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Dark Divas of Mass Destruction

They don't rock my world, they demolish it.
1Emma Ruth Rundle
Marked For Death

-"I am small but in your arms
You are colder in your heart
I am worthless in your arms
But you offer this protection no one else has given me"-. Protection
2Chelsea Wolfe

-"How can you live with yourself?"- Mer
3Emily Jane White
They Moved in Shadow All Together

-"So lead me down to the dusty garden
Overgrown aged and rotten
And here they lie children forsaken
And I see myself as one among them"- Frozen Garden
4Anna von Hausswolff
Dead Magic

-"I’m restless
I’m older
I’m heavy
Like a stone"- Ugly and Vengeful
5Marissa Nadler
Ballads of Living and Dying

-"And I was your undertaker
I was your highway girl
I was your bitter taste
Of every other world"- Undertaker
6Julianna Barwick

-"(Ethereal alien voice lost in reverb)"- Wist
7Lisa Gerrard
Twilight Kingdom

-"Here in the darkness
No one can judge us

Kiss me completely
And seal our fate"- Too Far Gone

-"Minnet är ett sår inom / Ett öppet sår / Öppnar andra dörrar / Äntrar samma rum / O ja, minnet är ett sår inom / Ett."- Niorum
9Nicole Saboune

-"You see strangers
Like their falling angels
And then you rip this world apart
My surprise is the lack of compromises
You lived to rip this world apart"- Rip This World
Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill

-"On dreams I'm moving through heavy water
The love is enormous, is lifting me up
I'd rather be sleeping
I'd rather fall into tidal waves
Right where the deepest currents fall"- Heavy Water / I'd rather be sleeping
11Johanna Warren
Gemini II

-"You like the warmth of the summer nights,
But you can’t escape the call of the winter rain
And I try to keep the light burning bright
But can’t turn away from the pleasure of my pain"- Hopelessness Has Done Nothing For Me
12Agnes Obel

-"The curse ruled from the underground down by the shore
And their hope grew with a hunger to live unlike before"- The Curse
13Wendy Rae Fowler

-"I'm a hurricane heading for you"- This is Not a Love Song
The Marble Index

-"Across from behind my window screen
Demon is dancing down the scene
In a crucial parody
Demon is dancing down the scene"- No One Is There

-"you're the most spiteful person
I could
never be
so when I hear
your name
around town
kills me-" Violet
16Zola Jesus

-"Cut knife, deep in, spit down, swallow
Sword up, nock in, and turn the bow
Sever in two and fuse to gold-" Exhumed
17Yoriko Ichinomiya
Tango renka

-"Mamorubeki kono bashouyo" - Hikari
18Jenny Hval

-"Not all limbs have erections
Some curl inwards
And some have braces! Those train track braces! Embraces!"- Portrait of the Young Girl as an Artist
19Fever Ray
Fever Ray

-"If I had a heart I could love you
If I had a voice I would sing
After the night when I wake up
I'll see what tomorrow brings-" If I Had a Heart
20Tiny Vipers
Life on Earth

-'"All hail morning
She comes to see
His eyes don't open
All hail darkness
It is ours"- Life on Earth
21Eddi Front

-"I'll crawl out of this hole
soon enough
take my ring off, sell the car
I wish you hell with your new
blonde bombshell"- Gigantic
22Rose Kemp
Unholy Majesty

-"I am the I can't
I am the unholy will not not ever
Not for you
I am the uncharmed
Put down the red pen
Or I'll cut your fingers off "- The Unholy
23Black Mare
Field of the Host

-"It's clear and cold I know. Salt from the sea and the snow.
Water in my heart still low. Glaciers are melting so slow.
Better to know he's not coming home.
Animal screaming in snow. The wind it begins to blow.
Silence has taken a hold. I'll keep your pelt for my own."- Isa
24Gazelle Twin
The Entire City

-"When all has turned to dust
Our city is a ghost
The Concrete Mother stands alone
A hidden world
The colours will all fade
Flooded forests and undergrowth
But she'll still be there when it's done
She'll be our home"- Concrete Mother

-"I am not in flame mode
Building muscle.

I will destroy what tries to damage me again..."- Transmogrification
26Diamanda Galas
The Litanies of Satan

(Satanic squeaks and bestial grunts lead to otherworldly shrieks and spectral roaring)
A Common Truth

28Sea Oleena

-"I saw the morning as a paler shade of night
And didn't say I'd try, I said I'd try, oh, I'll try
But I've gazed blank pages far too long to find
And I'm waning, waxless, lord what moon am I?"- Shades of Golden

-"How starkly human
Desperate for the sense of vantage
Crush all versions of it's own reflection
The deep, serrated nails a quaking
It shreds down to the nakedness of need
So bound to it-" Nakedness of Need
30Lingua Ignota

-"My master pulled me from my bed
Ripped every curl from out my head
Held me down to strip me bare
Said "Hell is real, I'll take you there."- WOE TO ALL (ON THE DAY OF MY WRATH)
31Lotte Kestner
The Bluebird of Happiness

-"You would turn the wolves on the one you love
If they needed blood and you couldn't run fast enough"- Turn The Wolves
32Susanne Sundfor
Music For People In Trouble

-"I’m as empty as the Earth
An insignificant birth
Stardust in a universe
That is all that I am worth"- Mantra
33Nina Nastasia
Run to Ruin

-"My blood for you
My lover's bruise
My clothes are scattered
My skull is fractured"- Body
34Molly Burch
Please Be Mine

-"You seem awfully quiet
I can see it in your eyes
You're wanting to be somewhere
Where you'll feel more alive"- Downhearted
35Circuit Des Yeux
Reaching For Indigo

-"Stick your head into a paper bag
And see just what you find"- Paper Bag
36Ichiko Aoba

-"senaka ni chiisana hane no hibiki
[The sound of little wings on my back]"- Mahoroboshiya
Los Angeles

-"Y una flor que yo corté
Que le llaman pensamiento
Me recordó los tormentos
Que me causó una mujer-" Te Venero
38Nicole Dollanganger
Natural Born Losers

-"I’d give my body to Satan
If I could only keep my soul
But I can’t seem to find the split
Between them anymore"- Angels of Porn II
39Dorthia Cottrell
Dorthia Cottrell

-"Are ya gonna forgive?
Are ya gonna forgive or make me pay?
I was only tryin' to do right for ya man
by stayin' out the way"- Oak Grove

-"I bare my teeth
You touch my skin
I open wide and let you come in
Howling howling praying to the sun"- Måneblôt

-"They warned of dark clouds
Gathering over head
Walls they would climb
To cut your wings as the streams bled
I want to live, not be afraid and forsaken
Rise from the embers to the flames
As we circle the Moon"- Moths

-"Väärin elettynä,
syvälle kätkettynä."- Haudoille
43Julie Christmas
The Bad Wife

-"The good it does to see your face in tears, to wipe away with fluttering alarm or welcome back with innocent commands
The broadest shoulder falls to silent charms, the violent man a puppet without arms"- The Wigmaker's Widow
44Muscle and Marrow

-"No one needs to love me
Earth itself will hold me
Earth itself"- My Fear
45Alexia Avina
All That I Can't See

-"all that I can't see
wraps around me
like a memory of fear
aching for some place safe
to make a home-" All That i Can't See
Lunar Falls

-"Blood Of My Blood
Below Above
Take My Restless Fire

This Fire Runs"- Solus Ipse
47Ioanna Gika

-"These city walls our fathers built
They have crumbled now
But I can't let go"- Roseate
48Taeko Onuki

たどりつく Carnaval". Carnaval
49Christina Rosenvinge
Un Hombre Rubio

-"No él que habla en nombre del amor

Y tampoco el Ángel Exterminador

Ni Judas, ni tu salvador

No soy José, ni María

No soy toro, ni soy matador

Ni tornillo, el destornillador

No soy hijo de un antecesor

Soy la flor entre la vía"- La Flor entre la Vía
50Brigid Mae Power
The Two Worlds

-"Flowing from my heart
Are the issues of my heart
It's gratefulness-" I'm Grateful
51PJ Harvey
Is This Desire?

-""No hope for joy
No hope or faith
She wanted to go blind
Wanted hope to stay"- Is This Desire?
52A.A. Williams
Forever Blue

-"Let go of these promises
They hurt and never ease and I
Know, know all of the lies you told

I won't melt, I'm not afraid
These choices will come back again and I'll
Go, go, into the night again". Melt

-"Lick my tears
But bite my tongue
A plus and a minus
Keeps me on
Don't suck me into comfort
Or claustrophobia
Don't suck me into something numb
Let's just make out
Suck some blood
No promises"- Lick my tears
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