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Top 50 Best Albums of All Time

These are my all time favorite albums. I truly believe that most of the best music ever created has been created in the past 10 years or is being written as we speak. So you will find a lot of new material here that are already classics for me. As for everything in music, this is highly subjective and a lot of these albums have personal memories attached to it adding extra flavour to the way you listen to music.

As a Dutchy, this was the first Dutch band I truly fell in love in (and still am I guess).
49Zeal and Ardor
Stranger Fruit

Yes, I'm already putting this up here. Really something special and fresh. I know I'm going to be jamming this years from now.
48The Ocean

Great concept, great music.
47Dimmu Borgir
Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia

The first time I heard extreme metal, and still one of the best.
Our Darkest Days

Short, energetic, catchy. Just a blast to jam.
Start Something

The guilty pleasure of this list. I used to listen to this a ton when I was like 15/16. This is their only record that stands the test of time well if you ask me.

Another dutchy band on this list (the only other one I think). Corny sci-fi prog but still awesome.
43The Damned Things

I absolutely loved this record. It's crazy fun and catchy as hell. Very difficult to come by though.

Took me a while to get into Gojira, but since then I've found them very consistent. Everything from 'From Mars to Sirius' onward could've replaced this tbh.
Weather Systems

The record where Anathema uses their style the best. Also their (only) album that doesn't get boring halfway through.

I used to have this higher up my list, but I've kinda grown tired of Leprous. Still a great album though.
39Beyond the Bridge
The Old Man and The Spirit

Most people won't know this, but this is a very special record. A concept album about an old man going through the last stage of his life reflecting on all he's done and left behind. Simply amazing.
The Sound of Madness

One of the best hardrock albums of this age so far, it's full of great catchy songs with enough balls to keep it all interesting.
37Caligula's Horse
In Contact

Another very fresh one, yet I love this to bits. For me, this is the future of progressive music.

This album actually singlehandedly changed the sound of my side-project/hobby band. Rehearsing on sunday morning we wanted to do something slower (since most of us where mostly hung over). This was the prime inspiration for the music we're making right now.
35Flaming Row
Mirage - A Portrayal of Figures

Another one most people won't know. Don't go into the lyrics to much and this will be an amazing find. There's so much good music here. metal/folk/jazz/prog, it's all here and exceptionally well executed.
34Symphony X
Paradise Lost

I've been a fan of Dream Theater ever since I heard them when I was 13 (that is 16 years ago). Than came a time where they started making sub-par records and started looking for bands that did their style better. I came across this and was baffled by how good it was. The title song still reigns as one of the best, if not THE best, powerbalad ever created in my opinion.
33Times of Grace
The Hymn of a Broken Man

Way better then any Killswitch record of the last decade.
Crack the Skye

There are so many easy flaws to point out with the music of Mastodon, yet somehow it all works, despite it's sub-par vocals and repetitive sound. On Crack the Skye though, everything they did well they did exceptionally well. It was dynamic, groovy, heavy and catchy, with every song being more memorable than the one before.
Operation: Mindcrime

One of the only 'old' records on here. Also one of the only classic records I listened to when I was young, and for me this is better then anything Iron Maiden, Metallica or any of the other big bands ever put out.
30Shade Empire
Omega Arcane

Criminally underrated and underexposed band, this is one of the best symphonic black albums ever recorded.
29Animals As Leaders
The Joy of Motion

It still amazes me how a full instrumental record can stay interesting. Yet this album is the exception. I can listen to this front to back and not get bored a single minute.

This and SOAD's Toxicity were my first rock/metal albums. Not the best music ever made, but still classics for me.
Of Erthe and Axen: Act II

See my review. This record is amazing.
26Fleshgod Apocalypse

I have a soft spot for the metal meets orchestra combination, and Fleshgod use it to create pure blissful chaos.
25Distorted Harmony
Chain Reaction

Where do you go when you want your progmetal to be constrained and all about the songs? Well look no further, this record is where you go.
24Thank You Scientist
Stranger Heads Prevail

And where do you go when you want your progmetal crazy, complex and layered? ^

I don't love everything of Ihsahn, but this record was simply amazing. Every single song on this is jammed with a cold atmosphere, yet it is also groovy, catchy and memorable.
Night Is the New Day

There was a point in time when I could not stop listening to this album. It has so much feel, depth and emotion. I can still go to a very silent place with just this record and be gone for an hour.
Spiritual Migration

I'm pretty unforgiving in the 'widdly widdly' department, it has to be exceptional for me to even like it. This though, left my jaw on the floor and I still have to pick it up. Holy cow, this albums blows my mind over and over in it's crazy complexness and fastness.
20Devin Townsend Project

Since I limited myself to one album per band, it was a tossup between this, Deconstruction and Ghost. I love Devin.
19Scar Symmetry
The Singularity - Phase I: Neohumanity

This is a very personal pick. I loved Scar Symmetry ever since I first heard them on Holographic Universe. After that though, they fell back with a couple of very mediocre records. And then this came when I thought they were on the brink of death. A true return to form, and for my money the best record they ever put out.
18Pain of Salvation
Remedy Lane

I have a soft spot for Daniel Gildenlow's voice. This is their best, plain and simple.

This got me right in the feels. Somehow Plini has a sound that really tickles my nostalgia bone. It's all just so good.
Deadly Scenes

See my review.
The Mountain

One of the best, if not the best, progmetal band of this moment.
14Chaos Divine
The Human Connection

Another criminally underrated band. The album after this is not as good, but this album is close to perfection. Treat yourself to it if you don't know it yet.
The Passage

One of the best vocalists in the business, crazy good musicians and very nice easy listening music.
12Protest the Hero

There was a time when I listened to a lot of metalcore and deathcore, and this fit perfectly with my prog roots. It has all the juvenile aggression of metalcore and all the crazyness of good progressive music.
Natural Born Chaos

The album that got me into melodeath. All killer, no filler and by far the best record from the band that does this kind of music the best.
10Guns N' Roses
Appetite for Destruction

There was a time, when I was about 14, when this record was pretty much the only thing I listened to. That time lasted for like a full year. It is incredibly special to me.
The Scarecrow

I can handle cheese. Sometimes I love cheese, as long as it's not to thickly spread. This album reigns as the perfect cheese for me. Everything from the folk melodies to the concept just works exceptionally well.

The second rock album I ever listened to and the first one I really, truly, fell in love with. Still highest on my list of bands that I want, no need, to see live.
7Seventh Wonder
Mercy Falls

Seventh Wonder firing on all cylinders here. Everything on Mercy Falls works perfectly. Great concept? check. Great vocals? check. instrumentation, songwriting, emotional investment? check, check, check.
6Native Construct
Quiet World

This one flew under the radar for most people, but it was actually quite a feat.
5The Dear Hunter
Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise

The almost Disney/musical vibe from this record and it's concept makes me feel very warm inside. This is like a safe place when you want something exceptionally good but not to heavy.
4Between the Buried and Me
The Parallax II: Future Sequence

BtBaM took me a crazy long time to get into, but once it did click, boy did it click. I loved both Colors and the Great Misdirect. The combination of extreme music and prog extravaganza, genrebending so many different styles worked perfectly for me. And than this monster came out. It dialed everything up to 10 and did everything just better than before.
3Dream Theater
Images and Words

My all time favorite band (though fallen out of grace recently). Awake was the first record that I ever heard from them and has a very special place in my heart, but this is just plain better.
Ghost Reveries

The first extreme band/album that I truly fell in love with. And god do I still love this. It was either this or Blackwater Park, but I love this just a little bit more.
1Ne Obliviscaris

Flawless. The perfect record.
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