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10.16.18 Fall listens!!

Fall listens!!

great records i love to listen to around october as a whole really. Not particularly any halloween records but these are just albums that remind me of this month and set a nice tone for it

One of the more versatile records of the 90's as a whole really, this album truly encompasses all i would want out of a post hardcore and or math rock record. This album is a prime example of how genres can be blended as a whole, taking time to build up then come down for a good 40 minutes. May it be from the strained, sorrowful vocals in a song like washer or the soft harmonics in breadcrumb trail. This album takes you through a landscape of emotions making a good fall listen, creeping around every string pluck and drum hit as a whole.
Summer Death

An emotional roller coaster from beginning to end, may it be the gang vocals in 'cinco de mayo shit show' or the quick and twangy guitar parts towards the end of 'god bless eric taylor'. This album is incredibly written from every lyric to guitar solo becoming one of the most effective emo revival records of the 2010's, breathing in an entirely new air in a genre that has increasingly become more and more generic

a dream pop masterpiece which really needs no explanation. Layers of overwhelming sounds drowned out by soft, delayed guitar parts. Building up and falling down, this emotional trip of a record really takes me to a complete new place on every listen.
4brian eno
Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks

One of the first records by Brian Eno which truly caught my attention as a whole. Beforehand hearing ambient 1 and another green world (both albums i've come to love) was a very blank listening experience, using it as practically background music. When first hearing atmospheres & sounds i truly caught myself completely in the listening experience, as if i was hearing "lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven" for the first time. This album is one which inspires me to sit and listen intently, to imagine and make use of my mind much more often
5Explosions in the Sky
All of a Sudden, I Miss Everyone

Some good, simple post rock, that i can lay down and spin on a nice Sunday evening. Nothing too overwhelming or complex but meets perfectly in the middle, making an interesting, beautiful, and simple post rock album.
6Touche Amore
Stage Four

An accomplishment for modern post-hardcore, not going back to the root but giving something sincere, true, and emotional. Jeremy Bolm proves how far his lyricism has truly come, giving a beautiful insight and memoir of a record for his mother.
7Beach House

Modern dream pop, sweet for the soul, good for any mood really. This album is truly personal for me and never fails to make me feel some sense of bliss or happiness. Victoria Legrands voice proves to be nothing short of incredible on songs such as the hours, this album is perfect for any occasion and is a true masterpiece.
8Elvis Depressedly
New Alhambra

An album that truly makes me feel a little better about being sad as a whole. A very soft, short, and interesting lo-fi records with catchy tunes, spacey layers of sounds.

I have so much to truly say about this record but i don't even know where to begin as a whole. Every song on endserenading carries such an emotional weight may it be from the quiet guitar duos in 'unfinished' and the beautiful and emotional instrumental stops in 'palisade. This album offers so much in writing, emotional build ups which pay off incredibly. This album is something important and special, something to experience after a long hard day. Emotionally i've never felt such a grave and important connection to music before this but after hearing the beautifully written beginnings and endings, this album still stops me in my tracks 3 years later.
10The Postal Service
Give Up
Disappointment Island

A quick, fun, but emotional and self aware math rock albums. Hanks song writing is very straight forward throughout and the guitar writing is great, twangy, and clever, helping give another layer to the album.
12Carissa's Wierd
You Should Be At Home Here

A beautiful and underrated emo record bringing in a lot more strings and piano as a whole, offering beautiful build ups and orchestral violin parts offering a personal emo record often outshadowed by their final LP 'songs about leaving'
13Father John Misty
I Love You, Honeybear

A fun versatile, indie record which offers something very fresh and new, where songs like 'i went to the store one day' is beautiful, slow ballad where 'true affection' can be perceived as an almost emotional dance tune. This album offers so much on first listen and makes to be a great record as a whole.
14Beach House
15German Error Message

An underrated lo-fi record, simple, soft, and personal as a whole. When comparing it to bands like teen suicide, cliches in the genre unravel as a whole but this record completely ignores the standards and gives a great lo-fi record.
16King Krule
6 Feet Beneath the Moon

A genre blending masterpiece, the king krule record which truly got me into him. When first hearing ‘the ooz’ And seeing how much friends had hyped it up I was very underwhelmed. The album to me seemed drawn out and boring so of course I was very pessimistic to listen again. Finally after scrolling through Spotify I saw this record and decided to listen to it and was practically blown away. This album is a trip from beginning to end offering a fresh breath of air as a whole with amazing songwriting from both ends of the spectrum. When listening to this album it’s moreso of an experience than anything but that isn’t a bad thing in any way, a great lo-fi, indie, or whatever record.
Chaos is Me

Pure chaos in musical form, something angry, scary, and eerie to get all those hateful emotions out. When examining screamo the 90's represent something much more special and unique. Hearing this for the first time was very intense, this album grabs the listener by the throat and keeps them breathing enough to listen. This album is perfect for the scarier and darker part of October
18Pg. 99
Document #8

This record is very similar to chaos is me but I included this because of how truly intricate this album is in comparison to chaos is me. The imagery of the vinyl packaging and CD is very eerie and almost disturbing, setting a tone for the entire album.
19The National
Cherry Tree
20Title Fight

A modern punk/hardcore record which cuts corners, diving straight in and giving emotional, angry songwriting covered in power chords and fun but simple bass lines.
21Miles Davis
In a Silent Way

Some soft, nice ambient jazz which offers something much more different, innovative, and interesting as a whole making an incredible jazz record for the fall.
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