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Stupid Stuff I've Said

List is a collection of some really dumb things I've said on Sputnik and outside of Sputnik. List will get bigger if I recollect enough past stuff or if you happen to remember anything not listed. Enjoy!
1Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here

"Avocados are vegan mashed potatoes."

I was at a burger joint helping a friend pick out a burger, and I suggested he tried the avocado veggie burger. Everyone did a double take when I was describing the burger! lmao

"Look pal. I'm not here to prove myself to anyone or any bulls*** like that. I don't give a **** whether you like me or not (which I know you don't), but you aren't doing yourself any favors with the "stop" bulls*** or the offensive bulls***. That's not cool dude. I don't go around putting people down over silly s*** like that. You think you're so cool like that? **** that. I'm not changing for anyone, and I don't give a **** what people think so ****ing stop already. And **** you while I'm at it"

User Futures' shoutbox a few years back. I promise I haven't exploded over stuff said over the interwebs from people I don't know since then, I promise! haha
The Marshall Mathers LP

"Most people know me here as a metalhead, particularly a thrasher. Little did you know, however, that I actually enjoy hip hop on the side, particularly rap."

Under my rec me hip hop thread. I didn't reread this until it was pointed out how stupid it was. haha
Blood Fire Death

Probably anything menposting related. Hawks and a handful of fellow metalheads find it amusing, but I know it's beating a dead horse at this point. lol
5Ariana Grande
Dangerous Woman

"Bayside High School, the home of yellow sidewalk lines we can't cross during lunch period and pregnant women."

I wrote this around 2012 during the my last year in high school (was up on fb but not anymore). It came off more mean spirited than stupid (or vise versa), but it counts I think.
Master of Puppets

Any defensive reactions to Snake's sarcasm on miketunneyiscool123. Sorry bud!
7Van Halen

Phallic chocolate cake (a.k.a, mike's cock cake). This was more of something I "did" than said, but it was originally "said" so it qualifies for the list. It was a stupid but funny (before it became my avatar for miketunneyiscool123) inside joke between some friends and I regarding chocolate rain and raining dicks so I tuned it into a running gag back then. Most people didn't find it funny back then, and it wore out its welcome for sure. Good times amirite?

This album is widely considerable terrible so anything I say that involves defending this album is pretty stupid. I know it's an awful album, but I actually like it.
9Coheed and Cambria
From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness

I used to throw the term 'cunt' and 'cuntbag' around a lot. It's not stupid by itself, but the way I used them and the obsessive usage of them was.
10King Crimson
In the Court of the Crimson King

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