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05.08.19 Some of My Favorite Songs of 201904.15.19 Some of the Worst of 2019

Some of the Worst of 2019

Self-explanatory. I should note that this list is going to be added to throughout the year, and this list is in no order.

The "party metal" band released another album, and it's about as good as you can imagine. The lyrics suck, the "rap" sections are some of the worst I've ever heard, and the electronic sections are jarring. Definitely one of the worst of the year.
High Command

The production alone is enough to give this a one, but this album has so many awful things about it that just add fuel to this dumpster fire. One of the worst albums of the year so far.
Bad Habits

Some of the most vapid and forgettable trap rap that will ever exist. This guy keeps releasing soulless, emotionless rap albums that pains me to listen to.

Some of the worst vocal performances I've ever heard. The nasally voice that gnash has is actually nauseating at times. A few decent guests try to save this terrible project, but ultimately can't fix gnash's awful singing and terrible lyrics.
5Meghan Trainor
Treat Myself

You could take any negative review from her previous albums, and the same criticisms would apply here. More vapid, soulless, "empowering" music that hurts my soul.
Supermarket (Soundtrack)

I almost can commend Logic here for trying something completely outside of his wheelhouse, but the project is executed so poorly that I just feel cheated out of my time. One of the dumbest projects I've listened to.
7Simple Creatures
Strange Love

The same criticisms here as the Eye of the Storm, except everything is worse. This sounds like every awful pop-rock cliche thrown in a blender. And, to top it all off, the production sucks.
8One Ok Rock
Eye of the Storm

Highly inoffensive pop that tries way too hard to be radio friendly. Forgettable instrumentals and the lyrics suck big time. At least the production is decent.
Drip Or Drown 2

Another bland trap rap album that fails to even try something unique, that is until the last song. Who You Foolin' isn't a good song, but it at least helps this album avoid being higher for at least trying to sound different. Yes, we are at the level that one song is able to help save an album.

I almost let this one slide cause I liked some of the instrumentation, but this album has some of the worst vocal performances and lyrics I've heard from a modern rock album.
11Andy Black
The Ghost of Ohio

This sounds so generic and underwritten that, for the first time while listening to an album, I fell asleep halfway through. I can confidently say this is a really bad album.
Free Spirit

One of the most boring, forgettable albums I think I've listened to. Singing is nice but the lyrics suck. Instrumentals are really boring. I don't think I could remember anything significant about this album if I tried.
13Andy Black
The Ghost of Ohio

This sounds so generic and underwritten that, for the first time while listening to an album, I fell asleep halfway through. I couldn't tell you anything about any of the songs on this album if my life depended on it.

You know what's worse than listening to this album all the way through? Listening to the Click all the way through, and then listening to this all the way through. Worst decision I've ever made. The lyrics suck, instrumentals are absolutely awful, vocal harmonies(?) are more akin to banshee wails than actual singing, and they anger me so much.
15New Years Day

The only emotion this album elicits from me is pure boredom. It is so lifeless and hollow that I had to listen to this album in increments of 2-3 songs to get through the entire thing. None of these songs are worth a second, or even a first listen.
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

You're on this list again dude? Logic wastes many decent beats here on awful bars that range from forgettable to cringy as hell. He literally raps about how he would suck a dick to prove he isn't homophobic. Masterclass writing there Logic.
17DJ Khaled
Father Of Asahd

how about no
18Judah and the Lion
Pep Talk

Full of barely tolerable songs that sound like Imagine Dragons ripoffs, this album is uninspired and cliche to the point of absolute boredom. Guests Kacey Musgraves and Jon Bellion sound pretty good for their parts, but can't save the album from being an insufferable experience. one of the worst of the year.
19X Ambassadors

The singer is nice, but everything else around him is so generic that I can't help but feel like he's wasting his breath on this formulaic garbage.
20(hed) p.e.

An awful attempt at melding trap rap and metal of all things, this album has an identity crisis that sees this album being unable to pick a target audience. Is it for metal fans or rap fans? As a fan of both, I can say this album fails to appeal to me in any sense. I can kind of commend these guys for trying something unique, but I will not say that it's a worthwhile product at ALL.

It's like if Imagine Dragons got a bit edgier but had even less substance. This is puke-inducing at times with it's cringy pop-metal feeling. This is one of the worst "metal" albums I've heard this year.
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