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Live 2018

Here's a lot of the shows/bands I saw this year. Probably saw a few not worth mentioning.
The Dream Is Over

Jan. Fusion Shows birthday in Pontiac. Literally just went for Pup. Can't even remember who else played.

Feb. Off date of the Enslaved tour. Khemmis headlined in Ferndale about 5 minutes from my house. Was drunk and my neck hurt for days after m/
3Protest the Hero

March. Fortress 10 year. 2nd day of tour so Rody was still sounding quite nice. Made me realize I'm kind of over this band. One of the few 10 year tours I've been to where I actually was listening to the album 10 years prior.
Sleep's Holy Mountain

March. Saw them right before the new album dropped. They never come to Detroit so that was a rad af suprise. Also the first night of the tour.
5Between the Buried and Me
Automata I

April. Autmata I tour. honestly the mix was awful and you could only really hear the drums and some of Tommy. Was the last night of tour and got to watch the sound guy just fuckin' around on Twitter ._.
6The Dear Hunter
Act V: Hymns with the Devil in Confessional

Dear Hunter opened for BTBAM. Always a fun time. Casey's voice was still perf last night of tour.

opened for BTBAM as well. Live Cello was sick. Malina songs were hot live, but my boi Einar was a little shaky the last day of tour (his songs ain't easy on the voice). He was still sick tho. One of the top class live acts.
8Good Tiger
We Will All be Gone

April. amazing vocals live. drummer dropped off the tour so the drums were backing tracks. weird experience and props to them for explaining it and sticking it out even tho they were embarrassed about it.
9Russian Circles

April. Girlfriend was my uber and I dropped in right before they started with a heavy buzz and was 1 foot from Brian Cook the whole set. Beautiful as always.
Relentless Mutation

April. Went to that Carnifex tour just to see Archspire play for 25 mins (a full set for them btw). Was sick. Talked to the nice bois at the merch table. Also saw Spite before them (LOL).
11The Armed
Only Love

May 5. Only Love release show. Insane. Randall gave me the mic and picked me up into the air for the end of Forever Scum before slamming me into the ground. One of the top concert memories.

May 7. Still tourin' that one whole album guys.
13Artificial Brain
Infrared Horizon

Opened for Demilich. Mainly went for these guys. Sickkk live show. finally saw them with Will who is a top class guy. Played with the mic cord like they were his intestines spilling out.
14Blood Incantation

Ugly tunes. Ugly bois. Was rad to see some Starspawn songs.

May. Always cool to see the classic DM bands

Opened for Obituary. Dropout is such a sick song live. One of my fave live acts.
Devouring Radiant Light

fen of shadows was insane live. love the new vocalist. great album. nice bois.
18Mutoid Man
War Moans

May. Drove all the way to grand rapids for this one. Ben Koller had to drop so they had some other guy. Wasn't the same and the short was short cause of it, but Lazer/Wulf drummer played a song with them having never rehearsed it. TRIAL BY FIRE.
The Beast Of Left And Right

One of my new favorites. Managed to follow the armed (no easy feat). Check this album out! It needs love on this site.
20The Armed

Yeah boi. 2nd time seeing the armed in 2018. Missed half their set cause of traffic. Ender is an absolute banger live. not as insane as the release show but watching the swamp guy eat a burrito and face time with his kid during the set was cool.
Winter's Gate

May. Shame this show didn't happen during the winter. played Winter's gate all the way through. was a good time.
South of Heaven

Saw slayer play what i assume is their last detroit show. Also saw lamb of god, behemoth and everyone else that night. DRUNK. Too lazy to keep listing them all out in this here list.

May. I finally saw Wormrot! Been a huge fan since Dirge. Sounded amazing. great night. $4 G&Ts
24Cloud Rat
Cloud Rat

Opened for Wormrot. Even though I live in Michigan, it took me a criminally long time to finally see them live.
25The Black Dahlia Murder

June. Even tho Trevor moved to NY, it's a hometown party every time TBDM comes to town. Still pretty new to these guys but I got a squad that loves this shit.Nightbringers in full!
26Fleshgod Apocalypse

Opened for TBDM. Thought it was gonna be lame af, but they got the fat lady singing opera and the piano man. Theatrical and rad. heavier than I thought too.
27Inferi (USA)

June. Guess now I can say I saw the shortly lived Revenant vocalist. Brought the mosh. G&Ts abound.
28Code Orange

june. This band seriously needs a front man to focus your attention on. IGNORANT AF.

opened for Code Orange. ton of energy. there were other bands that opened for Code Orange but nothing noteworthy to me. Nicole Dollenganger or whatever was super shy and weird on the bill. I think she ran off stage crying? Idk weird vibes.
Our Raw Heart

July. new to Yob but Our Raw Heart is pretty good and burning the alters was heavy af. great tone. Happy Mike is alive.
31Bell Witch
Mirror Reaper

Opened for Yob. Big fan but kind of a snoozer live. Probably just wasn't drunk enough or close enough to really get into it.
32Vince Staples
Big Fish Theory

July. Mopop festival. Saw a bunch of bands so I'm only gonna list the ones I really dug. Vince had mad energy. I was in the back sippin on some nice brew. Norf norf.

Mopop. Truly loved their set and am such a big fan of her voice and this album. Not my baby >
34The National
Sleep Well Beast

Mopop. Matt was just way too drunk and its been so built up in my mind that this would be the best set ever and it just wasn't. Kind of a dick to his bandmates while they were struggling with technical difficulties too. Must have been a rough tour or something.
35Bon Iver
22, A Million

Mopop. Not a huge fan of this guy tbh but his set was enjoyable enough. 3hip5me.
36Imminent Sonic Destruction

August. Back from massive indie outdoor thing to tiny local bands (where I prefer to be). My boi Tony fronts this band and they are extra fun live. Raven is a great song.
37Night Demon
Darkness Remains

August. One of the funnest live bands. Keepin' it Trve!
Sorrow And Extinction

September. Pallbearer round 2. Headlining this time with a very nice set. Convinced Worlds Apart is their best song now.
Down Below

Opened for Pallbearer. Was pretty cool. Felt like I was watching the house band from Hocus Pocus.

My friend Tony got us guestlisted to this show. I dig Fabio but never really listened to Angra. We left early and were talking to the venue owner outside and Fabio came out mid set to have a smoke so we talked to him for a little bit lol.
Rise to Power

September. Berserker V (festival). Ton of local bands and was headlined by Phil Anselmo. Battlecross is from MI and was cool to see them finally. Never really listened to before but they seemed like nice guys. Drank with them at the bar cause Tony knows em.
42The Armed
Spreading Joy

Berseker. Oh shit. The Armed for the 3rd time in 2018. probably the best set I've ever witnessed and the peak of my concert going life. was on stage during rthymn 0. leaf suit guy was sitting in a chair and eventually it lead to us pushing people around in the chair in the pit. there was also salad dressing all over the floor. complete chaos. tons of other bands but most local and im not gonna list em all.
The Forest Seasons

Oct. I love Wintersun no shame. Even this album. Great set and Teemu is a world class guitarist. Jari sounds amazing now that hes not playing guitar live.
44Ne Obliviscaris

Opened for Wintersun. Definitely grown off me. Violin guy needs something else to do cause hes standing around doing nothing a whole lot. Poor guy.
45Kevin Hufnagel
Messages To The Past

Oct. gorguts lead guitarist for those of you that do not know. cool set and a really nice guy.
46Bruce Lamont
Feral Songs for the Epic Decline

Headlined with Kevin. Guess his new album isn't in the database. Was super wild and felt like I was watching a David Lynch movie. Played to like 7 whole people. Loved it tho.
The Outer Ones

Oct. new songs were awesome live. BLOOD ATONEMENT. brought a hell of a lineup too though my feet were hurting real bad by the time they came on. Exhumed/Rivers of Nihil/Youtja/Boreworm/Throne. Too many to keep listing. Yautja and Throne were the highlights besides Revocation. Throne from detroit. Look em up and go see em!
48Toby Driver
They Are the Shield

Oct. Saw Toby play to like 5 people in Ann Arbor. Depressing. Loaded him up with merch money. Played mostly Madonnawhore and a couple new ones. Very appreciative guy. Hope he comes back but wouldn't blame him if he doesn't.
49Imperial Triumphant
Vile Luxury

Oct. World class drummer. Insane aesthetic. You have to see them. Uada/Panzerfaust/Bane/Throne also played was a fun night but everything paled in comparison to these guys. so luxe.
The Congregation

Oct. Leprous on the first night of tour. Vocalist in amazing shape and at the top of his game. Best set I've seen them play. Didn't want it to end. I don't saw that often either.

Headlined after Leprous. Leprous has live Cello when they walk out and nice clothes. Haken comes out to cheesy recorded keyboard and wearing rockstar clothes. Way different vibe. Didn't feel like they could follow Leprous tbh.
I Loved You at Your Darkest

Nov. Just saw these guys on Wednesday. Was cool to see them in a club instead of outside during the day (slayer show). Wolves in the Throne Room and At the Gates also ruled and deserve a listing here but I'm losing steam guys/girls.
53The Black Dahlia Murder

Upcoming. yeah seeing them again in Ann Arbor because A. the squad wants to go and B. ...
Satanic Royalty

Mightnight is also playing!! missed them at preserker so should be good and trve. Also Temple of Void is playing and they got that thicc tone.
55King Buffalo

Upcoming. Probably hitting this up for my girlfriends birthday. Saw them open for Elder and now they are one of my favorite stoner acts. The song repeater is too strong look it up.
56The Armed

Upcoming. Final show of the year will be on my birthday (Dec 7). No Rest Fest V. Fave live band and it'll be the 4th time I see them this year. Which is excessive but so stoked. Tons of local talent. Should be a good way to end the year.
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