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Alien Franchise Ranked

Not including AvP. Inspired by DarkSideOfLucca.
6John Frizzell
Alien Ressurection

Uneven tone, a polarizing deviation from Ripley's character, uninteresting characters, and a lack of compelling scenes/story make for the worst film of the series, but it isn't without its B-movie charms. The aliens themselves are pretty cool, there were some cheesy but funny lines, and the increase of gore was a welcomed addition to the franchise. The underwater scene was great, and the infamous Newborn scene where it gets sucked out into space is hard to watch both for being a bit poignant and gross. Not a terrible film and a fun flick with friends.
5Marc Streitenfeld

Prometheus. As a standalone film that ponders on larger-than-life questions and philosophy, it is a good movie. As an Alien film, it's the least faithful. Either way, despite its faults (and there's many), it was an enjoyable film with gorgeous visuals, atmosphere, and an outstanding performance from Michael Fassbender.
4Jed Kurzel
Alien Covenant

Alien Covenant. This movie probably polarized audiences more than Prometheus did for bringing more questions without answers among other things, but I would be lying if I told you I didn't enjoy it. Prometheus was a respectable film for its ambitions to a fault, but this film brings back some of the bloodthristy tendencies of the older entries in the franchise that were lacking in this film's predecessor: motherfucking aliens. The Neomorphs are pretty cool with their schizophrenic movements and design, and seeing the Xenomorph (Protomorph here) in the 21st Century was refreshing. Also Michael Fassbender lays down a freaky, convincing performance yet again and is without a doubt the highlight of the reboot/prequel series.
3Elliot Goldenthal
Alien 3

This is where the series took a step nosedive in quality. Lacking the sheer terror or menacing action of its predecessors as well as killing off one of its two great characters barely halfway in the film, the film was also plagued by nightmare production events and studio control. However, looking past its imperfections like dated CGI and uneven structure, you get a surprisingly deep, melancholy film that I hold a soft spot for.
2James Horner

Arguably as good as Alien on most days, Aliens dials back the claustrophobic horror in favor of raising the stakes and the action. Also the most quotable film of the series and home to the best cat fight in cinema. Considered to be the most exciting film ever made by Empire, Aliens may be the greatest sequel ever made.
1Jerry Goldsmith

Not only the best of the franchise but the best sci-fi horror movie of all time. Influential to sci-fi and body horror alike, Alien was a game changer from the monster/sci-fi movie genre for making a genuinely terrifying threat while preying on many of people's greatest fears. A true masterpiece in filmmaking and Ridley Scott's greatest achievement.
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