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04.05.19 personal discoveries to classics 2018

personal discoveries to classics 2018

*Updated! I definitely did not expect to get featured, and I only half threw this list together. I decided to improve it. So for a LONG ass time, I just listened to the same stuff that I knew, that I've known, the occasional new discovery... but mostly just chilling and listening to same stuff over and over. All kinds of music, I definitely have never stuck with one genre, but I grew up on classic rock, and I branched into punk at a young age, I loved the oldies and I was 90’s kid so I loved all that bullshit too. I was content! I didn't know what I was missing I guess. That changed when I went to the last show at the Triple Rock. I took a trip for myself/by myself, to do a thing on my bucket list before it didn’t exist anymore, and I maintained before I left on this trip that it would change my life in some way. And apparently I was very correct in that assumption! I made a friend that night, and I suggested that to keep in touch, we do a thing, a song of the day that we could share with each other. And then I discovered a whole new world of music (along with this website, thanks to him)! And I've started to love discovering new music, it's exciting again! I have discovered a lot from my friend, and now a lot on my own and it’s just a chain that keeps expanding now. All the bands on the list, I had not listened to previously in any real capacity (except for High Priests, but that was super late December I discovered them, so I'm not counting that.) So I had not heard any of these bands or these albums, at all, previously in my life. So in no particular order except for a vague loose timeline of the year, here are the most influential albums (to me) that I discovered last year, that have become albums that have changed me and my tastes in some way, shape or form. Anyways, enjoy! And I'm always open to suggestions!!
13 Songs

First is 13 Songs. I had never listened to Fugazi before, and Waiting Room came up as a song of the day (technically for December 16, 2017 via my friend, Waiting Room became my own song of the day February 1, 2018, and yes, I’ve literally kept a daily record for the last year and a half haha), but it became an album of the year for me in a way. I had literally never even heard Waiting Room before. What was I doing with my life?? I listened to Waiting Room and fell in love with it immediately. I'd always been into punk rock, but for some reason I never gave Fugazi a chance, and turns out I adore them, and everything about them and their message. I think I listened to this album more than any other last year. The heavy sound pulled me in, I related to Suggestion, and Bad Mouth made me want to be better. This album has had a profound impact on me in a personal way, and also in paving the way to finding more music. I adore it.

Favorite song: Bad Mouth
In on the Kill Taker

13 Songs was my intro, but In On The Kill Taker is the one I fell in love with. When I finally switched from “13 Songs radio” to “Fugazi radio” is probably finally when I moved on. Returning The Screw was my song of the day for May 11, and I’m pretty sure I just listened to this album on repeat for the next month. Sweet and Low has become one my favorite songs ever, as it just puts me in such a peaceful place. It came in handy when I was at festival and things were a little too wild for me to handle at the moment, and listening to Sweet and Low in my van was able to calm my anxieties and let me go back out there and be okay. There is just something about Fugazi. It’s weird as fuck but makes perfect sense. Brilliant.

Favorite song: Sweet And Low

Via “13 Songs radio” on google play, I discovered fIREHOSE (along with Minutemen and a bunch of other rad stuff). My first song of the day of theirs on April 7 was Brave Captain off of their first album Ragin, Full On. Their band story is one of my favorite band stories I have ever heard, I recommend looking it up! THIS album I found at my local record store in the discount bin, and only recognizing the name, I took it home and instantly loved it. This album became somewhat of a summer soundtrack for me, it's just ... fun and happy and strange and nice. If you like the Minutemen, you will like fIREHOSE!

Favorite song: Understanding
4High Priests

I stumbled across High Priets via The Brokedowns who I was already a fan of, and both bands share a drummer (Mustafa! Such a great drum sound, check out his bands). I had heard High Priests demo late 2017 and had listened to it on repeat, I was in love with the heavy sound and loud lyrics. I first heard The Plural as an early sneak peek of the album January 16, and the full album Spinning was released March 20. I remember listening to all my free listens on Bandcamp the day it was released, and then immediately buying it and continuing to listen to it for the ENTIRE weekend. And I haven't stopped. Amazing noise (??) type kind of band from Chicago area, with some serious yelling and inspirational lyrics that make you want to buck the fuck up and enjoy life.

Favorite song: 10 Years
5Rites of Spring
Rites of Spring

I fell in love with Guy's voice and passion, and so this was the logical next step to discover via Fugazi. Heard via some kind of “Fugazi radio”, I discovered Rites Of Spring around June, my first song of the day being Drink Deep on June 26. Maybe I just have a thing for wailing lyrics and frantic energy that just explodes outwards and makes you feel something. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of that.

Favorite Song: For Want Of
Feral Hymns

I discovered Lungfish around beginning of July, on a roadtrip to Vancouver. I remember driving through the mountains on the Coquihalla highway, and Wailing Like Dragons coming on, and feeling happy and relaxed. It was my song of the day for July 4. I love them for their aggressively philosophical lyrics and repeating heavy (or sometimes softer) sounds. They are just a perfect overall blend for me. This is the first album I had heard of theirs, but I have yet to hear even a single that I didn't like.

Favorite song: Wailing Like Dragons
Excellent Italian Greyhound

I found Shellac via Lungfish, I believe. I first discovered Action Park, (Il Porno Star being my first song of the day of theirs on July 10) and it went from there. I just kept switching up the google play radio and finding new stuff, and being a fan of that heavy bass sound, I was an instant fan. I knew Big Black (I had randomly picked up Headache based on the artwork at a surfshop in Ucluelet years back!) but I wasn't fully aware of Steve Albini and all the things he has done music wise (and holy fuck has he done a lot), and I'm so glad I've discovered more. Another band where I love it all, I haven't found a song/album I don't like yet. I love them for their strange minimalistic but at the same time complex feel.

Favorite song: The End of Radio
8Wingnut Dishwashers
Burn the Earth, Leave it Behind

This one is a slight departure from the direction this list has been headed, but I heard Urine Speaks Louder Than Words via a song of the day on February 13, and I immediately listened to the whole album and loved it entirely. My song of the day on the 14 ended up being My Idea of Fun. So I fell fast and hard for them. I had never given much folk punk a chance, though I always enjoyed the sound. I was into Leftover Crack and all subsidiaries, but I’d never ventured too far beyond that. This album is a gem for sure, with some biting social and political commentary, and those lovely scratching and frantic vocals I love so much.

Favorite song: Urine Speaks Louder Than Words
9The Replacements
Let It Be

My friend had sent me this album, it being one his favorites, and it became a fast favorite for me too. February 2 had Unsatisfied as a song of the day, and I think throughout the year, nearly the entire album was a song of the day at least once. I love it in it's entirety. I can definitely see why it is a classic, and I am happy to count it amongst my personal classics now, as well. Some perfect Minneapolis punk rock.

Favorite song: Unsatisfied
10Fury (USA)

I discovered Fury at a hardcore show on May 26 that I never would've gone to, but my friends were checking out Power Trip and I joined them last minute. My first song of the day was The Fury, but I tend to go down rabbit holes with new music for awhile, so soon I knew the whole album through and through. I'd never been into hardcore at all, never gave it a chance, but this band live was amazing, and this album is also amazing. Definitely check them out.

Favorite song: Death Yellows Life and Reason
11Color TV
Color TV

So I found this band via my friend, they are from his hometown of Minneapolis. When I was on the tail end of an epic roadtrip through the states last October, we pulled into Butte for the night, when my friend informed me that Color TV was playing in Missoula that night. We'd just driven from Moab that morning and had spent a full day in the car, but in the end decided fuck it, let’s do the last night right. We sped to Missoula around 9:30 pm to catch Color TV (on tour for their full length self-title album, not this one), and it was absolutely worth the no sleep for the drive back to Canada the next day. I had first heard them early in the year, April 21 Meat Wagon being a song of the day for my friend, and June 28 it was a song of the day for me. Super fun band, they put on an amazing set, they are all the nicest guys, and I discovered even more new music because of them! Gems!!!

Favorite song: Meat Wagon
Toda Tu Vida Es Una Mentira

Mentira opened for Color TV in Missoula that night, we got there in time to see their entire set, and holy fuck it is not one to be missed. Wild. From Kansas City, and they were heading on tour with Color TV down the west coast. SO high energy, just... wild. The set was short and sweet and I would not have changed a single thing about it. La Tregua was my song of the day for October 11, the day of the show, and I highly recommend giving this album a listen. It is so good. Again, something I never would have heard, but I took a chance and it paid off beautifully. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to see them again one day.

Favorite song: La Tregua
13Uranium Club
Beat Session Vol. 1

The other band I discovered via Color TV is this one. I was chatting with the guys after their set, talking about music and shows, and the singer Devin told me I needed to check out this band. And boy did I. Fucking genius. We put on what we could find on google play for the drive back to Canada, and I loved it instantly. My first song of the day of theirs was Gods Chest on October 15. They have perfectly smart/witty/funny/biting lyrics, and they are immensely musically talented. I have enjoyed everything they have put out, and I hope I get the chance to see these guys one day as well.

Favorite song: Gods Chest
14My Dad Is Dead
Let's Skip the Details

My last pick for this list. I picked this album up when I was visiting Vancouver, and bought it based on the name and a quick listen to a song via youtube in the store. The first song, Baby’s Got a Problem, was my song of the day for December 16, and I have since had many, many others. I’ve fallen in love with his lyrics and his way of sharing his life through music. This is the oldest album on this list, and one that has maybe affected me the most alongside 13 Songs. It’s the words and the pouring out of his soul that get me. I love all of his work, my other favorite album of his being The Taller You Are, The Shorter You Get, but ALL of them gems.

Favorite song: Five Minutes
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