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5 Years of Sputnik, 12,000 comments, 2000 ratings, 4 Reviews

Stuff you may or may not want to know in the list.
1Linkin Park
Hybrid Theory

It was on this day 5 years ago that I first came here. I was fresh in the music scene having recently joined a band from college around this time. My taste in music was also starting to transition from the bands I was into when I was a kid. I grew up with the nu-metal scene but also grew up with my uncles and mom who were into 80's metal, hard rock, and 90's hip hop. Of course I was destined to dive more into the latter genres. Not too long since joining here, I found stuff more worthy of listening to than my nostalgic nu-metal of the past although I give credit where it's due that if I wasn't into that genre, getting into better metal may have been less likely.
Reign in Blood

The big four, like for many people, were my introduction to thrash metal and other extreme metal for the most part. Slayer was my favorite overall from the big four because I found the sheer intensity of their music very enticing, especially Reign in Blood and Seasons in The Abyss. Dave Lombardo was a big influence on me as a drummer, and I would strive to build up my speed as a drummer. This was also the band that made me truly fall in love with thrash metal, having since become the biggest piece of my sputnik pie chart at around 30% which is actually 7% lower than last year (I'll explain why) and probably my go-to genre overall. I don't really have a favorite scene from the genre, but Onslaught and Realm are among my favorites.
Like an Ever Flowing Stream

At first, I didn't care much for death metal and didn't care much about hybrid thrash/death bands, but as my love for thrash and Slayer grew, I eased up and gave repeated listens to introductory death metal bands like Death and Morbid Angel. They didn't take too long to grow on me, and before I knew it, I would also fall in love with death metal being my second highest represented genre on my sputnik pie chart at roughly 26/27% (which is up 11% from last year and another 8% from the year prior) and quickly catching up to thrash as my favorite overall. It's hard to choose my favorite scene of dm, but I might go with Swedish because of their hardcore influenced sound and buzzsaw guitar tones which are absolutely brutal.
4Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here

Despite the flack I gave prog. rock/prog. metal years back, I've always had a soft spot for the genre, particularly bands like Pink Floyd and Coheed And Cambria which were my first true prog. rock bands. Prog. in general requires some patience and attentive listening to fully appreciate it, but it's usually a very rewarding experience and takes up around 11% of my pie chart (which is actually down 2% from last year). WYWH remains not only my favorite prog. album but my favorite album of all time and has helped a lot in the mourning of lost family members when I was younger which started with my uncle back in 2008 when he overdosed on pills and alcohol.
Blood Fire Death

Yikers did I not like this genre when I started here. I hated the low-fi production and growl/scream vocals, but I also didn't really understand the scene or its purpose in being a counterculture at the time of introduction. Having first been introduced to Bathory and Emperor, I have since grown an appreciation for black metal which represents 10/11% of my pie chart (up 4% from last year and up a further 3% from the year prior). Bands like Dissection, Agalloch, Bathory, Burzum, and Emperor among others have since become my favorites from this genre.
6Judas Priest
Stained Class

Taking up roughly 16% of my pie chart (down about 5% from last year) is good ol' metal and heavy metal which I've always been a fan of having grown up with uncles who were big into Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Dio among other classics. Not much to say here other than metal for life I guess? m/

I've always liked hard rock if not loved it as much as metal. I haven't done a serious exploration for new hard rock jams for a while, but I'll probably get on it some time. It represents 5% of my pie chart which is down 2% from last year and down a further 3% from the year prior. Favorites include Van Halen, Aerosmith, and The Who.
The Marshall Mathers LP

Despite only taking up about 3-4% of my pie chart, I've always had a soft spot for hip hop, R&B, and pop. They've always been my go-to whenever I feel like putting down metal for a brief period. Artists like Ariana Grande, Beastie Boys, and Eminem are easy go-to's for me, and I will eventually dive into more artists than my pie chart represents (also shout out to the people who gave my recs on my 'rec me hip hop/pop' page).
Bonded by Blood

Moving on from musical taste, I started off here as miketunneyiscool123 exactly 5 years from today, and I'll be the first to admit my first couple years here were all over the place. I started off being sensitive to criticism and rejection which did reflect some of my personality in real life at the time. Family related issues and relations to people outside the family were contributors to this as were my insecurities and self-esteem so when I had rejection and got into fights here, I spiraled. I'm not proud of it, but I'll be the first to admit I didn't help my case in these situations by giving in and getting butt hurt over mean stuff said on the internet by people I don't even know.
10Solitude Aeturnus
Beyond the Crimson Horizon

I also had this lack of balance between being a shitposter and having actual things to say. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I balance that stuff that much better these days, but I don't get into fights or get butthurt over stupid stuff here these days. A lot that comes from the extensive soul searching I've done outside of Sputnik, and since then, I've learn to love myself and agree to disagree with people and accept the fact that rejection is a thing and that some people just won't like you or accept you but not to feel down over it. In other words, I'm not wound up or uptight. As for shitposting...well I do menpost and do a lot of m/'s, but I don't do anything notably obnoxious like I did in the past where I would often say gay and black jokes and racist/sexist slurs so I guess I'm ok right? lmao
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