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Rec me your current fav

Comment your current favorite song/track. Can be any genre and I'll give a short review. I'll do ohhh idk like the first 20 or so.
1Village People
Macho Man

Macho Man

Well this was certainly a pleasant surprise (understatement of the century). Possibly my favorite song of all time on first listen. I mean I'll have to give it more listens of course but the first impression was fabulous. A sweaty good time. 4.9983/5
2Ghost (SWE)

Witch Image

This was a pretty pleasant song thanks mostly to the production. The vocal melodies were pretty strong and catchy, however I thought the song writing was pretty bland. I've always struggled to really get into this band though. It's all decent to good stuff but just doesn't ever push beyond that threshold for me.
3Townes Van Zandt
Be Here to Love Me

Snake Song

I've heard some of Townes work recently for the first time and liked it so maybe this will push me more into checking an album. I thought this song was as good as any of the other stuff I've heard. The production is superb with just the right amount of atmosphere to back the barebones approach of Townes. His voice sounds amazing which is really what always draws me in most. Really cool song.
4Aphex Twin
Selected Ambient Works Volume II


Ok well I'm a pretty big Aphex fan and especially when it comes to the selected ambient works albums. I've heard this song in the context of the album at least a dozen times. The track is very hazy and dense yet minimal which creates a nice wash that I feel like I can reach out and touch. It's feeling music and right now I'm feeling a strong 8 to light 9 on this one. Transition..


I hear the big 3 Heart songs at my work always every shift (all of them). And I'm working 50 hours a week so I'm getting a lot of Heart. This song was pretty cheesy and a pretty big step below the other hits I regularly hear. It sounds like it didn't age very well... It is my first listen though so who knows maybe I'll hear it again sometime.

The Rover

A little too polished for this style in my opinion. I really don't have much (if any) experience with this band. Maybe I've heard them on the radio not sure. The production is really my only gripe though. I thought the song progressed nicely and had good pacing. The vocal style was cool and one thing I did like about the production was the light FX used on his voice. Overall a good song and will probably check more from them.

Mary, Mary

I had this album as a kid on CD. It was always a pretty bitchin time until I grew out of it. I haven't returned in years and I've been ok I think. This was one of the better tracks on the album if I remember correctly. And if not then maybe I actually SHOULD return. Not sure I could listen to title track though with the option of actually making it stop.
8The Congos
Heart of the Congos

Children Crying

Never heard of this band. After giving it a hhhwhirl I can smile and type out this nice little write up for you. Oh yeah and after rippin some juan mon. A really beautiful song and one that I saved and shall return to. Thanks.
9Cave In

Youth Overrided

This is another first impression song for me so not sure what their softer side is in contrast to their heavy stuff. I thought the song was decent overall. Some really interesting guitar work slithers around pretty standard rhythms and vocals. The song progresses well towards a nice big chorus before slowing to a halt. It's pretty good stuff but nothing too impressive for me.
10Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Abattoir Blues / The Lyre Of Orpheus

Hiding All Away

My dad is a huge Nick Cave fan so I've heard a decent amount of his stuff after taking a liking to it over the years. Also, been listening to a lot of The Birthday Party lately. I consider myself a fan now as well and hope to see him live some day. This song had a really quirky feel to it and was also dark and noisey. All intriguing characteristics for me and despite those attributes the song manages to be super catchy and fun as all hell.
11Hop Along
Bark Your Head Off, Dog

Not Abel

If there is any indie music I can see myself flocking to eventually, it's gonna have the chamber tag chained to it. I don't dig much of the indie genre but when you throw other things into the mix it more often than not becomes very interesting. I really liked the song a lot and will hopefully remember to check the album. They have a really unique yet familiar sound to me. Good listen.
12Ground Zero
Plays Standards

Those Were The Days

A pretty odd but refreshing flavor in the context of the above stuff I've listened to. Was certainly a change-up but I'd rather hear this in the context of the album to decide if I really like it. I'm kind of on the fence with it's aesthetic until I hear more but I'll slap on a...
13The December Sound
The Silver Album

Drone Refusenik

Being a huge fan of ambience and atmosphere, I'm long overdue for a shoegaze binge. When done right, shoegaze can melt away my reality like a form of meditation. But the atmosphere has to be just right. Reverb can very easily be over applied and counterproductive. I thought The December Sound show a nice restraint in their atmospheric approach here and it's all the better for it in my opinion. The result is an inviting warmth that's easy to get lost in. Also, always been a fan of a repeating melody being the focus of an entire duration of a song and that harmonic minor guitar riff ticks that box. The vocals are very nice and sit comfortably in the warm mix. Overall a great shoegaze song that potentially sparked a higher interest in the genre.
This is Hardcore

This is Hardcore

I have no experience with Pulp so I was pretty excited to hear them. Once the piano hook came in after the drum intro I knew I was in for a treat. The song has an epic ballady sort of approach but it's simultaneously laid back and subtle. Once I heard that sleazy trumpet enter at the finale I knew I had found another song I'll be returning to. Saved.


The intro of this song sucked me right in. The guitar dissonance and overall herky jerky quirky feel of it got me super stoked to hear the vocals. I was disappointed in realizing that I was not listening to a heavy sludge/doom band. I thought the vocals were a bit bland and reminded me of at least a dozen other bands. That is until the latter half of the song where some hypnotic guitar backs some really nice vocal work which builds to it's finale. There were things I really liked about this track and although I think the vocals are pretty average in the majority of the track, I do see myself returning to this band. The backing instrumentals were proficient and the overall song writing seemed interesting as the song progressed well throughout it's 9 minute duration.
16Ben Howard
Noonday Dream


A brooding atmosphere creeps in to begin the track and in contrast the singers soothing Thom Yorke style croon follows. As the song progresses, the atmosphere slowly turns into intertwining melodies and string swells. After building it's murky atmosphere and establishing its mood, the drums make their way in, pushed back ever so slightly into the atmosphere. The bass locks a fantastic groove with the drums and the track carries on while picking up some energy along the way. I'm pretty sure I'm checking out this album within the next few hours. Nice one.

Cruce Oeste

I heard this album some weeks back. I was in the mood for the style and it did a good job of scratching that itch, however that was the only purpose it really served. I thought it was a good listen and everything it set out to do it did fairly well but the problem with most music of this style is I never have the stamina to endure a full album. Rarely is there enough variation to keep me satisfied. Build tension, release, rinse, repeat. Anyways, this track was probably one of the better ones and it was still an enjoyable listen on the second go.
18Den Sorte Skole
Indians & Cowboys


I went into this one blind because I was just under the impression that it would be some nordic folk stuff or something. The song had a collage like segment to kick off the track before sound samples and major chords float around some ethnic percussion. After getting comfortable and being lulled into the dream like atmosphere we get NOISEY. Things start to warp and become distorted before some aggressive drums thrash around some harsh synths. The soul samples return creating a very interesting affair of sounds. The end result is a mish mash of ear candy that oozes intense energy and emotion.
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