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film and photography gear

id like to imagine a fair few of you out there are fans of the more technical aspects of film and photography so im curious to know what particular gear you own or enjoy, the sort of stuff you've got your eyes on, and anything that's absolutely bank-destroying that we can all salivate over under a miasma of longing and preemptive regret. list is things i use or want, fingers crossed im not shooting in the dark here lmao
1Miho Hazama
Dancer in Nowhere

while there are certainly arguments to be made the bmpcc6k's recent market stealth nuke might mean the end for the 4k, people need to remember the original pocket is still one of the best 1080p cameras on the market as far as colour and filmic profile is concerned. i've darn near fallen in love with my bmpcc4k and use it on 90% of projects, commercial or otherwise. and i seldom even need to use 4k, even if blackmagic raw is a delight to work with at higher resolutions. highly recommended for anyone looking for either the best that indie could hope for, or a brilliant b-cam on higher end productions. the fact its mft rather than ef mount pushes it ahead of the 6k for someone like me who wants to buy every lens under the sun too. far and away the easiest menu layout on a camera available to purchase right now too.
2Sleep Token

that being said, it is hard to deny how darn cool this thing is. you can essentially kit out a cine-certified red-grade sensor that is ready to run on set with a team for comfortably under 10k if you play your cards right. at less than 3k, it is truly hard to conceptualise how ridiculous this camera is. i have little doubt this'll be getting credited as a b cam on a multitude of triple A productions in the coming years, if not an A cam from time to time (maybe as something to toss around during stunt sequences in higher budget films). won't be buying one myself but damnnnnn 6k for this price range is nutty.
3Jun Senoue
Sonic Adventure Original Soundtrack

panasonic lumix g9
just picked this one up today so honestly, i've got little to say on how it'll perform with my current workflow but having had used the gh5 quite extensively in the past, i can say the efficiency potential on the g9 is through the roof relative to basically any other mirrorless brand on the market in regards to hybrid work. the image stabilisation is nutty so run and gun video is a breeze. has brilliant photo potential even as a 20mpx camera due to a pretty decent AF paired with aforementioned stabilisation. shit is sturdy as hell and weather proofed too so i greatly anticipate travelling around with it. and of course, pana and olympus' range of mft lenses are pretty damn stellar, not to mention the bevy of adapters out there so im excited to start fucking around with some old goldies.
4Younger Brother
The Last Days of Gravity

lumix vario 12-35 f2.8
im a basic bitch but this lens' earned the reputation it has with good reason. shit is crisp as hell. practically no vignetting or aberrations to speak of when shooting 4k video, though maybe a bit of pixel peeping on a 20mpx photo might yield different results. image stabilisation is a boon for the bmpcc4k given it has no ibis, and idk man, i just have so much fun running around with this lens. often end up shooting entire events with just this. paired with a mft 50mm and i don't think you really need anything else to get you through 99% of projects.
5Siberian Hell Sounds/Convulsing

pentax 6x7 (and its variants)
seriously if any of you have one or know someone who does who would ship to australia pls pls pls shoutbox me or come to my house because dammmmmnnnn. i've screwed around with a friend's once in the past but never got to see the images developed. looking at some of the pictures he took, as well as hundreds online, paired with just how good this camera feels to operate, i can't see myself wanting any medium format slr as much as this one. is there a camera that makes a better shutter noise than this or are you wrong
6Jethro Tull
Heavy Horses

fuji xt100
anyone here have one? curious to see if anyone's got any thoughts on it, been trying to slowly get more into street photography and i really love the size of stuff like the xt100 or the ricoh gr. really love fuji's film simulations having tinkered with the xt3, and from what i can tell, the sensors in both the xt3/xt30 and the xt100 are remarkably similar barring a slight mpx increase with the former. always found fuji's intensely old school bop-it-twist-it-pull-it knobs and dials to be very visually appealing, though i've never spent enough time with their gear to really get to love it proper good liek ye ye ye
Paper Prisms

super takumar 50mm f1.4
i know everyone and their dad owns this lens or wants this lens but is it really that hard to see why, like shits dope as hell. i haven't really kept a dedicated normal 50mm in my kit for who knows how long, even when shooting full frame, and feel free to crucify me or whatever, but i reckon i'd use the hell out of this even if only for the clout of owning this warm and bubbly absolute gun. we ozu gang now
8Jesus Wept
Show's Over

glidecam hd2000
this piece of shit can suck my ass even if it is one of the coolest things i have the pleasure of owning. takes me like three weeks of emotional prep to muster up the arm strength to use this thing for longer than 10 minutes because you won't catch me dead or built in a gym. not really a whole lot to say about it; it is strong enough to be used as a weapon in single combat and took me about 6 hours to set up the first time which is everything i look for in a steadicam.

easyrig rigs in general
i rented one of these for a corporate shoot one time and it was the funniest shit i ever did use. i want to buy one because of the practicality but they are so goofy looking that i fear ridicule at the hands of people who dress nicely. the branding on the back was written in something markedly similar to comic sans. you essentially become an angler fish using it. surely heaven is just people wearing nothing but this hoisting arri alexa minis filming each other's genitals

16mm film
this is a bit vague but the general level of grain on 16mm film is so damn appealing afaic. if i ever shot a big project using film, itd be the 16mm format. mother!, the hurt locker, and the monumental T H I S I S S P I N A L T A P were all shot on 16mm and while the quality of cinematography across all three might be vastly different, the magic of 16mm shines through at one point or another in all of them. please hurl racial epithets at me for choosing the wrong format.

1:1 aspect ratio
now we reaching conventions rather than gear because It's My List Do Whatever Wanna Do. hardly anyone shoots movies in 1:1 aspect ratio and that saddens me a bit because 4:3 has already seen a bit of a death in recent times and 1:1 never really had a chance to live to begin with. xavier dolan's excellent Mommy is a pitch perfect proof of concept for the ability to imbue a sense of intimacy into a scene with little more than a few snips on the borders of the frame. Paul Schrader's First Reformed managed to do the opposite, creating intense scenes of isolation through a similarly boxy aspect ratio of 1:37:1 (a ratio that at the very least was a standard for a time in film history). be there and be square pls directors, rectangles are for oblong looking nerd asses and 1:1 will bring us into a new age of cinematic glory dont @ me tho
The Summit Lies Skyward

atomos shinobi
i've never used a dedicated monitor on my own rigs before, does anyone here happen to use a monitor for stuff? planning on picking up a shinobi soon (ninja isn't required as the pocket outputs raw) to give more flexibility when running around. a few friends who do dp and videography stuff use similar stuff and it always looked like a good time.
Owls in a Bookshelf

mamiya rz67
it more than shows just from the rest of this list i probably spend too much time on old man forums or watching grainydays and willem verbeeck but gawww dang this thing looks like a blast. never touched one before, and there are some rb variants selling on gumtree so i might have to make a dive some time soon. always loved the idea of a waist level viewfinder vs your traditional rangefinder/slr eye level variant. there's something pretty cool and professional about photographers who have to look at their crotch to take photos, like rampant dick energy just compels compelling compositions into existence or something. if the pentax 6x7 wasnt already the coolest camera ever made this'd be my go to for medium format tomfoolery.
14Yair Elazar Glotman

leica summicron sl 90
as if i weren't already sold on arguably the most pristinely built and sharpest 90mm commercially available for the enthusiast market, three blind men and an elephant had to go and bust my nut, advertising it as "the last lens you'll ever buy", be that because of its ascendant quality or the fact you quite literally won't be able to afford to live after dropping $7kAUD on this absolute monster. i've always preferred the 70ish-mm range due to the versatility of a mild telephoto perspective that doubles as a perfect body for portrait photography but given how little portrait photography i do, the 90mm just slightly edges out leica's 75mm alternative by proxy of having a dedicated three blind men video.
Lectionum Antiquarum

Panavision dxl2
I have no logistical reasons to ever want to consider using this but sometimes u watch a film an it maek u wan the big gun. For all its flaws narratively, Midsommar is a bit of a stunner of a film, and by shooting on a larger than standard format, Aster and Pogorzelski were able to create a wide angle of view with traditionally tight lenses causing some beautifully soft highlight roll off and depth of field warmth. And, i mean, who doesn’t wanna fuck around with an 8k red sensor. Obvs could just go with a dedicated red but mr aster didnt use the red so neither will i poser
16Sonic Chicken 4
Sonic Chicken 4

Arri alexa plus 4:3
Yet another case of “i dont need this but big camera man in hollywood used it so i need it now”. I couldnt count how many great films have utilised this wonderful piece of digital tech but the one that really made my heart sing in recent years was robert eggers’ the witch, DP’d by jarin blaschke. That film was outputted to a 1:66:1 aspect ratio (the next step up from 4:3 when heading in a rectangle direction) so it manages to carry a fairly conventional film look while still providing height only seen on boxier ratios. Idk what the fuck black magic arri work into their digital alexas but it is honestly astonishing how little fighting their sensors do with shots that’d monumentally fuck up even the most impressive of red/kinefinity/blackmagic (lol!)/etc sensors. 2880x1620 images looking better upscaled to 4k+ than dedicated ultra res drivers; it shouldn’t surprise anyone these cameras hold a monopoly over oscar season.
17Valium Aggelein
Hier Kommt der Schwartze Mond

Dji osmo mobile
After the arri alexa, of course the next most important piece of gear in any seasoned DP’s kit is a gimbal for mobile phones. I had been highly skeptical about mobile phone gimbals until a company i worked at pulled one out to take to a factory for some training videos. It is easy to forget how fucking wild modern day phones are and how good literally any camera capable of shooting 24fps or higher in 4k can look when stabilised with good lighting. Could realistically see someone consistently pulling numbers in real estate with just one of these, an iphone, and an aputure 120d.
18Regulator Watts
The Aesthetics of No Drag

Aputure 120d/300d/whole company
Its kinda insane how much joy i get out of renting the 120d and the 300d to the point where i’ve probably actually bought a couple when compounding all my rentals together and need to stop renting them asap and just make the dive. Aputure make the easiest win-button lights on the planet for the pro-sumer bracket. Not to mention the ceo is probably the closest thing to an ideal person in the film tech industry. As far as constant light solutions go, this is the best i’ve tried for its price range. Hell, their credit-card sized AL-MX is so fucking bright that i often bring it with me on day shoots with no reason other than to show people how far tech has come in the 21st century really brings a tear to my eye
19Schloss Tegal
The Grand Guignol

Contax t2
The film photography camera of legend. It always breaks my heart when a youtube content creator talks about how you can just casually pick up a camera like this for a few hundred bucks because little do they know every time a channel endorses an old camera, its price doubles in america and fucking quadruples in australia. I had my eyes on a t2 on gumtree priced at around $2kAUD and it sold last week. There might be a few floating around NSW but Victorians eat that shit up like nobody’s business and I reckon you could easily stage a news headline if you threw a t2 and a baseball bat at the feet of half a dozen brunswick natives. Someone please send me one.
20Beck, Bogert and Appice
Beck, Bogert & Appice

Leicina special
I feel like fishing out more than $100 for a super 8 camera in 2019 is like the social equivalent of buying a cheeseburger at a fine dining establishment. It kinda defeats the point but someone’s gotta do it. Touted as the leica of 8mm, its a bit of a scary looking hunk of metal and fuck yea and irrespective of the fact you could probably render similarly kitsch tomfoolery with a broken phone and a crop, the very fact you shot your own wedding on a leicina special will make you feel like the day was more important than it ended up being in the long run.
21A Wilhelm Scream
Career Suicide

Ifootage cobra 2 strike monopod
I havent ever used a tripod that ive liked. Ive used plenty of tripod heads that are pretty damn tasty, manfrotto being my go to but the actual tripods themselves always make me think “surely there is a better way” and while monopods are not that as they serve largely different functions, i at the very least dont hate every waking moment i spend with the cobra 2. Monopods rule. If u dont own a monopod, get outta town. Idk why old people dont use ifootage cobra 2s instead of walking sticks; can ur cane height adjust and also hold a decked out camera rig? Probably not. This isnt to say tripods are eternally bad; peak design might just have solved all of my qualms with their next ditty but im still amazed the general market is so damn clunky rn.
Pornographic Seizures

Peak design tripod
So peak design kinda shat on everyone’s shoes at the Convention of Film Products That Will Soon Exist when they showcased their travel tripod dropping january next year. Idk if you even need to know what a tripod is to know that you want one. Here’s a preorder link. Cheers.
23At the Gates
Slaughter of the Soul

And yes obviously its not about what gear you use, rather how you use it, but also why even make films if u cant use an arri alexa lmfao
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