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My hardcore/post-hardcore/metalcore homework, pt.3

Well, here we are. Part three. For this portion, I tried gleaning as much selections as I could from outside sources to balance out all the recs you guys have graciously given me, and I hope some of these may (pleasantly) surprise you. I know I'm looking forward to listening to them all. Let's hit it!
Where Heavy Gloom Dominate
Life. Love. Regret.
The Process Of
Those Who Fear Tomorrow
6The Acacia Strain
7Shadows Fall
The War Within
8With Dead Hands Rising
The Horror Grows Near
9Shadows Fall
The Art of Balance
10The Acacia Strain
...And Life Is Very Long
Temptation Of Our Own Demise
12Symphony in Peril
The Whore's Trophy
13KEN mode
In This Defiance
15Shai Hulud
Hearts Once Nourished With Hope...
17Nodes of Ranvier
Nodes of Ranvier
18God Forbid
Reject the Sickness
19Prayer for Cleansing
Rain In Endless Fall
20Most Precious Blood
Our Lady of Annihilation
21My Bitter End
The Renovation
22Nodes of Ranvier
Lost Senses, More Innocence
23Job for a Cowboy
24On Broken Wings
It's All A Long Goodbye
25It Dies Today
The Caitiff Choir
26Invocation of Nehek
Invocation of Nehek
27It Dies Today
Forever Scorned (Re-Recorded/Re-Brutalized)
28All Out War
For Those Who Were Crucified
29Evergreen Terrace
Burned Alive By Time
30With Dead Hands Rising
Behind Inquisition
Shut It Down
Only The Determined Path Remains
35All That Remains
The Fall of Ideals
From the Depths of Depression
37A Lot Like Birds
Conversation Piece
38A Life Once Lost
A Great Artist
The Oncoming Storm
The Illusion Of Democracy
No Wings To Speak Of
42Earth Crisis
Destroy the Machines
43100 Demons
100 Demons
447 Angels 7 Plagues
Until The Day Breathes...
45A Life Once Lost
Open Your Mouth for the Speechless...
46Modern Life Is War
Wilt And Rise
48Today Is the Day
49La Dispute
Water & Solutions
51Eighteen Visions
Until the Ink Runs Out
52Rival Schools
United By Fate
Under the Radar

These guys really put the "punk" in pop punk, don't they? Nah, it's just the other way around. They're a punk band with very strong pop tendencies scattered throughout this entire album. Honestly, this can be considered as a perfect "late summer" type of album, where you don't want good times with your friends to end and you're holding on to every moment of free time that you can. Not bad, boyos. Not bad at all...


Huh. Yesterday was "punk" in vibes, and today we seem to be going the "emo" route. No complaints though, these past two days and four albums were a nice and needed change of musical pace. This entry fell into that category of albums occupied by bands like Thursday and Touche Amore, where there's a "heart-on-sleeve" mentality and earnestness to the vocals that make it appealing and enjoyable, and the instrumentals were just as good as on the other album I listened to by Defeater. Nice.

55The End (CAN)
Transfer Trachea Reverberations from Point: False Omniscient

FUCK YES. If done well and everything clicks for me I will gobble up good mathcore like this or DEP like it was pizza at an all-you-can-eat buffet. This shit is fucking fantastic, and I’m going to look forward to every single time I come back to re-listen to this. Slightest quibble ever, but there were several moments where the bass featured prominently, almost as if in solo, and it sounded slightly off and atonal, which pulled me out of the moment.

56The Tidal Sleep
Be Water
Teenage Haze

This was good, being lighter in tone as opposed to Defeater, but still falling comfortably within the same genre/niche as them. Like Defeater, this boasted some honesty and earnestness in the vocals and the instrumentals were well done, and all in all I liked this entry. Like I said before, this was a nice change of musical pace.

58Goodtime Boys

Once again, this is another good "late summer"-type of album; this fits in well with the same type of emo-laced post hardcore, ala Casey, but unlike Casey, the Goodtime Boys here rely a teensy bit too much on the uncleans, therefore skimping a bit on the emotive catharsis these albums want to achieve. Still, not a bad album all in all.

59Bird of Ill Omen
Self, Dare You Still Breathe?
60More Than Life
Love Let Me Go
61Kiss It Goodbye
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
62Funeral for a Friend
Chapter and Verse

I kind of had hope for this one, hoping that this mini binge of Funeral For a Friend would end on a high note and this album would reach the level of enjoyment I had for their WHA. Alas, I was sliiiiiightly disappointed, as this didn't reach those heights, and felt like it settled comfortably amidst the other vanilla outings FFaF had. If anything, the ragged earnestness the vocals had to them really didn't complement the instrumentals this time around. *sigh*, oh well...

One Day Son This Will All Be Yours

Wow, this was straight up alternative rock right here, feeling quite at home next to, say, Creed and Puddle Of Mudd. This wasn't terrible, though; the vocals were good and the instrumentation was solid, but the uncleans, few and as far inbetween as they were, really didn't need to be in there at all if you ask me. Also, the opening to "Floods" sounded eerily similar to "BH&R"-era Muse. This was perfectly average; no more, no less.

If God Only Knew The Rest Were Dead

Fuck yes, this was fantastic. That opener of "Heroin Fingers" is a fucking monster, and the rest of the EP doesn't let up at all. This was a fantastic little shot of venom, and helps elevate my opinion on Disembodied. I'll be looking forward to their "Heretic" LP on pt. 4.

Cowardice Consumer Of The West

Daaaaaaaaaamn, this was fucking GOOD. Everything from the pop (not the genre) you could feel in the vocals and the instruments to the aggression throughout, this delivered on all fronts. Fuck yeah I liked this. Only sad part is this is the only release from them; would've loved to hear more from them.

Angry With the Sun

I'm sorry, but this was.... bad. If one of the unclean vocalists was female, I can give several marks of leniency, but if the uncleans were all male, then it was terrible. The way the vocals sounded, it reminded me of those nameless, countless European neo-classical metal bands where the vocalist tries to ape the popular sound, and it just sounds bad. Also, were the drums made of a kid's bongo set? Damn, that hurt the ears. The only thing that was screwed more than those drums would've been a nun disguised as an altar boy. Sorry, bad pun. All in all, I don't see myself coming back to this album at all. Nope. Nuh-uh. Nadda. Nyet. No.

After The Eulogy

Another day, another fun album. This had a really fun balance between the heavy and softer elements that went into everything, and the end result left me with a smile on my face. There's not much else I can say about it but that I'll be dipping into Boysetsfire's discography a more once these lists are done.


This fit in quite nicely next to Boysetsfire; similar in style and tone, this album flowed nicely from start to finish and was a pleasant addition overall. Like Boysetsfire, I'll have to work my way through this band's discography once all is said and done.

69A Lot Like Birds
No Place

This was a really good post-hardcore album; I wasn't expecting it to be this energetic and adventurous, and that greatly helped play a role in my overall enjoyment. I really like the spoken word interludes in the songs, as they provided a nice counterpoint amongst everything else, and helped sell the atmosphere the album was building.

Cult Classic

Fuck, but this was good stuff. Combining a heavy metalcore sound with mathcore elements, this was awesome. The run from "O.D." to "Dead America" was a fucking blast; it's been a while since I heard something on a Dillinger Escape Plan level of unpredictablility. Nice.

71Funeral for a Friend
Casually Dressed & Deep in Conversation

Y’know, I finished this album, sat back and thought to myself “man, this reminds me of senior year in high school.” You know that time, when you’d be driving around or in your room listening to the radio, and you could just spin the dial and you’d hear so many bands that sounded just like this being played not only on the lower end of the Top 40, but also getting regular rotation on the alternative rock stations. I guess what I’m trying to say is, that while this was solid and even though I’ve never listened to Funeral for a Friend before this brought back some nice memories, it felt generic to me and that’s all I can honestly say about it.

To Die For

All right, maybe it IS me, but this was the first Integrity release that I can fully get behind. Everything was really good, down to the production and instrumentation, and I actually kinda liked how gruff the vocals were this time around. A fun time, to be sure, and this release quite well could be, well, to die for...

The Seraphim Fall

What can I say that wasn’t already said before? Minus my deathcore misstep sentence, you could take everything I said about Entheogen and place it here, and I wouldn’t miss a beat. Sorry boys and girls, but I ain’t feeling this. I’ll give them one last chance to change my mind for the better, and I’ll place their last album on #5, but with how these past two went, I don’t know....

74Funeral for a Friend
Welcome Home Armageddon

OK, so this one is probably their best album out of this little run here. Sounding fully in command of their sound and style, Funeral For A Friend state their best case in terms of individual effort here, peppering the songs with an infectious energy and flair that intones that they’re beholden and influenced to no one. Good effort.

75Funeral for a Friend

Just like an ocean wave that crests and then recedes after reaching shore, it felt like Funeral For A Friend rested on their hard earned laurels and receded a bit here, opting to craft a commercially “safe” album instead of building off of WHA and pushing the envelope creatively. Pity. Oh well, all’s not lost, and this was still an enjoyable album once all is said and done.

76Funeral for a Friend

Slowly but surely, they’re getting better here, sounding more confident and assured in their sound than sounding so vanilla on “Casually Dressed...”; still nothing to exactly write home about, but definitely a step up and a step forward in the right stylistic direction.

Beyond All Horizons

This was a nice little slab of hardcore here. good instrumentation, good vocals all around; the two softer tracks were a nice little break between the tracks. Not much else to say except that I liked it. Good stuff.

78Rolo Tomassi
Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It

Oooooh, bare those fangs, lady. The vocalist here has a nice changeup between cleans and uncleans, and I'm digging the hell out of it. The instrumentation here is quite well done as well, and I'm kinda kicking myself for not checking this out sooner. It certainly made a lot of people's "best of..." lists the year it came out, but I never made the time for it. Damn.

The Satellite Years

Aaaaand we're going two for two with Hopesfall here today. "The Satellite Years" see Hopesfall building and sustaining on all the positive momentum they had going for them coming out of the effort of their first album, and pretty much everything I said about their first album can heartily apply to this one as well. I liked this as much as their first album, and this was a good entry into this list.

The Frailty of Words

Hey, now I could get down with this right here. I've said it before, and it looks like I'll keep saying it again and again: blending melody and ferocity can be a fucking winner in my book, and here Hopesfall does it well. Everything had a nice flow to it, and the uncleans sat well with me, what with those consistent highs.

Turn The Light On
The Deus Ex-Machina As A Forgotten Genius (Andy Wa
83Coke Bust
Lines In The Sand
84Black Breath
Sentenced To Life
85Trap Them
Darker Handcraft
86All Pigs Must Die
Nothing Violates This Nature
87Dead in the Dirt
The Blind Hole
Dreamers and Deadmen
0:12 Revolution in Just Listening
Functioning on Impatience
I Don't Care Where I Go When I Die
Loser's Intuition
94 Die My Will
...And Stil We Destoy
Show Your Greed
Into the Wire
98Glass Cloud
Perfect War Forever
Cost of Living
100Dead To Fall
Everything I Touch Falls To Pieces
Enter The Realm of Chaos
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