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November 2019 Song Of The Day

It's November so that means it's my birthday soon, yippeeeeee~~! Time for gifts. Or at least, memories of the best gifts you've ever received on this fabulous website. And I mean musical ones. What was the best rec you got through Sputnik and who gave it to you? Share your Sputgifts and stories with us here! The person who recs the song for my birthday gets eternal praise! Please specify artist, song title, album title, person who gave this to you, and provide a link (YouTube preferably). You can upload your ratings on this spreadsheet: December: budgie

November 1 - Trifolium
''Little Uneasy''
Gift from: budgie

Best rec ever, budgie thanks a million. There's nothing not to like about this concise, perfect little track.

budgie: 5.0
Divaman: 3.6
tyman128: 3.8
garas: 3.6
DungeonBoy: 4.0
SlothcoreSam: 3.2
JohnnyoftheWell: 3.4
ArsMoriendi: 3.3
Archelirion: 3.8
Pale Horses

November 2 - tyman128
''Rainbow Signs''
Gift from: SowingSeason

I think the best rec I ever got was from Sowing just as I was discovering mewithoutYou. He gave me the song "Rainbow Signs" and it just absolutely blew me away and solidified mewithoutYou as one of my favorite bands ever.

Divaman: 3.1
garas: 3.4
Trifolium: 2.8
DungeonBoy: 3.5
SlothcoreSam: 5.0
JohnnyoftheWell: 4.9
ArsMoriendi: 2.8
budgie: 1.0
Archelirion: 3.7
3Emma Ruth Rundle
Marked For Death

November 3 - Dewinged
Gift from: Relinquished

Mine would be Emma Ruth Rundle - Protection, from the album Marked for Death. It was Relinquished who rec'd it.

budgie: 4.5
Divaman: 2.8
Trifolium: 4.6
garas: 3.0
SlothcoreSam: 4.5
JohnnyoftheWell: 3.7
DDDeftoneDDD: 4.2
DungeonBoy: 4.0
ArsMoriendi: 3.9
Archelirion: 4.1
swimming classroom

November 4 - JohnnyoftheWell
Gift from: coachcake

This one goes out to my buddy coachcake, who pushed these guys my way at exactly the right time & place. I wrote a review explaining this further, but they've since become one of my favourite electronic groups and are wonderful as downtime music with a bit of bounce. This is the track that really drew me in to begin with

Trifolium: 3.7
Divaman: 3.5
garas: 2.5
SlothcoreSam: 3.8
DongeonBoy: 2.5
ArsMoriendi: 2.0
budgie: 4.4
Archelirion: 4.1
5Thomas Feiner and Anywhen
The Opiates Revised

November 5 - DoofDoof
''Dinah and the Beautiful Blue''
Gift from: Lotus/Clover

Rec'd by Lotus/Clover who isn't so active round here now, an absolute atmospheric stunner

Trifolium: 3.8
Divaman: 2.7
garas: 1.0
JohnnyoftheWell: 3.8
DungeonBoy: 3.0
ArsMoriendi: 3.7
budgie: 2.2
Archelirion: 4.4
Bonsai Superstar

November 6 - ArsMoriendi
''You Wrecked My Hair''
Gift from: NeroCorleone80

A few years ago there was this thread about unlikely genre fusions. You know, the kinda thing where someone could be like "I like hip hop AND black metal, but is there any blackened hip hop out there?" Me being me, I decided to ask if there was a band who made a fusion of electronic and noise rock because I thought it'd be neat. In comes user NeroCorleone80 to rec me Bonsai Superstar by Brainiac. I believe he linked me this song... but even if he didn't, I listened to this one before I checked out the album in full and I got obsessed with it. Fast forward about 3 years? Brainiac is now in my top 5 favorite artists of all time, and this rec is the only Sputnik rec to have ever been able to achieve that. Nero, come back, oh and ZombieToyDuck too. I miss them both.

Divaman: 2.2
garas: 2.4
DungeonBoy: 3.0
budgie: 2.8
Archelirion: 3.8
Trifolium: 3.8
Kingdom Of Erang

November 7 - garas
''Innocent Blood, Barbarian Blade''
Gift from: Hawks

It was hard to pick, but I think it was a beautiful dungeon synth album: Erang - Kingdom Of Erang, rec'd by Hawks.

Divaman: 3.1
DungeonBoy: 3.0
ArsMoriendi: 2.5
budgie: 3.3
Archelirion: 4.0
Trifolium: 2.6
8The Gloaming
The Gloaming 3

November 8 - Divaman
Gift from: TheWrenKing

I've gotten several good ones from this site. This band rec came from TheWrenKing in 2016. But this is from their most current album. It's contemporary Celtic music, and this track is written in Gaelic.

garas: 2.6
Archelirion: 3.3
ArsMoriendi: 3.2
Trifolium: 2.7
Dwelling Lifeless

November 9 - budgie
Gift from: DeadPulse

alright this was really difficult to decide on. looking at you, garas, atari, & keyblade! settled on sterbend's einsamkeit track, off the album dwelling lifeless, from a list by the user deadpulse (who?). genre tags: just unadulterated bullshit-free black metal a là aske or burzum

gras: 4.2
Divaman: 2.3
Archelirion: 3.1
ArsMoriendi: 1.8
Trifolium: 2.7
10Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
And Now for the Whatchamacallit

November 10 - SlothcoreSam
''Bill's Mandolin''
Gift from: PapaUniverse

Going with a band that Papa Uni rec'd me on a list about greatest Australian releases of the decade. Psychedelic Porn Crumpets- Bill's Mandolin off their 2019 album, And Now for the Whatchamacallit.

Divaman: 3.2
Archelirion: 3.8
ArsMoriendi: 4.0
Trifolium: 3.8
11Fields of Mildew
Fields of Mildew

November 11 - DungeonBoy
Gift from: TheSpirit

okay here's my rec, i put a lot of thought into it. Ages ago I was looking for some dark folk music, something more on the instrumental side, but with everyone's favorite buzzword.. atmosphere. a user named TheSpirit sent me this in my inbox and I checked it out and I absolutely fell in love with it to the point of reviewing it, slapping a 4.5 on it, and pretty much recommending it to everyone who is looking for some brooding dark folk music. It's a German guy with a guitar and a crooning voice, who I've personally shared some exchanges with on gear. If one person connects with this as much as I have, my work here would be complete.

Divaman: 3.4
Trifolium: 3.8
12Robbie Basho
Visions of The Country

November 12 - Minushuman24
''Rocky Mountain Raga''
Gift from: Skoop

Well, sorry to Sam, who I would have chosen for bringing me back to Stuck Out Here for the first time since high school, but I've gotta go with Skoop's February pick.
This song came about when I felt I needed it the most, I was going through an incredibly tough time and something about it moved my heart like no other song at the time. It's earth-shatteringly beautiful. Also Houseplants suggested by I think papa has been a regular on all my playlists this year, so there's that too.
Soft Hate

November 13 - Asdfp277
Gift from: enedwaith

found on my shoutout box. technically animalsassummit rec'd me arrigo's clara cocodrillo but that's an album, not a song :0
14Fire! Orchestra

November 14 - tectactoe
''(I Am A) Horizon''
Gift from: Dewinged

Not an actual "recommendation" (because I rarely get rec'd stuff on here) but I checked out Fire! Orchestra's 'Arrival' solely thanks to Dewinged's enthusiastic review. (Which eventually led me to check out their entire discog, which is collectively great.) So my song for this month will be the opening track to that album, called "(I Am A) Horizon".

DDDeftoneDDD: 4.4
15David Kauffman and Eric Caboor
Songs From Suicide Bridge

November 15 - zakalwe
''Kiss Another Day Goodbye''
Gift from: sarnie, Doof or butch

Can’t remember if it was sarnie, Doof or butch who guided me towards it but it gives guidance. Real Deal.
16The Ruins Of Beverast
Rain Upon The Impure

November 16 - Archelirion
''Rain Upon The Impure''
Gift from: ComeToDaddy

Apologies for its length but I have to play the game nomsayin Best rec was Ruins of Beverast's 'Rain Upon the Impure' and it was from ComeToDaddy, who, if you're out there, I wish the absolute best to because you're a sterling chap :] I'd like to rec the title track if that's okay!

DDDeftoneDDD: 5.0
17Kairon IRSE!

November 17 - neekafat
''Tzar Morei''
Gift from: bgillesp

Oh! Here's a good one, bgillesp sent this my way in my decade cram list, it's some fun/crazy-ass shoegaze and I'm in love:
18Elder (USA-MA)

November 18 - DDDeftoneDDD
Gift from: Pikazilla

Hi folks. Well, since work in that retrospective is too much work I'll go with something that happened recently. I had the album Lore, from Elder (USA-MA) at a 3.5, then Pika insisted that the album should meet my 2015 I gave it a few more shots and oh boy what a beautiful piece...bumped to 4.5 atm, amazing band - so if the drill is this -
19John Moreland
In The Throes

November 19 - dmathias52
Gift from: TheBoneyKing

I really enjoyed country music. Then Boney rec'd me this whole album, with this being my favorite song from it. Now I love country music.
20Split End
Deep Love

November 20 - Pikazilla
''Deep Love''
Gift from: JohnnyoftheWell

Remember Johnny shoutboxing me about his review. Initially, I got very sceptical because it was some weird Japanese pop punk thingie but ended up loving it. Good stuff.
Static Disposal

November 21 - SandwichBubble
''One Way Spit''
Gift from: GhandhiLion

I was asked to contribute, hey. Rec'd by Ghandhi, true proto-proto-punk. Probably not the best thing he's rec'd me, but definitely the one I loved on first listen. Ok, bye.
22John Prine
The Tree Of Forgiveness

November 22 - wham49
''When I Get To Heaven''
Gift from: a thread on Sput

Cannot really remember who turned me on to Prine, It came up in a thread, and I checked it out and found his new album, which is amazing. The gift he is giving is to himself
Veil of Imagination

November 23 - Scheumke
''Far From Where Dreams Unfurl.''
Gift from: ramon.

Got into it because of a great review from Ramon.
24Four Tet
Everything Ecstatic

November 24
25Four Tet
Everything Ecstatic

November 25
26Four Tet
Everything Ecstatic

November 26
27Four Tet
Everything Ecstatic

November 27
28Four Tet
Everything Ecstatic

November 28
29Four Tet
Everything Ecstatic

November 29
30Four Tet
Everything Ecstatic

November 30
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