful. They even transformed a Bad religion song in a depressive piano piece
Veronika Decides to Die

Even more depressing than Alternative 4, if not the saddest album ever, at least to me. The melodeath guitar style, the deep growls alternated to talking monologues, the mainly slow doomy tempos, the acoustic and piano parts, the emotionally struggling lyrics, all combined in one unique masterpiece
2Paradise Lost

While draconian times is still their masterpiece and one of my favorites albums, i think this fits more with the list, it's the perfect definition of Gothic metal, the archetype of the genre, Christendom is a masterpiece and the guitar work on embers fire is perfect
1Type O Negative
Bloody Kisses

Peter Steele was a genius. His iconic vocals and bass sound combined to the unique guitar production and the blending of various genres such as punk and doom makes Type o negative one of the best bands ever. The lyrics are ironic (in a dark dark way) but still deep and the way they deal with controversial subjects such as racism, depression, religion and sexuality made their names into history books.
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