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04.23.19 more melodic metal thats either black o04.04.19 death and black metal that is melodic a
02.06.19 some emo tunes(nd other stuff geez u gu

some emo tunes(nd other stuff geez u guys)my friend rec'd me

i listen to a lot of metal but my friend (suppatime) sent me a playlist of emo sh*t(and some other stuff too) to check out that he thought i'd like so i gave it a spin and here are my thoughts :-)
Our Color Green (The Singles)

short and sweet, good balance of heavy and not heavy (the chugs are nicee), cleans are kinda whiny but catchy? whatever 3/5
2Loma Prieta

heavy as f*ck and then a lil melodic but then frantic again with some slow chugging riffs thrown in. second half of the album definitely the better part so 3.5/5
3Drug Church

its catchy and bouncy and sounds like radio rock soo 3.3/5
4Majority Rule
Interview With David Frost

yo this came out in 2001? sounds way ahead of its time. the dudes higher screams are sick, but it gets a lil samey. 3.75/5
An Age Among Them

hella melodic, hella chill. like post-black metal (ish) that is also emo? drolls on a bit sometimes but idc, 4/5
6Pianos Become the Teeth
The Lack Long After

gawd these vox are emo as f*k. the drumming stood out, i liked that. not much else to say besides it being sadboi af. rip that dudes dad, 3.3/5
7Totem Skin

its like entombed that gets a lil sad sometimes. crusty, heavy, swag. 4/5
8State Faults

has some good melodies, the dual screams is dope. overall tho its a lil too emo for me 8) hehe 2.9/5
9Cult of Luna
Eternal Kingdom

pretty interesting ideas here, kinda drags on a little doe. gets pretty frickin heavy. "curse" is rlly good. 3.4/5
Red In Tooth and Claw

yoo not sure how i passed this bad boi up, this sh*t fun as heck. its like at the drive in and fall of troy had a baby or sumthin idk lol 4/5
11The Armed
Only Love

pretty unique sound, the electronic parts(chiptune lmao) were weird but fit in. i really like the artwork. 3.7/5
The View From This Tower

short n sweet. ending kinda dragged a lil with the instrumental math rock nerdiness but hey, gotta show sum love to the hometown homeboys. 3.2/5
13No Knife
Riot For Romance!

this jawns bouncy af. songs are fun, catchy, all that. no review either, kinda sad, 3.5/5
The Illusion of Safety

i've listened to the artist in the ambulance but somehow not this one. its like the perfect 2000s emo/post-hardcore banger. melodic, catchy, heavy, 4.5/5
15Modest Mouse
The Lonesome Crowded West

never really listened to these guys besides hearing whatever was on the radio (float on? lol) this album was long af and kinda hard to sit thru at times but like the first 4-5 songs or whatever are sick. his lisp is so cute :-) he shud scream more :-) 3.6/5
16Have a Nice Life

alright so ngl after readin up on the themes n whatever this albums like pseudo-pretentious but not bad, just sooo longgg. the first half is atmospheric/soundtrack-y which was neat since i was listening to it on the bus lookin out tha window all music video/sadboi-esque lmao deep, deep is a BOP tho 3.6/5
Leaves Turn Inside You

its emo af, its long af, its boring af. sorry doug :/ 2.5/5
Grey Britain

what is this, british etid gone hardcore punk? fun album, funny accents. ima give it a sickkkkkk 3.8/5
19Hail the Sun

list is albums i've never peeped but i have listened to this a few times DOUG come on i like this one a lot, 4/5
Fake History

politics, n-bombs, and breakdowns. high enery sh*t. 3.8/5
21The Menzingers
After the Party

catchy songs. some of the lyrics are lame (idt they even mention pizza tho smh) but it was enjoyable. 3.5/5
22Hail Spirit Noir
Mayhem In Blue

its like Vreid if they maybe tried a little harder and experimented more. its like what black metal would sound like in victorian england (idk cuz like lost in satans charms, a confirmed bop btw, reminds me of the rlly good sherlock holmes movies robert downey jr is in) 4/5
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