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Sput's JAN 2019 Song of the Day

Well, we've made it a full year around the sun doing these lists, and hopefully they don't stop anytime soon! I hope you've enjoyed it so far and that you'll continue to do so, but as always there's no pressure to join in or not either way (: // I'm thinking that this month we'll say goodbye to the last year by naming some of our favorite SOTYs for 2018. Or not! Up to you if you want to join in on the theme, but I'll be naming mine to start us off! Spreadsheet, as always:
1Ben Howard
Noonday Dream

January 1st
"Nica Libres at Dusk"
My SOTY is one that conjures beautiful nostalgia at the flick of its wrist, not of a specific time period or sound, but one of personal meaning. Of a place, or a person, or a feeling. It's moving, so full, so lush, and goddamn does it hit the spot every single time. I hope it fucks you up as much as it does me, though I warn you, it is a bit of a grower.

Papa Universe: 3.5
ArsMoriendi: 3.6
bgillesp: 4.3
Egarran: 4.5
BlazinBlitzer: 3.9
Dylan620: 4.1
Minushuman24: 3.6
JohnnyoftheWell: 3.9
RunOfTheMill: 3.3

AVG: 3.856 (9 votes)
The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness

January 2nd
"The Moss Beneath the Snow" (Blackened Folk)
A... post metal? post rock? post folk? number that builds up and explodes over its majority. Arguably my favorite song of 2018 and one that lets you immerse yourself in its atmosphere and natural flows.

neekafat: 4.2
Papa Universe: 3.0
ArsMoriendi: 2.8
bgillesp: 4.3
Egarran: 2.8
Dylan620: 3.6
Minushuman24: 3.9
JohnnyoftheWell: 3.1
RunOfTheMill: 3.5

AVG: 3.467 (9 votes)
3Typhoon (USA-OR)

January 3rd
The violin swells in towards the end for the absolute greatest catharsis and it wraps up the third movement of the album perfectly. I knew this album was a 5 The moment I heard the prereleases first movement back in October of 2017 and this only helped to confirm that assumption. This song and album cements Typhoon as one of my all time favorite bands and one of 3 bands/artists I’ve given multiple 5s.

neekafat: 4.4
Papa Universe: 3.5
ArsMoriendi: 2.8
Egarran: 3.2
BlazinBlitzer: 4.1
Dylan620: 3.4
Minushuman24: 3.0
JohnnyoftheWell: 3.0
RunOfTheMill: 2.5

AVG: 3.322 (9 votes)
4Mid-Air Thief

January 4th
"Gameun Deut" (dream folk idk)
Zombie rules so he got me to check this album.

neekafat: 4.1
Papa Universe: 3.5
bgillesp: 4.2
Egarran: 3.3
Dylan620: 3.8
Minushuman24: 3.9
JohnnyoftheWell: 3.7
BlazinBlitzer: 3.7

AVG: 3.775 (8 votes)
5Theo Katzman
Heartbreak Hits

January 5th
"My Heart is Dead" (Rock/Power-Pop)
Though the live version is arguably better, the recorded version is fine. It's a simple song, nothing groundbreaking, but every once in awhile, I just find this sort of thing refreshing. Also, I truly dig Theo's voice

neekafat: 4.1
Papa Universe: 3.0
ArsMoriendi: 2.5
bgillesp: 3.9
Egarran: 2.8
Dylan620: 2.4
BlazinBlitzer: 2.1
JohnnyoftheWell: 3.1

AVG: 2.988 (8 votes)
6Car Seat Headrest
Twin Fantasy (Face to Face)

January 6th
"Famous Prophets (Stars)"
Absolutely astounding indie epic that improves vastly on an already solid original version, here's a link:

neekafat: 3.6
Papa Universe: 3.0
ArsMoriendi: 3.9
bgillesp: 3.8
Egarran: 3.0
Dylan620: 5.0
butcherboy: 1.7
BlazinBlitzer: 3.4

AVG: 3.425 (8 votes)
7Damien Jurado
The Horizon Just Laughed

January 7th
Papa Universe
"1973" (singer-songwriter)
since we're throwing our SOTY out there, here's mine. best lyrics of the year, hands down (especially the line about the telephone ring).

neekafat: 3.9
ArsMoriendi: 3.4
bgillesp: 3.9
Egarran: 3.3
BlazinBlitzer: 4.0
Dylan620: 4.2
JohnnyoftheWell: 3.7

AVG: 3.771 (7 votes)
Leaves Turn Inside You

January 8th
October All Over had a great reception, so I'll rec something a little more out there. 9 minutes split into three distinct section with all kinds of genres mixing. It's no metal, but just as intense emotionally.

neekafat: 4.3
Papa Universe: 4.5
ArsMoriendi: 4.1
Egarran: 4.0
BlazinBlitzer: 3.8
Dylan620: 3.1
JohnnyoftheWell: 4.2

AVG: 4.000 (7 votes)
9Brian Fallon

January 9th
"Etta James"
Maybe I'm overly sentimental, maybe I enjoy overly emotional music, maybe I love Fallon's music too much, but this song hit me in the chest hard and I'd say it's one of his very best.

neekafat: 3.4
Papa Universe: 3.0
ArsMoriendi: 2.4
Egarran: 2.7
BlazinBlitzer: 3.6
Dylan620: 3.5
JohnnyoftheWell: 3.3

AVG: 3.129 (7 votes)
10Daz Dillinger

January 10th
"West Coast" [G-funk]
Description: While he may have started back on Dr. Dre's The Chronic in 1992, Daz Dillinger of Tha Dogg Pound is still active and making tight music. This is the near-closer on his double album from 2018 and is one of my favorite songs from him. Smooth G-Funk from one of the best in the genre. He's not trying to impress anyone; he's just making enjoyable music.

neekafat: 2.6
Papa Universe: 3.0
ArsMoriendi: 2.5
Egarran: 2.5
Dylan620: 2.7

AVG: 2.660 (5 votes)

January 11th
"Opening" [Djazz AKA Djent x Jazz]
Djazz at it's finest bois, only explanation needed

Papa Universe: 2.5
ArsMoriendi: 3.3
Egarran: 3.0

AVG: 2.933 (3 votes)
12Sonny Sharrock
Black Woman

January 12th
"Portrait of Linda in three colours, all black.."
A wrenching and wild tune from the experimental jazz guitarist and his wife Linda whose vocals are fucking incredible..

Papa Universe: 3.5
ArsMoriendi: 4.5
Egarran: 4.0

AVG: 4.000 (3 votes)
13Husky Loops

January 13th
A pretty experimental rock outing with a killer bass groove that packs a wallop.

ArsMoriendi: 3.6
14A Forest of Stars
The Corpse of Rebirth

January 14th
"Premature Invocation"
But this one has a nice dreamy flute intro everyone can enjoy.

ArsMoriendi: 3.0

January 15th
"Ullswater" [krautrock/indie pop]
An addictive, relentlessly catchy monolith of a pop song with an engrossing atmosphere and quite possibly the best chorus of 2018. Perfect music for driving, too.
The Best Of The Slash Years

January 16th
"I Came Back to Bitch" by L7 (grunge)
A band that hasn't had a full release since the 90s. Pretty good comeback song, though their 2017 single "Dispatch From Mar-a-Lago" was much better actually... oh well, it's a 2018 theme!
17Gosta Berlings Saga
Detta Har Hant

January 17th
This track is Animals As Leaders before they were cool.
18Shinsei Kamattechan

January 18th
"Qyurrus" [weird pop]
Hoo boy! Was trawling new releases for 2. non-metal rec and it was a thankless task, but I did come upon ""
It's basically Julian Casablanca masturbating with sounds, but I know y'all are into that.
19Color TV
Color T.V.

January 19th
"Uggo" {Punk}
Here's another short and fast track by these guys, they put out their debut lp last year and it's pretty tight. This is my favorite on the album, short and catchy.
20James Brown
20 All Time Greatest Hits!

January 20th
"Kuroi Tamago"
Misanthropic Japanese noise-pop, catchiest pitch-shifted chorus ever
Real Life

January 21th
Papa Universe
"Shot By Both Sides"
a classic tune. a classic, you hear me?!
22Horse Jumper of Love
Horse Jumper of Love

January 22nd
"Orange Peeler"
Thought I'd discovered this song on one of these lists but seems not (ignore it if I actually did). Love this indie rocky-shoegaze tune, which has slowly infected my ears over the last few months.
An Audiotree Live Session

January 23rd
"Cadmium (Live)"
It's not every day that a live version outdoes the album version but this one takes the cake. The inviting off-kilter guitar melodies, bumping bass and standout vocals with meticulous songwriting make for an inevitably impressive song with tons to love.
24The Gathering

January 24th
Just saw Anneke van Giersbergen live and she did a beautiful acoustic rendition of this song. Some more happy sounding doom metal with a lot of good cheese. I don't know how this one will go over, but it's really fun if you get into it.
25Avantdale Bowling Club
Avantdale Bowling Club

January 25th
"F(r)iends" [hip hop/jazz]
I already rec'd my 2018 SOTY back in April, and my first rec of this month was my runner-up... so here's the song that rounds out my top 3! A moving, thought-provoking jazz rap odyssey about the effects drugs can have on users and friends/family thereof.
26Anna von Hausswolff
Dead Magic

January 26th
"The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra"
Well, my 2nd fave song from 2018 is from the same album as the 1st... and I already rec'ed my 3rd earlier this year... and I don't know what my 4th is but I know that this has been growing like crazy and I getting dangerously close. I know we've heard one by her before but this is far more to the point, building to a cataclysmic and terrifying climax. Also the video is awesome.
27Tribe Society

January 27th
2828th Day
Complete Recordings

January 28th
29Ryan Adams

January 29th
30Thirty Seconds to Mars
30 Seconds To Mars

January 30th
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January 31st
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