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Albums of the 2010s: 2018

Probably my favorite year for music. So many great released and some awful ones. Once again, these are merely my rankings of albums that I have heard enough to have a strong opinion on. I included my top 25 and my bottom five. Top 25 begins with Gorillaz. Drop your recs and thoughts below :)
1Kids See Ghosts
Kids See Ghosts

An all-time favorite of mine. An excellent output of psychedelic pop rap and arguably Cudi's best album yet.

Studs: Feel the Love, 4th Dimension, Freeee, Kids See Ghosts

Duds: Maaaybe Reborn/ there's not a dull moment here

2The Voidz

A phenomenal record with excellent elements of pop, hard rock, psychedelia and new wave among many. This is Julian's best album since Is This it, and I'm beyond excited for what the future of The Voidz holds.

Studs: Pyramid of Bones, Leave it in My Dreams, QYURRYUS, Aliennnation, Wink, Pink Ocean, Think Before You Drink

Duds: I can't really pick one

3Let's Eat Grandma
I'm All Ears

Fantastic art-pop record. One of the more underappreciated records of the year. Hot Pink has so much swagger, It's Not Just Me is warm as summer and Donnie Darko is a groovy epic.

Studs: Whitewater, Hot Pink, Falling Into Me, It's Not Just Me, Donnie Darko, Cool & Collected

Duds: Ava

4Parquet Courts
Wide Awake

What a phenomenal album. Confident, excellent grooves and melodies, and some fantastically well-written lyrics. This is a prime example of great social commentary. The first three songs make for one of the best opening trios this decade.

Studs: Total Football, Violence, Before the Water Gets Too High, Freebird II, Normalization, Almost had to start a fight, Death will bring change

Duds: Mardi Gras Beads

5Jeff Rosenstock

This is his best album, imo. I digress that it might not be as consistent as WORRY, but it's high points are better. USA is one of the best songs of the decade.

Studs: USA, Yr Throat, All This Useless Energy, Beating My Head Against the Wall, 9/10, Let Them Win

Duds: Melba

You Won't Get What You Want

Not really a fan of this aesthetic, but dear lord this is impressive. Terrifying and intriguing.

Studs: Long Road, No Turns, City Song, Less Sex

Duds: Flammable Man

7U.S. Girls
In A Poem Unlimited

Yet another awesome female fronted art-pop record. The genre exploration and confidence in "In a poem..." is infectious.

Studs: Rage of Plastics, M.A.H, L-Over, Pearly Gates, Incidental Boogie

Duds: Poem, Time

Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides

Not my style of music, but I'll be damned if this isn't an enjoyable and impressive album. Awesome beats and memorably unique.

Studs: Ponyboy, Faceshopping

Duds: It's okay to cry

9Arctic Monkeys
Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino

Side B is relatively weak to the fantastic first half. A bold album and thought it doesn't pay off on every track, it's still enjoyable.

Studs: Four out of Five, Star Treatment, One Point Perspective, Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino, American Sports, Ultracheese

Duds: Golden Trunks, MONSTAH TRUCC (the hook is decent)

10Kanye West

I disagree with a decent amount of what Kanye says here, but it's a strikingly brave record. Ghost Town is an all-time best from him.

Studs: Ghost Town, I Thought About Killing You, Yikes, All Mine, Violent Crimes

Duds: No Mistakes

11Jack White
Boarding House Reach

It's not perfect, but it's Jack's best solo release. Ten years from now, BHR will be commended for its bold blend of electronic aesthetic and garage rock.

Studs: Over and over and over, Respect Commander, Connected By Love

Duds: Abulia and Akrasia


I wasn't too big of a fan of the Saturations. There are some bad songs on here, but some absolute mammoths.



13Nostrum Grocers
Nostrum Grocers

Overall, a dope abstract hip hop album if not entirely memorable. Plus, it has a Count Dooku reference which Astroworld does not

Studs: Circumcision is the first betrayal, 98 Gewehr, Ashwaghanda

Duds: Camera

14Pusha T

Pretty awesome album, but some of the songs have dampened over time.

The janitor line in Hard Piano is one of the worst lines I've heard in a minute, jesus.

Studs: If You Know You Know, What Would Meek Do?, The Games We Play

Duds: Hard Piano, Santeria

Room 25

Noname's verses are tremendous and she's one of the best poets alive. The jazzy instrumentals work for the most part, but their fair share of forgettable moments.

Studs: Blaxpoitation, Self, Prayer Song, Regal

Duds: Montego Bae

16The 1975
A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships

I get it, The 1975's fanbase is annoying and Matt Healy is a twat. But this is far and away their best record and while that isn't a high bar, it's still impressive as hell. Love it if We Made it as generational anthem just like We Didn't Start the Fire.

It's not living if it's not with you takes the cake as the best song, though.

Studs: Give Yourself a Try, It's Not Living (If It's Not With You), Mine, Sincerity is Scary

Duds: TOOTIME, I Like America & America Likes Me

17Twenty One Pilots

Vessel was great, Blurryface was bland. Trench was their boldest record yet and though it has pitfalls, some of their most impressive tracks are on here.

Studs: Jumpsuit, Nico and the Niners, Neon Gravestones, The Hype

Duds: Blood, Pet Cheetah

18Car Seat Headrest
Twin Fantasy (Face to Face)

The amazing high points overshadow a number of other songs. Beach-Life-In-Death is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard.

Studs: FCKNG BEACCH LIFE INDEATH JFC, My Boy, Nervous young inhumans

Duds: Twin Fantasy

19Janelle Monae
Dirty Computer

A good album, but rather overrated. I reallllyyyy wish the title track was longer

Studs: Dirty Computer (BRIAN GODDAMN WILSON), Make Me Feel, I got the Juice, Screwed, Django Jane

Duds: Take a Byte, Pynk, So Afraid

20Bruce Springsteen
Springsteen on Broadway

If you love The Boss, this is essential. Wonderful acoustic sets spanning his legendary career with intimate stories told in between. Placement is knocked down for me because it's not a record of new material.

Studs: like all of it man

Joy as an Act of Resistance

I love the social commentary, I'm just not a big fan of the style.

Studs: Danny Needelko, Never fight a man with a perm

Duds: Rottweiler, Cry to Me

Some of their best tunes since Antics are on here, that production wheres on you tho

Studs: If You Really Love Nothing, The Rover, Number 10, Mountain Child

Duds: Nysmaw, Surveillance, Flight of Fancy

23The Smashing Pumpkins
Shiny and Oh So Bright, Vol. 1

@ me

This is a fun, if innocuos, album. Alienation is terrible, but the rest is really enjoyable.

Studs: Solara, Silvery Sometimes

Duds: Alienation

24The Nude Party
The Nude Party

They sound dangerously similar to Out of Our Heads-era Rolling Stones, but they take that sound soooo damn well.

Studs: Water on Mars, Cheverolet Man, Feels Alright, Records

Duds: Wild Coyote, Gringo Che, War is Coming

The Now Now

It's a lot more consistent than Humanz was, but it also feels less like a Gorillaz album than its predecessor.
Also, there's no reason for Hollywood — a song featuring Albarn and Snoop Dogg together — to be as boring as it is. One of the most disappointong songs of the year.

Studs: Humility, Souk Eye, Kansas, Lake Zurich

Duds: Hollywood, Idaho

26Speedy Ortiz
Twerp Verse

The most disappointing album of the year for me. High expectations after how awesome Foil Deer was. Bland, safe pop rock. I'm afraid it could be their swan song :(

Studs: Lucky 88, Backslidin

Duds: Can I Kiss You?, You Hate the Title

27Soundtrack (Film)
Black Panther

A real mixed bag here. All the Stars is a great pop song with a PHANTASTICK hook, but Kendrick's verse is rather meh.

King's Dead is almost a horrible song, but is saved by a great beat and an awesome verse from Kendrick. Jay Rock .... what the fuck, man?

Studs: All the Stars, Kendrick's verse in King's Dead

Duds: Everything in King's Dead aside from Kendrick and the beat, The Ways


Here's an album synopsis: "People didn't like my last album so I'm going to make another album that calls them mean names!"

It's a 40-something year old legend throwing a tantrum. Venom is horrible.

Studs: Lucky You, Kamikaze, Stepping Stone

Duds: VENOOOOMMMMMM, The Greatest, The Ringer


His ambition is admirable, but it feels like a fake-deep persona and the instrumentals are boring as hell. Nice For What is fantastic, though,

Studs: Nice For What, Emotionless, Mob Ties, Blue Tint

Duds: God's Plan, Ratchet Happy Birthday (one of the worst songs of the year), the rest
30Imagine Dragons


This album is like getting a rash in your ass and then having firey, curry diarrhea except, somehow, worse.
Natural is a dope song, but the formula is repeated and creates one of the most insincere albums of the decade. Zero is one of the worst songs ever made. Also, Machine is uncomfortably similar to Misterwives' song of the same name.

A slap in the face, but they're using a more honest artist's hand. I could write a fucking dissertation why this is a disgrace.

Stud: Natural

Duds: Zero, Machine, Bullet in a gun, West Coast, Bad Liar

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