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I started off collecting the Spanish Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon pack when it was first released and collected Japanese cards from an old card shop in Amityville, NY back in 2004. I didn't play in middle school but picked back up around the second half of high school and played until prior to graduation. I took a couple years off and played in community college then took a break for a couple years. I played casually for a little and don't really don't play these days, but I do keep up with the meta and occasionally collect my favorite cards and rarities. It's quite fascinating looking back and seeing how much the game itself has changed. Have you guys ever played or had cards/watched the show? Let me know down in the comment section.
1Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here

My only fully built deck right now is tournament legal Ancient Gears. They're pretty consistent and are only meant to hit the opponent really fucking hard (you can put out close to 20,000 direct damage just with Ancient Gear Megaton Golem using three Ancient Gear Golems and using Limiter Removal Alone). I've always liked their designs and game-mechanic and are a pretty solid rogue strategy.
Rust in Peace

Synchrons. I've played these guys since the Quickdraw Dandywarior days and have always been my favorite deck. They can be inconsistent at times, and they've had some rough ban list hits, but the power ceiling of the deck is incredibly high. Also my first competitive deck.
3Judas Priest
Stained Class

Six Samurais. I played these when they were at their peek prior to the XYZ era, and they were the deck I've had the most success with. That being said, I got bored with them fairly quickly and sold the deck as a whole. They're still pretty good these days.
The Marshall Mathers LP

Vayu Turbo. This made a top 8 back in 2010 when Blackwings were enjoying their last reign of terror at the YCS level, and I was hooked on the concept. A graveyard heavy deck utilizing dark warriors to fill the graveyard and spawn big boards. It was a cool concept, and it was consistent if linear to a fault (it made the same plays every time). Lavalval Chain was a terrific addition to the deck before it got banned, and it was pretty powerful (if not played) when Dark Warriors and Gouki were the top decks last year for a little while. Cool deck and the one I played the second most to Synchrons.
5Ariana Grande
Dangerous Woman

Grandsoil Psychics. Jeff Jones was a genius and made it to second place with this midgame styled deck. Was a load of fun to build when Redox was legal and prior to the banning and errata of Grandsoil. Also has my favorite boss monster: Ultimate Axon Kicker, a.k.a, Ultimate Ass Kicker!
Blood Fire Death

Gravekeeper's. The only stun/anti-meta deck I ever played. It was very solid prior to 2013 and recently got new support.

Agents. Now this deck was a load of fun and made some really good plays! Archlord Kristya is still a really powerful floodgate monster.
8Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin IV

Other decks I played/experimented with: Flamvells, Lightsworns, Archfiends (briefly), rank 3 spam, Stardust Assault, Dragunities (fun deck but the frognarch matchup was awful), Herald of Perfection, Chaos Dragons, Naturias, Worms (a chaos build that kinda worked), Ice Barriers (forgnarch style, it kinda worked), Raidraptors, pure Blackwings, Cyber Dragons, ABC's, etc.
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